The Time of Life

29 June 2018


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today we present you the message of God the Father. It is a page of dense content, explaining the meaning of the life in us as well as the responsibility we have towards it both for ourselves and for the whole universe. In this way the service of the Church of Christ expresses itself, which leads humanity to submit to the laws of Life so that every creature may be healed.

Let us not forget the words that God the Father addressed to us on 24 February, 2010: “Christianity is not a religion; it is the transformation of life. The Christian is a new creature. When you offer yourselves sincerely to God, My Son places you directly into the power of the Trinitarian vortex where you are constantly regenerated.”

In the same message God the Father also says: “You become new creatures only if you receive My life in you. All other attempts to change yourselves outside of Me are bound to fail.”[1]

The Church of the universe involves everything, also the Earth, in a process of transformation in which we are all called to participate.

We wish you a pleasant reading, and we greet and bless you.


20 May2018 – Solemnity of Pentecost


Message of God the Father – The Time of Life

“My dear Children, My Church,

I bless and embrace you all. I thank you for the path you have made and for your decision to be the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe belonging to the Most Holy Trinity.

My children, I have given life to you, and life is your greatest treasure. A new time is beginning for the whole humanity of the universe: the time of life. Death will be expelled from the whole creation. I will make everything new through My Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe has descended from Heaven through My Son and continues to come down through His Heart. It will descend again in all its power at the end of times. When My Son returns to Earth, the whole universe will see Him. He will come to collect what the Church has sown. The Church sows life and life will sprout in the whole universe; My Son will come to collect the fruits. All that belongs to death will be left to Lucifer, the lord of death. You, children, belong to Heaven; from eternity you have been destined for this time.

Now I expect two things from you: the first is that I want you to consider your life a sublime gift. If you don’t consider your life as a gift, you cannot sow life. Even when you suffer or are ill, life continues to be a gift because through My Son Jesus every cross becomes resurrection and life defeats death. Therefore, children, love your life! To the extent that you love the life of God in you, through you, life will spread not only over the Earth, but also over all dimensions of the universe, for there are no boundaries in spirit. Who can stop life? Who can stop a river flowing to the sea? You are a flowing river; it pours out from the spring and flows into the sea of life.

The second thing I expect from you is that you give My life generously to everyone you meet. Long sermons or great words are not necessary. Life does not need great means because it has all the power to assert itself. A smile is enough to communicate life; however, it has to be a sincere smile. Life is born in and transmitted to others with sincerity. Eliminate all hypocrisy from yourselves, and this Church will be powerful; My life will rest in each one of you and among you. This is the Kingdom of God: the life that asserts itself beyond death.

I send you out to sow My life. Many will welcome you; many will refuse you, but do not fear. The success does not lie in the conversion of great masses. I do not expect great numbers; I expect that My life triumphs. Those who refuse you will be judged by God. Do not judge anyone but continue to sow life and life will sprout.

Today I bless you with the blessing of life so that your mission may begin. You have been generated by love and are destined to live in love. Love is life and life is also love. Go and sow My life.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of The Holy Spirit.”

[1] Cfr. Stefania Caterina “Rewriting History – Vol I” page 110 (Available only in Italian)

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