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Dear Readers,

We would like to wish you a holy Christmas full of joy and peace and a new year full of grace. From us and all those with whom we live and work, we assure you constant prayer and blessing, so that each of you may progress more and more in spirit. The Virgin Mary accompany us and help us to welcome the Saviour, to participate in His work and prepare with Him a future of peace and hope for all the universe.

The Lord bless you and your families.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stefania Caterina, Tomislav Vlašić and all collaborators of Luci dell’Esodo (Lights of the Exodus)

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

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The descent of the Holy Spirit /The offspring of the Woman and the offspring of the serpent


By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today we will again touch an issue that is extremely important for our pathway: the birth of the Church, the first cell of the Kingdom of God on Earth. You will hear how the descent of the Holy Spirit affected the whole universe. Mary Most Holy was in the midst of the apostles and the disciples; thus, you will also hear about the offspring of the Woman in opposition to the offspring of the serpent. Listen carefully.

From the book, “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, on page 188:


The descent of the Holy Spirit

After the resurrection of the Lord and His ascension to Heaven, God wanted to give the Church strength by giving her His Spirit. You know from the Bible that on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Holy Trinity, descended powerfully on the apostles and disciples who were united in prayer, transforming a handful of scared men into new people who were capable of witnessing until martyrdom the work of redemption of Jesus Christ.

The descent of the Holy Spirit on the early Church at Pentecost was an extraordinary event linked to the death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus; an extraordinary intervention of God in human history. It was also the culmination of the Trinitarian action related to the redemption: the Father had sent the Son to save humanity; the Son had offered His Sacrifice for salvation; the Holy Spirit then descended to imprint forever the events of salvation in the memory of His people. The action of the Holy Spirit had sanctified and strengthened the early Church: it would have accompanied the Church along the centuries in her mission, showing her the path towards Jesus and, in Jesus, towards the Father.

In the same way as the Sacrifice of Jesus was accomplished in favour of the whole universe, the descent of the Holy Spirit occured on Earth in favour of all humans of the universe, though, in different ways according to where they were located.

As far as the Earth is concerned, the Sacrifice of Jesus had opened the doors to the action of the Holy Spirit who until then had spoken to single individuals such as, for example, the prophets. From Pentecost on the Holy Spirit came powerfully into the life of the people who accepted Jesus Christ; He dwells in the hearths of the believers and works in the Church who is called to keep the memory of her Lord alive, indicating to the whole humanity the way towards the only true God.

As regards the faithful humanities to God, however, the Holy Spirit had acted generously in them from the beginning. Nevertheless, even these humanities cannot reach fullness by themselves without the communion of the entire humanity present in the universe. Therefore, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Church of the Earth caused immediate repercussions on the faithful humanities: in fact, the Holy Spirit had sparked in them even more love for the other humanities, especially for the one of Earth where Jesus had founded the Church, the first cell of the Kingdom of God. These humanities felt immediately part of the universal Church of Christ; in this way, their spirit, soul and body were further strengthened.

In the rest of the universe the Holy Spirit could not break through with as much power as on Earth and among the faithful humanities because the people had not known Jesus Christ yet; however, the Trinitarian vortex was greatly strengthened by the holiness of the people of the Earth and the faithful planets because the holiness of each person and that of the people of God flows into the Trinitarian vortex and causes it to become increasingly larger. So, by touching the whole creation, the Trinitarian vortex transmitted its increased power to the rest of the universe for the benefit of the humanities who live there. Even the Church of the Earth in her mission of evangelization would have touched one day the humanities of the middle and low universe helping them to know and welcome Jesus Christ; in this way, the doors would have been opened to the full action of the Holy Spirit.


The offspring of the Woman and the offspring of the serpent

A new history of the Earth began with the coming of Jesus Christ; not unintentionally you divide history into “before Christ” and “Anno Domini”. From then on new human beings were born on Earth who felt like children of God, the Father, believed in Jesus Christ, Son of God, and wanted to live according to the laws of the Holy Spirit. The Earth stopped being only the planet of the alliance with the demons, as it had been until then, and started to be also the planet of the new alliance with God. Many saints were born on Earth; they walked and still walk the pathways of your humanity.

While He was agonizing on the Cross, Jesus Christ offered His Mother to the whole human race; He did it by entrusting Her to the apostle John and by entrusting John to His Mother:  “‘Woman, here is your son,’ and to the disciple, ‘Here is your mother.’ From that time on, this disciple took her into his home’” (John 19:26-27). With these words the Lord determined that the maternity of Mary Most Holy should be forever the existential point of reference in the spiritual pathway of every Christian and the cornerstone of the holiness of the whole of His people. Mary Most Holy entered the life of every believer as She entered John’s life and vice versa. Jesus did not only proclaim the holiness of His Mother but also Her queenship. Mary is Mother and Queen inseparably united with Her Son. This means that no one can claim to be a true Christian without recognizing the maternity and queenship of Mary. Who welcomes Christ necessarily welcomes also His Mother. 

The maternity and queenship of Mary Most Holy have been fully accepted by the humanities faithful to God and will have to be recognized by all the humanities present in the universe. In fact, Jesus did not give His Mother only to the humanity of Earth but to every human being in the universe; it could not be otherwise as everything Jesus did and said on Earth has cosmic value. The entire humanity of the universe will be recapitulated in Christ and united with Him through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the same way as Jesus is the Way towards the Father, Mary is the way towards Jesus.

The maternity of Mary Most Holy has generated many children of God; they are the offspring of the Woman who oppose the children of Lucifer, the people of darkness, the offspring of the serpent. On Earth these two lines coexist and the battle between them is incessant, and that will be so until the end of time; yet, in the end the children of Mary will win exactly as it is written: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel” (Gn 3:15).

None of you can win the battle against Lucifer, the serpent, without the maternal love and protection of Mary Most Holy. Those who despise and blaspheme Her Holy Name shall remember that.

The Church of God was born on Earth, the first cell of the Kingdom of God. Let us have a look at the history before this event occurred. Already after original sin the angels and the faithful brothers and sisters had been sent to help the fallen humanity. Everything happened gradually because after original sin the humans created in the image and likeness of God strongly regressed: they fell very low, were closed and unable to perceive the presence of the children of God and the angels. In that era the humanity of Earth was subjected to Lucifer through the alliance, and he dominated. From then on God helped the people to evolve, first the individuals, then the elected people of Israel in order to prepare the coming of Jesus Christ. In the end, with the redemption on the Cross and the descent of the Holy Spirit even the angels and the faithful brothers and sisters to God were affected by this grace; because of that we must understand that we are walking together towards God; we are submitted to the angels, the pure spirits who serve God faithfully, and are helped by our brothers and sisters who remained faithful to Him and who live, so to say, in the Antechamber of the Heavens. They are very, very advanced. So, it is now very important for us to understand that we must abandon geocentrism and open up to the universe and to this reality.

This passage highlights that, in the end, when we all enter the universal communion, the power of the Holy Spirit will be able to act perfectly within us, and this will lead us to the new creation; however, in the meantime, we from Earth have to understand our task: to witness the elements of the redemption, not so much with words but with our life. At this point, I invite all of you to offer yourselves to Jesus through Mary, to offer your life, because this process of recapitulation might go ahead fast. The angels, the faithful brothers and sisters are always ready and they act in spirit. The focus lies on the rebellious universe which does not know Jesus Christ and where, consequently, the Holy Spirit cannot act powerfully.

Now I would like to invite the Church of the Earth to declare the existence of the faithful brothers and sister in the universe and their action; I invite all of you to offer your life to Jesus through Mary to witness that He has saved us with His death, resurrection and ascension to Heaven; as a result, we can participate in this dynamic, too.  Mary Most Holy and the apostle John were at the foot of the Cross. There, at the foot of the Cross, She received the Sacrifice of Christ and offered Herself together with Him; the Church applies this definition: there She became Mother of the Church and Mother of humanity. In the passage we have just read it is said very clearly: “This means that no one can claim to be a true Christian without recognizing the maternity and queenship of Mary. Who welcomes Christ necessarily welcomes also His Mother.” 

We perceive Mary rather as Mother than as Queen, sometimes even as Mum when we are seeking comfort. Yet, we must watch out: we are in difficult times which will become even more difficult; yet, Mary, Queen of the universe, has received a powerful investiture in this time: She is in the midst of the people and leads the people to Christ; through Her we can take part in Her immaculateness of Spirit, in Her mystical union with Christ and with Her be truly regenerated, as we say for the baptised, and also be elevated instruments through whom God and the Holy Spirit act powerfully.

I invite you to baptise with the Holy Spirit and fire the souls who turn up during all prayers but particularly during the celebration of the Mass. In this manner you can help very much those who have never known Jesus Christ, but who can see everything as it really is in the afterlife; in this manner you can help many rebellious children of God in the low universe and those who could have lived in the high universe but incarnated in the low universe to help the people there and yet are crushed by the tyranny of Lucifer. So let us take action and increase the number of the people who offer themselves to Jesus through Mary so that the angels and the faithful brothers and sisters of the high universe might enter the low universe to baptise the ones who have no remembrance: by recognising Jesus Christ and accepting Him, they will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and that event will be the preparation for the cosmic Pentecost. We on Earth have received a lot, all from Jesus Christ – let us return it to Him with generosity, let us be at His service and we will see marvels in this time.

I bless you; may the light of the Holy Spirit iluminate every one of you. The Lord may light the flame of His love in your hearts so that united with Christ through Mary you may burn the crosses and be blessed even in difficult times and during persecutions and witness the victory of Christ. The Holy Spirit may give you His seven gifts; may you live Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit and be brought before God as free children of God. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

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The Church and her universal mission



By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest brothers and sisters,

We will continue with our reflections. Today’s reflection is very important; it will prepare us for the next; both are closely linked to each other: we will speak about the foundation of the Church. Jesus became man, died, rose again, ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father but He also remained on Earth in favour of the whole universe within those who have received Him and have been through the inner death of their selfishness and corruption by living in Christ and by living Christ; both this message and this commitment are not only meant for the Earth but for the whole universe. So, let us listen to this passage.

From the book, “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, page 185.

The Church and her universal mission

The people of Israel, who had been the first to be called to testify the coming of the Saviour, stepped aside refusing Jesus Christ.  A new people were needed who believed in Jesus Christ and were able to testify to the rest of humanity what Jesus had accomplished. God always makes use of a people because He wants His children to participate actively in His work. For this reason, Jesus had called twelve apostles to Him; also, many disciples followed Him during His earthly life; they were a little rest of Israel who had received Jesus and believed in Him. In view of their mission Jesus had explained many things to them. Among them there was Simon, called Peter, who first was the head of the twelve apostles and then of the emerging Church. After Jesus’ death, that little rest of Israel, who had followed the Lord and believed in Him, gathered around Peter. It was he who gave strength to the bewildered apostles and disciples who thought that Jesus had died; again it was he who ran to the tomb where Jesus was laid to find it empty. Finally, Peter was to openly announce the resurrection of Jesus, with his memorable speech to the Jews reported in the Bible (Acts 2:14- 41). Peter was the rock on which Jesus founded a new people. He suffered the same martyrdom of his Master and Lord. More

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

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Jesus Christ has overcome evil and death / Jesus Christ and Israel


14 October, 2014


By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest brothers and sisters, we will continue to reflect on the figure of Jesus Christ who is the key figure to understanding what happens in the whole universe in this time. To introduce you to this reflection I would like to ask you a question: how many people do you thoroughly know? Very few, why? Perhaps it is because you have no time for them, because you are not interested in them, because you have never listened patiently to them to understand them, because you are not open for each other or because you have not made a path together. Perhaps the dearest people to you, such as your fiancé, are the ones you know the least because you might want to possess each other; you might want to seem persons who have nothing against them in a totally generous way. We can get to know Jesus Christ only if we want to thoroughly recognize and accept Him the way He comes from the Father. Let us listen.

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, page 182:


Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

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Jesus is Born on Earth – A New Alliance

By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić

From the book: Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, page 179:

Dear listeners, before we begin with the reading foreseen for today, I would like to make an introduction because it is very important to have an overview of the book. Now we cannot skip over the pages; we have to proceed step by step as from now on every page deals with our daily life and with the reality we are living in this time. I would like to set up this reflection like a dialogue because I want to speak to all men of good will with a dialogue that is also our testimony: we will speak about Jesus Christ.

Thus I turn to all those who belong to different religions: you are waiting for salvation. Salvation comes through the Saviour. I invite you to seek the Saviour and to seek salvation. Let go of the religiosity that has become the centre of your attention. The living God should be the centre of your attention.

I turn to the non-believers: believe, too. Every man has his idols, yet, idols are masks that cover up man’s inner emptiness and compensate it. I invite you to be honest before the mystery, that is, to have the honesty of real people of good to wait and seek.

I speak to you intellectuals and scientists: you act in intellectual honesty to get to the root of all mysteries: to God.

I appeal to you Christians: I tell you that it is not enough to belong to a religion that is called Christian. Jesus has come to Earth to reveal the face of God and you are called to keep revealing God’s true face to all others, otherwise you are a hindrance for those who have the good will to seek God.

I would like to add another element now at the beginning: do not look at Jesus within the frame of religiosity: our testimony is the following: in view of the coming of Jesus Christ the Earth progressed, it progressed more than the other planets of the low universe. After Jesus Christ, the Earth continued to progress even more, and we are entering the time when everything has to be recapitulated in Christ. Thus the figure of Christ is not a figure of religiosity: He is the future of humanity, the future of each creature that will be led back to the original project of God. Let us listen.

Jesus Christ is Born on Earth                                                                                                                            

Countless books have been written about the coming of Jesus Christ, and rivers of words have been spent in sermons. Therefore, I do not intend to speak about the coming of Jesus; I would rather help you understand the importance of this event in the history of the universe determining an epochal turning point beginning from the Earth.

A New Alliance

The journey of the chosen people approached a turning point; along the history it had repeatedly offended God. Nevertheless, God neither stopped to love His people nor did He alter his predilection for Israel. In His eternal faithfulness He fulfilled the promise made to the progenitors immediately after original sin: He sent the Saviour, His Only-begotten Son and second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

Jesus Christ, the promised Saviour to humanity, entered into history and revealed Himself openly on Earth. The Gospel tells the extraordinary events that accompanied the birth of Jesus[1]. He was born from a young woman called Mary who lived in a village situated in a remote corner of the Roman Empire. She was a virgin and espoused to a man called Joseph. The Archangel Gabriel appeared to her to announce her that she would conceive a child still remaining virgin. The Spirit of God would have accomplished this: “And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High …  The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God.“ (Lk 1:31-36) More

Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

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Abraham Leaves his Land

By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest brothers and sisters, the last time we spoke about the angels. The angels, the pure spirits who remained faithful to God, are the perfect instrument to touch our spirit and to send the impulses of the Holy Spirit deep inside us. We have spoken about this in the context of Abraham’s preparation; he is, as we know, the forefather of the new people. Thus, we will continue to follow Abraham’s steps and we will learn many things about the steps to take and how to receive the impulses of the Holy Spirit inside us.

From the book “Rewriting History – Volume II – The Universe and its Inhabitants”, page 123:

Abraham leaves his land


Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

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Feast of the Guardian Angels


By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest brothers and sisters, as I said the last time, today we will speak about the angels, from another point of view though, that is, by looking at the relationship between them and us. We will speak about the guardian angels; in fact, all angels are guardian angels, even though not all of them are beside us, because all of them are meant for us so that we are all one before God. As you know, the human being is made of spirit, soul and body. The pure spirits serve our spirits as they touch us with the light they receive from God; they touch us with the power that protects us; they prepare the impulses of the Holy Spirit within us which affect our body and our soul. In the whole universe we may find the pure Spirit in God and in the pure angels faithful to God; we come across men who are beings with spirit, soul and body. So, it is very important for us to think about our relationship with the angels. Today we will look at it from a historical, biblical point of view: Abraham’s meeting with St. Michael the Archangel. Let us listen:

We will read a passage from the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” on page 121:



The promise of God


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