The Sign is a Cross …

1 November 2016

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The sign that is shown here and that we would like to present you has come to us by revelation. In 2015 Mary Most Holy showed it to Stefania Caterina in a vision. She said that it was a powerful sign.  It will be worn by those who seriously decide to belong to the new people that offer themselves to God through Her Immaculate Heart and participate in God’s action to recapitulate all things in Christ.

So, this is what this sign represents according to the indication s of Our Lady.

The sign is a cross, symbol of the salvation wrought by Jesus Christ, recognised and venerated as such by the people of God present in the whole universe.

At the centre of the cross is the Immaculate Heart of Mary which gives off the flame of Her love.

Around the Heart is a light blue circle representing the people of God present in the whole universe; around it there is another light blue circle with the twelve stars of Mary’s crown, as described in the book of Revelation[1], which are the symbol of Her royalty extending all over the universe, but also of Her universal Maternity. Our Lady has, in fact, stated several times that the stars in Her crown are Her children scattered throughout the universe.

Mary Most Holy is the heart of the people that consecrate themselves to Her and thus belong to Her. As Mother and Queen She supports and defends the people that Her Son has acquired with His blood. She elevates them and joins them to Her immaculateness so that they may be pure and capable of appearing in front of their Lord.

Mary Most Holy triumphs in the people of God consecrated to Her. Therefore, this sign represents also the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart that, as has already been announced at Fatima, will take place not only on Earth but in the whole universe.

Through Stefania Caterina Our Lady spoke about the sign in this way: “My children, I have spoken to you about the sign that I wanted for the whole people of the universe and not only for you on the Earth. It is the sign of all My children in whose heart the triumph of My Heart occurs because My Heart triumphs in your heart. And when all of you have received this sign, time will be fulfilled and the return of My Son will be near. All those, on Earth and in the universe, who convert and become part of this people will receive this sign; they will be signed with My Heart, the Heart of the Mother of the Saviour. It will be the triumph of Christ’s love in each one of you.”

On the two arms of the cross there are an Alpha and an Omega which represent Jesus Christ as indicated in the book of Revelation in several chapters[2]: I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty,” and also, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” and finally, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

The Alpha and the Omega indicate that all that has existed from the beginning will be recapitulated in Christ. This will mark the passage from the first creation, Alpha, to the new creation, Omega, coming at the end of times. Then, Jesus will return in His Glory to establish definitely the Kingdom of God and introduce all those who belong to Him in the New Creation.

The passage from the old to the new creation cannot take place without belonging to the people of God, present in the whole universe, and their participation in the Sacrifice of Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is the paschal passage which is the heart of the Christian message.

On the cross not the crucified Christ is represented but His people united to Mary Most Holy. This means that the people of God are called to live a profound union with Christ’s Sacrifice in order to complete what is missing in His Passion to reach His Resurrection and become thus Living Eucharist.

Both Our Lady and all the instruments, who have spoken to us in recent times, have underlined the divine power that this sign bears. We have been told that it is not a distinguishing emblem of any human association, nor is it a sign to display in a fanatic way or as an ornament. It is the sign of belonging to the people of Christ who live and work in the whole universe. Therefore, it is not given only to us on the Earth but to all brothers and sisters who live on other planets and who are, despite the distance, united in the same spirit since they belong to the Most Holy Trinity.

This is what the Holy Spirit said through Stefania Caterina: “You will receive … the sign through which I will imprint in you the Trinitarian seal. It is a powerful sign in the whole universe for it carries the power of the Most Holy Trinity; a power that no force can defeat.”

It has also been explained to us that this is a sign of recognition similar to the symbol of the fish of the first Christians.[3] In fact, in the first century AD the Christians used the sign of the fish during the persecutions of the Roman Emperors. That sign indicated the presence of Christians in a specific place.

In the same way, this sign indicates the presence of those who belong to the Church of Christ present in the whole universe that is waiting for His glorious return. This will be fundamentally important in the times to come, the times of the Antichrist, in which the children of God will need to recognise each other with certainty wherever they are in the universe.

It will be a sign of hope for those who will feel oppressed by the action of Evil and will seek to join the Church of Christ in the universe. Through Stefania Caterina God the Father has called this sign: “The sign of My life, and you will not wear it with pride but with humbleness to liberate the prisoners. When the prisoners see that sign on you, they will lift their head and rejoice in seeing that their liberation is near, the day of My Glory.”

The sign will unite the new people of the Earth and direct it towards the communion with the Church of the universe in the Holy Spirit. It will impress the Trinitarian dynamism of the new people on those who receive it.

The Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” has decided to create this sign according to the revelations. Its members wear it with full responsibility and awareness of what it represents. They have received it after fulfilling a path of years in which they have deliberately decided to join the project of God to recapitulate the whole universe in Christ, as has been revealed and explained  to us, and to belong definitely to the people of God present in the whole universe.

All those who want to receive this sing and wear it will have to fulfill the same path. All have to welcome the plan of God that has been revealed and serve it with love putting themselves at the disposal of God. All, without exception, will be called to live according to what has been indicated to us as the three pillars of the Kingdom of God: offering of one’s life to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary; immaculateness, that is, integrity of life; the universal communion with all brothers and sisters of the Earth and the universe who are united in the Holy Spirit.

This sign will not be available on the market nor can it be ordered by mail or through the internet. It will be available in the Houses of the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” and it will only be given to those who decide to do the path indicated by the sign.

We know that, for different reasons, not everyone will have the possibility to get to our Houses even though sincerely wishing to live these programmes and to receive the sign. We want to say to them that they are equally called to live what the sign represents in order to be signed in their heart and united in the Holy Spirit. Our Lady has, in fact, stated that this ”is the sign of all My children in whose chest the triumph of My Heart takes place because My Heart triumphs in your heart.“

Thus we will be members of the Body of Christ extended all over the universe.

We share with you what we have received and that is not only for us but for all of you. We will continue to give you deeper explanations through the videos, audios and communications you may find on this site and in the Houses of the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate.”

We are with you with our prayers and we bless you with love.

Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina

[1] Rev 12:1-2

[2] Cfr. Rev 1:8; Rev 21:6; Rev 22:13

[3] In the Greek language the letters that build the word Ichthùs (fish) are the initials of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour.

I = Iesùs (Jesus)

Ch = Cristòs (Christ)

Th = Theoù (of God)

U= Uiòs (Son)

S= Sotèr (Saviour)