Life Without God Is Not Life

(taken from “Life Without God Is Not Life – Messages of the Mother of Humanity to Stefania Caterina”, p. 25, Luci dell’Esodo)

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 November 2017

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE WITHOUT GOD IS NOT LIFE. If you leave God outside of your existence, you do not live, but you limit yourselves to surviving. Only God gives a meaning to your existence because only in Him do you understand who you are, where you come from and towards what you are going.

You are children of God, and it is the Holy Spirit who reveals that to you. When you are born, you are immediately able to recognise the love of your mother and to love her. Who taught you to love and to feel loved? God, who is Love. And because you are created in His image and likeness you are called to love. Therefore, the Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit and instructs it; slowly and gradually He reveals you the existence and the action of God in you and leads you to perceive a higher Love, which fills your life beyond your merits and imperfections. In this way, you become able to believe in God, to love and feel loved.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Many of you, as you grow up, forget the Love that has created you, and you never start to believe in God. This may be caused by the environment, the circumstances or the personal choices. Thus, the love for the One and Triune God is replaced by other kinds of love and idols before which a large part of your humanity prostrates itself in these times.

Children, outside of the true God you are lost and you no longer know who you are. […]”

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Accompanying the Lord

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

26 November 2022

34th Week of Ordinary Time – Cycle II
Rev 22, 1-7; Ps 94; Lk 21, 34-36

(Translated audio)

Tomorrow the Advent season begins, and Advent is always a time of hope, a time of waiting and a time that gives us profound joy. It is interesting to see that, until today, all readings focused on the end times, on all that prepares the glorious return of Christ. Then, all of a sudden, we have moved on to this time of waiting and hope.

The whole cycle of readings has made us walk forward; the Word of God has become ever clearer to us and God’s thoughts have awakened more and more in us since the Word of God has the power to do this. However, it is a power that acts to the extent that we are open to accepting it, to the extent we place the Kingdom of God and His justice at the centre of our life.

During Advent, we expect the Messiah. Two thousand years ago, people were waiting for the Messiah; they knew that He was the One who would pave the way and free the people. By some He was awaited in the right way, by others according to their own ideas; however, we may see that after two thousand years, history is still at the same crossroads. The Messiah has come; Jesus Christ has paved the way; sin and death have been defeated. The hope for the coming of the Messiah that people had two thousand years ago must now have another meaning: now, that hope has become a certainty. Now, Christians should not announce the expectation of the Messiah to the world as two thousand years ago, but the living presence of Christ. They should proclaim all He has done in these two thousand years and His glorious return. They should be bearers of hope in a hopeless world. Yet, I do not think this is happening. Continue reading

The Kingdom of Christ in You and Among You

(taken from “Towards the New Creation 2018-2019”, p. 94, Luci dell’Esodo)

Message of Mary Most Holy of 25 November 2019, Feast of Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Universe

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for celebrating My Queenship today. I am pleased to be among you as Mother and Queen. Nevertheless, the King and the Queen need a kingdom; they need the Kingdom of God.

Children, what is the Kingdom of God? It is not an unlikely, abstract or poetic idea; the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Christ in you and among you. Why is His Kingdom late in coming? Because the Lord cannot fully reign in the people of the Earth. Only when you allow Jesus to reign in you, will the Kingdom of God manifest itself among you.

Unfortunately, the Christians of the Earth have understood very little of all this. They are waiting for the Kingdom of God as something that will suddenly and magically descend from above, but that is not so. My Son told you that the Kingdom of God is among you.[1] This means that when you are immersed in God’s Love and fully live the offering of yourselves to Him with integrity and in communion among you and with the whole universe, the King can reign in you. When My Son, Jesus, is the sovereign in you, then the Kingdom of God will also be among you. […]”

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[1] See Luke 17,20-21

The Profound Meaning of the Scriptures

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

6 November 2022

32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – Cycle C

Readings: 2Mac 7, 1-2. 9-14; Sal 16; 2Thess 2, 16-3, 5; Lk 20, 27-38

This Sunday’s readings speak of the resurrection, of life after death, but also look at how God views the family.

Notice that the whole message of Jesus and that of St. Paul emphasize that we have to be aware that the passage through this world will lead us to eternal life and to discovering that we are children of God. The most well-known phrases of the Gospel express it like this: “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” He goes so far as to say: “Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it” (Mt 10,37-38, NIV). Among the many statements made by Paul, this one is particularly strong: “And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ” (Rom 8,9).

In the end, a clear division appears. On the one hand, there are those who choose to know the Father and the One whom the Father has sent[1], making this the purpose of their life; on the other hand, there are those who pass through this world, praying and going to Mass, yet focusing on the things of this world, even holy ones like the family.

Already in the Old Testament, as we read in the second Book of Maccabees[2], there was the rule of putting God in the first place: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment” (Mt 22,37-38). Yet, they condemned people because of their faithfulness to the command to put God in the first place, to worship the only true God. The passage we have read clearly shows the great faith of a mother who understood that true love for her children was to accept that they were tortured and killed if only they remained faithful to the law of God. Continue reading

Consecration to Mary, Mother and Queen of the Universe

To You, Queen and Mother of the Universe,
we entrust the universal Church,
on the eve of new times and new pathways
that God’s people will have to undertake.

We entrust to You,
and we consecrate to Your Immaculate Heart,
all the angels who lie down before You,
oh full of grace,
like the Archangel Gabriel lay down before You.

To Your Immaculate Heart
we consecrate the whole human race
throughout the Universe,
every son of God who seeks life.

In Your womb, oh Mother,
You generate and nurture
every man of good will,
every creature of God.

To You we entrust the living and the dead,
who look towards You
with love and hope
on their path of purification
towards the light of the truth
and the fullness of paradise.

To You we entrust all creatures, generated
by God’s love and created for His glory.
In Your Heart, oh Mary,
may they be transformed
and may the evil of Satan
be distanced from creation.

Oh Queen and Mother of the Universe,
may Your Immaculate Heart
be our fortress
and the pledge of future good.

May Your Immaculate Heart
be strength and protection
for the whole of God’s Church.

Receive our offering,
our love and our gratitude.
We subject ourselves
to the spirit that lies in You,
the Spirit of God, pure and immaculate,
which gives life to the Universe.

We invoke Your most powerful protection
for the whole universal Church,
especially for those who, during this time,
are about to receive the grace and gift
of opening up the pathway to humanity.

Blessed and praised
be Your Name
throughout the Universe!
We wholeheartedly place our trust in You.
You will know how to open up the pathway to us,
because You are the Mother of the new times.


Consecration to Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Before You,
oh Jesus Christ, King of the Universe,
we place our whole selves
and everything that has been entrusted to us.

We subject to Your regal and priestly power
the whole universal Church,
which You will guide towards fullness,
because You are the only
and supreme Shepherd.

Nobody can guide God’s people but You.
You are above
all angels and Archangels,
and all creatures.
You are the all-powerful God,
King and Lord of the Universe.

Receive our thanks
for having created us,
and for the redemption
that You have accomplished.
Thank you for what You are now fulfilling,
so that the enemy of good
might be defeated forever.

Welcome our total consecration to Your Spirit.
We want to be obedient to You,
our King,
who create and govern the Universe,
and continuously re-create all things.

We invoke Your help,
Your protection,
the strength of Your Holy Spirit,
to announce You, dead and risen,
who are seated
at the glorious right hand of the Father.

May Your Spirit
animate us in our mission.
May the announcement of new life,
generated and continuously renewed
through You,
reach every man.


The King’s seal

(taken from “Towards the New Creation 2018-2019”, p. 91, Luci dell’Esodo)

Message of Jesus of 24 November 2019, Feast of Christ the King

“My dear Children,

Thank you for being here and for solemnly celebrating My Kingship. I assure you that this does not occur very often because many Christians are distracted, seeking other kings that belong to the world: king money, king selfishness, king sex, power, pleasure etc. These kings obscure My Kingship in the minds and souls of many Christians. However, this should not happen to you.

I want My Kingship to shine in the new people, in My Church of the whole Universe, and this must take place powerfully. My Kingship must shine in the whole of My Church, in the whole Universe and in this little remnant of the Earth that proclaims itself ‘Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe’. If you belong to the Church of the King, My Kingship must shine in you.

The time begins in which My action will reveal more and more the royalty of My Church. From now on, My Church will be with Me wherever I am; she will follow Me wherever I go as it is written in the Revelations.[1] From now on, in all tabernacles, in all sanctuaries, in all portals, in every place where My Glory shines the glory of My Church will shine, too.[2] I speak of My Church, that is, of the one that suffered with Me My death and resurrection and carries the seal of My Kingship: the King’s Seal. […]”

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[1] See Rev 14,4

[2] With this act the Lord gathers His Church, His Mystical Body, and invites her to offer herself continuously to Him through the Immaculate Heart of Mary to give a righteous response and participate in the universal communion. The Church attracts all and all are called to join “The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” to accelerate the glorious coming of the Lord and to enter the new creation.

Jesus Christ is the Lord

(taken from “Beyond the Great Barrier” by Stefania Caterina, Ed. Luci dell’Esodo, p. 31)

On countless occasions it has been repeated to me that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the universe. Everything must be subjected to him, so that He might establish his kingdom and deliver it to the Father at the end of time. All the explanations that I have been given, put the figure of Jesus Christ at the centre, as the Lamb and the Supreme Priest, the Supreme Shepherd. He will lead the whole of the humanity of the universe to God the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

(Stefania Caterina)

This is how the Holy Spirit speaks of Christ’s priesthood:

“Christ’s priesthood is regal and universal. It is regal because Jesus Christ is the King of the universe, the King of Kings. Why the King of the universe? It is He who reigns over the universe because He is the Word of God. The whole universe draws its existence from Him, because through Him everything was created and redeemed. With his sacrifice, Christ drew everything to himself, as He Himself said[1]. This makes him a King. His royalty extends not only over the earth but to the whole universe. Christ’s kingdom lives for the whole of eternity.  For now his kingdom is only a seed. It will become a solid reality at the end of time, when everything will be subjected to Him, and He will hand the Kingdom over to his Father. Christ is King because he sums up everything within himself to bring it to the Father.”

(Holy Spirit 26/10/2002)

[1] Cfr. John 12, 32

Reflection “Overcoming Death”

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

28 April 2015

Dearest brothers and sisters, I hope we have not upset you when we showed you the action of the devil – you need to know him in life.[1] Unfortunately, today’s people, even Christians do not know this reality or are confused in these things. We had to insert it into the reflections about how to overcome death. As I said, if we do not overcome death, we do not overcome the devil; If we do not overcome the influence of the spirit of evil, we cannot overcome death. They are connected with each other.

We want to continue to speak about our topic “Overcoming death“, which is developed in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, in the chapter “The First Death” on page 268.[2] I would like to advise you to prepare for every reflection by consecrating yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the burning heart of St. Joseph so that your thoughts and perceptions may raise up to Christ. Invoke the holy Angels of God so that they may help you become open to Him and protect you, according to His will, against false visions, false perceptions and the spiritual confusion of today’s world. I bless you; may you feel that we bless and accompany you in all your reflections and in your daily lives. Let us listen to the passage we have chosen for today, and then conclude with a reflection.

The First Death

“There is a first death that man must overcome in order to enter into salvation. It is death to himself, a renunciation of his own selfishness. It is selling what he possesses in order to follow Jesus Christ. Continue reading

All Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

1 November 2022

Solemnity of All Saints

Rev 7:2-4, 9-14; Ps 24; 1Jn 3:1-3; Mt 5, 1-12

(Translated audio)

The Solemnity we celebrate today, All Saints’ Day, is directly linked to tomorrow’s feast[1] as the two form a unity. I think that we often celebrate today’s Feast with joy, but tomorrow’s with a kind of sadness, while these two Feasts form a unity and transmit something to us. They clearly show us the difference in the response to God; however, those we celebrate today and those we remember tomorrow are all children of God. Finally, St. John says in the reading: “Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known” (1 Jn 3:2). Today’s Saints reveal this a little bit to us.

Today we celebrate those who let themselves be completely transformed by grace, by the mind of Christ, by Love. They have let themselves be transformed into new human beings by the situations of life through their unreserved “yes” to God. Tomorrow we remember and pray together with those who also have the desire to become new people but still have set certain limits to the action of grace. Yet, but even in purgatory, where they are now, the transformation of their mind continues until they are new beings; however, like us (I count myself among them) those in purgatory and the Saints of today, are all holy, since they are children of Him who is Holy.[2]

All of us, the Saints of today and those we celebrate tomorrow, want to participate in the banquet of the Lamb.[3] We want to follow Him all the way through and let Him work unhindered. However, I repeat that through these two Feasts (and I hope I can explain it) the difference in their response to God becomes clear. On the one hand, there are those who have a strong mind, or ego, who cannot be transformed, who cling to many things and have many personal limits that they offer to God; on the other hand, there are the Saints we celebrate today. Continue reading