The Central Nucleus

The seven groups of the Central Nucleus and their action


The Central Nucleus is one of the extraordinary instruments of God, which acts in favour of all men of good will in these times.

Its members are divided into seven groups, and each of them is headed by an Archangel. Each group has its own mission and a specific task that affects the entire creation. They act in the various fields of human life, such as science, medicine, nature etc.

It is therefore important to know their specific action and to be spiritually united with these instruments in order to be in communion with them and support them with our prayers and the offering of ourselves. Moreover, experiencing communion with them will help us, on this path towards the new creation, to grow in every aspect of life beginning from the Spirit.

For this reason, on each day of the week, we are asked to experience a special communion with one of the Archangels and his group. The days of the week are divided as follows:

Sunday – Group of St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael counteracts with his action all the hierarchies who oppose Jesus Christ.

His action is aimed at countering, up to the point of dismantling, corrupt systems and hierarchies as well as organisations which work for Lucifer, first of all, the Confederation of the Light.

Monday – Group of St. Gabriel the Archangel

This group cares for all those who have to perform special tasks in the people of God.

It promotes and instructs individuals and groups destined to perform particular services in the people of God in these times.

Tuesday – Group of St. Raphael the Archangel

This group protects and cares for the new priesthood and the consecration of the people of God.

It cares for the preparation of those who will, one day, be priests and for the people that will have to be a priestly one. The priesthood and the priestly consecration of the people will be very different from what they are now. They will be profoundly renewed by God: the priesthood will be one in the whole Universe and so will be the people until priests and people will finally be submitted to Christ, who will be the only High Priest of the new creation.

Wednesday – Group of St. Uriel the Archangel

This group deals with the new medicine; the healing of man, beginning from the Spirit.

It performs its action in the field of medicine. Medicine will also have to be renewed. In the whole Universe, treatments will be based on the knowledge of the human spirit and the divine laws of life. Thus, the action of evil, which is the origin of all diseases, will be annulled.

Thursday – Group of St. Jehudiel the Archangel

This group deals with the new science that starts from knowing God and His laws.

It acts in the field of science and technology to instruct those who will be called to improve the conditions of the entire humanity. This will happen thanks to a techno-scientific knowledge, which will no longer be conditioned by profit, and will derive from knowing God and His laws.

Friday – Group of St. Sealtiel the Archangel

This group deals with communication on all levels between men, between planets etc. (communion).

It promotes communication between people based on communication in the Holy Spirit. It intervenes on the communication systems existing on the different planets in order to improve the valid ones and to neutralise those which Lucifer wants to exploit for his purposes.

Saturday – Group of St. Barachiel the Archangel

This group cares for creation.

It works in favour of creation, which is constantly threatened by the action of evil. It preserves the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms from the curses of demons and the reckless actions of corrupt men. It protects the planets and the galaxies and intervenes to restore the natural laws violated by demons and men. It also acts on damaged natural environments to prevent the lives of men and other creatures from being endangered.


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