Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

I Come to Take Back What Belongs to Me

 Message of the Holy Spirit of 8 December 2019 – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

 “Dearest Children,

I thank you for having decided to consecrate your life to Me as individuals and as a people.[1]

I descend on each one of you and on the whole people. From within and from above I work within each of you and within all of you. My task is to sanctify you because I am the Sanctifier, the One who renders your life sacred, purifies, elevates and offers it to the Father through the Son and to the Son so that He may offer it to the Father. I keep love, intelligence and strength alive in you, which are the prerogatives of your spirit. I keep the image and likeness of God alive in each of you and in the whole people. A people, too,  possesses love, intelligence and strength which spring from the prayers, actions and choices of you all. Every day the path of each one consolidates the path of the people. The resurrection of one means the resurrection of all; the transformation of one means the transformation of all.

Today I powerfully descend on you to consecrate you to the action and the work of God. Through you I descend on Earth to purify it from evil. Through this little remnant and those who are connected to you — who are many more than you would think — in communion with the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, I bring the work of the Most Holy Trinity to completion. I pass beyond your limits and your insecurity and make of you an accomplished work, beyond all your shortcomings. Your ‘yes’ and your faithfulness are enough for Me; the decision to move forward without fear and without compromises. Continue reading

Offering Ourselves with Mary on All Altars of the Earth

Message of Mary Most Holy of 7 December 2019 -­  Eve of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for this eve that we are spending together. Thank you for all the steps you have done and for the love that you show to God and to Me. I assure you that every drop of your love fills Me with great joy. You are the joy of My Heart, because a mother rejoices when she sees that her children are so attentive and careful to her. I thank you for this.

The Lord sends Me today to ask each of you and the whole of this people for a great act of love: from now on, He wants you to offer yourselves together with Me on all altars of the Earth wherever the Eucharist is celebrated. It is of no importance if the priest is worthy or not. My offering, along with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, will heal many wounds. From all altars of the Earth a worthy sacrifice will be elevated and God will accept it together with the Sacrifice of Christ.

This is a very important step, which will produce a great wave of graces, and a great force will rise from every altar. It will be the force of God and His people. Not only will you who are present and those who belong to the Foundation offer yourselves, but also the whole Church of the Universe will offer herself along with Me on every altar. There will be no more altars where My Son offers Himself alone, but His people will always be with Him. A river of grace will pour over the Earth. Continue reading

Consecration to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit,

descend on us.

Enlighten our spirit,

fill our souls,

strengthen our bodies.

Guide us on our path,

awaken divine wishes in us,

communicate to us Christ’s thoughts

and transform us into new creatures.

Only in You

do we know and love Jesus Christ.

Through Him and with You

we discover our identity and mission

and elevate ourselves to the Father.

You remind us of Jesus’ teachings

and you help us to live them fully.

You fill us with your seven gifts

and make us witnesses of life in Christ.

Continue reading

Mary, Queen of the Universe

25 November 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sister; we have received Jesus’ message about His Kingship and His intentions regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe.[1] Today we have received the message of Our Lady who also speaks of His Kingship, emphasizing that the Kingdom of God must be within and among us so that the Lord may come to reign and expand His Kingdom.[2]

In this reflection I would like to analyse the messages of Jesus and Holy Mary. What is the foundation of the Kingdom of God which we have decided to realise according to Jesus’ teachings? The foundation is that He gave His live for us at the moment of our conception when we said “yes” to Him. Then the power of His blood, the sign of His Kingship, immediately began to work. His blood liberates us from sin and is the sign that makes us inviolable for Satan, if our response has been “yes”, or, if we want to respond now with our “yes”; then the powerful action of His Kingship and His blood begins, making all our fears disappear.

The other aspect is the Queenship of the Holy Mother. As we know, at the moment of conception God the Father entrusted each one of us, who said “yes” to the Son, and the Son entrusted us to the Immaculate Mother. He explained to us that we are incardinated in the Immaculateness of Mary. So, if today we renew our total “yes”, independently from our “yes” at the moment of conception, we experience the same relationship with Mary as Elisabeth: out spirit begins to vibrate, it awaken and rises. We, too, are liberated through Mary, because in Mary the Saviour presented Himself to the world. Continue reading

The Kingdom of Christ in You and among You

 25 November 2019

Feast of Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Universe

Message of Mary Most Holy

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for celebrating My Queenship today. I am pleased to be among you as Mother and Queen. Nevertheless, the King and the Queen need a kingdom; they need the Kingdom of God.

Children, what is the Kingdom of God? It is not an unlikely, abstract or poetic idea; the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Christ in you and among you. Why is His Kingdom late in coming? Because the Lord cannot fully reign in the people of the Earth. Only when you allow Jesus to reign in you, will the Kingdom of God manifest itself among you.

Unfortunately, the Christians of the Earth have not understood much of it. They are waiting for the Kingdom of God as something that will descend suddenly and magically from above, but that is not so. My Son told you that the Kingdom of God is among you.[1] This means that when you are immersed in God’s Love and fully live the offering of yourselves to Him with integrity and in communion among you and with the whole universe, the King can reign in you. When My Son, Jesus,  is the sovereign in you, then the Kingdom of God will also be among you. Continue reading

The King’s Seal

 24 November 2019

Message of Jesus – Feast of Christ the King

 “My dear Children,

Thank you for being here and for solemnly celebrating My Kingship. I assure you that this does not occur very often because many Christians are distracted, seeking other kings that belong to the world: king money, king selfishness, king sex, power, pleasure etc. These kings obscure My Kingship in the minds and souls of many Christians. However, this should not happen to you.

I want My Kingship to shine in the new people, in My Church of the whole Universe, and this must take place powerfully. My Kingship must shine in the whole of My Church, in the whole Universe and in this small remnant of the Earth that proclaims itself “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”. If you belong to the Church of the King, My Kingship must shine in you.

The time begins in which My action will reveal more and more the royalty of My Church. From now on, My Church will be with Me wherever I am; she will follow Me wherever I go as it is written in the Revelations.[1] From now on, in all tabernacles, in all sanctuaries, in all portals, in every place where My Glory shines the glory of My Church will shine, too.[2] I speak of My Church, that is, of the one that suffered with Me My death and resurrection and carries the seal of My Kingship: the King’s seal. Continue reading

Feast of Christ the King

24 November 2019

(Translated Audio)

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I wish you happy Feast of Christ the King and I want us all to be in Christ, with Christ and for Christ. In this day we will begin a path that introduces us to the action of Christ in the whole universe.

Today He has spoken to us and we will give you the message as soon as it is copied.[1] He spoke about the Church of the whole Universe that is His Mystical Body; His Church must be His Living Body. It must not be a religious institution; it must live in Christ, for Christ and with Christ.

I want to tell you a few things that relate to today’s readings.[2] In the first reading it says: “All the tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron and said, ‘We are your own flesh and blood’.” The true Christians must be one body with Christ, one living body, otherwise they are not Christians. This is nothing new. It is new for those who fell asleep after baptism. In baptism we are anointed to be priests, prophets and kings. As long as our priesthood, our prophesy and our royalty in the name of Jesus Christ do not manifest themselves with all their power, we have not reached the Christian life in us.

While it is somehow possible to explain the common priesthood and prophesy, it is more difficult to explain royalty. It means to feel fully governed by the all-powerful God; to already feel taken to heaven in spirit with Jesus; to be rooted in it as St. Paul said in his letter to the Colossians: “Giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.” Continue reading