Do Not Seek Elsewhere What You Already Have

Message of Mary Most Holy of 9 December 2017

“Dearest Children,

This year is about to end, and with it an important part of your path ends. Jesus told you that your preparation is finished.19 The type of preparation which was to lead you to welcome and proclaim the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe is finished.

Children, you do not speak of another Church; you have not founded an alternative Church. The Church is one. Unfortunately, through the centuries certain people infiltrated in the true Church of Christ, pushing the people of God in a corner, leaving them in the shade. Through the proclamation of the existence of this Church, God has placed His people back in the centre. Now the people of God will expel those who are not God’s people, that is, those who have occupied the Church of God for their own interests and ambitions, which have nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

The Church has always been one; it was established on Earth by My Son and was founded on the Apostles, the prophets, the martyrs and the saints – not only those proclaimed by the Church, but also the hosts of unknown, little and oppressed saints – and His faithful people. Now the true Church is re-emerging powerfully through the people who want to live and put into practice the Gospel, the word of the Scriptures and the teachings of the true Church and the saints.

The words that have been addressed to you in the past years sum up and concretise the whole Word of God and His teachings. The messages you have received contain just as much prophesy as is necessary to open the path for humanity.

I want to tell you not to be afraid. God will always give you what you need, in the right way and at the right time. However, the task of educating yourselves spiritually is up to you. It is the inner growth that each one of you must accomplish within yourself, standing before God, reflecting yourself in the word of the Lord and eliminating all that occupies the place of God in you.

This is what I ask of you, children: begin, as individuals, as nuclei and as a people to deepen and share among you the words that have been given to you. You must educate ourselves to be able to educate others.

Do not hold empty conversations but share with others the richness of what you have assimilated. Be like a well that relieves the thirst of every thirsty man who approaches you and from which clear water flows. You are a source of life when you are immersed in the life of God. This is how I want you to educate yourselves spiritually in these times. I request this from the new priests and from all of you.

Do not seek elsewhere what you already have. Deepen what you have received; live it and testify to it with your life. Then, the Church will break through with all her power and you will not need to say much. You will be like an oasis opening up suddenly and unexpectedly in the desert. This is how God works: in the depth. He nourishes the depth of the souls and life expands. The roots of a tree are underground and feed it; then, people see the leaves, the flowers and the fruits. The same will happen to this people. Now you are like deep roots that no-one can see and many do not want to see; yet, from you a tree will come out that will nourish the hungry with its fruits.

As I told you other times, do not close the door on anyone’s face, but be careful. Do not welcome among you evil-minded individuals who only want to disturb your life with God. Do not accept those who want to steal your life, for it belongs to God and no-one is allowed to touch it; it is a treasure in the eyes of God and for your neighbour. Do not listen to the haughty words of those who want to draw you away from your path. Do not allow anyone to render your path tortuous. Straighten all your paths so that they become a wide way where others can walk with you. I ask you to let the Church you have proclaimed live in each one of you and among you.

Do not be afraid of anything! Do not be afraid of the arrogant or those who tell you, in the name of My Son, that all you do is wrong. The Lord told you that many will come in His name, and He told you not to listen to them.20 Many have stained, in the name of My Son, the Church that He founded. You must not do that. Walk straight and without fear the path that has been indicated to you. The strong ones will enter the Kingdom of God as My Son said.21 Use this strength that is never violence or provocation but the firmness of whom has found life and believes in life. If you do not believe in and defend life, how will you be able to help others believe in it?

Children, I say these things to you because these are hard times. The Earth is a desert and the situation will get increasingly worse; however, in this desert your voice must rise aloud. You are preparing the way for the One who comes. I will always be with you; I will always show you the way, but you must be faithful and careful not to drop anything of what has been said to you. Do not let God’s word fall on deaf ears, for that would hurt you greatly.

I bless you, and I am with you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

19 See Message of Jesus of 8 December 2018, “Your Yes Must Be a True Yes”, on our website,

20 See Matt 24,4-6

21 See Matt 11,12