‪Our Testimony




Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlasic

Dear readers,

At this point of the journey, which is becoming ever more intense and full of graces, we feel the need to point out a few things to help you better understand what passes through ourselves as well as the testimony we have been bringing you for many years, through this site as well.

As you have been able to notice,  recently we are writing on this site  individually and both together. Our witnessing, in fact, is linked and linked is our mission. If we write each one individually this  is because, in addition to the common mission, each one also carries her/his own personal service before God; thus our testimony becomes completed and enriched by the originality of both.

What we witness to you does not originate from ourselves, as individual instruments of God, but from our belonging to the Central Nucleus, which is one of the extraordinary instruments of God for this time. Many times we explained to you the nature and the action of the extraordinary instrument which are: the Central Nucleus, the angels and the brothers of the universe faithful to God. Therefore, our testimony is the one of two members of the Central Nucleus living on Earth. Everything we are communicating to you  is the fruit of communion and action, in the Holy Spirit, among all three extraordinary instruments, of which we are representatives and spokespersons. God has foreseen that such instruments be fully manifested to all mankind, at the right time and in the way  known to Him, this is not up to the two of us. On the contrary, it is up to us,  to introduce ourselves for what we are, without turning away from the service to which God has called us. This is what God has asked us and this is what we are doing, without fanaticism but with an awareness of our responsibility.

We are not saying this to put ourselves at the center of attention or because we feel superior to others, but we are saying this in order to help you understand that we have been called to cooperate with the action of God for this time, which is vast and complex.  While this, on the one hand, allows us to observe the events of the universe from different perspectives, and not just from Earth, on the other hand, this gives us the commitment to a frank testimony before God and before all of you.

God asked us to bear witness to what we see and to what we hear, in order  to help His children walking in this time. Thus you can understand how necessary it is that we accompany you by writing frequently. You can also understand why God would allow so many instruments to speak through us: to explain to you the complex and profound reality  we see and in which we move ourselves, but that is not reserved only for the two of us, because it awaits the entire humanity. We simply want to open the road to anyone wishing to participate in the plan of God for this time: which is to recapitulate in Christ the whole universe.

In fact, the service of all three extraordinary instruments is to reveal and to witness the dynamism of God’s plan to recapitulate in Christ the whole of creation. From which derives the manifestation of the One and Triune God. The fruit of this plan will be the splendor of the universal Church.

The offering of ourselves to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the foundation of our life and the heart of our mission and of our testimony, as well.

We offer ourselves for each and all of you and we bless you, remembering you constantly in our prayer.