The instruments of God in this time

Dearest Readers,

I am writing a few lines to help you better understand God’s action through the special instruments he has chosen for these times. I hope you will understand God’s action through these instruments. In this way, you will also be able to accept the message of next month, which will be asking of us all a concrete step.

God has called Mary Most Holy, the Apostles and the Disciples of Christ to gather in the Cenacle for Pentecost, so that, through the Church, the news of salvation could be given to the whole universe. In our time, Jesus has prepared three particular instruments for the cosmic Pentecost,[1] in order to recapitulate in Him the entire universe, and place it in the hands of God the Father. Thus, salvation will be brought to completion.

These instruments act on the level of the pure spirit. They do not impose themselves, nor do they counter anyone, except evil. They carry the power that separates light from darkness, grain from weed.[2] They attract every soul of good will and help it to enter the dimension of pure spirit. Those who choose Jesus Christ and unite with His Spirit receive power and are introduced in the cosmic Pentecost. The people of God will be strengthened, and God will gradually attract all men of good will. Therefore, the entire humanity will be freed from slavery and corruption.

All this is not in contrast with the Church’s mission, but brings everyone to the destination announced by Jesus. The action of these three instruments is like yeast that makes the people grow in Spirit. The power of God also involves people outside the Church; everyone will be touched and will have to give a response to the only God.

From what has been explained to me, this is the Church that descends from heaven, God’s life in our midst, as it is between the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit. Then, we will finally enter the new creation,[3] and the universal Church will be the living Eucharist, the manifestation of the Most Holy Trinity.

I greet and bless you in Christ.

Stefania Caterina

Message of Jesus of 5 September  2011

“Dearest children, I am again with you. I wish to continue to speak about the times in which you are living to deepen the aspect of My action.

I have already told you that everything that exists must be recapitulated in Me in order to be freed from corruption, transformed and definitely led to the new creation at the end of times. However, it is a gradual process that has already begun and proceeds very fast, because the situation in which many humanities of the universe are, particularly that of the Earth, is serious, and the Father wants to intervene through Me to save His children wherever they are. Therefore, the action of the Most Holy Trinity is becoming more and more intense in the universe and is destined to be increasingly revealed to the eyes of those who have faith and wish to cooperate in this action.

God never acts alone, even though He is the Omnipotent. He has chosen, in fact, to act by making use of the collaboration of His creatures, and this is a sign of His trust in them. God considers His creatures capable of working in unison with Him, and this should make you understand the dignity of each one of you, despite the limitations and the personal fragility of every creature. God looks over the structural limit of His creatures, making sure that His power and His grace fill every deficiency, provided that each creature recognises its limits and subjects itself lovingly to divine guidance. The absolute faithfulness to God and availability to cooperate with Him, make every creature capable of going beyond the limits it finds within and around itself.

God uses each one of you, if you are willing to offer yourselves totally to Him. He uses you according to your abilities, which are not the same in everyone, because God never expects more than each person can do.  Each one of you is like a precious vase, suited to contain the power and the grace of the Creator. There are larger and smaller vases among the people of God, according to the wisdom of the One Who formed them. Everyone, however, is destined to be completely filled by the love and greatness of God, and thus reach fullness, independently from their size. This can only happen if someone is willing to let himself be filled. Thus, reaching fullness in being and acting, is proportional to your freedom, to your response to faith, to the faithfulness and availability to God, who never forces you, nor compels you to accept His gifts if you do not want them.

All creatures are important and precious to God; however, God involves some creatures much more than others for the benefit of all His people because their structure and their response enable them to perform more demanding tasks. Those are the great instruments of God that He uses for your good. Some of them have always been used; others have been involved in particular phases of the history of the universe such as the present time. It is exactly about these instruments I want to talk to you today.

First, however, I want you to understand something very important: each of you performs actions that take place in the physical body, which produce effects especially in the material world, like the things you do every day. There are also actions that are carried out in spirit. For example, when you pray for someone, your action is on a spiritual level and touches the spirit of those for whom you pray. The same happens when you forgive someone: your action on the spiritual level produces beneficial effects in the spirit of those who have been forgiven. These actions are invisible but they exist and are very powerful because they deeply affect everything they touch. God always makes use of His instruments, both spiritually and physically, according to their nature, the necessity and His will.

The instrument usually used by God is His people, that is, the Church. When I speak about the Church, I am not referring to a human organisation, based on laws and hierarchy. I speak about the holy, royal and priestly people of God who accepts and incarnates My word, and becomes witness of My death and resurrection, and thus also carries out a prophetic ministry for the benefit of the entire humanity.[4] My Church is composed of all those who sincerely offer themselves to God and accept Me as the Son of God and the Redeemer.

Besides His people, there are other instruments used by God according to the particular necessities and the historical times humanity is going through.

In these times, God is using three instruments in particular. They are very powerful and work in unison with Me in different dimensions of the universe. They support Me in My work so that all creation may be recapitulated in Me. I want you to be aware of the action of these instruments so that you feel in communion with them and support them with your prayer.

  • The first great instrument of these times are the hosts of angels, with Saint Michael the Archangel as their head. Next to him are the other six very powerful Archangels: Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Uriel, Saint Jehudiel, Saint Sealtiel and Saint Barachiel. Those are the seven Archangels. All other angels, from the smallest to the greatest, belong to seven hosts, each headed by one of the seven Archangels.[5]The latter are priests who celebrate the Heavenly Liturgy, to which the Liturgy of the Earth is also connected. They continuously offer to God the entire creation, the prayers and the sacrifices of the people of God.

The seven great Archangels are before the heavenly throne. They contemplate incessantly the face of God and are filled with His light; they reflect this light upon all the people of God. They intercede for you all, they open the way to those who wish to serve the Most Holy Trinity and they protect creation. They set off from the throne of God to carry out the missions God has entrusted to them; there is no dimension of the universe that they cannot access. In these times, Saint Michael received the task from Me to give firmness to My people in every part of the universe and particularly on the Earth. He will help My children to pass through the purification awaiting humanity; he will protect them from the attacks of evil.

I gave to Saint Michael the power to separate light from darkness among My people: there will no longer be any hypocrisy among those who call themselves believers and invoke My name.

Especially My people on Earth must be purified from too many ambiguities and compromises with the spirit of the world. You will have to choose: either totally with Me, or against Me! I am not referring to your human weaknesses, which I understand and forgive. I mean betrayal, lies, interests and desires contrary to My Spirit, which are snaking among the Christians and soiling My name. Saint Michael will make no allowance to those who lie before God, who bless with their lips and curse in their heart, and sell the righteous for a few coins. Saint Michael also received the task of preparing My return; he is My precursor in these times, and knows very well how to instruct those who are entrusted to him.

The seven great Archangels along with their hosts incessantly travel the universe. From the beginning, and now more than ever, it is up to the angels to open the path to the people of good will to announce the events that are to come to help them understand what God is preparing. Between angels and man the deep communion designed by God from the beginning must revive. In the plan of God, people and angels are called to govern together, in the name of God, the entire creation, each with his own originality and mission.

The angels, who are rejected by many Christians on Earth, will become visible and perceivable for those who belong to God and are truly faithful to Him. They will manifest themselves in dreams and visions as never before, with the purpose of preparing the spirit of the righteous, making them participants of My work.

Pray, therefore, to the angels and keep yourselves close to them, consider them as friends of light, who take care of you and want to be near you. I assure you that you will receive great benefit from the communion with them.

  • The second instrument consists of a group of people that I have called to a particular task, choosing them from different humanities of the universe including the Earth.

These brothers and sisters of yours are united in My Spirit and mainly act in spirit. They form a compact nucleus that works together with the seven great Archangels; Saint Michael is the head of this nucleus and responsible for it before God.

You know that each body is formed by innumerable cells and that each must function in order to keep the entire organism alive. The same happens with the people of God: every faithful, every group that unites to live the communion in Me, forms a cell that gives life to My Mystical Body. The group of people I am talking about has been chosen to be a particularly active cell, able to activate many others. I call it the “Central Nucleus”, because it is a fundamental part of My action in these times, and it develops its power at the centre, that is, in the heart of My people.

They are not a large number of people; the Central Nucleus does not exceed fifty individuals, nor does it include individuals more worthy or more gifted than others. It is a group of people who have shown their readiness in responding to My invitation and to remain loyal to it, despite the many trials that they will have to face. God never looks at the merit of a person when he calls him or her, but he searches the depth of the spirit. He looks for sincerity, docility and obedience to the Spirit, which is the first obedience, as well as love and absolute faithfulness to Him, which lead man to choose God above everything and every human interest. The Central Nucleus is made of this kind of people, to whom I was able to entrust a special mission for these times.

What is the mission of the members of the Central Nucleus? First of all, the offering of their life to God for each other, forming the first nucleus of the universe where men and women, who belong to different planets, work side by side for the Kingdom of God and live the universal communion. It is the power of God that makes this communion possible beyond any physical distance, making it intensely active for the benefit of the entire people of God. One day, it will be so for everyone, because the humanity spread on many planets, will have to be reunited and form again one people of God; one flock, one  shepherd.[6] It will be a gradual process in which the Central Nucleus opens the path to the people of God towards the universal communion.

The members of the Central Nucleus are united in a special way with the priesthood of the seven great Archangels, as it shall happen for My entire people: the royal priesthood of My faithful, in fact, will not be able to be separated from the communion with the priesthood of the seven Archangels, which guarantees full communion with the Heavenly Liturgy.

The Central Nucleus travels across the universe and brings everywhere the news of salvation, so that every person may come to know Me and believe in Me, be baptised in My name and become aware of My action in these times and of the necessity to be recapitulated in Me.

The members of the Central Nucleus work in the universe in spirit but also physically, because many of them belong to very advanced humanities, who have always been able to travel distances that are impossible to travel for you. So, if one cannot reach a place, another will. It is My wish that these brothers of yours act powerfully wherever there is the need.

The Central Nucleus touches in spirit all the dimensions of the universe, the living and the deceased, and openly faces the forces of evil in order to protect the people of God and open the path to each person of good will. The mission of the Central Nucleus is delicate and very demanding; for this reason, it enjoys the benefit of a very special protection.

All the members of the Central Nucleus are called to offer their lives to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, without conditions or compromises, for the good of all the people. They are called to take upon themselves the crosses of humanity, not to be overcome by them, but to offer them to God, to transform them into the victory of My Resurrection; for this reason they must incessantly walk My path, united with Me, to continuously pass from death to resurrection. Thus, they intercede for the benefit of the living and the deceased.

Within the members of the Central Nucleus, the spiritual paternity and maternity are utterly alive and active. They are fathers and mothers of humanity, because God’s life flows powerfully through them and communicates itself to many souls. This is why they live a special communion with Mary Most Holy and Saint Joseph; they are called to love every man, without making distinctions between races and peoples. Every child of God is entrusted to their paternity and maternity without any preference.

The Central Nucleus does not place itself above anyone, nor does it substitute the Church, that is, the people of God; they are simply called to offer themselves to God and to act according to His orders to give vigour, energy and impulse to the life of the whole Church, opening always new spaces for My people’s mission.

The Central Nucleus supports and protects the people of God, but it is not a hierarchical institution because it lives according to the pure Laws of the Spirit, which do not foresee hierarchies but services. It carries out a service but does not impart orders to anyone, except to the forces of evil who must bend in front of the power that it emanates. Nor does it take orders from any human hierarchy, because it is under My direct authority and I will use it according to My will. Aren’t I allowed to do it? Aren’t you calling Me Lord? Then let Me do what I have to do.

The Central Nucleus is a gift of My Heart to humanity, if you want to accept it. You are not obliged to believe what I am telling you because you are free. Besides, I know you well: you weigh each of My words on the little scale of your interests, your wisdom, your doctrine and of human, religious and social conveniences. Therefore, do what you think is right. However, you must know that if you refuse this gift, you will find yourselves in difficulties later on, because time is running fast and My action is just as quick. If you do not unite with the instruments designed for these times, you risk finding yourselves unprepared before the changes that are awaiting you. It is very important for you to be united with these instruments. Thus, I advise you to feel in communion with the Central Nucleus. No great works are asked of you, but to be spiritually one with these instruments, through prayer and the offering of yourselves to God. You will certainly draw much benefit from it.

It is not important how much of My action you are able to see or understand; for now, your docility and your readiness in faith are the important things. One day, everything will be revealed to you in its fullness, because God is Light and does not keep secrets; nonetheless, He protects His gifts until the people is mature enough to fully accept them. Therefore, for the time being, the action of these instruments is silent, but it will gradually manifest itself. In God, everything occurs gradually and with order, without traumas and without scandals.

  • The third instrument is constituted by the faithful humanities that are living on different planets. They are the humanities whose progenitors chose to serve God from the beginning and who did not commit original sin.[7]Thus, their living conditions are totally different from yours, because evil did not enter into them; they preserved many of the original prerogatives at the spiritual level as well as at the physical one. Their civilization evolved quickly, and they have much superior knowledge than yours in all fields. They are men like you and they also wait to be finally reunited with all the brothers and sisters scattered all over the universe in order to enter with them into the new creation.[8]

These brothers love you very much and put themselves at God’s disposal to help you. Many times, they have been sent by God to help you, especially at the dawn of your history, when your ancestors were hardly able to survive. They are still helping you today, and they repair many of the evils you cause to yourselves and to your planet. They watch upon you on God’s orders and intervene, without your knowledge, when too great a danger hangs over you. In fact, they are able to act without being seen by you or your instruments; they have done, and still do, a lot for you.  They never act on their own initiative, but always on God’s orders and in close collaboration with the hosts of angels, through whom they receive all directions in order to work according to the wishes of God.

Now the time has come for the action of these faithful humanities to be intensified for the benefit of all those who, like you, find themselves in the most disadvantaged situations. Their spiritual and physical skills and their wealth of scientific and technological knowledge will be of great help in these times. These brothers of yours will be sent to visit many planets, including yours. At first, they will manifest themselves to those among you who are ready to accept them. They will help you to develop the faculties of the soul, necessary for your mission, which are dormant in each of you and need to be awakened through very deep and delicate spiritual and physical processes. If you are open to My Spirit, you will receive great help from these brothers. I will not be sending them to those who wish to know them out of curiosity, and even less to those who want to use their skills to dominate others.

Know that the time is over where the people take advantage of God’s gifts; from now on graces will be given to those who wish to belong to Me and to be recapitulated in Me and to those who are willing to offer Me their lives with absolute sincerity and faithfulness. Those who are not ready to do this, and do not long for God, will also lose the graces they have received for free. Thus, My words will come true: “For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away” (Matt 25,29).

After they have finished visiting those who have been judged ready, these brothers and sisters of the universe will manifest themselves to the entire humanity of the Earth and the other planets. It will be an absolutely peaceful manifestation, meant solely to awaken that part of humanity that is undecided and sceptical. Many will be awakened, and they will be instructed and helped in everything.

However, for the enemies of God it will be a terrible day. Not even against those people will the faithful  brothers make use of weapons or any violence, but their manifestation will definitely destabilise the plan of Lucifer and his followers to conquer the universe. The devil’s followers have worked for centuries in order to realise these plans, but they will have to surrender to the superiority of the humanities faithful to God and to their absolute dedication to God. For Lucifer it will be the beginning of the end, because he will no longer be able to keep his empty promises to become lord of the universe, to subject all humanity to him and to give powers and privileges to his servants.

The children of God, instead, will rejoice about the communion with the brothers and sisters of other planets who love God in the same way, who have the same desire to offer their lives to Him and to serve Him faithfully. You will rejoice and My Heart will also rejoice; it will be the beginning of your liberation.

I will stop here for today, but do not be afraid! I will guide you gradually through the events that I have told you; if you trust Me, you will not be unprepared. I do not expect great works from you but the willingness to offer yourselves to Me, giving up any human interest and calculation. Your future is in the hands of God. You can only face it by entrusting yourselves to Him.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] I was told that the annunciation of the salvation will also be brought beyond the Earth to the entire universe through the powerful action of the Holy Spirit. It will be a cosmic Pentecost. I talked about the action of God and the cosmic Pentecost in my book “Riscrivere la storia – Vol. 1 – Nel pensiero di Dio”, Luci dell’Esodo 2010, chapter 6. This book is available in Italian and Croatian (“Ispisati povijest – Svezak I – U Božjoj misli”)

[2] See Mt 13

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