Consecration to Mary, Mother and Queen of the Universe

To you, Queen and Mother of the universe,
we entrust the universal Church,
on the eve of new times and new pathways,
that God’s people will have to undertake.

We entrust to you,
and we consecrate to your Immaculate Heart,
all the angels who lie down before you,
oh full of grace,
like the Archangel Gabriel laid down before you.

To your Immaculate Heart
we consecrate the whole human race
throughout the universe,
every son of God who seeks life.
In your breast, oh Mother,
you generate and nourish
every man of good will,
every one of God’s creatures.

We entrust the living and the dead to you,
who look towards you,
with love and hope,
in their pathway of purification
towards the light of the truth
and the fullness of paradise.

We entrust all creatures generated by God’s love
and created for His glory, to you.
In your Heart, oh Mary,
may they be transformed
and may the evil of Satan
be distanced from creation.

Oh Queen and Mother of the universe,
may your Immaculate Heart
be our fortress
and the pledge of future good.
May your Immaculate Heart
be strength and protection
for the whole of God’s Church.

Receive our offering,
our love and our gratitude.
We subject ourselves
to the spirit that lies in you,
the Spirit of God, pure and immaculate,
which gives life to the universe.

We invoke your most powerful protection
for the whole universal Church,
especially for those who, during this time,
are about to receive the grace and gift
of opening up the pathway to humanity.

Blessed and praised
be your name
throughout the universe!
We wholeheartedly place our trust in you.
You will know how to open up the pathway to us,
because you are the Mother of new times.