Like Grains of Wheat

24 March 2021, Message of Mary Most Holy, Vigil of the Solemnity of the Annunciation “Dearest Children, Here we are together again in these days of preparation for the great Solemnities of the Easter season. Today more than ever, you have to be aware of what it means to die and be resurrected with Jesus.… Read More Like Grains of Wheat

Guarding Grace to Live

Message of St. Joseph, Solemnity of St. Joseph 19 March 2020 “Dearest Children, I bless you and I thank you for all the path you have done in these years. I bless your fatherhood and motherhood and the whole people entrusted to you. Even though I rarely speak to you, I am always present among… Read More Guarding Grace to Live

The King’s seal

(taken from “Towards the New Creation 2018-2019”, p. 91, Luci dell’Esodo) Message of Jesus of 24 November 2019, Feast of Christ the King “My dear Children, Thank you for being here and for solemnly celebrating My Kingship. I assure you that this does not occur very often because many Christians are distracted, seeking other kings… Read More The King’s seal

Jesus Christ is the Lord

(taken from “Beyond the Great Barrier” by Stefania Caterina, Ed. Luci dell’Esodo, p. 31) On countless occasions it has been repeated to me that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the universe. Everything must be subjected to him, so that He might establish his kingdom and deliver it to the Father at the end of… Read More Jesus Christ is the Lord

All Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe By Mauro 1 November 2022 Solemnity of All Saints Rev 7:2-4, 9-14; Ps 24; 1Jn 3:1-3; Mt 5, 1-12 (Translated audio) The Solemnity we celebrate today, All Saints’ Day, is directly linked to tomorrow’s feast[1] as the two form a unity. I think that we often celebrate today’s… Read More All Saints