About Us – Part 2

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

16 October 2020

(Translated Audio)

Last week we introduced ourselves on this website and presented ourselves as the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” here on Earth. We have tried to explain who we are and to give our testimony; also, we have invited you to telephone, to write, to an exchange of opinions, to give life to a dialogue, and as we go on, we will do our best to answer your questions.

We have already said that we are not against anyone and that we are not an alternative to anyone. I think you have read the message of God the Father[1]. The day that message was given [by God the Father], two young women consecrated themselves at the Foundation. Besides, on Saturday Father Tomislav spoke again about the new priesthood, and he did it with a certain strength.[2] Thus, I think it would be good to widen our testimony a little bit more.

The Foundation, “Fortress of the Immaculate”, where two young women consecrated themselves, was founded in 2005. It was founded by the inspiration of some people who, following Father Tomislav and Medjugorje, encountered God and changed their life through the apparitions of Medjugorje; thus, they decided to donate part of their property to create this Foundation in order to divulge and promote Mary Most Holy’s thoughts that She expressed in Medjugorje. You can read Her messages on this website, in which you will recognise the true reason for Her apparitions and for Her continuing presence on the Earth.

As you know, we define ourselves as Marian and Franciscan. It is obligatory for us to pass through Mary to get to Christ, to let ourselves be guided to Christ, and in the Holy Spirit to the Father. Mary is not a decorative object. Even though it is true that the whole revelation has been given, it is also true that it has not yet fulfilled.

As long as Jesus Christ has not returned in His glory, there will be no fulfilment. Mary is on Earth, just as the extraordinary instruments and the ordinary instruments are. They are here to bring everything to completion. She is not a decorative object, even though some say, and I find it terrible: “We can do without Mary”. For me this phrase makes the Lord angry. I do not think that the Lord gets angry, but it certainly offends and saddens Him. It means to refuse a gift of God: the greatest of all gifts after the Eucharist. Mary is the greatest gift of God to us, and saying: “I can do without her,” is truly a terrible rejection!

The “Foundation of the Immaculate” was founded in honour of Mary. It was set up to promote this message, and those who founded it, have offered their lives for it. Around these people many other people have gathered, who offer their lives for this and recognise it. We have recognised that the central message of Mary Most Holy in Medjugorje has been expressed and incarnated very well by Father Tomislav Vlašić during the whole time when he lived in Medjugorje and to which he has remained faithful. In 1984, he offered his life for the accomplishment of Mary’s will, which is the plan of God, through the apparitions of Mary.

After many people had gathered around the Foundation, it clearly appeared that God was investing in this instrument. He invested a lot; His investment astounded even us. We did not think that it would have such a great importance. None of us expected it. We set off with a great desire to work for God, but without the idea, which God opened up, expressed and divulged over time. In fact, we understood the importance of this instrument only afterwards, which is the recapitulation of the universe in Christ and the central message that we seek to realise.[3]

Later on, the publishing house “Luci dell’Esodo” was founded with the purpose of publishing Stefania Caterina’s book “Beyond the Great Barrier”. Since the time we have published it, we think that it is not simply a book but a gift of God. Therefore, like every gift of God, we wanted to make it available to as many souls as possible and not to keep it to ourselves. We wanted to put it at the disposal of humanity. We did it because it is helpful for everyone to better understand the Gospel; to walk in the Gospel; to enter more and more in the thoughts of God and to know God. St. John says in his Gospel: “Eternal life is to know God.”[4] Therefore, we believe that “Beyond the Great Barrier” is a very helpful book.

We had known Stefania Caterina and Father Tomislav for a long time, but none of us knew of the existence of the Central Nucleus. We all learned about it on 10 September 2010 when it was revealed to us by St. Michael.[5] We know that the Central Nucleus was formed in 2004, but for almost six years, even living close to Father Tomislav and Stefania, we did not know that they were members of that extraordinary instrument.

I said that the book “Beyond the Great Barrier” and all other writings that followed, all reflections and the accompaniment of Father Tomislav in his priesthood, made us all walk a path towards a Christian transformation. That path led us to encounter Jesus Christ and allowed us to continue the path of conversion that most of us had experienced in Medjugorje, which then carried on, and will carry on. It is not finished; it is a path that leads towards the new creation.

I must tell you and I testify that the events that followed, that is, the persecutions of Father Tomislav and Stefania Caterina, have united us even more and led us more and more to a true understanding and deep love of God. They have not scattered us; on the contrary, they had the opposite effect on us. They gave us a lot of joy, strength and grace, and we felt the deep love of God. His plan to recapitulate all things in Christ not only did it not stop us, but it also accelerated with every event that looked like an obstacle.

We say, because we believe it, and we can testify to it, that Mary Most Holy has generated us. She has generated and led us to Jesus Christ, and Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph are a mother and a father to us and accompany us on our path, in our transformation. They are not a mummy and a daddy who help and protect us, that comes additionally. They accompany us in our inner transformation. We can say that we are Franciscan; St. Francis and St. Clare are always with us. We are particularly united with them through a special love for them and of them for us. The Archangels and the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters and the saints in Purgatory accompany, protect and pray for us. Also, it is through this path, if you read the messages from the beginning, that we reached the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, its revelation, its presentation and to say that now, here on Earth, it is acting.

I have already said that we are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. We fully live the Christian values and Catechism. We live the whole teaching of Jesus Christ; we seek to live it, we are not perfect, but that is our pathway. We do not take sides with the conservatives or the progressives of the Catholic confession; we are neither on one side nor on the other; we seek to stay with Christ, with Jesus Christ. We leave it to God to make His Church emerge, the only Church that has always existed and will always exist; the one that He has founded and against which “the gates of hell will not prevail”[6]: the Church of Christ. We only have to transform our life and live as children of God; we are aware of this and we seek to do it. We only have to let ourselves be transformed in our lives and become men and women of the Gospel; we only have to belong to Christ, to His Spirit so that He may lead us to the Father in the Holy Spirit.

We know that God has children everywhere, in all religions; we know that there are children of God who are persecuted and oppressed, and that there are children of God who do not know that they are children of God; they said “yes” at the moment of conception but incarnated, in their lives, in other religious confessions. We know that God is present in everyone and works through everyone. As I said, we are ready to exchange views with everyone, however, our testimony is that only in Jesus Christ, only in His redemption, is there salvation; only by welcoming Him, is the primary identity awakened in every man, to be children of God, created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, our way of life is ecumenism open to all, in a true exchange with all, welcoming the good of all, but by bringing ours, not by giving up Christ to welcome others.

The purpose of our ministerial priests is to offer their lives together with Jesus Christ for the whole people and to do it according to the intentions of Mary Most Holy. Their first reason of their existence is to offer their lives; the second purpose is to do all they can to awaken the royal priesthood in the people, that is, the common priesthood of each man and each woman; the third purpose is, if we may say, their daily task to accompany and support every man and woman entrusted to them and to show them Jesus Christ, the only Way, Truth and Life, concretely in all situations of life that our people experience.

Our priests live in the Sanctuaries, where other people live who are consecrated to God through the Foundation, “Fortress of the Immaculate”, to also accompany those who live a normal life of work, marriage etc. Our ministerial priests have this purpose. They are not priests who belong to a system; they do not promote any system; they do not even promote the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate”. They do not offer themselves for any system; they do not aim to gather many souls, to support the Foundation or to increase the members. Absolutely not! They aim to promote the life of God; the life of God that dwells in each one of us. Through their offering, they aim to awaken the life of God that is in every man, even in those who seem very far away.

Why do we exist? We call ourselves the new people, the new Church; however, there is nothing new in us, as we have said many times. It is new because in God all is new. It is new, as I said, although, unfortunately, we often hear people say: “The revelation is finished”, it finished with the Gospel; it finished with the Apostles; it finished with the letters of St. Paul and the other Apostles. However, we must not forget that there is the Revelation of John, which completes the revelations; yet, the revelation has not fulfilled. The reason for our existence is to allow God to bring everything to completion, and for this we give our lives.

I embrace and I bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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