There is no Fear ‪in Love … (1 Jn 4, 18)

‪Dearest readers, although the Easter holydays have passed, the Easter season has not passed which lasts until Pentecost, and that should be for us a time of rejoicing, in which we continue to meditate on the great events of the death and resurrection of Jesus, to embody them as much as possible in our lives.

Jesus’ message of this month talks about the power of faith in God that transforms our being, making us free from the constraints and fears that we often carry within. I hope that this can be of help to you, so that your faith might be more robust and that your joy may be full. ‪I greet you with affection, I pray for you all and I ask your prayers.

Message of Jesus of April 26, 2011

“I greet you, my dear beloved children! Today I wish to talk to you about faith, the authentic one that moves mountains (cf. Mt 21, 21), but that you confuse too often with devotion. Faith is not a simple devotion, that is, a religious feeling or a series of prayers that are recited assiduously; all this can be useful to faith but it is not faith.

So what is faith then?It is the total trust in Him who created you, who loves you, protects you and helps you in everything.Now, if you fully trust a person, you also esteem that person; you open your heart to her and you are not seeking her just out of need, but you are seeking her because you love to be in her company, and you become enriched in being with her. ‪You consider that person a friend, and therefore you would never think that she can hurt you or turn her back at you when in trouble. Now imagine that God is your greatest friend, and think about the fact that the love of God is perfect, without smears or shadows. God loves you perfectly, because He is the perfect being that has no limits within Himself.

On the contrary to what often happens among men, God never seeks His own interest.He loves you because He loves you, period.He does not expect anything from you because He does not need anything; God is sufficient unto Himself. He loves you because you are His children, His beloved creatures, not because He hopes to obtain your recognition, or to fill some void of His. ‪God is perfect, nothing is lacking to Him and, in His perfection He does not demand anything from His creatures.

God does not demand, nor does He impose Himself, God desires.His desires have nothing to do with human ones, which often are nothing more than whims.The desires of God are very high aspirations for good, for each of you. If you welcome His love and if you trust Him, God generously gives only good, because He is the Supreme Good. You cannot love God, nor accept His love, if you do not have faith in Him, that is trust. ‪How can you love someone you do not trust?

Many say they have no faith, because they think that faith is a complicated set of religious practices. In this way they keep themselves away from God, all their life, because in their minds, they have identified Him as a “prayers’ collector.” ‪Prayer is a great thing, and blessed are those that know how to pray!But prayer should serve to nurture faith, should be an alive dialogue with the Creator, and not an exercise ending in itself. ‪True prayer springs from faith; if faith is weak or missing, prayer is empty, eventually it ends up becoming a sterile habit that does not nourish, on the contrary, it oppresses your spirits. So when you get ready for praying, remain for a while in silence before God. Then, invoke the Holy Spirit and ask Him to make you understand where your faith is weak, and where you do not succeed in trusting God, what it is that you still want to fix on your own. ‪At that spot, take a leap of faith, and decide to trust God, tell Him you love Him and that you want to be guided by Him. ‪Choose to trust His love, unconditionally.Then do your prayers, and you will feel a deep and intimate joy being born in you that will give you peace. Then you will experience with clarity confidence in God, you will become aware that your faith has grown.

Do not think that faith consists in realizing great works; the greatest work of faith is faith itself, because it opens you to love. When you trust God and feel loved by Him, then you want to love with that same love, you feel the impulse to communicate the gifts received. ‪In doing so, you become instruments through which the action of God is expanded and His love is poured upon the whole of humanity. ‪Yes, children, each of you is an irreplaceable piece on the great checker board of the work of God.Let Him move you around as He knows how; you will win your match, and you will help all mankind to overcome evil and corruption.

Faith opens the door to hope.Hope brings you beyond what is human and limited, making you feel already present in your life the things to come. If you have faith, in fact, you cannot miss what God is already doing for you; the good that you receive from Him today, is preparing your tomorrow, a radiant tomorrow, because God is with you always. He never changes His attitude towards you nor does He betray you. God never leaves you. ‪And even if you leave Him, God would continue to seek you; He always waits for you, and He allows you to find Him. ‪It does not matter what you did, the experiences you lived, the pain you carried; if you call God with faith, He is already next to you, only waiting for you to open the door (cf. Rev 3, 20), to break into your life and drive away all darkness. God does not care what you did, or what you own; what matters to God is that you let Him love you so that you might be happy. Therefore, open yourselves to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to fill you with the fire of hope; He will do it and your hope will become certainty, nothing will make you shake anymore! Faith can do this as well! ‪(Cf. 1 Jn 3, 19-22)

Many times I invited you to offer your life to Me through the Heart of My Mother, and again I renew this invitation. ‪If you will do this, I will take your life into My hands, with the delicacy with which one picks a flower, and I will care for it, directing it towards what is good and useful for you. ‪In My name, the Father will give you abundantly the Holy Spirit Who will act in you and will guide you unceasingly toward Me. ‪He will become your Counselor and He will not allow you to be deceived in anything. ‪He will communicate My thoughts to you, and you will be able to observe and discern reality for what it is in the eyes of God. This way you shall be new creatures.

Finally, faith makes you free from fear because it opens your spirit to the love of God, to perfect love that knows no fear. God is the Almighty Being, before Whom all other powers must bend; if His love lives in you, of what should you be afraid? ‪Are you aware that the power of God rests on you, if you are sincerely willing to give yourselves to Him? ‪His power is present in His Spirit, Who lives in your spirit.

Observe your fears: where do they come from?From a love that is still imperfect within you, it is still human. This happens because you are withholding your life in your hands, instead of putting it into Mine. Thus, your imperfect love becomes attachment or aversion and generates fear. ‪It does not make you strong, but weak. ‪Before trials and difficulties, you are reacting by looking for human solutions, and your prayers become simple pleas for help. Instead, when you are in trouble, have recourse to faith!Decide again to place your trust in God and choose His love. Let His life flow within you allowing It to touch all the difficult situations that surround you. God always has the best solution, and He will show it to you at the opportune moment. It may not be what you were thinking of, but nonetheless it will be the best. God knows your difficulties better than you do, and resolves the situations not based on a calculation, but on the basis of love and understanding He has for each of you. He settles everything in order to recover every person to the best, and to channel, even what seems bad into something good. ‪Learn to understand that even what appears as an end, in God can be a beginning, because nothing dies in God, but everything is transformed. This is the miracle of His love.Therefore, I ask you again to give your life to Me, so I can transform it.

‪Faith, then, is total trust in God the Creator of life; faith opens you to the love of God and fills you with hope. ‪Through faith, love and hope continue to live in you, even through the trials of life, and they strengthen you. Living this way, day by day, you become perfected in the image of your Father Who is perfect (cf. Mt 5, 43-48), and you become filled with His love. ‪Through faith, you save your life and become truly children of God.

I am here beside you, to love you and to protect you.If you decide to follow Me, I will bring you to My Father and your Father in a sincere and genuine walk of faith. I will communicate to you My love for the Father, and I will reveal to you His love, that love that knows no fear and that drives out fear (cf. 1 Jn 4, 17-18).

‪I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. “