My People, take care of my sheep!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

As we have already told you before, we will follow you and pray for you in the time opening up before us; we will pass on to you all that the Lord reveals to us. Therefore, we will share with you Jesus’ message of 18th May that we received through Stefania at the beginning of our conference on the occasion of the Solemnity of Pentecost. There are two more messages to come: one of the Holy Spirit and one of God the Father, of 19th and 20th May, respectively, also given on the occasion of the aforementioned conference.

Through these three messages, the Most Holy Trinity expressed itself and clarified the contents of what the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe must live and transmit through the evangelisation.

We greet and bless you, offering ourselves to the Most Holy Trinity for you.

Message of Jesus – My people, take care of My sheep!

“Dearest Children,

I embrace each one of you and I bless you.

You have reached the eve of a great event, awaited for millennia by My Holy Mother and by all the saints: the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God manifests itself through its people, that is, its Church. In the recent years you have understood that you are priestly, royal and prophetic people. Now all this must manifest itself.

I send you into the world to collect My lost sheep. I say to you, My people: ‘Take care of my sheep.’[1] There are many lost sheep on the Earth: little, delicate, humble, hidden souls. They are hidden in the bushes, in the caves, among the thorns of the world. These sheep must hear the voice of My people; in this way they will be able to orient themselves towards the house of God, His Church. You are the Church of the whole universe, and many souls are waiting to listen to the voice of this Church of mine.

I send you poor of human means but rich in graces. I send you with the smile of My Mother on your face. Thus the lost sheep will come out of their hidings and fill the house of God. I ask you for nothing other than to manifest My joyful life.

Today, I take upon Me all your sufferings on this altar. I elevate your tears to My Father; the tears of the righteous that wash the Earth.

I thank you for the path you have walked and for the courage you have shown. Do not be afraid of anything because no-one can snatch you out of My hand.[2] If they do not understand you or expel you from their synagogues, do not be afraid. Wherever you go, you will be My Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe.

I send you as Church into the world but, at the same time, you will be present in spirit in the whole universe, and the whole universe will be close to you. Do not fear! None of you is alone, nobody is forgotten. All of you, wherever you are, will be My Church.

I repeat to you once again: My people, take care of my sheep!

I bless you with the whole Trinitarian power, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] John 21:15-19

[2] John 10:28

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