Message of Jesus of 27 March 2016 – Easter Sunday

“The time of testimony”


“My children, with joy I bless you today, and I thank you for celebrating Easter with Me. It is not just a way of saying but really true because you have accepted to bear witness to Me, and I thank you. Remember, though, that it is Me giving testimony in you, that I give testimony to the Father in the Holy Spirit. Never forget this: I testify within you that I have resurrected and glorified the Father in the Holy Spirit.

Dear children, today begins the time of your great testimony because the events will follow one another, and the Earth is in a really serious situation and so is the Church. You find yourselves living in this so terrible and yet great time. Therefore I send you like sheep among the wolves, but I will not send you without preparing you first. You have seen how many years were needed for your preparation. Now I want the fruits of the intensive preparation you have received during these years to become visible in this new people.

You will always be persecuted in the way that I was persecuted, and I will tell you the same words that I said to my apostles: the reason why they do not welcome you is that they have not welcomed Me. Unfortunately, even many Christians have not welcomed Me; they honour Me with their lips, yet, not with their heart.

I would like to tell you that I need you as a people who lives with Me. When they ask you, “Who are you?” you will answer, “We are the people of Christ; the people He has gained with His blood”. Do not forget that I have not prepared you only in the last years; I have prepared you also on the cross: while I was on the cross I saw all of you, I could already see you. I saw you in the way you are today, in the way you will be tomorrow and in the new creation if you want to be with Me. I have redeemed you with My blood; I have made you powerful through My resurrection; I have sanctified you with the Holy Spirit, and I continue to glorify the Father in every one of you.

Now it is necessary that this people bears witness to its belonging to Me and to the path we have done and will do together. Take courage and I will always be with you. I do not promise you sweet and beautiful things, except in spirit; you will have to fight and I will not hide it from you; I never hide anything! Nothing, though, will be able to stop you; nothing will stop this people anymore. Therefore, give your testimony frankly and do not be afraid!

Do not be afraid, new priests, of witnessing that you are the priests of Christ; there is nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary, be proud, in a positive meaning, of course; not ambitious but proud in spirit and capable of saying: “Yes, we are the priests of Christ.” Who can deny it? Who would dare to tell you that you are not? So, go ahead, do not hide anymore, go out, go out! In the same way as the apostles went out of Jerusalem and out of the cenacle: fearful but certain to be Mine.

I want you to have this confidence: to anyone who turns to you, answer frankly without fear. The time of hiding is over. Now comes the time of the manifestation of the glory of the Father, Mine and yours, and I will glorify Him in every one of you and in this people. Step forward, fathers and mothers of a new humanity; step forward because a new people must rise on the Earth and in the universe! The planet Earth is dear to me and you know it; I will never leave it; I will never abandon it, but I need you so that the glory of God may shine also on this sad planet.

I bless you with the whole power of the resurrection; I bless those who are united with you in spirit and all those who refer to you; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

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