Stefania Caterina

Stefania Caterina

was born in Genoa on January 19, 1959, in a practicing Catholic family that gave her a solid Christian education. In her youth, she joined various ecclesial movements, dedicating herself to volunteer work and teaching catechism. She graduated in law and worked for seven years in Public Administration. In 1994, she decided to leave everything in order to consecrate herself totally to God and put the gifts she had received at the disposal of God and His work.

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In 2008, the publishing house “Luci dell’Esodo” published my book with the title “Beyond the Great Barrier”. In this book, I have collected the extraordinary experiences that I have had since childhood. Through them, the Lord, and other instruments chosen by Him, wanted to explain to me many things about the divine plan to recapitulate in Christ all things in Heaven and on Earth. It is not simply a collection of heavenly messages but the presentation of a very clear project of God, centred on Jesus Christ towards whom the whole creation converges. This plan is destined to involve the whole of humanity, the living and the deceased, not only on Earth but also on other planets. I have been shown that other humanities exist, who are created in the image and likeness of God like us and who are called to form one people, the people of God.

I think that many of you have read the book that I have mentioned. I will briefly introduce myself for those who have not read it. I was born on 19 January 1959, from a practising Catholic family. In my youth, I participated in several ecclesial movements, dedicating myself to volunteer work and teaching catechism. After graduating in law, I worked in Public Administration for several years. In 1994, I decided to leave everything and to consecrate myself totally to the Lord and His work, putting the gifts I had received from Him at His disposal.

The extraordinary experiences I have occur through inner locutions and visions, during which I receive explanations from the Lord Himself or from His instruments. I will not dwell further on my person who must not be the centre of attention. Besides, in the introduction of my book you will find more details about my experiences as well as the reasons that led me to write it. The book “Beyond the Great Barrier” has been appreciated by the public and appears to be a valuable help for many on their path of faith as emerged from the many letters and emails I have received. I thank God and the readers for that.

Now, I would like to present you this blog with the title “Towards the New Creation”. At this point, I would like to explain the reasons and goals that led me to start this blog.

1. Because with this instrument and the precious help of the team of the publishing house “Luci dell’Esodo” I would like to meet the requests that I have received from many readers of the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, who wish to deepen the content of the book.

2. To try to outline more clearly a path of faith, which leads to the fulfilment of God’s promises for our life and which is the leading theme of the book.

3. Because in the last chapter of the book I speak of the Earth as a great scenario in which important events will take place, which will eventually affect the entire humanity that populates the universe. From 2008, when I wrote those things, to today, God has done many other things. His action has passed, and will pass, silently through the souls of men and make man a participant in His work and in His royalty. I would like to help you understand what God is doing for us at this time of our history.

4. Finally, to help you walk in faith in the light of all that has been explained to me, that I have witnessed and experienced in my life. Also, I would like to point out that I do not consider myself anyone’s spiritual guide; I limit myself to bringing my experience as a contribution to the path of faith of the people of God. Through what I have received and have been able to understand, I will try to show you the stages of inner growth and the events that involve humanity, observing them in the light of God as they are explained to me.

Perhaps you wonder why I have chosen the title “Towards the new creation”. The reason is that in all my experiences, there is a common denominator, a point of fundamental importance, which is to become new creatures. God is leading every human being and the whole creation towards this dimension. The path of faith necessarily leads us to experience a continuous transformation, in several stages, towards reaching the final goal, which is to become new creatures.

I am aware of the magnitude of what I have said so far and of the goals that I have set myself with a fundamentally simple tool such as this blog. I also recognise my own limits. However, I believe that with God’s help, with your support and your prayers, as well as the communion that will certainly arise among us, these goals can be achieved. I am confident that together we can reach them. Jesus said: “Everything is possible for one who believes” (Mk 9:23).

In each update of the blog, I will share an article on a topic, accompanied by a lived experience, for example a message or the description of a vision, relevant to the topic. If the article raises particular questions in you, you can write. I think this will be a great opportunity for all of us to share and to grow. However, I frankly tell you that I will not answer questions concerning your personal situations, as this is not the suitable place for that, let alone argue with those who do not agree with me.

Personally, I believe that discussions for their own sake are a waste of time and energy. I prefer an open and sincere dialogue. I realise that the experiences I have cannot be analysed according to human logic and escape, so to speak, the strict control of rationality. It is left to everyone’s freedom of conscience whether or not they want to accept such experiences. However, beyond all our evaluations and opinions, there is always love, which welcomes others in their originality with respect and without falling into sterile and useless controversies.

As I finish this presentation, I would like to thank you in advance for your attention and assure you of my prayers. I embrace you in Christ and wish you all the best.

Stefania Caterina