Messages of the Mother of Humanity to Stefania Caterina


13 January 2018   Life Is an Uncontainable Force and Exists in the Whole Universe

13 February 2018   Life in God Is a Life of Love and Communion

13 March 2018   The Life of God Grows and Is Transmitted in Communion

13 April 2018   The Life of God Is Within You

13 May 2018   Life Is Born at the Moment of Conception

13 June 2018   Life Incarnates in Time and Space

13 July 2018   Life Is Remembrance of God and Search for Truth

13 August 2018   Life on Earth Also Consists of Trials

13 September 2018   Your Life Is Shaped by Your Thoughts

13 October 2018   Life Flourishes in the Full Identity of the Person

13 November 2018   Life in God Knows No Death

13 December 2018   Concluding Message