Rewriting History – Volume II – The Universe and its Inhabitants

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Tuesday of the twenty-fourth week in Ordinary Time 

Readings: 1 Cor 12:12-14; 27-31; Ps 99(100); Lk 7:11-17

We will read a passage of the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” at page 49:

The choice of each human being

For reasons of justice, God determined that all human beings were put to the test as were their forefathers. He decided to test every man at the time of creation: each one would have to choose who to serve between God and Lucifer. He had to do it at the time of creation, as He did with the progenitors, so that all the children of man, just like their progenitors, received the possibility to decide. Depending on that decision, every man would have been destined to be either part of the faithful, the undecided or the rebellious humanity. And so it was and still is. From then until now, every man is tested by God at the moment of conception and must decide. However, before God he remains free, and through the experiences of life he may reconsider his initial decision. [1]


Rewriting History – Volume II – The Universe and its Inhabitants

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Friday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time -

Readings: 1 Cor 9:16-19; 22-27; Ps 83(84); Lk 6:39-42

Yesterday we spoke about the disintegrating energy. The rebellion of a part of the angels led by Lucifer and a part of humanity, as well as the alliance between the mankind of Earth and Lucifer through our progenitors, caused the disintegrating energy to enter the whole universe, though at different levels according to the choice of the humanities. That is the corruption that we know very well here on Earth. Therefore, let us follow what the Trinitarian Spirit shows us, that is, in what state we are and what we need to do.

We will read a passage of the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” on page 47:


Rewriting History – Volume II – The Universe and its Inhabitants

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Thursday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time -


We will read a passage from the book “The universe and its inhabitants” on page 32:


The disintegrating energy


Even the action of evil produces a vortex which is the satanic vortex. From the satanic vortex flows negative energy as it does not contain life but death; it is the result of the evil deeds of the demons, the damned and the men who serve Lucifer. Every thought and action, both of the spirits and of men, produces certain effects that flow into the universe in the form of physical and spiritual energy. If a thought or action is good and in accordance with the laws of God, it spreads out in the universe in the form of beneficial energy. This energy does not wander in the universe but enters into the Trinitarian vortex where it is enhanced and redistributed in the universe through the perpetual motion of the vortex itself. In this manner the good done by one and all returns to the creatures and produces other good. Vice versa, if a thought or action is evil and contrary to the laws of life, it produces evil energy that gathers in the satanic vortex and flows back to creation through the action of the vortex itself.


In the same way as primary energy pours out of the Trinitarian vortex filling the entire creation and giving it life, the energy pouring out of the satanic vortex brings suffering and death. This energy is disintegrating since its effects are in total contrast to those of the primary energy that comes out of the Trinitarian vortex. The disintegrating energy brings division, the creatures’ detachment from God and alteration of the physical and spiritual laws.


The satanic vortex and the disintegrating energy that derives from it are the consequence of the rebellion of Lucifer and his angels at the beginning of creation. Since then the Trinitarian and the satanic vortex confront each other incessantly. However, unlike the Trinitarian vortex, the satanic vortex is not everywhere active in the same way.


In the low universe, where the action of the demons is strong, the satanic vortex acts at maximum power and the disintegrating energy is very active. It produces dramatic effects on the physical level: for example, it determines the continuous expansion of the universe so that the galaxies are increasingly moving further away from each other; it strongly corrupts matter, determines diseases, and accelerates the aging processes of living organisms and so on. On a spiritual level it generates hatred and rebellion toward God; it causes conflicts and wars among men and increases coldness, arrogance, depravation, etc.


Rewriting History – Volume II – The Universe and its Inhabitants

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Wednesday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time – 10/09/2014

Readings: 1 Corinthians 7:25-31; Ps 44 (45), Lk 6:20-26


We will read a passage from the book “The universe and its inhabitants” on page 30:

The entire universe in all its dimensions is pervaded by a type of energy from which the life of all creatures draws strength and continuity. It is the primary or fundamental energy which springs from the Trinitarian vortex; it is physical and spiritual at the same time, and it is the result of the three laws of light, sound and heat.


Primary energy descends from the creative, redeeming and sanctifying power of the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. It is impressed by the Holy Spirit into the vital centre of every being. The vital centre in humans is the spirit; in the other creatures it is a physical point in which the breath of life is concentrated. For example, the centre of a galaxy is its vital centre; there the Holy Spirit impresses/imprints/infuses the breath of life that carries within it primary energy. From the centre of the galaxy the energy radiates out to all stars and planets that are part of it and which, in turn, receive it in their vital centre and redistribute it like a waterfall.


Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”[1] – Introduction

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By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić


Stefania Caterina: Dearest brothers and sisters, we greet you. On this occasion we would like to be near you and accompany you because important questions have arisen among many of you after the publication of the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, and the need has been expressed for a deepening of the content of the most important and profound parts of the book which are necessary for the journey in these times. So, we have decided to offer some insights, some meditations on the parts of the book that seem most important to us, at this time, in order to prepare each one of you to all what the Lord will show us in these times and to all events that will arise soon in order to allow all of you to understand more thoroughly the content of this message concerning the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ.

TomislavVlašić: I also greet you, and I will introduce you briefly to a summary of what this book contains. The book contains an explanation of God starting from the creation of the universe until the return of the universe in perfect harmony with God. God created the universe; all things are created by the pure spirit of God. God created all things so that all things may be happy and perfect. As you know, especially you Christians but also all of you who live with problems and difficulties every day, something has entered humanity that prevents man from being completely happy and realized; especially death has entered humanity.

Two particular events occurred that led to corruption: the betrayal of Lucifer and his rebellious angels and the rebellion of certain humanities, especially the humanity of the Earth who made ​​a blood pact with Lucifer. After that, by respecting the freedom of man God had to shape the universe; thus, from one universe three universes were created depending on the choice of the humanities:


Rewriting History – Volume II – The Universe and its Inhabitants

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The new book by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić entitled The Universe and its Inhabitants has just been published in Italian. Since many questions have arisen among the readers, the two authors will pick out and further analyze the most important themes.

We are already working on the English translation of the book; however, we still want to make these important explanations available to you in advance and ask you, at the same time, to accompany the translation with your prayers and your offering. God bless you.

The New People Celebrates Life – The Great Announcements of God

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Dearest Brothers an Sisters,

Let’s continue our path together. Today we want to reflect on an important aspect of the message of the Holy Trinity that we are presenting you.

How do you understand the action of God? As a series of catastrophic, magic, sudden or fragmented events?Well, God acts constantly and harmoniously because He is the Love that generates life and takes the universe to perfection. His fundamental action passes through the vibrations of His life. Every creature catches these vibrations according to his/her uniqueness, degree of interior openness and willingness to accept them or not.


The vibration of the divine life isprogressively increasing in the entire universe. It will get to its highest point when the entire creation is recapitulated in Jesus Christ: those who will have accepted Jesus Christ will be taken into the mystical union with God and will be able to fully receive His vibration; those who will have refused Him, will be weakened and be left to themselves. This is the process of division between good and evil and the transformation and elevation of those who accept God.


When external events take place, they are both fruit and consequence of a process leading us to accept or reject the action of God. This process unfolds inside us and reflects on the outside. By now we are sufficiently informed; no-one can remain undecided. Those who accept the action of God should therefore get involved responsibly. Our inner participation is vital; it flows like a prayer that nourishes our life.


My heart is unwavering, God.
I will sing and make music—
yes, with my whole being!
 Wake up, harp and lyre!
I will wake the dawn itself!
 I will give thanks to you, Lord, among all the peoples;
I will make music to you among the nations,
because your faithful love is higher than heaven;
your faithfulness reaches the clouds.
 Exalt yourself, God, higher than heaven!
Let your glory be over all the earth!
Save me by your power and answer me
so that the people you love might be rescued.



(Psalm 108: 1-6)


As participants in this great love, we pray for each other’s blessing.





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