The Souls, Spouses of Christ

24 December 2020 – Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord

Message of Jesus – The Soul-Spouses


Dearest Children,

Today, with these words of Mine, I would like to introduce you into the new year, 2021. It will be an intensive year for all of you and for the entire humanity of the Universe. As I have already explained, I will come with power among My people to guide and protect it.[1]

You are living in very serious times; times of struggle between light and darkness, between the spirits of Good and Evil, which are facing each other in an unprecedented challenge. This is taking place now in the whole Universe and can only be compared with what happened before My Incarnation on Earth. At that time, the hatred of Lucifer and his people opposed My imminent coming. Now, his hatred is even stronger than in those days because it is not only directed against God but also against His Church of the Universe. Continue reading

We welcome the King of the Universe with the Queen

17 December 2020

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We have steadily progressed towards the consecration of ourselves to Mary Most Holy and the offering of ourselves to Jesus, through Her Immaculate Heart, and with Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, to God the Father. The year 2021 will allow us to further progress on our path. In Her message of 7 December 2020, Mary Most Holy announced that the year 2021 will be the Messianic year.[1] You have probably read and pondered it. We will deepen a few fundamental points of this message to prepare ourselves for the coming year with Her, our Holy Mother.

Mary Most Holy said that we will witness the INTERMEDIARY COMING of Jesus in the coming year: Continue reading

The Messianic Time

Vigil of the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Message of Mary Most Holy – The Messianic Time

7 December 2020

“Dearest Children,

I am pleased to speak to you on the vigil of the solemnity that honours My Immaculate Conception. On this vigil, the Lord sends Me to announce to you a year of grace and mercy but also of hard combat against the kingdom of darkness.

2021 will indeed be a particular year for the Earth and for the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”, which is present on this planet; it will be a turning point for the whole Universe. It means the beginning of a new time, a MESSIANIC TIME. Thus, a new era of human history will begin; one that has never been seen, and in which My Son will manifest His royal and priestly power in the Church of the whole Universe.

His manifestation will be silent but very concrete. It will pass through the action of His people and of the extraordinary instruments of these times. Jesus will be present more than ever in spirit in His Church; He will accompany her testimony in the whole Universe with the signs of His power, much more than took place at the time of the Apostles[1] because today the Church is there in the whole Universe and her strength has grown.

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“Preparing for the Bridegroom”

28 November 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; on the first Sunday of Advent we begin the path towards the Christmas solemnities. It is very important to be in a state of mind that takes us towards the Saviour. There are two biblical phrases, two images, which may explain our path: the Father, Abba, and the Bridegroom.

After original sin, man began to seek the Father and, at the same time, to flee from Him. We may notice this in the reading of the prophet Isaiah. The prayer expresses the wish to reach the Father:

“You, Lord, are our Father, our Redeemer from of old is your name. Why, Lord, do you make us wander from your ways and harden our hearts so we do not revere you? Return for the sake of your servants, the tribes that are your inheritance. …  For when you did awesome things that we did not expect, you came down, and the mountains trembled before you.”[1]

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Be Ready for the Battle

21 November 2020

Vigil of the Solemnity of Christ the King

Message of Jesus – Be Ready for the Battle

Dearest Children,

The Year 2020 is about to end. It has been a very difficult year for the Earth, a painful but necessary passage. Once again, the Father has tested your humanity by allowing the pandemic to strike it: an epochal event for your planet.[1]

Know, once and for all, that evil does not come from God but from Lucifer’s action in which a large part of the humanity indifferent and rebellious to God is involved, knowingly or not, by serving the devil out of selfishness or for personal gain. Therefore, this pandemic carries the signature of Lucifer, of his followers on Earth and other rebellious planets of the low Universe, who have actively taken part in the spreading of the coronavirus that afflicts and conditions your life. 

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Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

17 November 2020

Dear Readers,

Some readers have asked us why it was necessary to become members of the Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, stressing that this suggestion seems to contradict our position not to proselytise. Truly, we do not intend to proselytise, but we cannot keep to ourselves what we have seen and experienced.

One could argue that it is not necessary to increase in number, but this is not true since being united with Christ and His Spirit creates the need, not given by material needs but by gratuitous love, for all men of good will to enter the spirit of God and awaken. This is the same need that has always induced the angels, the saints and the faithful brothers and sisters to come to our aid, and derives from the attitude of God, despite leaving man free to choose, to continue to seek him by giving the best of Himself.

The depth of God’s Love can only be understood by experiencing the Mystery which cannot be explained but only penetrated and lived. Man is capable of choosing between good and evil; still, he must ask God to give him the wisdom that leads him to choose good and understand what he needs for his salvation. In this sense, joining the Association becomes a way to make a concrete choice; a way to remain faithful to what one has understood and wants to live; it is God’s wish and a testimony of faith. Let us think of the testimony of the first martyrs!

Therefore, we invite you to pray and reflect, but not to stay halfway: if you recognise the spirit of God in the content of the published books and of this website, live it also by joining the Association. This is not for our benefit but for yours, and it will certainly pave the way for you to take new steps.


16 November 2020

Dearest Readers,

For everyone who sincerely wishes to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe we will publish here the membership application form of the association. We would like to point out that these are not two distinct realities: the association actually represents the embodied face of the Church here on Earth. We think that it is important not just to proclaim in words what we believe in, but to appear before God and all members of the Church with our adherence and participation. We recommend that you read the points reported in the form and invite those who recognise themselves in each of them not to be afraid to take the step to join the association. We accompany everyone’s decision with our offering and our prayer. Warm greetings to all.




The Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

16 November 2020

(Translated Audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

This week leads us to the feast of Christ the King of the Universe and to the feast of Mary Most Holy, Mother and Queen of the Universe, which we celebrate next Monday[1], and we are called to submit everything to the royalty of Christ: our lives, all that we touch in our lives, good and evil, the pandemic and the disintegrating energy.

Every year, the readings of the Revelation of St. John the Apostle[2] or the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament lead us to this feast. These readings speak of the end of times, of what has to take place and of the fulfillment of the events. Unfortunately, these readings have been forgotten by many Christians and have thus lost their strength. In fact, many Christians no longer wish to know them, to feel their truth within them and to feel the hope and certainty that those words transmit to us. These readings speak of the glorious return of Christ: the holy Mass is centered on the glorious return of Christ and all the preaching of the Apostles announced His imminent return. It has not happened yet because of God’s mercy. Now we are in the time of Justice; we are in the last times.

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Healing Prayer

6 November 2020

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We are immersed in a pandemic and many of you are either directly affected or their family members are. We are continuously praying for you, and you can join this prayer with your prayers, your offerings and your love.

I bless you all; may the blessing of the One and Triune God descend upon each of you with the power of the Risen Christ, through the prayer of the whole Universe, which passes through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Holy Spirit may descend upon you and fill you with a new and powerful energy, which will heal you and spiritually transform you. May the Holy Spirit guide you while you receive medical treatment. Just as your body must be renewed, your spirit must also be resurrected and transformed through your participation in the action of the Holy Spirit. Then, the Lord will act through your spirit so that the spirit may consecrate all your suffering and weakness to God, leading you to the transformation in spirit.

The prayers of the whole Church of the Universe are with you; they are in favour of each one of you. Enter this circle of energy, which passes through the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, to be transformed so that your life, your commitment to prayer and to the offering of your lives may serve the Lord to transform others, even the last of the Universe.

Receive this powerful grace; may it descend upon you all; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

4 November 2020

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

As we said after the event of the decree against Father Tomislav[1], this website, like every instrument, has become for us a means to give testimony to what we have received and seen and also want to announce to everyone. It is a means to give testimony of what we have experienced in life and of what has changed and transformed our lives to the better.

For the Feast of all Saints, we have received St. Michael’s clear and strong words[2], which oblige us even more to move forward. Thus, to the words that I have already said, I want to add again the core of what has led us to become, primarily, persons who seek Christ and want Christ to be at the centre of our life. The Virgin Mary transmitted to us, especially in the apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Medjugorje, that Jesus Christ is the centre of everything. Placing Jesus in the centre led us to know better, to try to reveal and to participate in the programme that God has had from the beginning: to recapitulate the whole Universe in Christ. That should be the central point for every Christian. Continue reading