Consecration to Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Before you,
oh Jesus Christ, King of the universe,
we place our whole selves
and everything that has been entrusted to us.

We subject the whole universal Church
to your regal and priestly power,
which you will guide towards fullness,
because you are the only
and supreme Shepherd.

Nobody can guide God’s people
but you.
You are above
all the angels and Archangels,
and all creatures.
You are the all-powerful God,
King and Lord of the universe.

Receive our thanks
for having created us,
and for the redemption that you implemented.
Thank you for what you are now fulfilling,
so that the enemy of good
might be defeated forever.

Welcome our total consecration to your Spirit.
We want to be obedient to you,
our King,
who creates and governs the universe,
and you continuously re-create all things.

We invoke your help,
your protection,
the strength of your Holy Spirit,
to announce you, dead and risen,
who are seated
at the glorious right hand of the Father.

May your Spirit
animate us in our mission.
May the announcement of new life,
generated and continuously renewed
through you
reach every man.