“The Mystery of the Redemption”

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

13 February 2021

(Translated audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today I want to develop the theme “The Mystery of the Redemption” and celebrate it as people and Church of the whole Universe. During the whole of last year and in the time of Christmas, we participated in a particular way in the life of God. Now, next Wednesday we enter Lent. The path towards the celebration of the Mystery of Redemption begins, which will end with the Ascension; at the Feast of the Holy Trinity the Son of God, the Redeemer, will return to the glory of the Father. This is the path in which we will experience this mystery. I would like to propose some guidelines to open ourselves to Lent, and afterwards the priests who are close to you will accompany you.

Let’s start with the readings of the sixth Sunday cycle B (14 Feb). The first reading from Leviticus speaks of the leper.[1] In the mentality of that time, the leper was not only seen as sick but as a sinner, because leprosy was seen as a consequence of sin. The leper was expelled from communion with the people of God; he was alone, separated, treated without grace.[2] The Gospel of Mark presents the healing of a leper who, kneeling before God, shouted: “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Why did he shout? He shouted from the bottom of his heart because he was also aware of the spiritual evil in him, and Jesus responded compassionately: “I am willing. Be clean!”and the man was healed. After that, Jesus forbade the man to follow him and to speak about it, but only to give testimony, but he proclaimed everywhere the grace of God. Continue reading

Jesus Is Here Among You

Vigil of the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Co-redemptrix of humanity

Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Jesus Is Here Among You

21 February 2021


Jesus is here even though you do not see Him with your eyes. His star is shining more than ever in the Church of the whole Universe and will guide you towards the new times. I will be with you as Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix to help you feel the living and salvific presence of Jesus and transmit His peace to the world because I am the Queen of Peace.[1]


“My Dearest Children,

I thank you for having recognised and welcomed Me as Co-redemptrix of humanity, as I introduced Myself to you a year ago.[2] From then to now, the Earth is no longer the same, nor are you. In fact, the many difficulties that your humanity is going through have not upset you, but have made you mature along your path. Continue reading

The Offering of One’s Life through Mary’s Immaculate Heart

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

11 November 2020

(Translated audio)

In the message of God the Father of 7 August of this year[1], among other things, He indicated to us the beginning of the liturgical year. In the Vigil of the Assumption of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary continued the explanation of the eternal liturgy[2]: a liturgy in the sense of an event that develops over the whole year and leads us to live every feast and the encounter with God intensively. It is clear that God the Father does not want to change the liturgical year, nor does He want to create confusion; however, if we look at it more deeply, we can see that those words contain all that Jesus said in the Gospel: “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” (John 17,3). Another time He said: “If you do not get to the Father; if you do not know the Father, you will not reach fullness.”[3]  

Thus, as Holy Mary explained, the liturgical year is not a series of rites but the flow of life, the elevation of life, including all events and feasts. Therefore, it is right that the liturgical year begins from the Father, who is the Source of Life and the Source of all things, and that the liturgical year culminates in this sense in the encounter with the Father. Continue reading

The Priestly Dimension

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

19 November 2020

(Translated audio)

We are going through this important time with a pandemic that afflicts humanity. This is the time that leads us towards the Solemnity of Christ, the King of the Universe, and Mary, Mother and Queen of the Universe. Advent is about to begin and the year consecrated to the Holy Spirit is about to end. We have been told that the coming  year, 2021, will be a crucial year with many events.

It is of central importance that we recognize the signs of the times in each historical age, every day, in every period of time that we live.[1] For us, who identify ourselves as Christians – this should not be only in words – this always means that we have to recognise both God’s action and that of evil. We have to be able to distinguish between good and evil, between good and the Highest Good. Continue reading

Living the Relationship with God the Father

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

8 November 2020

(Translated audio)

These days, we have often spoken about the times that await us. This is the fruit and the consequence of the events that are taking place and the times we are entering. One of the tasks entrusted to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth is to prepare the glorious Return of Christ, to announce it and to seek to collect the last, the little ones and the fragile; to seek to recuperate what can be recuperated. As St. Paul said: “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season.”[1]

Time is getting short, and the decree against Father Tomislav has somehow accelerated the times. Therefore, you will frequently hear us speak and announce. On this blog, we will publish messages and indications that have been part of our formation in the past years and that have prepared us for all that has happened. Before asking us for something, the Lord has always shown us what was going to happen, after which we have said “Yes” to it, and then our path continued. I think that today’s Gospel[2], of the foolish and the wise virgins, ”Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour,” is suitable for each of us and can also be interpreted personally. However, we can also interpret it by looking at the Earth, at humanity, as a whole. It seems that the Lord is delaying His Glorious Return. Many are tired of waiting; many have lost the right indications, that is, their path. Those oil lamps, that faith, that hope that must be kept alive, have gone off, but then the Lord will come, and you know from the Gospel what happens next. Continue reading

The Ministerial Priesthood

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

5 November 2020

(Translated audio)

Some people have asked us if we could give more information about the ministerial priesthood. First of all, as already explained, the minister is a man who fully lives his baptism and who fully lives his royal priesthood. When I say “he fully lives”, I do not mean that he is perfect and has no weaknesses. He is a man who seeks to live his royal priesthood and his baptism with awareness. Priesthood is a service. The word “minister” means service; it means to serve the priestly people. He is a man who has offered his life to Jesus, through Mary Most Holy, for the people. You understand that the beginning of the path of a man called to priesthood is dying to his selfishness. He must have no personal interests but be focused on the people. His knowledge of Christ, his living for Christ, with Christ and in Christ is for the people; there are no other interests, ambitions or needs. There is no gap that needs to be filled; it is a calling to which one responds in order to serve the people with willingness to give one’s life for the people.

I will say right away that for a ministerial priest it is fundamental that he is deeply united with Mary Most Holy and loves Her profoundly. If he does not feel the need to live in communion with Mary, to feel generated, protected, accompanied and guided by Mary; if he does not need to see Mary, who teaches him the feelings and actions of a priest, thinking that he can do without Her, preferring studies and theology or by emulating the saints, he will not be a good priest. He will not be a priest of Christ. Also, the priest cannot be without the communion with the people. He must not be separated from the people. He must live with the people, be part of the people who have chosen him, because the priest is the response to God’s calling. He has been chosen by the people, who confirm, promote and give him his task.

He is a man anointed by Jesus at the time of conception, by Jesus the High Priest. It is a service that comes forth at the moment of conception. With the anointment, Jesus gives him the grace to offer himself in favour of the people together with Christ.  As I have already said, it is a path that Christ has prepared, and that man can walk because He has prepared it; He was the first to walk that path, and only with Him man can walk that path. Therefore, the priest must be free of everything to serve Jesus in the people. He must be free from fears, conditioning and bonds that could limit the offering of himself and condition him. He must be free for Jesus, only at the service of the people and of no one else, no other structure. He may receive a task from a structure, but with his priesthood – I mean the profound priesthood from conception – he is not at the service of any structure. He serves Jesus for the people.

The path of a ministerial priest must lead him to have the same feelings as Jesus had. These feelings must fully blossom in a priest: feelings of mercy, goodness and justice; feelings that he has to put into practice and exercise towards the people entrusted to him, directly among the people and through his life. Besides offering his life, his first task is to promote the people’s royal priesthood. The task of a minister is to promote the royal priesthood among the people; to indicate the path of holiness to the people. To do this, as I said before, he has to be free. If something conditions him; if he has a duty that is not given by Jesus; if he is bound to someone, if he is afraid, he cannot be free and will not be able to show the path to the people; a path that often means to remain firm and determined, to refuse compromises, staying in the truth.

The priest administers the sacraments. The sacraments serve precisely to walk the path of holiness; they are not an end in themselves. One does not become priest to administer sacraments or to celebrate Mass. The sacraments and the Holy Mass are instruments with which the priest exercises his priesthood in favour of the people, to sanctify the people, to help the people. I will repeat: someone is not a priest because he celebrates the Mass, but because he is the first to live united with Christ. His life is a continuous Mass; it is loving the enemies, blessing the good and the bad, forgiving, serving, offering himself, climbing the cross for the others, having the feelings that Jesus Christ had. This makes someone a priest, not celebrating the Mass.

It is clear that to be able to live like that, the priest must be closely united with Christ. He must love Him, be espoused to Him, be free and think a lot about God’s actions and about Jesus’ life. He must have a close relationship with Mary Most Holy. He must be a man who finds a sense of balance, peace and serenity through silence and meditation. He must fully live what he teaches with complete trust and abandonment in God because he knows that God guides him, that He guides history and every human being. This abandonment is given by the knowledge that God accomplishes all things, that God sanctifies, that God transforms everything even evil into good. Thus, in this, he always finds peace, and this peace makes him a joyful, serene, balanced man. He becomes that because his life is nurtured by the Holy Spirit, by prayer and, above all, by silence. If he does not live like that, he cannot be a priest. Nowadays, priesthood has lost a lot because this is missing, the spirit is missing. Someone may have the desire, and then he may receive the calling, but if he does not nurture the calling, it will cease to burn.

To serve the people and be at the service of Jesus, sometimes the priest needs to escape people. That is because he needs to receive grace from God if he wants to give something to the people. He cannot give of himself, and thus he needs to escape the needs of the people so that he may be able to give when there is a profound need. He must not end up like Aaron who built the golden calf to satisfy the needs of the people.[1]

What must he give to the people? The life of God. He must have the courage to give the life of God, nothing else; to be a stumbling block, a contradiction, but out of love not violence; out of love for the people. He must stay in the Truth, and the Truth is one: God the Father is the Truth; Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Then, he must carry the Truth forward, keep it alive, even if it costs him his life. Also, he must be aware that he is a creature and keep it in mind, even if he is a priest of Christ; even if he has been anointed by Christ; even if he offers himself to Christ, he is a creature, and as such He needs God. As such, he needs God’s forgiveness and the people’s forgiveness. He needs the communion with the people; he needs Mary Most Holy; he needs all the instruments God gives him, because he is a creature; he is not a superman.

As a priest, he cannot have too many activities, however good and useful, because they go beyond his mission as a priest. He may start great works, but he will not do that because he is a priest. He may do those works as a child of God; they are not included in his priestly service. He must believe in this service; he must have faith against all hope. He must know that his prayer, his offering, his continuous transformation, his continuous conversion nurture and protect the people much more than his beautiful words, homilies or works. He must believe in it, because he is not the one who nurtures, but it is his union with Christ that nurtures; it is staying in the will of God that nurtures; it is living his profound identity that nurtures, even in silence and retreat. Jesus Christ showed us the face of the Father and opened the path towards the Father. The minister must walk that path together with Him, following Him, in favour of the others.

So, I think that these may be some indications for understanding the meaning of priesthood. I know they may seem obvious, but at the same time, they are fundamental for a priest. If a priest escapes these basics, he abandons his priestly service. And, as I have already said, being a parish priest, a bishop, etc., does not mean to be fully living one’s priesthood; that is an additional service given by others. To be a priest one has to be united with Christ, live for Christ, with Christ and in Christ for the others. No structure or person can assign the service that Christ entrusts to the priest. From here, a lot can be built, but this is the base from which to start.

I thank you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


[1] See Exodus 32,1-6

“Jesus is present among us”

30 January 2021

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)


Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we thought it was appropriate to anticipate the vigil of the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple so that you may prepare for it because this is an important event for us.

In the pre-conciliar liturgy, the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple meant the end of the Christmas period. It used to be associated with little Jesus, but recently this Feast has been associated with the consecrated of the churches, particularly the religious people; we are a people who are consecrated to God, and all those who want to belong to the Church of the whole Universe must be consecrated; however, not like religious people, which is something very specific, but in the sense of holiness and complete dedication to God’s life in us and through us. Both elements are relevant for us now. Continue reading

The Central Nucleus

The seven groups of the Central Nucleus and their action


The Central Nucleus is one of the extraordinary instruments of God, which acts in favour of all men of good will in these times.

Its members are divided into seven groups, and each of them is headed by an Archangel. Each group has its own mission and a specific task that affects the entire creation. They act in the various fields of human life, such as science, medicine, nature etc.

It is therefore important to know their specific action and to be spiritually united with these instruments in order to be in communion with them and support them with our prayers and the offering of ourselves. Moreover, experiencing communion with them will help us, on this path towards the new creation, to grow in every aspect of life beginning from the Spirit.

For this reason, on each day of the week, we are asked to experience a special communion with one of the Archangels and his group. The days of the week are divided as follows: Continue reading

Wednesday Prayer Intention

Every Wednesday we join the group of the Central Nucleus headed by St. Uriel, which deals with medicine. We pray and offer ourselves in our celebrations for all aspects relating to medicine: for the ill and their families; for those who take care of the ill, wherever and however they do it; for the places particularly connected with diseases and for those who study them in all their aspects; for the healing of the roots and for the balance between spirit, soul and body. We raise all this to Jesus Christ through Mary, and we ask for the blessing and Love of the Most Holy Trinity, abandoning ourselves to the will of God the Father who knows the highest good for every person and every situation. Those who wish can unite with us in prayer and with the offering of themselves.

The Times to Come

Vigil of the consecration to the Most Holy Trinity[1]

16 January 2021


Message of God the Father – The Times to Come

My dear Children, you have decided to renew your solemn consecration to the Most Holy Trinity this year. This is a fundamental event for the whole humanity of the Universe, and it is what I have expected of you as a sign of your faithfulness. Therefore, from your consecration onwards, Jesus will be among you, and a completely new phase of your path will begin. Be ready to welcome His living presence and to be obedient to Him and to the Holy Spirit through Mary Most Holy.


Dearest Children of Mine,

Almost a year has passed since the day in which I have communicated to you the separation of My Church of the Universe from the false Church[2], and this has taken place.[3] In the past year, the Earth has profoundly changed, and your humanity is caught in the grip of the pandemic[4] and the resulting economical and social crises, which affect entire continents and peoples.

Humanity is suffering, but it will not convert. Most people do not remember that they have a Father in Me who could save them and place them back on the right path. On the contrary, people blaspheme and turn to the false gods to obtain liberation from the adversities that torment them. Continue reading