7.1.2017 – Message of Jesus of 1 January 2017, Feast of Mary, Mother of God
“Walk the path towards freedom”

11.1.2017 – Message of St. Michael the Archangel
“Shine like stars of Christ”

11.1.2017 – Message of Our Lady of 6 January 2017, Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord
“Participate in My offering and I will participate in yours”

27.1.2017 – Message of Jesus of 8 January 2017, Baptism of the Lord
“You are the Apostles of Your Time”

16.4.2017 – Message of Jesus of 15 April 2017, Easter Vigil
“I am about to return to the world”

27.4.2017 – Message of Jesus of 23 April 2017, Feast of Divine Mercy
“Be a merciful and righteous people”

18.5.2017 – Message of Our Lady of 13 May 2017, The Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima
“I will be the voice of the poor of God”

6.8.2017 – Message of God the Father of 3 August 2017, Solemnity of God the Father
“Manifest My Glory”

24.10.2017 – Message of Jesus of 14 October 2017
“The Time of Harvest Begins”

26.11.2017 – Message of Jesus of 26 November 2017, Feast of Christ the King
“The Countdown Begins”