“The Light Point”

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

6 August 2020

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; it is the vigil of the Solemnity dedicated to God the Father, and I am happy that we can approach this Solemnity through the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

As we heard in the Gospel of Matthew[1], Peter, James and John were on Mount Tabor, alone with Jesus, and, as they were praying, Jesus was transfigured. In His Transfiguration everything around Him was enlightened, even the history of salvation. Moses and Elijah were in the glory with Him. Even the Apostles were enlightened and could see the destiny of every human being. Everyone is destined to be like the Son of God in the glory of the Father.

This wonderful episode and all the signs Jesus Christ accomplished and the words He said on Earth were not enough to take the people to the glory of the Father. They are like graces that have to be welcomed to continue the path. There is only one path for every Christian, just as it was for Christ and His Apostles: to renounce oneself and live for God and rise again in God through the Son of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. Going through this process is the condition to receive the Holy Spirit, be resurrected with the power of the Holy Spirit and recognize one’s mission as the Church of the Apostles started the mission of the salvation of all people of good will to lead them to Christ in His glory. The history of salvation has moved forward a lot. God accomplished many works through His Saints and through the righteous, but now we are in the last times, as we have been told, which are preparing the glorious coming of Christ, which will mark the transformation of the humanity that belongs to Him and will lead back to Him all the children of God of good will. Continue reading

“Prepared for the Events”

7 August 2021

By Fr Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; you know that only few messages and reflections have been published in recent times. In the time to come, there will be even fewer. The Lord has asked me to tell you a few things so that you are not surprised about the events.

Today the Father has spoken with all His tenderness and love, but the steps we will have to accomplish will be very important. As Our Lady told us many times, it will be a glorious time for the children of God but a terrible time for those who are not of God. What is it about? It is about a total change in the way we see our relationship with God. Jesus Christ must become the centre of our attention, and only those who follow Him with particular attention and faithfulness to Him will be able to recognize His intermediate presence. Those who belong to Satan have already been judged and will go towards their fate according to their choices; however, that large part of people, who neither choose one nor the other, will experience very, very hard and painful times. Continue reading

I Have Told You Everything

Message of Mary Most Holy – Vigil of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

14 August 2021

I Have Told You Everything

I have told you everything. Now, all I have to do is to assure you that I will always be with you on every path that leads you to God. I will pray for you and offer Myself for you on the Heavenly Altar, in the perennial liturgy of the Church of the Universe. Thank you for every step you took with Me and for your faithfulness to God and Me. I am your Mother, your Queen and your Co-Redemptrix. For you, who love Me, I will be your North Star: in the sea of life, I will always show you the safest route towards Jesus.[1]

“Dearest Children,

I turn to humanity and the Christians of the Earth, especially to those who belong to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”.

After the path I have walked with you in the past years, My long conversation with you ends here. Almighty God has decided that the time of My public manifestation to the humanity of the Earth has ended. I will withdraw into My own dimension, in the Most Holy Trinity, from where I will still continue to help and accompany you. Continue reading

I Leave You in the Hands of My Son

Message of the Father – Solemnity of God the Father

I Leave You in the Hands of My Son

7 August 2021

This is also the TIME OF THE SILENCE OF GOD, of which My Son will speak to you. Silence does not mean that God will not speak anymore, but that He will speak in a different way; I will speak through My Son in the depth of your spirit. The Holy Spirit will make you hear Jesus’ voice within you, and all those who said “yes” at the moment of conception will recognize and follow the voice of the Shepherd.[1]


“Dearest Children,

Thank you for being here once again in this very particular year for all of you and for all humanity. It is a year of transition towards the MESSIANIC TIME, which has already been announced to you and now has to reach its fullness.[2]

I have sent My Son to Earth once more as the Light of the world[3] so that His Light might shine in each one of you, in My people and over the whole Earth. The Light of My Son will also bring out the darkness, and a great battle will take place on this planet. It will be the beginning of a strong clash between light and darkness. This battle will end with the glorious coming of My Son at the end of times, or rather, with His glorious manifestation, because Jesus is already here among you. In this Messianic Time, the star of My Son Jesus must shine on this dark planet in favour of the whole Universe, which is waiting for salvation. Continue reading

“Participating in the Presence of the Living Christ”

26 July 2021

By Father Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I am very happy to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of my priesthood in this time of the intermediate presence of Jesus, which we are experiencing in a very special way here. I believe that all of you, who are present, are feeling it, and therefore it is right to share, talk about and live everything together.

Many wonder what it means to experience the presence of the Lord in this time. The answer is in the Bible: to stand before the living Lord and let oneself be involved in His life to become living people. This is the central point of our reflection, our meditation, which leads us to the depth of the mystery, to our past, to our future and to our today. We can experience this very well in the readings of the Feast of the Saints Joachim and Anne, which enlighten the past[1]; the Gospel enlightens the eternal present[2]; the psalm enlightens all of God’s fulfilling promises[3]; all that is born from God and wants to stay with God and live for God is reborn. The intermediate presence has been announced as preparation, as prelude to the last stage: His glorious manifestation when all the children of God will become resplendent like Him, be transformed and introduced into the new creation. Thus, I will say it again, participating in the presence of Jesus Christ means standing before the living God to let oneself be involved and transformed to become living people. Continue reading

Walk in the Footsteps of the Saints in Communion with Them – You Are Already Living in the Cosmic Pentecost

29 June 2021 – Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

Message of St. Peter the Apostle  

Walk in the Footsteps of the Saints in Communion with Them

In this time, the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is going through a phase of great dynamism because JESUS’ INTERMEDIATE COMING to Earth places all of us on a demanding and dynamic path. We Saints, who are already in God’s Light, also participate in spirit in Jesus’ action on Earth, rescuing the people, as I have just said, but also supporting Jesus in opening the hearts of the people. We can, in fact, help people’s hearts to open up to God and begin to bloom like flowers.

“Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I greet you with the love of God and bring you His peace. Together with my brother, Paul, I would like to embrace all of you and thank this people for the path it has accomplished, for the trials it has overcome and for the faithfulness it has shown to God. Continue reading

“Participating in the Cosmic Passage”

By Fr Tomislav Vlašić

28 June 2021

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, I wish you a good Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul; may we all be united around them and celebrate with the whole Church of the Universe in the Sanctuary of Heaven.

The theme we want to develop today is “Participating in the cosmic passage of humanity”. During the summer months, everyone is in motion: some travel to go on holiday, some go on a pilgrimage, some think of ways to relax, etc. As a result, there is constant movement in our life. As we look at the plants and the animals, we see that they bear much fruit.  However, within us there may be a lot of activity that turns around our ego, our words, our thoughts and our wishes, but that does not bear fruit. Continue reading

“The 40th Anniversary of the Apparitions of the Queen of Peace”

24 June 2021

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I wish you a good Feast of the Queen of Peace. May you be able to receive the graces of this great day. Our Lady has spoken to us on the occasion of the forty years of apparitions in Medjugorje.[1] You will receive the message tomorrow, but I want to give you an overview  so that it is easier for you to read.[2]

First of all, Most Holy Mary emphasized that the decisions made at this time are final. This means that it is necessary to take a sincere, correct inner attitude before God and to participate in His manifestation, in His work of salvation for all of humanity. You know that doctors must take an oath to act right, sincerely, and selflessly. The same goes for scientists, who have to present the truth, not lies or confusing knowledge. So you have an obligation to adopt a right, honest, truthful attitude. Many say that God is a mystery and leave Him aside, but precisely because God is a mystery, they should take an honest, sincere attitude before God since God reveals the mystery out of the mystery to those who are of good will. Continue reading

Forty Years with Me in the Desert of this Earth

Message of Mary Most Holy – Eve of the anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje

Forty Years with Me in the Desert of this Earth

24 June 2021


This year, 2021, the fortieth year of My Apparitions in Medjugorje, the time of preparation ends and the MESSIANIC TIME begins. It is a time of final choices for every one of you and for the entire humanity of the Universe; a time in which God wants to fulfil what He has established from eternity. These forty years, in which you have gone through the desert of this Earth, have produced an extraordinary fruit in you and in those who have been faithful to God and Me: THE INTERMEDIATE COMING OF JESUS of which I have already spoken.[1]


 “Dearest Children,

Forty years have passed since My Apparitions in Medjugorje began. You and I have walked this path together for forty years in the desert of this Earth, and I thank you for this.

The Lord Almighty sent Me to you in that distant 1981 because the Earth was experiencing serious difficulties, and it was on the verge of a nuclear war. The Christians witnessed the shocking attack on Pope John Paul II. Wars and discord were present throughout your humanity. I presented Myself as the Queen of Peace to show you the path towards the true peace; that of My Son Jesus; the only true peace. At that time, I announced to you that those would be My last apparitions on Earth because that was the decision of My Lord, who had entrusted Me with the task of guiding the Christianity of the Earth towards the new times. Continue reading