29th Week in Ordinary Time – Cycle II

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

Saturday 22 October 2022

Readings of the day: Eph 4, 7-16; Ps 121; Lk 13, 1-9

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There is a connection, which may not be immediately noticeable, between the Gospel and St. Paul. The connection is the description of what matters in life; the connection is the explanation of what the Church is, who is Church and who is part of the Church.

Some people went to tell Jesus about the people killed by Pilate[1], and perhaps they wanted Him to say something against Pilate. Instead, He spoke to those who came to Him, giving two examples: “Unless you repent,” – which means unless you are transformed“you too will all perish” (Eph 13,3-5). He wants to say: if you have not understood why you came into the world, why God placed you here on Earth, why you came to live with a mission and an identity at this time, you will perish in the same way. He means that it does not matter if a tower falls over you or Pilate kills you; or, in my own words: if you get under a car, if you die of a tumour or a tree falls on you. If you are not in a process of transformation while this is happening to you, you will all perish in the same way. These are Jesus’ words.

He also gives the example of the fig tree (Jesus does not seem to get along well with fig trees). In this part of the Gospel, He wants to remove it, but the vinedresser asks him, “Wait another year. Let me try.”[2] Continue reading

The Lord Will Come With All His Saints

taken from the

Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 31 October 2020, Vigil of the Solemnity of All Saints

(published also in “Towards the New Creation, vol. 7, 2020”)

“Tomorrow you celebrate the solemnity of All Saints. I invite you to enter into a living relationship with them in these times. Thus, their presence beside you, especially in the Eucharistic Celebrations, will be increasingly alive and palpable. I do not only refer to the Saints in Paradise, but also to all those who live for Christ and in Christ on all inhabited planets. Together you form one Body because one is the Spirit that unites you.

The Lord expects form His Church of the whole Universe an increased commitment to the battle against the devil and his hosts. I invite you to intensify your work of evangelising the Earth, using the spiritual means that have been shown to you in recent years:

  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire.
  • Offering of the suffering and prayer for them and for the last, the forgotten, the dying and the deceased. Offer to God the Father, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, all the sufferings of the children of God and the victims of evil, especially of the pandemic which is afflicting the Earth. I ask the priests of this Church to absolve in spirit all those who are about to die and those who want to repent; the Holy Spirit will ensure that the fruit of your actions reaches the recipients. God will reward you.
  • Forgiveness and prayer for all, friends and enemies, according to the teachings of our Master and Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Incessant prayers for the rulers of the Earth who are of good will and who sincerely desire the good of the peoples.
  • Communion with the extraordinary instruments and the whole Church of the Universe. There where you cannot reach, others will reach thanks to the universal communion.
  • The wish to love and serve the Most Holy Trinity and the firm refusal to belong to evil.

The points I have indicated to you will not only serve to evangelise the Earth but also be real exorcism. In fact, the most powerful exorcism is produced by the holiness and the actions of the people of God, who expel evil from the people and from the world. Even in this, you will be helped by the communion with the Church of the Universe.

Do all this through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church, Queen and Co-Redemptrix of the humanity of the Earth. Remain close to Her and ask Her to present all your good deeds to God, and nothing will be able to hurt you.”

Preparation for the Solemnity of All Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro


Saturday, 29 October 2022 – 30th Week of Ordinary Time – Cycle II

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We are going to celebrate the Feast of All Saints, and then the Feast of All Souls. I would like to speak about the Feast of All Saints.

This day does not have the meaning to group together all the celebrated saints; every day there are some Saints. However, in this feast, we remember all those who in their life have sought Jesus Christ, and we doi it in communion with them; many are unknown to us but are remembered by God. It is the celebration of all those who have put Jesus Christ, the knowledge of the true God, in the centre of their life throughout history. All those who, no matter what they did, even without special tasks, always lived, loved, suffered, rejoiced with faith in God and faith in Christ, with the certainty that there was a life after death and an encounter with the true God. All those who have lived like this are saints; they are the Saints.

We also celebrate the righteous, upright people, who have not even heard of Jesus Christ in life. Perhaps they lived in other religions or were atheists, people who never met Him, who perhaps never even thought of seeking neither God nor Christ, but having lived with integrity, they met Him after death and asked to be baptised at that moment. Therefore, on that day, we also celebrate all those we have baptised, that each one of you has baptised.[1] I assure you that they are all very grateful to you, to us, for having received that gift, and therefore they are great friends of ours in Heaven. We celebrate them on All Saints’ Day. Continue reading

Walk in the Footsteps of the Saints in Communion with Them

Message of St. Peter the Apostle of 29 June 2021, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

(published in the book “Towards the New Creation – messages 2021”)

“In this time, the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is going through a period of great dynamism because JESUS’ INTERMEDIATE COMING to Earth places all of us on a demanding and dynamic path. We Saints, who are already in God’s Light, also participate in spirit in Jesus’ action on Earth, rescuing people, as I have just said, but also supporting Jesus in opening the hearts of the people. We can, in fact, help people’s hearts to open up to God and begin to bloom like flowers.

Therefore, I ask you to be very united with the Saints, especially with the Saint of the day, because on the days the Saints are celebrated, they receive particular power of intercession from God for all of you. In reality, every day thousands of Saints are celebrated in Heaven. You only remember one or a few of them, but their remembrance includes all the others that no-one knows except God. Many Saints have remained anonymous both on Earth and in other parts of the Universe; nevertheless, all of them receive great power of intercession on that day, and they are very close to you.” …

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The Communion of the Living

Message of Mary Most Holy of 1 November 2019, Feast of All Saints

(published in “Towards the New Creation – 2018-2019”)

“Dearest Children,

First of all, I want to thank you for your commitment in your path and for the responsibility you have taken in the Church of My Son. Today I present Myself to you as the Mother of the living. I am Queen and Mother of humanity, of the saints and of the deceased in Purgatory because I am the Mother of the living.

You must carefully distinguish between the alive and the living. Not all who are alive are living. Unfortunately, nowadays many people who are alive, in reality, seem to be dead.

The deceased in Purgatory, whom you commemorate these days, are living. Their body is dead but their spirit lives. These brothers of yours are already certain to enter the new creation one day; they are already saved and look at you with the eyes of the living as they have encountered the life of God. The living person is someone who has encountered the Most Holy Trinity, lives It and communicates It. All of you are called to be living and to seek God’s life in your communion. Not only must you seek the communion with those who live on Earth, but also with the faithful brothers and sisters of the Universe and the brothers and sisters in Purgatory. They, too, are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

Children, I want you to live the communion of the living. …

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My Forgiveness Is Resurrection and Life

Message of Jesus of 2 August 2016, Feast of the Immaculate, Our Lady of the Angels


“I bless you, My dear children, and I thank you for coming together in My name in peace. I have sought you and you have come to seek Me; I have sought you since even before you were born, and I have gathered you here today because I want My Forgiveness to descend upon you. Through you, I want to give My Forgiveness not only to the world but also to all those parts of the universe where My Name is not known and My Forgiveness cannot act.

Children of Mine, life in God cannot be born without forgiveness. All I sow in you, I sow in prepared, cleared ground. Thus, you have already been forgiven, otherwise, none of you could be here. The sins of humanity are many, especially those of the humanity of the Earth, but My Heart is bigger than your sins. However, today is a special day, because today I want My Forgiveness to descend upon each one of you and upon a new people, called to be My Love and My Forgiveness for all those they will encounter on their path.

God’s love cannot live without Forgiveness, nor can God’s Forgiveness act without love. You are fragile human beings, but I have given you My love; I have given My Blood for you, and the forgiveness for all your sins became possible through the shedding of My Blood. Thus, it is not just any forgiveness. It is not compassion, nor sympathy; it is not a pat on the back. My Forgiveness is resurrection and life. Today, through My Forgiveness, I want My death and My resurrection to act powerfully in you. Only in this way, will you give the world the fruit of My death and resurrection, that is, forgiveness and new life. Continue reading

The Victory of Faith

Message of Mary Most Holy of 7 October 2011 – The Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary, Queen of Victory


“Dear children, I want to bless you and tell you how much I love you. I am thankful to you for being close to My Heart.

Today I am celebrated as the Queen of the Rosary and as Our Lady of Victory. I want to tell you that victory in your life is always only one: the victory of faith in Christ, My Son. There is a battle that must win, and it is the greatest battle in the life of every person: the battle against the old man in you. The old man nourishes on all that is old: old thoughts, old ideas, old systems; he nourishes on everything that the spirit of the world offers.

You cannot win this battle on your own. Only one can win it in you: My Son Jesus. When you force the old man in you, with all his old ideas, to prostrate before Jesus – as every knee should bow before My Son[1] – then Jesus will touch him and transform him into a new human being that no longer nourishes on the spirit of the world but on the Spirit of God who lives for God. I call you to this battle, but I also open a horizon of victory before you, because those who offer themselves to My Son through Me can never lose the battle. They may struggle and suffer, but they will never be defeated. I am the Queen of Victory because I am always beside My children when they fight against the spirit of the world, which suffocates God’s life in people’s souls.

I know that you want to do this path, and I know that the people that the Lord will raise up throughout the universe will be a new people, as it will be made of new men and women. Continue reading

Saint Therese

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

1 October 2022

Translated audio

We have begun the path we have decided to take by offering our life to Jesus through Mary. The path leads us to know the Father, to know the will of God, to encounter eternal life, which is to know the Father.[1]

We too are among those to whom Jesus speaks today in the Gospel: “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see,” (Luke 10,17-24). I tell you that if you do not feel this blessing, if you do not taste it, it is because you are still focused on yourselves. Wherever you are, in any trial, situation or state of joy or spiritual aridity, it must be clear to you that you are blessed for of all that the Lord has told us and will tell us, and for where He is leading us.

In this view, I say that today St. Therese[2] is the example of a person, who discovered this blessing, a girl who became a women and yet died early at the age of 24. She sought it from childhood, found it and reached fullness within nine years, from the age of 15 to 24.

Another figure that has been with us during this week is Job, the whole story of Job; he is perhaps closer to us and helps us understand a bit how God leads us to “knowing the Father”. If we look at it, along the path of their life both Therese and Job met Love, with a capital letter; they met God because God is Love. Look, this is the path that is asked of each of us, and we also want to walk it. I think we all remember St. Paul’s “Hymn to Love”.[3] He begins by saying: But strive for the greater gifts” (1Cor 12,31) – I won’t say it all as you know it – and at the end he says: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1Cor, 13,13). Continue reading

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe – Plea for Peace

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

Medjogorje, Saturday, 15 October 2022 – 27th Week in Ordinary Time – Cycle II

St. Theresa of Jesus, Virgin and Doctor of the Church

Readings of the day: Eph 1,15-23; Psalm 8; Lk 12,8-12


We have asked the Lord to make us instruments of His peace. We have forgiven. Giving forgiveness has a price; the price for truly giving forgiveness is so high that it causes us pain, and that pain becomes co-redemption. The first step in giving forgiveness in certain situations, even to ourselves, requests an act of violence against our ego, against ourselves, which always wants to be right, finding a thousand reasons to avoid giving forgiveness; a thousand reasons to say, “I have done enough; I cannot do more; I have already done a lot, now it is his turn”.

I repeat that the forgiveness, of which St. Francis speaks and that we have to give tonight, causes us pain as it goes against our ego, but it is an instrument of peace. When Mother Teresa asked for support for her poor, she accepted nothing that had not caused pain to the person who gave her support. She did not accept money unless the donation was painful for those who made it. In what sense? She said, “You have to give to the poor out of love, but you have to detach yourselves from something that costs you a lot, that hurts you, that you would never give up, for nothing in the world. You do it only for the love of God. I want that pain”. The same is true for forgiveness.

In these days, we have spoken about co-redemption. There is no co-redemption without pain because it means going beyond human nature. This is impossible for the human being, remember that, but nothing is impossible to God. We are entering this area. After taking the first painful step, we are the first to receive peace and freedom. If we give forgiveness or make a gift of something we are attached to, as soon as we have done it, we become free persons. God fills this freedom with His grace; He fills this freedom with His Spirit and His power. Continue reading

A Plea for Peace

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

by Mauro

11 October 2022

Quite a long time ago, on this website, we spoke about the situation of the Earth. We have widely explained God’s plan for the humanity of the Earth in this time as the Earth is at the centre of the events, which will affect the whole Universe. We have widely explained the extraordinary instruments[1], the Church of Jesus Christ, the only Church. A path has been indicated, a path to discover more and more our dignity as Christians, as children of God, and the dignity of followers of Christ, children of Mary Most Holy, who allow the Lord, through His action, to make every person a new human being, and thus gradually build the New Creation.

At the time of the coronavirus, we also told you that God does not want evil; God is alien to evil. He cannot even think of evil, but when He allows evil, it is always to put pressure on humanity so that the events cause people to bring out the good in them, and thus turn to God to understand how to seek the good.

Today we speak to you from the Sanctuary of the Face of Mary, Queen of Peace, in Medjugorje. Jesus sent us to the Mother so that, as Church, we may supplicate God the Father for peace in the world. We can tell you that it was a cry from Jesus; it was a request for help. He said: “Who can I turn to if not you?” Continue reading