“Converting to the Living God”

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4 march 2016

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to apologise to you as we told you there would be an interview on channel Rete 4. Many of you have watched it – it went the way it went. However, we will continue to give you information and explanations online and through other means we have. We thank you for your prayers, your mails and your messages in which you express your encouragement for us to go ahead. We would like to highlight that several people who did not know us searched and found us on the web after the programme. They have encouraged us to continue our work and have thanked us for our testimony.

We will continue with our reflections. The subject of this evening is “Converting to the Living God”. During these days of Lent we often hear the words “observe the Law, obey to God[1], listen to His voice[2]. Listening to His voice is more than that. When we listen to a friend or a foe, the reactions may be different. When we speak about a friend our love for this friend involves his whole life. So, when we listen to the word of the Living God, His word envelops and penetrates us; the vibrations of the voice of God full of love change our life. More

Message of the Holy Spirit of 15 May 2016

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A cosmic passage


“My dearest children, My people,

Today I want to bless you and enfold you in My light. The fire of My Love may descend on you in the way it descended on the early Church at the first Pentecost. My fire becomes light, and the light illuminates all darkness if you welcome it in your heart, it becomes authentic and profound wisdom of God.

It is my task to bring you the whole truth, according to the Father’s wish, which the Son has made possible through His sacrifice for you. It is My task to enlighten you profoundly from on high; My work is incessant to take you to the knowledge of Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I live for the Father and for the Son and together with them I live for our people; it is ours because it is the people of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.[1]

The uninterrupted action of the Most Holy Trinity in this time leads to the new creation and the new creation will come through a new people. Today I want to make a new people out of you. For this reason, this is a great day for you. It is a solemn day because today I descend on you with the same power I descended on the first Church. I also descend on the whole universe and on every child of God to make a living temple out of each child of God. All the children of God in the universe will form together the new people. More

Message of Jesus of 27 March 2016 – Easter Sunday

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“The time of testimony”


“My children, with joy I bless you today, and I thank you for celebrating Easter with Me. It is not just a way of saying but really true because you have accepted to bear witness to Me, and I thank you. Remember, though, that it is Me giving testimony in you, that I give testimony to the Father in the Holy Spirit. Never forget this: I testify within you that I have resurrected and glorified the Father in the Holy Spirit.

Dear children, today begins the time of your great testimony because the events will follow one another, and the Earth is in a really serious situation and so is the Church. You find yourselves living in this so terrible and yet great time. Therefore I send you like sheep among the wolves, but I will not send you without preparing you first. You have seen how many years were needed for your preparation. Now I want the fruits of the intensive preparation you have received during these years to become visible in this new people.

You will always be persecuted in the way that I was persecuted, and I will tell you the same words that I said to my apostles: the reason why they do not welcome you is that they have not welcomed Me. Unfortunately, even many Christians have not welcomed Me; they honour Me with their lips, yet, not with their heart. More

Happy Easter

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Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We are preparing to celebrate the great solemnity of Easter. These are days of both pain and glory in which we are called to participate as living members of the Mystical Body of Christ in favour of the whole humanity. Our hearts are fully turned to Jesus who is living His passage from death to life.

Together with our collaborators we wish you and your families a Happy and Holy Easter filled with the power of the Risen Lord who overcomes all human limits and indicates more and more the path of faith and helps each person to reach human and spiritual maturity in a living and immediate relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

We are close to you, as always, with our prayers and our brotherly love. We offer our life for you all so that the loving plan of the Divine Providence may be fulfilled; we bless you with love.

The Lord may give you peace.

Stefania Caterina e Tomislav Vlašić

“The integrity of the people of God”

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By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

In the last conferences we spoke about the new people. We explained the place where the new people stands within the Church, the people of God; it stands in the same place as all saints and all prophets along history who lived the unconditioned grace of the Word of God. The last time we told you that the people of God had the task to revive the historical pilgrimage towards God in order to reach God; it is the inner pilgrimage that takes us to God.

Today we will speak about the integrity of the people of God, the integrity of faith and life. Today we will again refer to a message of Jesus that you can find in the first volume of “Rewriting History – In the Thought of God”[1] on page 105-106. Listen.

Message of Jesus of 21 February 2010

“Know how to be persons of integrity! First of all in faith: you cannot believe “every other day”, nor reach out to Me after having tried all other options that seem anyway always better to you than what I offer. You are persons of integrity in faith when your trust in Me is constant and simple as that of a child who puts its hand into its father’s hand and lets itself be guided with docility being certain that nothing evil may happen to it. When you are intimately certain that God is with you and guides you, that with His help you will manage to take the right way and that all is possible to God, then your faith is upright. More

“The new people”

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By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The subject of today’s reflection is “The new people”. The last time we spoke about where the new people stand: they are the Christians who want to live in a new way, similar to the saints, but they want to live all together as saints.

The Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate”[1], which collects all revelations, has written a booklet “The Path of the New People”[2] which is available free of charge. The booklet introduces the new people; nevertheless, in our reflections we will look at different aspects of the new people, and we will try to help you.

St. Paul says that the Christians are new men, children of the Light. The novelty, that is, the life in the light is different from the corrupt life, that is, the life in the darkness. The history of salvation is a pilgrimage of the whole universe towards rediscovering God and the life in God. If we review Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Josef of Egypt, Moses and the history of the chosen people of Israel we may see that the history of salvation is a pilgrimage towards God. All prophets of the Old Testament were instruments who opened new horizons to the people especially in the hearts of the people, and at the same time to make them see far ahead, to see the future. And all was proceeding towards one point: the first coming of Jesus Christ on Earth. After His ascension and glory beside God, His followers, the Christians, walked their path to reach Him in His glory, mystically united to Him in the Holy Spirit, submitted to the Father to be introduced into the new creation. These are the fundamental truths of our faith. More

“The orientation of the new people”

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By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

As we have told you during the period of Lent, we will make two reflections a week, Tuesday and Friday, to intensify the preparation of the new people and insert it into the evangelization of the universe. Today’s subject is “The orientation of the new people”. We have already spoken about the role of the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters to God in the universe, the Central Nucleus and the particular participation of the people, the Christians, on the Earth. Today we want to look at the scenario unfolding in the universe and on the Earth, and we want to see where the new people stands in this scenario of the universe as well as in the Church of the Earth. For this reason we will read once again a passage of the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants” because, besides the light it has given us, it has also given us time to experience what it arising in the souls, in us, between us and in the universe. Let us listen.

We will read the passage on page 331.

The decisive choice of 2012

2012 was a special year. God determined to give the humanity of the Earth, and especially the Church, the last opportunity to decide for or against the mission to evangelize the universe.

God expected the Pope to finally make the announcement of the presence of life in the universe. He waited for the Christians to wake up. More

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