The instruments of God in this time

Dearest Readers,

I am writing a few lines to help you better understand God’s action through the special instruments he has chosen for these times. I hope you will understand God’s action through these instruments. In this way, you will also be able to accept the message of next month, which will be asking of us all a concrete step.

God has called Mary Most Holy, the Apostles and the Disciples of Christ to gather in the Cenacle for Pentecost, so that, through the Church, the news of salvation could be given to the whole universe. In our time, Jesus has prepared three particular instruments for the cosmic Pentecost,[1] in order to recapitulate in Him the entire universe, and place it in the hands of God the Father. Thus, salvation will be brought to completion.

These instruments act on the level of the pure spirit. They do not impose themselves, nor do they counter anyone, except evil. They carry the power that separates light from darkness, grain from weed.[2] They attract every soul of good will and help it to enter the dimension of pure spirit. Those who choose Jesus Christ and unite with His Spirit receive power and are introduced in the cosmic Pentecost. The people of God will be strengthened, and God will gradually attract all men of good will. Therefore, the entire humanity will be freed from slavery and corruption.

All this is not in contrast with the Church’s mission, but brings everyone to the destination announced by Jesus. The action of these three instruments is like yeast that makes the people grow in Spirit. The power of God also involves people outside the Church; everyone will be touched and will have to give a response to the only God.

From what has been explained to me, this is the Church that descends from heaven, God’s life in our midst, as it is between the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit. Then, we will finally enter the new creation,[3] and the universal Church will be the living Eucharist, the manifestation of the Most Holy Trinity.

I greet and bless you in Christ.

Stefania Caterina

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“My Father is at work until now, so I am at work” (Jn 5,17)

A dutiful introduction

Dearest Readers,

The messages Jesus is dictating me these days and that will be published in the next months, definitely trace the path towards the events awaiting us. Therefore, I felt I had the duty to write this introduction, to help you to enter more deeply in the subject you will be reading.

Up to today I shared with you the revelations I received from God. In my first book, “Beyond the Great Barrier” which ends with the 15th chapter entitled “The new Creation”, I amply presented to you the central message of the revelations received, that is:  recapitulate in Christ all things in heaven and on earth. I tried to lead you to the events that have to do with the Earth and the universe. These days, Jesus told me that in the next months He wants to prepare us to face those events awaiting us in the immediate future.

How to face such events? I believe that in these years, through the many explanations I received and I communicated to you, we obtained the grace of understanding the interior walk which prepares us to enter the mind of Christ and to understand the mystery of God and of life, to elevate and transform us to the point of becoming new creatures. I spoke to you about this spiritual pathway in particular in the book Rewrite History – Vol. 1 In the mind of God. Furthermore, you have been accompanied by the messages published every month on this site; these messages continue and they introduce us, more and more, to a serious phase of preparation and decision making.

I cannot comment on these messages. Jesus himself and his Holy Spirit will explain them to you in your heart. An answer is expected from you to understand the words that you will read. Finally, it is up to each one of us to commit ourselves, for the Earth and for the whole universe, so that the promises of God may be realized.

The message you received through me is for all men of good will, Christian or Non-Christian, believers or non-believers. I personally don’t feel like imposing anything to anyone; I do not even want to impose Jesus Christ. I simply want to be a faithful witness to the living God in front of every man and every creature. Regarding Jesus Christ the Bible affirms: “…whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom he also created the worlds. He is the reflection of God’s glory and the exact imprint of God’s very being, and he sustains all things by his powerful word.” (Heb 1, 2b-3). This “exact imprint of God’s very being” will manifest itself in front of us before or after our death and everyone will have to give his answer if he accepts or not the eternal truth. He will have to pronounce a YES or NO. No one will be able to escape.

In the time which lies before us Jesus will operate with great power of the Holy Spirit within our Spirit to guide humanity to salvation. He will search for the persons of good will, believers or non-believers.

Together with all those who participate in this program I offer myself to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary and pray for you. I hope that you too adhere to the same program to become the big hope of humanity who, without God, will only plunge in confusion and desperation.

In leaving you to the word of Jesus I greet you and bless you in Christ.

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