Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

7 January 2018 – Feast of the Baptism of the Lord


Message of Jesus


“My Dear Children,

First of all, I bless you all, and I thank you for the whole path you have walked with Me, for all your sacrifices, your prayers and the offering of your life. All this is precious for the people of God.

Yesterday practical hints have been given to you about what is awaiting you in this time. Today, however, I will give you directions for your inner path.

Today your mission, that is, the evangelisation of the Earth begins. It begins on the day you remember My Baptism and on which My great public manifestation and My mission began. Your mission is also a manifestation in front of the whole humanity of the Earth and of the universe at the same time.

The evangelisation of the Earth is more necessary than ever because I will return to this planet and manifest Myself in My Glory. Therefore, the evangelisation of the Earth will conclude the preparation for My coming.

The faithful brothers and sisters have carried out the evangelisation of the rest of the low universe and you have supported them with your prayer and your sacrifice. Now, the contrary has to take place: you have to set off on your mission and the faithful brothers will support you in the manner I will consider necessary for you.

You have been told that you need a great dose of humility. Therefore, I tell you: do not set off with your ideas or your own human strength as they are useless. You can see what the evangelisation of the official Church has achieved on Earth so far: the Earth is basically pagan, even those who call themselves Christians, not to mention many priests and many other things that you do not know. The true evangelisation is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. He will act in you; therefore, do not start from yourselves but from Me. I am the One who will evangelise the Earth through you in the way I have evangelised the low universe through the faithful brothers. I will act and you will be My instruments; yet, no passive instruments without own will, but docile, open instruments who want to serve Me.

All this has to take place so that I can return to Earth. St. Michael and his hosts of angels will precede you as he is the precursor, but there is one more important thing for you to understand in this time which is the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That is an irreplaceable and indispensable piece of the mosaic of salvation. Continue reading

The Evangelisation of the Earth

6 January 2018 – The Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

Message of Saint Michael the Archangel


“Dearest Brothers and Sister of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe who live on Earth,

Today the Lord sends me to you with His powerful blessing to prepare you for what is awaiting humanity in this time.

As you know, the evangelisation of the low universe has been completed. In reality, this statement is not completely correct because the low universe has not been entirely evangelised. The crucial planet is missing: Earth. The Earth has not seen yet the power of God that precedes the coming of Christ.

The evangelisation of the rest of the low universe has been fruitful even though not all have converted. I want to make a clarification: you think that the faithful brothers appeared to the planets of the low universe with their fleet of spaceships in a striking way. In reality, the faithful brothers and sisters met, first of all, the powerful who govern the planets and informed them about everything that God is planning to do. They asked them for a personal conversion as this could help the conversion of their peoples. Some responded positively, especially the very distant and small planets, and those populations have easily converted. On the contrary, the response of the more advanced planets, from a scientific and technological point of view, has not been the same. The powerful who govern them, especially those who belong to the Confederation of the Light, have not converted and even misinformed and confused their peoples.

After that, the brothers and sisters met the people the Lord showed them, such as individuals and small groups, and began to work with them. These individuals responded and became like yeast within their people. In silence and hidden but with great spiritual power they acted and supported the faithful brothers and sisters in the evangelisation of their own planet. Unfortunately not all have converted. A large part of humanity did not convert and refused to welcome the voice of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

An Epochal Passage

30 December 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated Audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we are in the transition from the year 2017 to the year 2018. Many great voices rising from different angles of the Earth and the universe agree on certain aspects that relate to this transition. They call it an “epochal passage”, and they agree that the humanity of the Earth will go through a time of purification and through the suffering it will rise up to a higher dimension. Therefore, we have called this reflection “An Epochal Passage”. We take our own perspective among these voices. We have explained to you many things and we will explain to you also this passage.

In the book “L’Universo e i suoi abitanti”[1] (The Universe and Its Inhabitants) we have written about the history of humanity from the origin of the universe, from the origin of humanity and the angels; the Holy Spirit has given a brief summary of the history. The dynamics of good and evil in the 20th century have been especially highlighted; God’s action appears in particular through the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima and that of Lucifer through his allies, that is, the Confederation of the Light.

The last stage we have told you about is the one immediately before the glorious coming of Christ. We are talking about this. The key to understand the passage between these two years is God the Father, the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity, in which all mysteries are understood and enlightened. Without Him we understand neither the beginning nor the end, not even the path.

Last year we wanted to celebrate Him on 7 August according to the indication of His Son. We gave our love to Him and invoked Him wishing to know, adore and serve Him, and He spoke to us.[2]

 “Children, My fatherhood extends over the whole universe and all things have to submit to My fatherhood: the sky, the Earth, all planets and also Hell. My fatherhood is the power that embraces everything, refills all things, brings into existence what is not and maintains alive what is.

I AM THAT I AM. I AM LIFE. Life originates from Me and returns to Me. It returns to Me for eternity; yet, not to fade and stop existing but to exist forever and shine above all even above death.” Continue reading

Recapitulated in Jesus Christ through Mary

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

16 December 2017

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; tonight’s reflection has the title “Recapitulated in Jesus Christ through Mary”. It is a summary of all that we have explained from the beginning. The last period of preparation for Christmas has begun and, through this Christmas, we all look at the coming year. You certainly remember that at the beginning of this year we announced the presence of the Antichrist and the False Prophet who had been nominated by Lucifer; they have expressed their power but the esoteric power, the powerful investiture of Lucifer, is not acting yet; during our preparation we shall open up completely to Jesus Christ and to His action within us. To prepare to receive the grace of this Christmas we need the help of the Mother of Good who welcomed the Son of God and the life of God in Her soul and in Her body to give them to humanity in this Christmas once again.

The entire universe must emerge and show its face. In today’s mass, in the first reading of the book of Sirach, we have heard that Elijah came like a fire; his words burned.[1] We have already said that there are three laws in the universe: light, vibration and fire. Scripture says that the Word of God supports the whole universe. The Word supports the whole universe with His word and His vibration. This vibration is pure love, perfect love. We, and the whole history of the universe, have reached the point of judgment because we know the responses humanity has given along the history and also that of the angels; we know how corruption entered the world and the universe and we know that Jesus Christ has come to restore order in the whole universe and lead us to God the Father.

The times we are living in are leading us to the recapitulation of all things in Jesus Christ, the King of the universe; we have reached the time in which God asks each man, each soul, each being to make his free choice, and grace will be given. Then each one has to decide as we have heard in the message: choose and take your position.[2] Besides what God has foreseen for us, we can choose to enter the full light and the perfect love through our own choice. In the time of the glorious manifestation of the Lord all children will shine: the living, the deceased and the angels, whereas those who are darkness will have to manifest themselves as children of the darkness according to their choice. Continue reading

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 December 2017 to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IS A MYSTERY OF LOVE. Yes, dear children, your life is a mystery that you can read only in the light of God, your Creator. The word mystery does not necessarily indicate something obscure and incomprehensible; it is you men who almost always attribute this meaning to it. In the eyes of God mystery means immensity, profoundness, intimacy and sacredness; it is in this sense that life is a mystery. It is like the vast and deep ocean you cannot explore without the right means; it is like a very high peak you cannot reach if you are not expert climbers.

The One and Triune God, who has created you, knows your life through and through. He knows your origin and your destiny. He has impressed in you His image and likeness that holds your full potential. When God calls you to life, He gives you the intelligence and the strength you need to face the world. He transmits you His love. It is like a seed placed in you; day by day, the seed grows and guides you in your choices.

If you understand that your life comes from God and returns to God; if you decide to put it in His hands, then life will open up in front of you like a book. You will be able to understand the events that happen to you; to overcome trials and difficulties both big and small; to read your feelings and those of others and to put them in the right place. The mosaic of your existence gradually builds up forming your real image, that is, the person you are in the eyes of God. You become “experts of life”, points of reference and light for those who seek the true life that is only in God. Continue reading

The Countdown Begins

26 November 2017

Message of Jesus  – Feast of Christ the King

The Countdown Begins


Dearest Children,

First and foremost, I bless you with My blessing as King. I have come to tell you that today for you a real countdown begins. Do not be alarmed, it does not mean that everything will happen tomorrow. What I want to say is that the times are getting increasingly short, for the evangelisation of the low universe is coming to an end. It will end on January 6, and this means a lot for you. It means that once the faithful brothers and sisters have completed the evangelisation as well as the last tasks that need to be done in the low universe – some humanities need, in fact, to be strengthened and continuously followed closely – they will set off for Earth.

Be careful though: they will visit those on Earth who have been prepared and purified, who have walked their path in these years and have been waiting and hopeful. They will not be sent only to this Foundation but also to many other persons who, despite not knowing these programmes in detail like you, have been prepared profoundly in their spirit.

Why will the brothers and sisters come? They will come because the true evangelisation of the Earth will begin. You have come this far with your evangelisation, but you cannot go further on your own. In fact, the condition of the Earth is so serious that the men of the Earth cannot manage by themselves; therefore, the faithful brothers and sisters will come to assist you in the evangelisation of your planet. Continue reading

Our Path towards the Recapitulation in Jesus Christ


By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić


Translated Audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; our path is the path towards the recapitulation of all things in Christ, Priest and King of the universe. Only He can present us to God, but He can only present us to God if we are elevated to Him. Therefore, we have spoken a lot about our elevation in recent times.

Tonight we are holding a vigil to prepare for the Feast of Christ the King, Priest and King of the universe. In this occasion we will refer to the book “L’Universo e i suoi abitanti”[1] on page 126-128. The chapter deals with Abraham’s faith. We all know the phrase: “Faith against all hope”[2]; however, for Abraham it was very difficult to believe as he was old and his wife was old, too, and it was truly impossible to have children; he gave in and had a child with his slave to leave someone behind after his death. Today we will listen to how his path continued and how his faith strengthened. This applies to each one of us. Our faith will grow increasingly until we fully trust in Jesus Christ who will elevate us beyond all our earthly burdens, even beyond our religious ideas and religious culture which caused division among us as it happened also within the Church along the history. Our future is the glorious Jesus Christ.

Let’s listen to Abraham’s first spiritual steps.

“One day God spoke to Abraham and said that He would make a covenant with him which would make him a father of many nations. He asked him to walk before Him faithfully, to observe His laws and be blameless, and He promised him that Sarah, his wife, would give him a son from whom a great people would have come out. Abraham thought of Sarah, who was old and unable to bear, and himself who was also old and tired. Abraham prostrated himself again, but this time he laughed. Then he remembered Ishmael, the son of the slave, and thought that God was referring to him. No, the Lord God repeated that Sarah would bear a son; he would be called Isaac[3].” Continue reading