Happy Easter Triduum

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

14 April 2022

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I am pleased that we are taking part in the same Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper.

I want to introduce you to this day. The Chrism Mass has been celebrated in the morning Mass. It has two meanings: on the one hand, the importance of consecrating the holy oil, the chrism for anointing; on the other hand, our own anointing with holiness because, on this day, all priests renew their promises to the Lord; but all those who take part in the Mass also renew their baptismal promises. The anointing comes down when there is a sincere participation in baptism, in holiness; otherwise, the Holy Spirit cannot confirm our words of renewing our promises.

Let us begin here to enter into this celebration of the Eucharist, the Lord’s Last Supper. This celebration is not a remembrance but a Memorial of what Jesus performed with the Apostles. It is a living Memorial in the present time when Jesus Christ is among us, in the Holy Spirit, in His intermediate coming. It is participation in that grace, not just a remembrance of a message, but something that comes into our consciousness from the cosmic and microcosmic dimension.1 Continue reading

Happy Holy Week

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

10 April 2022

Today the Holy Week begins. For forty days, we have prepared ourselves for this passage. It is a passage of resurrection for each one of us, the same passage Jesus went through on the Mount of Olives when He said, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”1

In order to be resurrected, each of us must look at death, at the cross in the truth and go through the painful passage. In the truth and in the light God has given to us, we have to know that we must die to ourselves to be resurrected with Christ. For each of us this means that in our spiritual passages, which certainly cannot be compared with those of Jesus, and yet are like His, we must pray, ask for help and go through them alone.

Today’s Feast2 shows the contradiction in the behaviour of the people, who first praised Him and a few days later shouted, “Crucify him!”3 The readings say clearly that Satan sifted them; Jesus said it to Peter, but Satan sifted all of them, the whole of Jerusalem. Then Jesus told Peter, “And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”4 Yet, it seems that Peter was to be the first to betray Him when he denied knowing Jesus for three times.

What we ought to learn from these teachings is that we must not judge ourselves or the others. Today we may say something against God, against the path, against the community, against everything we reject, shouting, “Crucify him!” Rather, we must allow each of us and others to be resurrected through our passage from death to life. Continue reading

The Dimensions of Life

3 August 2011

Dearest Readers,

In the message of this month, Jesus speaks about the passages that shape our lives, pointing out the different ages of life and the situations that closely affect us. He takes us by the hand and explains us what to do to live in harmony with the multiple dimensions of our existence.

Jesus opens our mind to a wider view and leaves us free, tranquil, and trusting in His guidance. He takes us beyond our limits up to discovering the dimension of eternity. He guides the entire creation and each one of us towards the dimension of pure spirit, which all living beings will inevitably have to encounter, but they will only be able to enjoy it if they have chosen God.

The Lord also invites us to have faith in Him because He has faith in us. Let us pray to understand how to live in this trust so that our life may be full of hope. I hope that Jesus’ words will give you strength and hope in a time of deep unrest for humanity. I greet and bless you in Christ.

Stefania Caterina

Message of Jesus of 30 July 2011

“I bless you, My beloved children! Today, I want to speak about the different dimensions of which life is made up, yours and that of the whole creation. Continue reading

Blessed Are the Last – They Will Be the First

15 April 2011

Dearest Readers,

We are now close to Easter, the great passage from death to life, which our Lord and Saviour was the first to accomplish and which each of us must also go through. I wish you, therefore, to enter true life with Jesus, the risen life in Christ, which transforms us into new creatures, generated by God and no longer attached to the things of the Earth, but oriented towards Heaven. I will share with you Jesus’ message of this month, in which He emphasises the necessity to be free of human expectations in order to enter the Kingdom of God. The laws of the Kingdom are in contrast with the logic of the world, but when they are accepted, they lead us to true happiness, the one the world cannot give us because it does not know it. I pray for the realisation of life in each of you, and I also wish you all a Holy Easter of true resurrection.


Message of Jesus of 12 April 2011

“Dearest Children,

Rejoice with My Resurrection! It is a victory for each one of you. Death, which frightens you and is the most powerful instrument in the hands of your enemy, has been defeated. It is true that you still die in the body, but in spirit you can already overcome the barrier of death if you remain united with Me. At the end of times, when I come back to consolidate My Kingdom, I will reduce Satan’s power to nothing. Then, those who have welcomed and loved Me, will no longer be touched by death, not only in spirit but also in the body. They will be transformed and enter with Me into the new creation, finally free from the corruption of sin and death. Continue reading

“Consecration of Ukraine and Russia”

23 March 2022

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we are pleased to greet and bless you and to share with you the path towards Easter.

We all know that, this year, the Earth and the whole Universe are going through a new trial: a war in Europe. This obliges us to think about our behaviour as Christians. These days, Pope Francis has decided to consecrate Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to the intentions of our Lady of Fatima. He will celebrate the Eucharistic Sacrifice and consecrate Russia and Ukraine to Our Lady on the day of the Annunciation of the Lord1 at 5pm. This event calls all Christians together and becomes a point of reference for all people of good will who want peace; all Christians are invited to participate.

How does the Church of the Universe behave? The Church of the Universe is intensively involved in these trials and follows the Lord together with all humanity in all His actions. Through Mary, the Immaculate Mother, the Church of the Universe continuously offers her life to Jesus so that He, who is in our midst, may fulfil the Father’s plan to reunite all things in the Universe with Himself. Continue reading


Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary of 22 February 2021

“Dearest Children,

I want to bless you and thank you for having accepted Me in My work as Co-Redemptrix. Belonging to Me means being co-redeemers with Me. Were I not the Co-Redemptrix, not even you would be able to fully enter the Redemption of My Son and be co-redeemers.

When Jesus entrusted Me to John and John to Me, an unbreakable bond was created between humanity and Me because, in that very moment, John represented the entire humanity.

In the first Church, John and I testified to and especially experienced the work of Redemption of My Son because both of us had been at the foot of the Cross where Jesus had entrusted us to one another. He could have done it on another occasion, such as a feast day, but He did it at the foot of the Cross. He did it not only because Jesus was going to leave and I was to remain without Him, but also to emphasize that at that time we both participated in His Passion; I fully, and John in a more limited way, but both willing to take part in His suffering. John suffered very much at the foot of the Cross because He sincerely loved Jesus, not just because He was afraid of remaining without his Master. Continue reading

“The Christian: the Victorious Man”

5 March 2022

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; let us begin Lent together. This vigil leads us to the first Sunday of Lent. We want to share with you the path the Lord has traced for us to overcome all tribulations and all trials as winners.

The novelty of this Lent is that the Lord is present among us and powerful in the Holy Spirit. What does that mean? No representative of God can save you if you are closed in on yourselves, closed in your justifications and your lies. Jesus Christ, full of Holy Spirit, touches everyone and draws everyone out so that they may appear as they are. He urges them to choose either life or death, the life He offers and the death that comes from the consequences of original sin. It is up to each of us to make a final choice because time is running out, and the Lord moves forward on the path towards His glorification when all things will be revealed. Therefore, we are called to have pure faith, pure hope and pure love.1

On the first Sunday of Lent, the Gospel tells us that Jesus stood face to face with the devil.2  We have explained to you that the same happened to us at the moment of conception.3 Now, that very moment repeats itself, prompting us to define ourselves for eternity; each one of us must decide as there is no other way. The celebration of Lent, which we are beginning now, can therefore not be a superficial celebration made of religious habits in which our heart is not open to the Lord.

The Gospel of Luke narrates how Jesus was tempted.4 As St. Luke says, Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit. Each one of us can be full of the Holy Spirit according to our originality. Beginning from the first Pentecost, the whole Church has been called to be full of the Holy Spirit. This is the guarantee that we are up to the cosmic war of the clashing spiritual powers: the angels on one side and the demons on the other side while humanity must decide on which side to stand.5

The Gospel highlights what our trials involve. The first temptation has to do with survival; we want bread which nourishes only the body; however, God proposes the Bread of eternal life and the Word that nurtures the man of eternal life. In the second temptation, Jesus is tried through amusement, exhibition, pleasure, but God proposes happiness and fullness. Nowadays man is tempted to withdraw into amusement, pleasure, sometimes superficial childish behaviour, whereas the Lord leads us towards fullness through the adoration of God. In the third trial, Satan tempts man through false religiosity, false faith, magic solutions. Clearly, the Lord cannot save us if we do not want to be transformed, since the Kingdom of God, the new creation, requires us to be transformed. He wants to take us definitively from this corrupt and corruptible body to an uncorrupted life.

Do you know what this means? Almost all of us have once said of a person: “He is a true man; she is a true woman”, which means that the man or the woman in question is an uncorrupted and virtuous person. Everyone would like to have a righteous friend, spouse, child, partner. However, man always tries to justify himself before God, withdrawing into a shell that is meant to break; he withdraws into the material dimension, but the rich and the poor alike die there.

All these steps take place within each one of us. Who is that true man? Who is that true woman? It is someone who has renounced corruption. During Lent, a process of giving up corruption and opening to the uncorrupted dimension, which Satan cannot infiltrate, takes place. As a result, we feel the power of Christ who is present in us, leading us gradually towards the resurrection and finally towards the ascension into heaven since we are bound to enter the new creation.

God does not make empty promises. In the first reading of Deuteronomy – in which the Law is proposed again – when a part of Israel was already living in slavery, it says: “When you are free and return to your land, ‘place the basket before the Lord your God and bow down before him’”6; it means that God calls you and you can feel the fruit of His presence in you, and your Hallelujah at Easter will not be an empty word but bear the fruit of Lent, the fruit of life.

This is the time of trials for us. We have partly overcome the trial of the pandemic, and now there is a war threatening the destruction of the Earth. How shall we face them? We have all the strength within us to win this battle without weapons, if we are united with the Spirit of Christ, with God. We have the weapons of the Holy Spirit. Just as the devil drew back before Jesus in his trial, so must he draw back before us. All the spirit of evil, of the world and Satan, must bow to Him. The Christian is the victor over evil, sin and death. This is the powerful action of Christ in the Holy Spirit.

Brothers and sisters, what we have explained to you in all these years must be put into practice by those who want to be victorious Christians; we must not expect others to advise others to be uncorrupted. Each one of us is called to be uncorrupted, that is, to give up corruption, elevate ourselves to new life and be victorious over evil.

If the Church moves in this direction, which the Lord has shown us from the beginning, she will win all battles against the devil. We have communicated to you what the Lord has revealed to us: the Church of the whole Universe wants to remain uncorrupted and irreprehensible before the Lord and walk towards her final location. You can experience this personally; if you want to believe certain prophetic words, God’s Word is close to you. If you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and adhere to His Word, to the Eucharistic Bread, you will experience your belonging to the Church of the whole Universe, the one that will enter the new creation blameless. All that is corrupt, even the Christians, will be set aside. Therefore, do not be content with going through this Lend in an impure and insincere way.

If you like, I may make a suggestion: take the book we have given you, the book of Mary, the Mother of humanity, “Life is Not Life Without God”.7 Every person of good will can understand it. We do not want to convince or force you to anything. It is up to each one of you to decide. The Church of the Universe prays for you, but no one, no saint, no angel, can replace you. It is up to each one of you to experience the transformation of your life, and then graces will be given to you. If you welcome these words, the Earth will begin to change, for it is destined to change completely.

We accompany you with our prayers and the offering of ourselves, and we bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

1 See Message of St. Francis of Assisi of 17 September 2012, “The Pure Love of God”, published on our website in Messages by Year

2 See Lk 4, 1-13

3 This subject is deepened in the book of Stefania Caterina, “The Microcosmos – The conception of Man”, in Beyond the Great Barrier, Chap. 13, p. 237; see also Message of the Holy Spirit of 29 February 2012, “The Light of Life”, published on our website in Messages by Year, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

4 See Footnote 2

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7 See Messages of the Mother of Humanity to Stefania Caterina, 2017-2018, Luci dell’Esodo, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

“The Living Christ in Our Midst”

By Tomislav Vlašić

21 February 2022

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we are celebrating the Vigil of the Solemnity of Mary, Co-Redemptrix of the Universe. This is a special celebration for us because we have accepted everything that Mary wanted to give us through Her apparitions in Medjugorje as Queen of Peace, and She has led us to reveal Her Face, adding to everything that the Church of the Earth proclaimed that She is the Co-Redemptrix. We have embodied this truth and testified to it.1 Now, we are celebrating the memory of this truth and want to live it and involve all those who accept Mary Co-Redemptrix throughout the Universe and on Earth.

As we have seen in the past years, the whole path that we have walked together with Mary, Queen of Peace, and that we have shown you, has led to the re-unification of the whole Universe in Jesus Christ, and Mary has walked this path with us. Thus, She presented Herself as the Co-Redemptrix so that the Church on Earth might recognize this truth and become a co-redeeming Church. Mary has accepted all those who said “Yes” to Jesus at the moment of conception because they have been entrusted to Her so that they may recognise Jesus Christ the Saviour, in these times, and participate in redemption through Mary, who is immaculate and fully united with Jesus Christ. Continue reading

The Visible and the Invisible Things

12 March 2011

Dear Readers,

This month’s message of Jesus addresses a very topical and discussed subject: that of life in the universe. Jesus places it in the broader context of reality as it is in God, beyond what our senses can perceive. I have dealt with this topic at length in my first book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, and therefore I will not dwell further on it. As I leave you to the message, I wish you to experience the path of Lent as a profound revision of life and great closeness to the Lord. I greet you and bless you in Christ.

Stefania Caterina

Message of Jesus of 12 March 2011

“I bless you, children, at the beginning of the Lenten path that will lead you to the encounter with Me after My death and resurrection. May this path be an ever more vibrant and true discovery of the deep dimension of your spirit and of God’slife in you. The events of the Holy Week should not just be a memory to berelived, but a stage on the path towards your transformation. This involves the death of the old man that is still in you and the resurgence of a new creature, whose seed is present in each one of youand must blossom. United with Me, through a path of conversion and prayer, you will become new creatures and be inundated by the dazzling light of Easter. Continue reading

Message of 2012 for reflection

The Light of Life

Message of the Holy Spirit of 29 February 2012

‪”I greet and bless you. ‪I wish to pursue with you the discourse on human life which is of great importance to each of you.[1]

I explained to you that your life has its origin from the big vibration of life, impressed in you by God at the moment in which He creates you. In this vibration the divine creative power of the Most Holy Trinity is contained. It is the primary impulse that initiates the existence of every living being; as such, it contains within Itself the action of the Three Divine Persons. ‪From this instant, the three great laws of the universe begin to operate in you: the law of LIGHT, of SOUND or VIBRATION and the law of HEAT. They are both natural and spiritual laws, supporting the whole of creation.[2]

Click here for the full text.