Message of Our Lady – The Sign of My Triumph

23 July 2016

Message of Our Lady – The Sign of My Triumph


“Dearest Children,

Today, I am coming in your midst as the Mother of the new people; the Mother of the new priests. It is from My Heart that every gift of God descends upon you because I am the Mother who always intercedes for you. In every trial and in every situation of your life, I am there for you, for My children.

I told you that you are the stars of My Crown. My children, I have spoken to you about the sign that I wanted for the whole people of the Universe and not only for you on Earth. It is the sign of all of My children in whose heart the triumph of My Heart occurs because My Heart triumphs in your heart. And when all of you have received this sign, time will be fulfilled and the return of My Son will be near. All those, on Earth and in the Universe, who convert and become part of this people will receive this sign; they will be signed with My Heart, the Heart of the Mother of the Saviour. It will be the triumph of Christ’s Love in each one of you.

My children, the time of trials begins for you. I do not want to scare you, but the trials are necessary to strengthen you. The trials cannot be avoided because the Evil One hates you for being My children. You have to know that whoever belongs to Me is hated by the Evil One and by all those who have chosen him. Never be afraid, as I will always be with you in every trial, even in very small ones, to defend you from evil. The time of the countdown for the return of My Son is about to begin. Therefore, stand ready! They will insult you; they will put you out of the synagogues[1], as My Son told you; they will even put you out of the churches. I repeat: do not fear! Do no listen to deceptive voices; listen only to My Son’s voice that speaks in your heart. Walk straight towards Him, and I will always be at your side. Do not be afraid of those who insult, who outrage and slander without knowing anything. Pray also for your enemies and become more and more like My Son.

As Mother, I cannot hide the times of trials from you. I told you that it is necessary, and it has been foretold by My Son; thus, it will be. Know, though, that along with the trials ever greater grace and light will come. Therefore, this is a time of trials but also a time of triumph, of joy and light. Precisely then, when the sky appears utterly dark, you will see My Son’ Light shine more and more in you and around you.

I repeat that you are not alone; you are part of the immense people of the Universe. Therefore, never feel alone because this people prays with you, suffers with you, is united with you and supports you because the task of the Earth is great and so is its suffering in the eyes of God and in the eyes of all of His people.

Children, I ask you to prepare to receive this sign. I repeat that it is not a material sign, but something more: it is the sign of total belonging to God and to His people through Me.

I bless you so that the triumph of My Heart may become more and more visible and active in you, and I accompany you on your path; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1]  See John 16,2