Remain in Communion with God

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I will present you the message of St. Joseph, which came to us at the beginning of the novena dedicated to him. During the prayer, we asked him to tell us something about himself since little is known about him. These are the words he addressed to us in order to exhort us to live in a deep and authentic relationship with God, who is the source of all our happiness and fulfilment.
I greet you with great affection and I bless you. The Lord may give you peace. Stefania Caterina

Message of St. Joseph of March 10, 2014


4. The New People Celebrate Life

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 Encountering God in Jesus Christ


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I will begin this reflection with the words of St. Michael the Archangel taken from his message of March 17, 2013. His words will open the way to anyone who is searching God and help the Christians, who begin the preparation for Easter to deepen their knowledge of God:

“In this time, all those, who desire the good and seek the truth, are called to follow a path of profound spiritual renewal. It will necessarily lead to the recapitulation in Christ; this means that everyone will have to accept, get to know and love Jesus and become part of his holy people. The recapitulation in Christ concerns the entire creation; it is a single pathway for all humans of the universe. …When everything is recapitulated in Christ, the Father will create new heavens and a new earth, and will give them to His children; it will be the new creation. No impurity will ever enter it. …This is the marvellous plan of the Holy Trinity for every one of you and for the entire humanity. It is already fully unfolding”. [1]


3.The New People Celebrates Life

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“Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord” (1 Kings 19:1-18)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

God’s invitation to anyone who wants to know Him is the same as the one addressed to the prophet Elijah (1 Kings 19:1-18): to come out of himself and open up to God. This is the most obvious and natural step towards the relationship between the human creature and God; at the same time, it is the most difficult. The whole history of salvation, all the saints, and even the great prophet Elijah testify this: he too had to get out of his reasoning, his visions of salvation and his charismatic power to enter the silence and accept the saving action of God. 

Man is a communicative, ecstatic being. Nature is the same: it opens up to be warmed, watered and fecundated in order to offer its fruit. Unlike nature, man is free; he communicates with God in love giving his life back to Him. In this manner, he grows, is transformed and reaches perfection in communion with God.

1. Why is man afraid of God’s justice? God’s justice is the perfect environment for the development of the life of every individual and the entire human community. There, everything is perfect: love, order, knowledge, life and all noble human desires. In someone who is closed, however, everything is imperfect, which leads to corruption as a result of his sin.


2.The New People Celebrates Life

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 Letter to the believers and non-believers in Jesus Christ

Dearest Bothers and Sisters,

We write to you in relation to the message of Jesus and our communication of January 1, 2014. [1] We have offered you our readiness to inform and accompany you during this year. With this article, we want to involve you more in the responsible commitment to realize our common destiny: to make a qualitative leap in life and take part in the glorious future of humanity.

We bear witness that the whole universe will be recapitulated in Jesus Christ. This must not upset you! We will not start from prejudices, religious images that are imposed on you, not even by religious ideologies. We would like to enter into a profound dialogue, from which will emerge the true identity of man, of the believer in God, who is like a scientist seeking the truth; a dialogue with people who are committed to living and expressing the noblest desires and ideals deposited in them in order to make a quantum leap in life. All of this involves in a responsible commitment believers and non-believers as well as members of every religion.

Every man is created in God’s image, which is imprinted in his core. Man is able to find HIM WHO IS beyond all images of God created by the people. This is the metaphysical basis why God reveals himself to all humans in the universe in these times, in Jesus Christ as HE WHO IS, that is, living reality. He gives everyone a chance to awaken the true image of HIM WHO IS in them. So, everyone can find his true identity in God and then become a new human creature; as such, he is governed by the laws of pure spirit and becomes a collaborator of God. This gives rise to true knowledge and science, which make man perfectly capable of governing the creation together with God. More

Dear readers,

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Unfortunately, in 2013 we were not able to keep the English site updated because of the illness of our translator, Maria. To keep you updated, we will publish the most recent messages as soon as possible. The previous messages will follow gradually. Sadly, our dear friend passed away before Christmas. Please join us in our prayers for Maria.

Thank you.

1.The New People Celebrates Life

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Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We are again with you to present you various reflections, which will be collected under this title. As we have told you previously, we are continuing to live in silence because this is the best way to live in the presence of God, to understand His will and put it into practice.

Nevertheless, the Lord continues to send us to you who are walking on the path indicated to you along these years. He will send us when He considers it necessary, since He knows the difficulties of His children on Earth.

We will try not to go back to issues that you have already heard. Instead, we want to give you a deeper insight into them in order to accompany you and explain to you the steps to take during this year, which will be very dynamic and insidious. During this year, all of you will be asked to make your choices so that you do not further delay your participation to the work of Christ in the whole universe.


1. Primarily, we would like to outline the identity of our being and acting. For many years, we have been involved in the work of recapitulation of the universe in Christ according to God’s will, and not because of particular personal merits. We have not simply received messages or had visions: all our life and our whole existence have been involved in the work of the Holy Trinity along with some sublime instruments, like Holy Mary and St. Joseph, and the extraordinary instruments of this time: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God. God’s action in us is transforming us more and more so that one day we can be new human creatures along with all the children of God in the universe.


“Do not be afraid, little flock …” (Lk 12, 32)

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Dear Readers,


I present you the message of St Michael the Archangel who sets out the path toward the events that lie ahead of us. St Michael says that this is the last message to the humanity of the Earth, but that no one of those who sincerely wish to take part in God’s plan to recapitulate all things in Christ will lack anything. Therefore, let us serve God with full confidence reminding one another of our “responsibility as human beings and believers” as St Michael said.

I greet you and always remember you in my prayers. The Lord may give you peace.

Stefania Caterina


Message of St Michael the Archangel of November 19, 2013


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