Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Message of the Mother of humanity of 13 October 2017 to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD SANCTIFIES YOUR LIFE. The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier who guides you on your way to holiness. He acts in your spirit to communicate the holiness of God to you. It is a seed that has been placed in you as you are created in the image and likeness of God, the source of all holiness. If you decide to love God, to give yourselves over to Him and to serve Him with love, the seed of holiness will grow and become a flowering tree which will give joy and rest to all creatures. Yes, children, each one of you can and must become holy as you all are designed to shine as holy and immaculate true children of God.

Holiness is a path for everyone, not a privilege for few. Unfortunately many think of the saints as extraordinary individuals, favoured by God, unreachable models in daily life. No, it is not so! The greatness of the saints does not lie in their extraordinary skills but in the action of God in them. This often extraordinary action is made possible by the willingness of the saints to let themselves be formed by God and to abandon their egoism in order to put themselves at the disposal of the Holy Spirit. The greatest saints have been the most humble and simple persons who would let the almighty power work in them. All is possible for God in a person who is simple.

The Holy Spirit calls you incessantly to a path of holiness made of simplicity, humbleness and trusting abandonment in the divine action. Unfortunately, not many respond because men prefer their false certainties; they fear to have to give up their comfort to serve God. Do not think like that too! God does not want to take away anything from you except the things that harm you. How many things harm you, children, and you are not aware of it!

Holiness is a new life that is born from God’s call and from your response. If you decide for holiness, the Most Holy Trinity will guide you step by step until making new creatures out of you who are able to think and act in harmony with the laws of God which are the laws of life. Holiness is also a full life that knows no sadness despite the trials of life. God does not take away the trials from His saints; He allows them to strengthen the saints in their faith and make them grow in holiness. However, the saints are always victorious because in them acts the strength of Jesus who rose from the dead, and they rise with Him from every trial stronger than before.

Children, see that the world needs saints! It needs the response of each one of you because humanity cannot change if the hearts of the people do not change. I invite you to a true conversion. Leave the sins, the bad habits, the bad thoughts and put your life in the hands of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit to be loved, healed and guided by the true love that comes only from God.

Dear children, do not be fooled by the promises of the enemy who offers you false happiness through the things and the kingdoms of this world. They are foolish illusions! True happiness comes from the holiness that makes you belong to God, for your Creator wants nothing else than your happiness. Walk with Him and if you suffer, suffer with Him. Suffering is not bitter when lived with God; on the contrary, it is full of hope. Nothing is hard when God walks by your side. Never forget that you are called to defeat evil and rule forever with Him in the new creation.

I accompany you on the path of holiness and I support you in every trial. I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.“

The Face of God

3 October 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we will continue to speak about our intense and active participation in the Heavenly Liturgy which affects the dynamic of all events in the universe.

In the last years there has been growing awareness about the fact that we are not alone in the universe, that there is a possibility of life and even human life in the universe. The Christians believe in the new creation; the first Christians strongly believed in a new heaven and a new Earth as they are presented in the Bible, especially in the Apocalypse.[1] Christians believe in catechism; they believe in this truth, but what is missing? We do not have the responsible and active openness to participate in the project of God, who is making everything new; we do not participate in these times of grace.

God’s project to open new horizons for us on the entire universe is not a religious superstructure of the project of Christ that unfolded in His first coming. It is the dynamic and accelerated realization of the project of salvation in these times, not something new without foundation; however, it will not be realized in our favour without our participation which will lead to our transformation and elevation. The purpose of our participation is to grow, to be transformed and regenerated. God brings His project of salvation to completion, to the fullness.

How can we take part in it? We will share with you the message of St. Raphael the Archangel of July 2, 2013, which has been published on our website[2] and in the book “Verso la nuova creazione, Volume IV”[3]. In this message St. Raphael does not want to give the opportunity to look curiously into the universe; he wants to call upon us to be open for God and His project which will inevitably go through His instruments. You may find that you want to look deeper into some aspects of the message, either on your own or together with others, in order to get ready to participate actively as Christians and as believers in the work of God. Continue reading

Participating intensively here and now in the Heavenly Liturgy

21 September 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today is the feast of St. Matthew, apostle and Evangelist; school has begun, holidays are over, we are back to work, and we are also preparing for the new liturgical year and the new year which always brings new things for those who are following these programmes.

The theme of all topics we will develop is “Participating intensively, here and now, in the Heavenly Liturgy”[1]. We have spoken about this topic several times, but now it is important to get to the heart of the matter so that our participation in the Heavenly Liturgy becomes real and active. The action of the Lord is going towards the fulfillment of His promises; as we have explained, the Trinitarian power is moving forward in the whole universe.

The participation in the Heavenly Liturgy comprises two aspects: the first is that we shall immerse ourselves in the Heavenly Liturgy together with the Archangels who are leading it and who we will remember on the 29th of this month.[2] We shall immerse ourselves in the mystery of the life of God and also take part in this Liturgy along with the whole Mystical Body of Christ; the second is that the instruments that participate before the throne of God are the Archangels, the saints, the righteous, all the extraordinary instruments God has given to us and the faithful humanities to God. The action that sets off from this liturgical celebration imprints the Trinitarian power on the whole universe and also on us, who are on Earth, but now especially upon our faith, hope and love. Thus, we want to explain to you why it is necessary that the new people participate actively and effectively in the Heavenly Liturgy as well as the whole Trinitarian action which goes through the instruments God has prepared and is making use of.

We will listen to a passage from the book “L’Universo e i suoi abitanti“ (The Universe and Its Inhabitants, TN)[3] referring to the action of God through the Archangels. Continue reading

Reflections on the Message of the Mother of Humanity

14 September 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today we celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Traditionally this feast marks the beginning of an intense period of the liturgical year.

I would like us to reflect together on the message of Our Lady given to Stefania yesterday for the entire humanity.[1] Today’s feast wants to invite all believers to lift their eyes up to a dimension beyond the senses. God wanted to guide Israel towards something new, towards a living relationship with God, the only God, the God of Heaven, Earth and the universe. Jesus Christ has paved the way for us, but by grace He continues to pave it.

In this time our humanity is experiencing various events, and we are also expecting other events. We are the people who believe in the new creation, who have set off towards the new creation and the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ. Thus we have to read this message in this context, that is, in the context of all the passages that have been indicated to us towards the dimension of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is the Triumph of God in humanity.

I want us to read these messages in the feasts because we are people who celebrate the events of grace that occur among us and we participate in them. It is very important that these messages are not just considered to be any information in the internet and that we are open for them in spirit invoking the Holy Spirit to lead us to Christ and through Christ in the Holy Spirit to the Father. There we reach the new creation. Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity to Stefania Caterina of 13 September 2017

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD SAVES YOU FROM SIN AND FROM DEATH. He is the only one who can save you. My Son, Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, came down among you and incarnated on Earth to save men and creatures from the corruption of Lucifer, master of sin and death. After original sin committed by your progenitors, sin and death entered creation blocking the way towards the true God. Men adored false gods which were nothing else than demons. In this manner the humanity of the Earth detached itself more and more from The One and Triune God. Thus, God the Father, who watches over His children, sent Jesus to reopen the way towards God and transform the life of the men. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus gave you the possibility to become new creatures.

My children, do not imagine that you can free yourselves from evil and sin without Jesus! It is impossible, for Jesus is true God and true Man and what he has accomplished is the work of God. Jesus is not a righteous man among others, a prophet, a hero or a dreamer, but He is God. Through Him God entered your history of men with all His power and saved you. What can give you more certainty than this? Do not listen to the voices who deceive you by showing you a human Jesus, founder of a religion called Christianity. There is no “Christian God” who mingles with other gods. Only one God exists, the One and Triune God, the God who became visible on Earth in My Son Jesus. In front of Him the false gods disappear, for they have only as much power as the humans give them.

Children, the world is full of false gods and many are ready to adore them. They have different names and faces but only one spirit: that of Lucifer who hides behind them to seduce men and take them far away from the true God. Watch out, children! The devil is astute and strong and uses all means to tempt you. He induces you to rebel against the true God; he puts idols of all kinds before your eyes; he seduces you with false promises of easily acquired riches and power. He makes you believe that you are like God, capable of overcoming any obstacles. No, that is not true!

My children, I invite you to recognize humbly that you are only creatures and that you need the love and protection of God. This is the first step towards a real conversion. Give up your pride and let yourselves be saved by Jesus. Saved from what? From the sin which is the violation of the divine laws and which leads you to death. There is not only the physical death which puts an end to the earthly existence. There is a more insidious and subtle death that many of you experience every day: the lack of peace and joy combined with worries and feelings of guilt. True death is when the life of God is not present in you; only Jesus Christ can give it to you. The life of God is a life that continuously rises again and knows no impediments. Jesus has defeated death for you to give you a new life with which you are able to face and defeat the darkness of the world. I will say it again: let yourselves be saved by Jesus!

To recognize oneself as a mere creature does not mean to have no value. Many think that God wants to subject you to Him denying or underestimating your skills. It is a deception! By giving you life, God gave you the gift of love, intelligence and strength. He created you in His image and likeness and your destiny is to be children of God, filled with glory and splendor. Children, do not waste the talents God has given to you but give your life to God! He will fill you with His Spirit and lead you to the Father, and you will be saved, dignified and happy.

My children, life on Earth is short; it is only a breath in comparison to eternity. Use your time well, make your life a reflection of the beauty and goodness of your Lord. He loves you and He will always love you despite all your weakness. And if it happens that you sin, do not be afraid! Go humbly to My Son and tell Him that you love Him, even though you may not feel able to love Him. He will welcome you, forgive you and save you. Through the Eucharist He will nourish you with His Body and His Blood, and you will be regenerated and ready to set off towards a new life. And I will be with you every time you seek Jesus; I will always help you find Him and I will intercede for you.

I accompany you on your path and I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

God the Father – Source and Summit

27 August 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I welcome you and wish you a good Sunday. It is the 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time.

On 7 August we have celebrated the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity, God the Father, source and summit. We want to live these times in a way that take us increasingly closer to Him through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. We have said that this is not a celebration of one day and that it does not finish here; this celebration is the beginning of the path of these times in which we are steadily pushed ahead towards the full light.

This Sunday offers particular readings[1] to prepare us up for the time of autumn when we will be more ready to pray and progress intensively. Today’s Gospel speaks about Peter’s confession and the authority Jesus Christ gives him; we can say that in this Gospel Peter finds his identity and receives his mission. “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” This profession of Peter‘s paves the way in him: Jesus is Christ, the Saviour of the world and the universe, but Jesus does not hold him back directing him to the Father: “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.” Thus Peter is directed to the Father. “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

This message of Jesus to Peter is meant for each one of us. If we submit to God the Father, to His thoughts and to His plans for us according to our originality and our mission, Jesus Christ will meet us on our path to open it towards God the Father through His death and resurrection. Peter had to follow that path, and each one of us will have to follow that path to reach God the Father being submitted to the Laws of the pure Spirit that come out of the source, God the Father. We know very well what direction Peter took. That is not human fascination, a magic solution, but a man’s full response to give up his ideas, his mentality and die to himself to live according to the teachings of Jesus and according to His deeds to reach the glory of the Father. This is the path we on Earth have to go because we have inherited the sin of our progenitors who made an alliance with Lucifer because of which we tend to be detached from God and act according to our own will. As soon as Jesus began to speak about His death and resurrection, Peter said that this should never happen. Jesus response was, “Get behind me, Satan!“[2] Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 August 2017 to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD CREATES LIFE AND WATCHES OVER IT. He is the Creator and life originates in Him; without Him nothing would exist. When God formed man and all other creatures, He established laws to promote and protect the life of the entire creation.  They are laws of love and justice that protect life both physically and spiritually. They are the laws of life.

The laws of life are written in your inmost being, that is, in your spirit, for you are created in the image and likeness of God, and thus you are naturally oriented towards all that comes from God. The laws of life are also written outside of you summed up in the Ten Commandments and in the Gospel. The laws of life also work in the animals and in the plants which are perfectly able to move towards what they need for their existence. This is also true for the stars, the planets and all other creatures. In God all is perfect and nothing is left to chance because God governs all that exists.

Your life too is not left to chance: if you love God and seek Him with all your heart, if you offer and entrust yourselves to Him and let Him act freely, the laws of life will work powerfully in you; then God will guide you and accomplish His work in you. And because His first great work is life, God takes care of you: He loves, forgives and guides you in your choices, and He enlightens all your steps. Then your existence is no more a chaotic sequence of events and a series of frustrating tasks, but it becomes an immense gift for you, for those who are with you and for those you encounter on your way. Even nature will perceive the love of God in you and return it to you.

If you love the One and Triune God you are immersed in life and you allow life to blossom in you and to produce fruit of love, peace and goodness. Therefore I invite you once more to give your life to Jesus through My Heart. This offering, if done freely and sincerely, will introduce you into the divine life and transform it day after day.

I am your Mother and present you continuously to Jesus. Jesus offers you to the Father who welcomes you in His Son and gives you the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit supports your physical and spiritual life and infallibly directs you towards Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the cycle begins again: Jesus gives you to the Father, the Father welcomes you and gives you the Holy Spirit and so on, incessantly. This is the action of the Most Holy Trinity in you that makes you children of God; it is the only action capable of transforming your life to the better.

Dear children, do not allow Satan and the spirit of the world to separate you from God! If you abandon God, you leave your life in the hands of the thief who steals and tramples it. Satan hates the life of God because he has refused it, and he hates you for belonging to God and reminding him of his misery. By destroying your life he thinks to destroy the work of God who has created you. Do not fear, children! If you put your life in the hands of the One and Triune God you will be safe. No action of the enemy will be able to destroy you as God is greater than everyone and everything; His power is invincible. Satan may hinder or annoy you but he will never manage to knock you down, for the Defender, the Holy Spirit, acts in you. He is the guardian of life, and He will not allow the thief to enter inside you.

Bear in mind, children, that God has created life not death. Death is the work of Satan and the men who became his allies. Original sin has opened the door to death, previously unknown, by breaking the law of immortality, the most important among the laws of life. God has allowed it for justice and because of His respect for your freedom, but it will not last forever.

The day will come in which death will not touch creation anymore and God will re-establish the law of immortality violated by sin. Evil will be defeated forever and the children of God will live eternally free in the new creation and united with their Creator and in communion with each other.

This is your destiny, My dear children! You are called to great hope. Faithfulness in God nourishes that hope and the Holy Spirit will render it perennial in you; in this hope life flourishes.

As your Mother, I want to see you flourish in the fullness of life. I continuously intercede for you, and I ask God to let you be happy, filled with grace, immersed in faith, hope and love. Pray also with Me, not only for yourselves but also for all your brothers and sisters who do not know the true God out of ignorance, not because they are rebellious, and are of good will. The prayer of the children of God can do a lot for humanity.

I am with you; I walk with you towards the new creation and I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”