The Trinitarian Action – Chapter 3 (Part 1)

The Trinitarian Action
in the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Chapter 3

The Face of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

(Part 1)

  1. Mother and Queen

In this chapter, we will speak about the presence and the action of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary within the people of God, on the basis of our experiences. It is a broad and delicate topic; therefore, we will divide the chapter in several parts to give you the possibility to assimilate the content.

Let us begin by saying that the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” is Marian. The person, the action and the service of Mary Most Holy emerge with absolute clarity in this Church.[1] For her part, the Holy Mother has always accompanied and guided us on our path, which began with an event that is fundamental for us: the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje (Bosnia-Herzegovina). 

All of us who belong to this Church have recognised in the apparitions of the Queen of Peace the starting point of our journey both individually and as a community.

 “We are all aware that we have been generated by the Mother of God, as individuals and as a people, through the awakening of faith that we experienced in Medjugorje. In regard to the role of the Blessed Mother in our life, we may affirm the words of the psalmist: “All my fountains are in you” (Ps 87,7). Our spiritual path began from the Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy; together with Her and through Her we walk towards Jesus. We have consecrated our life and our work to Her.”[2]

The Blessed Mother Herself has spoken to us many times about Her apparitions in Medjugorje, revealing gradually the great plan that She wanted to realise in that place.

 “I have come to Medjugorje on the orders of my Lord, for his and my own maternal desire to prepare God’s people for great events that await humanity. The aim of the message of Medjugorje is to prepare God’s people for great events.”[3]

The greatness of the event of the apparitions of Medjugorje has also been highlighted by St. John the Apostle:

 “The Blessed Virgin Mary is much more than a precursor, She is the Mother. If She did not regenerate humanity, it would not be capable of welcoming the graces that God gives. The first regeneration is the one which passes through the Mother, who generates the children so that they might receive graces.

Every man must be generated by a woman to come into the world. After this, through the experiences of life and his intelligence he will be capable of welcoming the graces that God will hand out to him. This also happens in spiritual life. The coming of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Medjugorje is also more than a form of preparation; it is the event which generates.”[4]

Beginning from the event of Medjugorje, the path that led us to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe followed a specific path: the offering of our life to Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is a path that the Blessed Mother Herself left to us; She showed us that the total offering to God with the integrity of life is the obligatory passage to announce salvation to the world: giving up one’s ego, accepting the Cross to reach the resurrection and find the path that leads to life.

 “I have come to remind you that your duty is to announce the Trinitarian life to the world; the life of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It was pulsating in my heart, in the heart of my spouse Joseph. It was alive in the house in Nazareth. In order for your annunciation to be effective and authentic, you must firstly welcome it with a clear, immaculate heart, as I have done. The annunciation of the Trinitarian life cannot descend into a dirty heart, into a soul brimming with interests. You must strip yourselves more and more of all interests outside of the glory of God, otherwise the annunciation cannot become rooted in you. It remains abstract; it can touch you but not transform you.

The annunciation of Trinitarian life must transform you day by day. You can no longer be the same if you have received this annunciation, as occurred for me; not only because I became pregnant, but because my whole life changed within me. After the annunciation of the archangel, my whole personal life developed, my life with Jesus and through Him, my life with the Father in the Holy Spirit. […]

I would like to say this to you: if you are immaculate, you cannot claim any right over Jesus. You cannot possess Him, because, if you truly love Him, it is He who possesses you. You can only possess God through love, never out of interest or ambition. And so, do not try to possess or manipulate God’s life. It only belongs to you when you love it, respect it and welcome it. The words of the archangel Gabriel were clear: Jesus was the Son of the Most High, He was not mine. This is also valid for you. Jesus passes through you, He loves you, he transforms you, but you cannot capture Him in your nets.

For this reason, I was able to remain freely beneath the cross, because I knew that Jesus did not belong to me and that He had to return to the Father after having fulfilled His work. This is the way things must be for each of you: Jesus must fulfil His work in you, not what you want. Be free in this, allow yourselves to be taken by Jesus, even under the cross, so that His will might be fulfilled. Jesus will perfectly fulfil the work of the Father in you. He will fulfil it in the power of the Holy Spirit, as was the case with me.

Then you will see the resurrection, you will be able to pass through the narrow door that leads to life; a door that only few people find because few people allow themselves to be led by Jesus beneath the cross. Many receive the annunciation, but once they have received it, they immediately try to possess the grace for their own interests. Jesus cannot work within them in this way, or, He can only work in a limited manner. These people want to reduce the action of the Spirit to their level. This is the tragedy of many Christians today: the annunciation of the salvation that my Son continuously addresses to every man, that the Holy Spirit tirelessly brings, and that the Father desires, is debased and bridled in the nets of human life, which are made of many interests.

I do not want this to happen to those who wish to offer themselves to God! They must go through the phases of the annunciation, the presentation at the temple, the cross and the resurrection. They must embark on them with me, in an immaculate state and offering their lives totally to God, without interests, without plots, without cobwebs. I want you to be free, my children, free from all human traps! If you are like this, then God will use you as much as possible, and he will beat down every obstacle in you and around you.  

I would like to repeat to you today that you must not worry about what is going to happen in the Church and in the world. You will see great things, and you will also see terrible things, because these times of yours are tremendous times, times of extreme struggles between light and shadows. But those who offer themselves to God and place their trust in Him, have nothing to fear. I would like to repeat to you today that I protect you in every way, wrapping my cloak around you.

I want to triumph in each of you, but I can only triumph in those who offer themselves totally to God. I can only triumph beneath the cross, because you will not see the resurrection without first having seen the cross. This is valid for each of you, as it was valid for me. Do not be afraid of looking at Christ’s cross, because that is the passage through which you will reach life.”[5]

During the many years long preparation of our people, the Mother of God repeatedly emphasised two aspects of her person, two specific and complementary prerogatives in which She defined herself as Mother and Queen: Mother of God and humanity and Queen of the Universe.

As our Mother, She walks with us; She is part of our people; She welcomes the prayers and the suffering of Her children and asks all the good for us. As Queen, She protects the people and generates and gathers Her children from the whole Universe to offer them to God; She opens the path towards the new creation. Her Immaculate Heart is the door to enter the life of God:

 “I only want to invite you to enter My Heart. It is a sacred place, a place of grace, and it is also the road, the doorway through which it is easiest to get to My Son.

I will prepare the pathway for you, because I took it before you, because I followed My Son before you, I followed Him as far as the cross, to the tomb, I welcomed Him as the Risen Jesus. …

I can prepare the road for you because I am She who entered before the others and more than all the others into God’s Heart. I know the road, I know it through grace, not only due to my own merit, and I want to take you all there because I am your Mother and your Queen, but I am also your Sister, I am part of humanity.”[6]

 “I pray incessantly for you to the Most Holy Trinity, in whom I live, to let the necessary graces descend on all My Children, in the whole Universe, so that they may blossom. You are my most beautiful flowers and My love makes you blossom. … I will never abandon you; I will be your Mother from now to eternity.”[7]

In the years of 2017 and 2018 Mary Most Holy guided us with the messages She gave us on the 13th of every month, presenting Herself as the Mother of humanity. She traced a simple and concrete spiritual path to help us live in communion with God and with the whole Church of the Universe.[8]

Her royalty also descends from Her Motherhood:

 “All the instruments that have spoken to me in God’s name certify that Mary’s maternity and royalty are an unquestionable universal reality. They affirm that Mary is the only creature who has entered perfectly into the life of the Most Blessed Trinity, because She is immaculate and offered wholly to God. From the Trinitarian dimension in which She lives in fullness, the Virgin Mary is capable of meeting her children. She is the Mother who precedes her children on their pathway towards the Son, She is a disciple and mistress on the road to holiness.

The Mother herself explained to me on several occasions that her majesty cannot be understood if we fail to first understand her maternity. Mary is a Queen in so far as She is a Mother, and only those who welcome her as a Mother can also welcome her as a Queen, abandoning themselves to her guidance, because in her, the power descends from divine maternity, which She first had to welcome, saying yes to incarnation.”[9]

The Holy Mother also affirms:

 “I am the Queen of the Universe, the One who lives in the Most Holy Trinity. … Remember that I am Mother and Queen. God has given Me great power, but I exercise it with humility.”[10]

Her power as Queen of the Universe is strongly highlighted in the message of 13 May 2017, in which She also affirms:

 “I am your Mother, but I am also the Queen of the universe. This is not a simple title with which you honour Me, but it is My mission. I am Mother and Queen of the universe. Perhaps you have missed this aspect; therefore, I remind you that as Queen I have received from God the grace and the power to act in the whole universe in favour of My children. I have received the power to crush the head of the serpent and I will do it.

I will speak to you and I will teach you all you need to know in this time to defeat the evil that has settled everywhere, even within the Church. I have the right and the duty, before God and humanity, to speak to My children when I want, as much as I want and the way I want without asking permission to anyone. God has asked Me to fully use My power as Mother and Queen of the universe; I will do it for you to help and protect you because the times are serious.”[11]

This Church has experienced the love and power of Mary Most Holy. Many times, in the words she addressed to us, She presented herself with different titles, which always emphasise Her Motherhood and royalty, for example: “Immaculate Mother and Queen of the angels”; “Mother of grace and mercy, Queen of Europe”; “Mother and Queen of humanity”; “Mother and Queen of the new creation”; “Mother and Queen of the Universe”.

The Lord Jesus has asked this Church to celebrate solemnly the Mother and Queen of the Universe on the day that follows the solemnity of Christ King, and we will do so. Jesus wants us to recognise the inseparable bond between His royalty and that of the Most Blessed Mother.

Thus, Mary Most Holy accompanies us in the pilgrimage of our life and prepares us for the future life in the new creation. As pilgrim among pilgrims, She always watches over our steps to prevent us from stumbling over evil. She is the most tender of all mothers, but Her Motherhood does not end there. Her motherly action is indispensable in the plan of God to recapitulate in Christ the whole creation. She seeks the lost children in the whole Universe to generate them to life in Christ. She gathers them around Her and keeps them in Her Heart:

 “I am your Mother and I generate you continuously, and I still have to generate many children. This is my task: to carry many children in My Heart to generate them for God. I have always done this, and I will always do it until the end of times.

St. Michael will guide all the peoples that I have gathered in My womb.[12] St. Michael will take all the peoples that I have generated with My love to My Son; however, it is Me who generates you as I am your Mother. I ask you to allow Me to generate you.”[13]

The path that the Blessed Mother shows us is to be recapitulated in Christ to participate actively, together with Her, in the recapitulation of the whole Universe in Christ. The life and the service of the Mother of God are in perfect harmony with the Trinitarian action, as She Herself explains:

 “Children, I always act in union with the Three Divine Persons: with the Father, as His beloved and immaculate daughter, to transmit His life everywhere in the Universe; with the Son, to bring redemption to all, touching the sinners with the love of My Son who lives in Me; with the Holy Spirit, of whom I am the spouse, to awaken in men the memory of God and the will to serve Him. Only when you are regenerated in the One and Triune God, you are true children of God.”[14]

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary we, too, participate in God’s omnipotence. Jesus explained it to us, in a conversation we had with Him on 14 February 2020, referring to the Gospel of the Annunciation[15]:

 “You shall pass through My Mother and participate in the action of the Most Holy Trinity. Do as much as you can, just as My Mother did. This is important:  participate in the work of God by doing what you can. God will realise all that is impossible to man. The Father told you that you depend totally from the Most Holy Trinity.[16] This is not an image; in fact, all that is in you, spiritual and material, depends on the Most Holy Trinity and its action. In some way, you are also absorbed by the Trinitarian power, which accomplishes in you what is impossible for man.

You cannot understand these things rationally but only in spirit through faith. Faith activates your spirit if you are ready[17], and opens it for God. Through faith, intelligence, power and God’s love, which are indispensable for your life, will blossom in you.”    

In the same conversation, we asked Jesus if the Blessed Mother, who fully participated in the Easter passage, could help us more than anyone else. Jesus replied as follows:

 “It is exactly like that. You follow in the footsteps of My Mother who, in turn, perfectly follows Me. Through the Holy Spirit, through My Mother, you are united with Me as I am united with the Father.

I am at the Head of the Church, and I am present in the midst of My people. Mary is the Mother of the Church and a sublime member of the people. She is in the centre of My Church. By walking in Her footsteps, you are certain to be following the right path. My Church, in the whole Universe, will grow around My Mother and St. Joseph.”

Now, we have reached the peak of our mission: as we are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, we participate in the Trinitarian action for the evangelisation of the Earth. In this mission of the Church, the Most Blessed Mother shines with Her beauty and power, revealing all Her prerogatives and the greatness of Her work.

It is exactly in these times, which are so special for the whole Universe, that Her participation in the Redemption worked by Her Son emerges powerfully, which makes Her the Coredemptrix of humanity.

  1. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Coredemptrix of humanity

For a better understanding of the action of Mary the Coredemptrix, we will use Her own words from the message of 22 February 2020, published on this website. We consider it essential to understand what we will deal with in the following articles. The Blessed Mother has indeed explained to us various aspects of Her being Coredemptrix, and other instruments have also added their testimony. We will write about this later.

“Dearest Children,

With immense love I hold all of you in My Heart, especially those who are ill and those who suffer in spirit; those who are persecuted in their families and at work because of this path. I hold you all in My Heart because I want to be close to you in all your trials.

I have asked you many times to help Me save the souls. Today I say: help Me in My work as Coredemptrix. I am the Coredemptrix of the whole humanity of the Universe. That is not a title but My Mission; My mission among you. It is the mission that I have accepted at the moment of conception. Therefore, I am Mother to you because I have accepted to endure all the pain of the Universe along with My Son to snatch you from suffering and death.

I endured with My Son all sufferings of the Passion: the spiritual sufferings caused by the betrayal, the abandonment, the outrages and blasphemies as well as the physical pain. All that Jesus suffered in His body I also suffered in Mine, even though it was invisible to the eyes of the world. Many saints through history have endured some of the sufferings of the Passion, but I suffered all of them for you: My Heart was pierced, My hands and feet wounded, etc. I endured all this for you in silence to snatch you from Satan’s hatred. For this reason, I am Mother to you, and therefore Jesus could entrust you to Me at the foot of the Cross.[18] My work as Coredemptrix continued in the early Church among the apostles and disciples. After My Assumption to Heaven, for the glory of the Holy Trinity where I live, My mission of Coredemptrix extended to the whole Universe.

Know, Children, that in the same way as I endured Jesus’ sufferings, I also participated in the glory of His resurrection. I am the Coredemptrix because I shared with My Son death and resurrection. My whole being revived, when Jesus resurrected, and I paved the way for you so that you, one day, may enter the new creation.

My work as Coredemptrix is incessant and unstoppable. I continue to offer all sufferings of the Universe to the Most Holy Trinity to make My children also experience the joys of Heaven. In the same way, you have to walk the path of Jesus and Mine. In fact, you are called to be co-redeemers, that is, those who participate, with Me, in the death and resurrection of My Son. Together with Me, you carry the sufferings of the world and the joys of Heaven. Together with Me, you are witnesses of the corrupt life that is dying and the divine life that is always and incessantly reborn, through My Heart, for all of you.

I want this people to recognise My work as Coredemptrix and to participate in it to be increasingly united with Jesus, the Redeemer and Shepherd of humanity. Without Me, you cannot fully take part in the sacrifice of My Son, in His death and resurrection.[19] I have endured much pain, otherwise you would be crushed by the weight of suffering. Without Me you cannot touch the depth of God. I bring you His Life because I am the Mother of God and yours, the Coredemptrix of humanity and the Queen of the Universe. I want the people to recognise Me and welcome Me. If you do not understand My work as Coredemptrix, My figure becomes marginal and blurred, as it is for many Christians.

Children, I tell you that Satan is terrified of My work as Coredemptrix, and He will do everything possible to counteract this reality, which he has never tolerated. He did not accept Jesus’ incarnation, let alone that a woman could be Coredemptrix. Therefore, you will experience a lot of opposition, but do not worry: this is the time in which this truth must emerge. Thus, no one will be able to stop it. Satan will be furious but He will not be able to do anything. Now He is being cornered more and more because the people of God advance in the whole Universe and no one can stop them anymore.

By proclaiming that I am the Coredemptrix, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe brings about a decisive turn in the history of salvation and of humanity. You have to be aware of that. I repeat that this is not a title; I do not need titles, nor I am interested in them. I do not want anything for Myself, but I want to help you and save you with My Son. This is My mission and I will complete it; nothing and no one will prevent Me from doing so. I have already told you, and I repeat it: from now on, I will use all My power as Queen and Coredemptrix to snatch as many souls as possible from the enemy with the support of the Church of the Universe.[20]

Therefore, Children, I thank you very much for this great step. This day must be a memorial for you. For My part, I assure you protection from all evil. I will always be with you. You will experience the pain of the world because you are immersed in it. Do not complain about it, but consider it an honour for you to be co-redeemers together with My Son and Me. In your heart, however, you will also experience the joys of Heaven: peace, love and all that the world does not have. Thus, amidst the chaos of the Earth you will bring the joys of Heaven and your heart will rejoice even if you are opposed, because you will always have the joy of God. This is My promise: whoever participates in My work as Coredemptrix will experience the pain of the world but also the joys of Heaven.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

We will finish this chapter with Jesus’ words from His message of 22 March 2008, in which He defines His Mother as the Coredemptrix of humanity. Here are some passages:

 “Mary was the first human being in the Universe to be perfectly united with My Sacrifice on the Cross and to participate fully in My Resurrection. My Mother was the first living being to accomplish the Easter passage with Me. All others adhered together with Her, through Her, after Her. Even the humanities from other planets, faithful to God from creation, who accompanied My journey on Earth with their prayers, were united with Mary at the time of My Sacrifice on the Cross. Therefore, humanity cannot unite with Me unless it passes through Mary. The passage through Her Immaculate Heart is obligatory for all those who want to reach the mystical union with Me. My Mother is the One who opened the path; the first creature to have reached the full and perfect union with Me on the Cross, beyond the Cross, for eternity. For this reason, She is the Coredemptrix of humanity, and therefore  humanity must turn to Her.

In My Mother, before anyone else, My Easter passage from death to life incarnated and became visible. Her presence among the apostles was fundamental: after receiving the Holy Spirit, the apostles and the disciples understood all things, but only through Mary, they fully entered into My Sacrifice and united with Me.

Mary became the Mother of humanity at the foot of the Cross, the moment She united with My Sacrifice. She opened the path for the entire humanity towards the union with Me because She generated the new humanity, whose firstling is priesthood, because the new people is a priestly people. A people that on the example of Mary, with Mary and through Mary has united with My Sacrifice in order to enter into My Resurrection. Thus, it is clear that the royal as well as the ministerial priesthood cannot reach its fullness without Mary.

The work of God, through Me, is a work that incarnates. The Father sent Me on Earth and there I incarnated; in My incarnation I brought the will of the Father among the people. My work also needs to incarnate in humanity. In whom was it to incarnate first if not in Mary, My Mother? She who transmitted life to My body, should She not also transmit life to My Mystical Body?”[21]

To be continued.

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