Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 March, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that THE LIFE OF GOD GROWS AND IS TRANSMITTED IN COMMUNION. It grows in the measure that it is given. The more you love the more you feel loved; the more you offer, the more you receive. This is a great spiritual law that, unfortunately, is only known by few. Most people, in fact, do not step out of themselves, they do not love and, therefore, do not receive love; the less they receive the less they love. So, the circle closes and humanity slips more and more into the darkness of egoism and loneliness.

Children, this must not happen also to you! Remember that you are called to love God with all your being and to love your neighbour as yourselves. This is what My Son taught you.[1] This is the most important law which directs your life towards happiness. I want to help you understand all this better.

First of all, you ought to understand that life comes out of the Most Holy Trinity and flows incessantly between the Three divine Persons. It is dynamic, irrepressible, eternal and unchangeable, and yet always new. It is the LIFE that generates life. When God creates you, He instils the breath of His Spirit in you which nourishes your spirit, soul and body. You grow because life grows in you; God sustains it continuously. As you become adults, the LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND STRENGTH God has placed in you in His image and likeness begin to flourish. Thus, your existence begins to bear fruit and affect the reality around you.

If you decide to love and serve your Creator and welcome My Son, Jesus, as Son of God and Saviour, your life becomes a great gift for the entire universe. It bears fruit of love and salvation for many souls, for it enters the great Trinitarian vortex, the immense force which governs the universe. In the Trinitarian vortex the love, intelligence and strength of the Most Holy Trinity connect with that of the His holy people. In this manner, God’s life reaches the entire creation. The Trinitarian vortex, in fact, returns the love, intelligence and strength, pouring on the children of God and the entire creation the power it carries within. Continue reading

The Darkness of the Earth and the Light of the People of God

Message of Our Lady of 25 February, 2018

The Darkness of the Earth and the Light of the People of God

 “Dearest Children,

I greet all of you who have been here these days, those who are here today and those who are not present but spiritually united with you. I would like to thank you for the commitment you have made and the seriousness you have shown in this time.

I would like to tell you, My children, that the people of God has to become more and more visible, for this is the only salvation for humanity. All children of God who seek life will be able to converge in this people.

I also tell you that dense darkness is about to enfold the entire humanity. I do not mean the physical darkness but that of the spirit: more and more the souls will lose their faith, hope and love. You may notice already now that the Earth is living without faith, hope and love. Even though there is a lot of nice talk about love, love does not exist. The love that is capable of climbing the cross for others, of sacrifice, selflessness and generosity does not exist.

Darkness must to come down to Earth, otherwise the light of the people of God cannot fully manifest itself. In the middle of the darkness, from the cloud that will enfold humanity, the voice of the Father will be heard saying: “This is My people. Follow it, listen to it, become part of it.“ Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 February, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that THE LIFE IN GOD IS A LIFE OF LOVE AND COMMUNION. You are the fruit of the love and communion between the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity; therefore, you are destined to live in love and communion with God and each other.

In the beginning the Triune God created the progenitors; not only one man and one woman but many men and women who formed the first cell of humanity. He wanted them to truly love and accept each other as brothers and sisters and children of the same Father. He had called them to live as His beloved children, filled with honour and dignity, and as protectors of creation. The free and immortal progenitors lived before God embedded in a gorgeous nature friendly to man.

Lucifer, the origin of all evil, jealous of the grace he had lost by rebelling against the Creator, infiltrated between God and the first men to seduce and corrupt them. He promised the progenitors to render them more powerful than God, and many of them let themselves be deceived and thus rebelled against God. This is original sin committed at the origin of human life. It infiltrated creation generating death, suffering and illness. Original sin has corrupted also nature and separated constellations and planets from each other. Continue reading

“There will be one flock, one shepherd”

3 February 2018

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; as title for today’s reflection I have chosen Jesus’ words from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 16: “There will be one flock, one shepherd”. I would like us to understand the path awaiting us well, at least the indications that will help us walk the path to reach the fulfilment of the promises the Lord Jesus made when He came among us, as had been announced by the prophets.

The Christmas feast lies behind us. Let us remember that the Lord visited us and gave us important indications for this year[1] which tell us that there will be many events this year and great graces which will require our full commitment. Lent will soon begin merging with the Easter period, so let us try to live it intensively. I hope you will participate so that all the people are united in contemplation lifting their Spirit up to God in prayer and by offering themselves to ask for blessings.

The profound experiences we have made in these years, leading us towards the recapitulation of the entire universe in Christ, show how God is embracing us through the evangelisation of the entire universe as explained by St. Michael[2] in which only the Earth is missing. This embracement needs to be extended. What is this embracement? It is the Trinitarian power; at the centre of the evangelization are the Only Triune God and the Mother of God, who is perfectly united with the Most Holy Trinity and thus is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. When we live focused on the Triune God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our relationship with God deepens with the help of the Immaculate Mother, we reach ever higher dimensions and we are more and more touched by the Trinitarian power.

We will have a look at Jesus’ message of January 7 in which He underlines that the evangelisation of the Earth has to begin, and He highlights that the evangelisation of the Earth must occur in the Trinitarian power in view of the glorious manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us listen to this passage. Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 January, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

 “My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IS AN UNCONTAINABLE FORCE THAT EXISTS IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. Life is such as it comes from the One and Triune God, the eternal source of life.

God has impressed in every creature the unstoppable force of life which, in turn, carries the seed of new life in itself. Therefore, life generates life. If it were not so, death would reign, which is the negation of being, but it is not so. Life is always stronger than death; it expands continuously and reigns in the whole universe.

You are created in the image and likeness of your Creator. He is pleased with you and considers your existence a precious gift; you are important for Him. You are the joy of the One who has created you and no life is useless because all of you have a place in His plan of love and salvation.

Unfortunately, many human beings do not comprehend the value of their life because they do not know God the Creator! My children, God loves you and wants you to be bringers of His life that is love, strength and beauty. Do not bend to the hopelessness of the world, the emptiness that dominates the hearts! Be aware of your value and your dignity given to you by God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Consider your life as the fruit of the love of God.

Dear children, God conceives and creates you and, after creating you, He continues to care for you. He follows your steps and opens up the ways of life in front of you. If you love Him and remain united with Him, the days and the years pass peacefully even amid the inevitable difficulties of daily life. Life is hard on Earth because the major part of humanity does not love the true Triune God and rebels against Him. Thus, people make each other’s life difficult and war rages in the hearts of many. But you shall not lose heart in front of the difficulties! Keep seeking the face of God in all circumstances and remain faithful. God will help you as He desires to see you happy and witnessing His goodness. God always helps you, children, in the manner and time that you may not always understand but that are the right ones for you. Have faith in God and you will see miracles in you and around you. Continue reading

The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

7 January 2018 – Feast of the Baptism of the Lord


Message of Jesus


“My Dear Children,

First of all, I bless you all, and I thank you for the whole path you have walked with Me, for all your sacrifices, your prayers and the offering of your life. All this is precious for the people of God.

Yesterday practical hints have been given to you about what is awaiting you in this time. Today, however, I will give you directions for your inner path.

Today your mission, that is, the evangelisation of the Earth begins. It begins on the day you remember My Baptism and on which My great public manifestation and My mission began. Your mission is also a manifestation in front of the whole humanity of the Earth and of the universe at the same time.

The evangelisation of the Earth is more necessary than ever because I will return to this planet and manifest Myself in My Glory. Therefore, the evangelisation of the Earth will conclude the preparation for My coming.

The faithful brothers and sisters have carried out the evangelisation of the rest of the low universe and you have supported them with your prayer and your sacrifice. Now, the contrary has to take place: you have to set off on your mission and the faithful brothers will support you in the manner I will consider necessary for you.

You have been told that you need a great dose of humility. Therefore, I tell you: do not set off with your ideas or your own human strength as they are useless. You can see what the evangelisation of the official Church has achieved on Earth so far: the Earth is basically pagan, even those who call themselves Christians, not to mention many priests and many other things that you do not know. The true evangelisation is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. He will act in you; therefore, do not start from yourselves but from Me. I am the One who will evangelise the Earth through you in the way I have evangelised the low universe through the faithful brothers. I will act and you will be My instruments; yet, no passive instruments without own will, but docile, open instruments who want to serve Me.

All this has to take place so that I can return to Earth. St. Michael and his hosts of angels will precede you as he is the precursor, but there is one more important thing for you to understand in this time which is the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That is an irreplaceable and indispensable piece of the mosaic of salvation. Continue reading

The Evangelisation of the Earth

6 January 2018 – The Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

Message of Saint Michael the Archangel


“Dearest Brothers and Sister of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe who live on Earth,

Today the Lord sends me to you with His powerful blessing to prepare you for what is awaiting humanity in this time.

As you know, the evangelisation of the low universe has been completed. In reality, this statement is not completely correct because the low universe has not been entirely evangelised. The crucial planet is missing: Earth. The Earth has not seen yet the power of God that precedes the coming of Christ.

The evangelisation of the rest of the low universe has been fruitful even though not all have converted. I want to make a clarification: you think that the faithful brothers appeared to the planets of the low universe with their fleet of spaceships in a striking way. In reality, the faithful brothers and sisters met, first of all, the powerful who govern the planets and informed them about everything that God is planning to do. They asked them for a personal conversion as this could help the conversion of their peoples. Some responded positively, especially the very distant and small planets, and those populations have easily converted. On the contrary, the response of the more advanced planets, from a scientific and technological point of view, has not been the same. The powerful who govern them, especially those who belong to the Confederation of the Light, have not converted and even misinformed and confused their peoples.

After that, the brothers and sisters met the people the Lord showed them, such as individuals and small groups, and began to work with them. These individuals responded and became like yeast within their people. In silence and hidden but with great spiritual power they acted and supported the faithful brothers and sisters in the evangelisation of their own planet. Unfortunately not all have converted. A large part of humanity did not convert and refused to welcome the voice of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Continue reading