Easter Monday

By Father Tomislav Vlašić 18.04.2022 (Translated audio) Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I would like to emphasize especially that this Easter is a point of arrival and a point of departure. For many Christians it is the point of arrival, but only for few Christians, it is a starting point. It is as if, with the… Read More Easter Monday

Happy Easter Triduum

By Father Tomislav Vlašić 14 April 2022 (Translated audio) Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I am pleased that we are taking part in the same Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper. I want to introduce you to this day. The Chrism Mass has been celebrated in the morning Mass. It has two meanings: on the one hand, the… Read More Happy Easter Triduum

Happy Holy Week

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe By Mauro 10 April 2022 Today the Holy Week begins. For forty days, we have prepared ourselves for this passage. It is a passage of resurrection for each one of us, the same passage Jesus went through on the Mount of Olives when He said, “Father, if you… Read More Happy Holy Week

Evil and Suffering

14 February 2011 Message of Jesus of 11 February 2011 My beloved children, I bless you with all the power of My Love. Today, I want to speak to you about the relationship between evil and suffering. Evil is a poisonous root in you, which has become part of your nature as a consequence of… Read More Evil and Suffering

Merry Christmas

By Father Tomislav Vlašić 24 December 2021 (Translated audio) Dearest Brothers and Sisters, We are about to celebrate Holy Christmas. All these feasts conclude a long cycle that includes the consecrations[1] that await us and that we will solemnly renew until the presentation of the Lord at the temple, which has always represented for us… Read More Merry Christmas

Our Legacy

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Every year, for the Solemnity of Christ the King, we usually receive indications for the coming year. Many of you are waiting for Jesus’ discourse. However, Jesus has told us that He does not want to speak. Why does He not want to speak? Because the humanity of the Earth does… Read More Our Legacy