Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Be a merciful and righteous people

27 April 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest brothers and sisters, we wish a good continuation on your path with the Risen Christ.

We have told you that the Risen Christ visits the planets of the high universe. Why does He visit them? Because they have remained faithful to God and His Christ from the beginning. All has been created through Jesus Christ and they have kept their faithfulness; they carry a part of the consequences of original sin; nevertheless, with vibrant faith they waited for the incarnation of Jesus Christ and the redemption that would have come through Him. They welcomed Him when He was born; they followed Him in spirit along His journey on Earth; they have remained with Him in His Passion and in the resurrection and now they enjoy the visit of the glorious Lord.

The population of the middle universe has converted and now receives the visit of the glorious Christ because it has turned away from their indifference and indecision, from being neither for Christ nor for Lucifer. Now, they are evangelising the low universe along with the brothers and sisters of the high universe.

There is a question: why are we of the Earth, who are in the place where Jesus Christ lived, died and resurrected, not visited by Him? There is a simple answer to this question: because we have distanced ourselves from Him and His glorious resurrection and ascension to Heaven. Who lives truly the resurrection of the Lord every Sunday? How many Christians encounter the Risen Christ every Sunday? How many do experience Him in every Mass? The answer is up to each one of us. Continue reading

Be merciful and righteous people

23 April 2017 – Feast of Divine Mercy


Message of Jesus

Be merciful and righteous people

“Dearest Children, My People, peace to you!

I bring you the joy of the resurrection as I brought it to the apostles. It is the same joy today as then. It is the joy that will last until the end of times and beyond times, for in the new creation you will experience the joy of the full resurrection.

Today you remember the Divine Mercy. I am the Mercy of the Father that became flesh and came down on Earth.

Children, I want each one of you and the whole people to be a merciful people, a source of mercy for the entire humanity. Mercy arises from justice. Which justice do I mean? Not the justice understood by man which is often revenge, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; this is not divine mercy. In the mind of God justice means to live as righteous people, that is, according to the laws of God and in the truth. I am the Truth. If you remain united with Me, you live in the justice of the Truth; in this justice you become able to be merciful.

If a man does not live a righteous life, he cannot give mercy nor can he receive it, for his heart is closed. I have taught you to forgive. Forgiveness is a great part of mercy, but mercy also means to bend over the suffering: the righteous and merciful man does not justify sin but bends over the sinner, lends him a hand as I so often do with you. I ask you to be righteous people who live according to justice and walk in the truth, who bend over the suffering and the sinners, who bring My Word and are profoundly united with Me. In this way you will become a merciful people.

Many speak about mercy, but often it is a kind of mercy that is detached from justice and far away from truth. That is not mercy; it is a kind of human pardon; a patch to put here and there. No, I repeat that this is not mercy. Only the righteous man who lives in the truth generates mercy around him. In his mercy he generates again justice and truth which in turn generate mercy, and so on. Thus, justice and mercy are united with each other and support each other. Together they form that splendid mosaic that is the life of God that pardons offences without offending anyone.

Children, the Earth needs mercy; also the Christians and the priests need it! The Earth has an extreme need for mercy, but a just kind of mercy, which does not wipe away iniquities but is a real resurrection in justice. I do not love your sin, but I love you. For the love I have for you I forgive you. You have to do the same: you must love God and your brothers and sisters to become a righteous people. If you have this love in you, you will be a source of mercy. Pardon the offences, forget the wrongs, do not justify evil but calm down discord; do not contend and do not fight; leave it to God to settle your controversies. Give up your own justice and enter into the true justice that is truth, which is to live according to what I have taught you.

In this justice you will receive mercy and give mercy. In this way also your problems and your illnesses will diminish. Many of your illnesses come from the lack of justice and mercy in you. You become ill when you do not accept the truth and do not see yourselves as you really are; when you neither love nor forgive; when you put off your decision to live according to the laws of God.

Thus, My people, I ask you to do a great step: I ask you to live. Live all that I have taught you; put it in practice and become righteous men and women, a righteous people. Be a source of just mercy and of merciful justice. Then I will be able to send you like lambs among the wolves. Know though, children, that the lamb is never weak. The lamb is stronger than the wolf; it is always stronger, even if it dies, for the lamb holds within the justice and mercy of God which make it stronger than the enemy, than any enemy.

I call you to this, and I bless you. I want you to remain in silence for a moment, and I will pass among you and lay My Hand on each one of you. Give Me all your illnesses, your weaknesses, your pain and your sins. Let me envelop you with My Mercy; let yourselves be renewed and choose to be new men and women.

I bless you and I protect you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

“I am about to return to the world” – Easter Sunday

16 April 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest brothers and sisters, I wish you all Happy Easter. This is an intensive day. You will meet your friends and family, but I would like you to concentrate on what happens within you: it is God who has come to us in His omnipotence. The Triune God has come to us in Jesus Christ. He has defeated evil and death, but He has come to us.

He sent us the righteous along the history; he sent the prophets and the angels who preceded Him. After His resurrection he sent the angels: one angel overturned the tombstone, sat on it and gave the first announcement. Then, according to Matthew[1], Jesus encountered the women and then the apostles. It was not just an exterior encounter, but the resurrected Jesus entered inside them, cleaned all up, pardoned, liberated the disciples from their fears and then remained with them for forty days to help them internalise all that He had revealed. And, as we know, in the end, when they saw him ascend to heaven, they almost wanted to go with Him, and, through the angels, he told them to gather and receive the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit has filled our spirit; it filled the spirit of the apostles who were united with Mary[2], He filled the whole being of the apostles. This internalisation enables us to see with faith, hope and charity. To internalise means to start our life again from the roots. Continue reading

I am about to return to the world

15 April 2017 – Easter Vigil


I am about to return to the world

Message of Jesus

“Dearest Children,

I want to be with you in this moment to bless and to thank you who are waiting for My Light to come once more to this world. Children, I will come soon and I want you to be ready.

The world thinks that I am a sepulchre, but this sepulchre will open up, and this time it will be forever. No-one can hold My people as prisoners in the many sepulchres built on this Earth and in the low universe.

Great days and also difficult ones are awaiting you, but you must not be scared: time is coming to an end. I do not say that this will occur tomorrow, but time is getting short, for I am about to return to the world in favour of the whole universe, as I have done already once, but this time it will be to gather My people and to take it with Me to My Kingdom without end; to the Kingdom where the light will be eternal and no more darkness will be, where life will shine in men and in the creatures.

You are the firstlings of humanity and I have chosen you in this world and entrusted to you a great task, that is to keep the memory of My return alive. In the same way as the people of Israel had to keep the memory alive of My first coming, you have to keep alive the memory of My return, for I have promised to return and I will return. The world and also a large part of the Church have forgotten this truth, but I will come back, and I call you to be the people who have their lights lit, who are dressed, their staff in their hand, ready to go and announce My life that comes forth, grows and never dies.

I bless you; tonight I lay My hands on each one of you and on all that you carry within you. Leave behind all that is old; leave everything behind and leap into the newness of My life, once and for all, as it is said: walk in newness of life. I am always by your side; I am always within you; I am above you to lead you forward. Each one of you has his own place within My people; each one of you has his own service; each one of you has the fullness, for I have called you to this. Make My gifts shine in you, and I will be happy when you are happy. My Heart rejoices when My creatures live the fullness.

I bless you together with the whole Mystical Body, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 April 2017 to Stefania Caterina

My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD LOVES AND FORGIVES. He loves you the way you are, like a father loves his child, even though it is fragile and ungrateful. God loves you for who you are, not for what you have, nor for what you do. He is pleased about your commitment to Him and your good actions, but He loves you also when you are unable to act; He embraces you in all your weakness and supports you with His Love. Few of you understand His Love, and yet, He continues to love you, always and anyway, in this life and in the afterlife. He is your Father for all eternity. He always seeks you to reach out to you in every time of loneliness.

I ask you to start to believe seriously in God’s love for you and to let yourselves be loved by Him. Children, why is it so difficult for you to allow God to love you? Why are you so afraid of opening up to Him and give Him your life? I invite you to lay your existence in His hands with complete confidence leaving it to Him to guide your steps. Then, you will see your life flourish, and nothing will scare you anymore, not even death.

Easter is coming and you will remember the death and resurrection of My Son Jesus. My children, do not allow the Easter solemnities to be reduced to feasts and noise of the world. Be committed to understanding what Jesus has accomplished for you. Ask God for the light to experience the power of His forgiveness. Yes, children, Jesus died and resurrected to obtain forgiveness for your sins. I suggest that you look sincerely at your past and actual situation with regard to sin and reflect on how Jesus died to give you the possibility to leave sin behind once and for all. Thank Him for this and turn your eyes towards Him.

Sin exists, children, it is not an abstract concept but a harsh reality that steals your life and your happiness. The author of sin is Satan, the one who hates the children of God. Jesus defeated him through His death and resurrection. If you give your life to My Son, His victory over evil will be your victory as you will be one thing with Jesus. God always forgives you if you desire His forgiveness, but you have to commit yourselves to correct your life, so that God’s forgiveness does not remain an isolated event but leads you towards an inner transformation. Try to understand this and pray to receive the light. Life on Earth is a long pilgrimage towards eternity; choose God as your travelling companion and the journey will be less tiring. Try to be happy.

I pray for you, and I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


We would like to propose you the possibility to share the daily Life in a simple way together with the youth and other members of the Fondazione Fortezza dell’Immacolata. We will work, pray and share united with Jesus Christ in order to know and love Him and be happy!!!

from August 28 to September 3
in our House-Sanctuary “Immacolate Queen of the Angels” in Ghedi (BS, Italy)

Contacts: +39 346-3940870 or +39 346-2339593

“Do not follow the spirit of the world”

4 April 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters, the subject of today’s reflection is “Do not follow the spirit of the world”. We have affirmed that the devout Christian knows that the Spirit of God guides his soul, fills his spirit, and, through his spirit, involves soul and body and through us involves also the whole creation.

We will speak about the spirit of the world, but first we have to become aware of the fact that beside the spirit within each one of us, there is a collective spirit. Even the Most Holy Trinity has the Trinitarian Spirit that is the interaction of the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. Thus, a couple, a family, a people, a nation have their spirit; therefore the world of the Earth has its own spirit which is different from that of the planets of the high universe.

We can understand the spirit of the world, our world, only if we look at the origin of the world. The humanity of the Earth made and alliance with Lucifer and the consequences for humanity and the creatures have been disastrous. Before Jesus Christ came, the Earth was enveloped in darkness. Looking at what we have explained in the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”[1], we see that God worked from the beginning to bring man back to his origin. It was very difficult because God had to respect the freedom of man while man was in the hands of Satan. So, as we know, God has also inserted in this world, in this population, souls that would have been destined to live on planets of the high universe, for they accepted to incarnate on Earth to help this population. From the Holy Scripture we know about the first righteous, the patriarchs, Abraham in particular and then Moses; God also chose a people, revealed to it the true God, gave it the Laws and the gift of the prophets.

Let us see what God did for this people. Continue reading