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By Mauro

8 October 2020

(Translated audio)

In this period, on this website, we hear Father Tomislav commenting again on the message of St. Michael of 10 September 2010, “The Central Nucleus”[1]; that message was a turning point for the whole of humanity, both for those who welcomed it and for those who refused it. The message is linked to the words that St. Michael said in 2009, which Father Tomislav has mentioned many times. It began to divide humanity, and this message is also a watershed. In addition to this message, we also have the recent messages in which St. Michael announces the Church that descends on Earth[2]; many passages on our website announce the living presence of the Church of Jesus Christ here on Earth.

After receiving several phone calls from some of you, we felt that it was necessary, to briefly explain who the new people are of whom Father Tomislav speaks, and who is behind him and Stefania Caterina. First of all, I would like to say that we call him “Father Tomislav”, even if he has been reduced to the lay state; for us he remains a father, a priest, because he will remain that forever, but for us he is a real father, and therefore we call him so.

I think it is our duty to spend some words on this because the last time that we presented ourselves as men and women, people who collaborate with the living members of the Central Nucleus, we did it in 2015 with the booklet “The Path of Our People”[3]. Perhaps, some of you have seen and read it. Many things have changed in the last five years.

In that booklet, we presented the first group of people, many men and women, who thanks to the preaching of Father Tomislav, Stefania and the Queen of Peace (we always follow the Queen of Peace and Her apparitions in Medjugorje and what they want to transmit to us) and all articles and messages that we have published on this website, who have begun a pathway, seek to change their lives and let themselves be transformed by God.

Thus, I will reaffirm only a few things that Father Tomislav has always emphasized: we are not against anyone; we want to live as children of God, having God at the centre of our lives and starting from The One and Triune God. It may be easier for me to say what we are not: we are not a religious order; we are not a church that contrast the Church of the Catholic confession; we are not a religious community; we are not convents, friars, sisters. We are a group of people, men and women of different age, couples and singles, who have decided to walk together towards Christ. They have decided together to let themselves be transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ. We are people with limits, none of us is perfect, none of us has reached the goal. There are no saints, according to the old classification of saints, but a group of people who want to become as God wants them, in the image and likeness of God; children of God who want to express their holiness, that is, the holiness that God has imprinted in them from the moment of conception and that only God can develop through a normal life.

We are grouped in House-Sanctuaries that you know from our website. There are two of them in Italy, one in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one in the Czech Republic. In these House-Sanctuaries we have our priests. We seek to live in prayer; I would say, in continuous prayer, but not because we are always before the Blessed Sacrament, but because we begin and end with prayer all our works. We celebrate the Mass every day and we live from our work. In every House-Sanctuary, there is work, which is almost all based on agriculture, and from that work we earn a living. In addition, we follow the people through this website and through our printed books; we help and accompany many people who follow us and are part of this new people, of the Church of Jesus Christ here on Earth, and who are spread all over Europe and in the whole world; we have followers in the whole world. Some of these people have decided, in these years, to unite and some even live together, and thus have formed a little community. They are in close contact with the House-Sanctuaries, with the priests and with those who live in the House-Sanctuaries.

I said that the message about the Central Nucleus acted as a watershed. Through that message, you know that the living members of the Central Nucleus here on Earth are six. There are Father Tomislav and Stefania, two people at St. Peter in Rome and two in Jerusalem. Father Tomislav, Stefania and us, who are behind them, have been asked to come out and carry out this programme; therefore, what we do is a living testimony of all that we have received and heard, and all that we see and receive by living together with two living members. We try to transmit what our eyes see and our hands touch.

You know the basis of our spiritual path: the six points that Father Tomislav is explaining in these times. He has begun with it, but he has done it other times before; I will not repeat those points, as they are doing it very well. It is important for me to represent us and to tell you that it can be useful, for those who want it, to get to know us better by coming to the Sanctuaries, or by writing, telephoning, asking for explanations or clarifications, asking question, and thus start a dialogue with us.[4] This could be the beginning of a communion between you and us, helping each other also through your questions if you have some.

You know very well that the six points of St. Michael, as everything we have received, are not the centre of our life; yet, they have been the instrument, like the Central Nucleus, which has helped us walk towards God and be transformed. I can express it with the words of the last message of St. Francis[5]: ”We only want to belong to Christ through the Mother of God, living a simple life as children of God, according to the Gospel, in harmony with creation.”

This sums up all that we want to do and try to do, having Jesus at the centre of our lives and starting from there. In this respect, I repeat that we are ready to meet anyone, and we have the structures in our House-Sanctuaries to welcome those who want to visit, who want to discern, who want to know us.

Some time ago, Father Tomislav spoke of points of light that are emerging all over Europe; points of light who are accompanied by the priests of the House-Sanctuaries, and we are sure that there are other points of light; actually, we have met them when some of them visited us; they are points of light without knowing it. People who adore, who seek the Most Blessed Sacrament, are points of light. However, I believe that it is time to come together, to unite. God is gathering His Church. He has done it in the whole Universe: the High, the Middle and the Low Universe. He must also do it on Earth, and He is doing it. He is gathering His Church to prepare everything for the glorious return of Christ. This is also what St. Francis says: “Today the time has come in which an immense people has been gathered by God, from all parts of the Universe, to form the only Church in Jesus Christ, founded on Earth but alive and working all over the Universe. You, too, are part of it and want to manifest the face of this Church on Earth and announce the plan of God.”[6] This is exactly what we are trying to do.

Around us, among the people who are gathering around the House-Sanctuaries, we can say that a people is forming, and it is embraced from birth to death. There are many young people and children, and therefore there is truly an accompaniment of a people from birth to death. We see a road ahead of us which is now concretely, for now gradually, opening up; there is enough space for everyone; for the elderly, for the children, for young people; for those who decide to consecrate their whole life to God; for those who get married, for those who live around us but continue to have their external work; everything is there. This is the Church that God will transform according to His Heart and according to His Thoughts, if we allow Him to do it. It will be the visible light; I may say that – I can’t find other words – it will represent the Church of the Universe here on Earth.

Besides, strong words have been said on this website: the Central Nucleus is the new apostolic college; the Central Nucleus is not submitted to any hierarchy but Jesus; the Central Nucleus must open the path; the Central Nucleus must be accepted either in one’s life or in the afterlife in order to enter the New Creation, as it is a gift of God. Also, there is no gift of God that man can refuse, thinking that he will still enter the New Creation, as it is an indispensable gift, just as Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph are sublime instruments.

We have been defined as the Church of Jesus Christ here on Earth, that is, an ordinary instrument. We do what we can, despite our limits, to be an ordinary instrument, and with these words, which we will publish on our website, we also ask you to help us function better through a dialogue that may arise between us.

I entrust this new initiative to Mary, Mother and Queen of humanity; I invoke Her blessing upon us and upon you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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