Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

I Send You to Exorcise the Earth

Message of Jesus of 25 December 2019, Holy Christmas

 “Dear Sons and Daughters,

I bless you on this solemn Day for the whole Universe in which you remember My birth on Earth, an event that really occurred in a specific period of human history. However, My birth repeats itself continuously in My people and in each of you because I am continuously born in you. My birth in you is your rebirth; My death is your resurrection; My ascension to heaven is your elevation.

Children, this year is about to end; it has been full of graces for you and you have taken many great steps with Me. Not only a new year opens before you but a new time: the time of the rebirth of the Universe in Me. It will be a year of struggle against Satan. The final battle will begin and take place on Earth, and you will fight it with Me. The armies of God and those of Satan are already deployed: the Lamb and the Dragon face each other.

It will be a very strong battle in spirit. I will send you to exorcise the Earth and fulfil what the Church should have accomplished from the beginning: to banish the Evil with the power of My Spirit. You cannot win this battle with your human strength, your knowledge, your preaching or your words, but only in the power of My Spirit. Now you understand why the coming year is totally consecrated to the Holy Spirit: indeed, it will be Him to support this battle in you. The Spirit of the Father and of the Son, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, will fight and win, in you and around you, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Continue reading

The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Message of Jesus of 7 January 2018 – Feast of the Baptism of the Lord 

 “My Dear Children,

First, I bless you all and thank you for the whole path you have walked with Me, for all your sacrifices, your prayers and the offering of your life. All this is precious for the people of God.

Yesterday practical instructions have been given to you about what is awaiting you in this time. Today, however, I will give you directions for your inner path.

Today your mission, that is, the evangelisation of the Earth begins. It begins on the day you remember My Baptism and on which My great public manifestation and My mission began. Also, your mission is at the same time a manifestation before all humanity of Earth and of the universe.

The evangelisation of the Earth is more necessary than ever because I will return to this planet and manifest Myself in My Glory. Therefore, the evangelisation of the Earth will conclude the preparation for My coming.

The faithful brothers and sisters have carried out the evangelisation of the rest of the low universe and you have supported them with your prayer and your sacrifice. Now, the contrary has to take place: you have to set off on your mission and the faithful brothers will support you in the manner I will consider necessary for you. Continue reading

A Definitive Turn for Humanity

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

This liturgical year is about to end and the solar year, too. In the daily rush of life many of you may not have noticed the great Event that is taking place through God’s work in the people who believe in Him, in humanity and in the creatures. It is the evangelisation of the Earth, in which the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe participates, including the little remnant of the Earth that is also part of the Church. With this Event God performs a definitive act for the Earth and for the Universe.

If you read and meditate the messages that we have published in the years 2018-2019, you will agree with what we are saying.[1] We are all called to give a definitive, dynamic, living and responsible response to God for the benefit of all humanity.

In the messages of 7 December 2019[2], Mary Most Holy invited us to offer our lives to Jesus through Her Immaculate Heart on all altars of the Earth, where the Eucharist is celebrated, to attract to the living Jesus Christ all those who participate in the celebrations, wishing sincerely to mystically unite with Him. Through our irreproachable (immaculate) offering we become able to live the universal communion in the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

I Come to Take Back What Belongs to Me

 Message of the Holy Spirit of 8 December 2019 – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

 “Dearest Children,

I thank you for having decided to consecrate your life to Me as individuals and as a people.[1]

I descend on each one of you and on the whole people. From within and from above I work within each of you and within all of you. My task is to sanctify you because I am the Sanctifier, the One who renders your life sacred, purifies, elevates and offers it to the Father through the Son and to the Son so that He may offer it to the Father. I keep love, intelligence and strength alive in you, which are the prerogatives of your spirit. I keep the image and likeness of God alive in each of you and in the whole people. A people, too,  possesses love, intelligence and strength which spring from the prayers, actions and choices of you all. Every day the path of each one consolidates the path of the people. The resurrection of one means the resurrection of all; the transformation of one means the transformation of all.

Today I powerfully descend on you to consecrate you to the action and the work of God. Through you I descend on Earth to purify it from evil. Through this little remnant and those who are connected to you — who are many more than you would think — in communion with the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, I bring the work of the Most Holy Trinity to completion. I pass beyond your limits and your insecurity and make of you an accomplished work, beyond all your shortcomings. Your ‘yes’ and your faithfulness are enough for Me; the decision to move forward without fear and without compromises. Continue reading

Offering Ourselves with Mary on All Altars of the Earth

Message of Mary Most Holy of 7 December 2019 -­  Eve of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for this eve that we are spending together. Thank you for all the steps you have done and for the love that you show to God and to Me. I assure you that every drop of your love fills Me with great joy. You are the joy of My Heart, because a mother rejoices when she sees that her children are so attentive and careful to her. I thank you for this.

The Lord sends Me today to ask each of you and the whole of this people for a great act of love: from now on, He wants you to offer yourselves together with Me on all altars of the Earth wherever the Eucharist is celebrated. It is of no importance if the priest is worthy or not. My offering, along with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, will heal many wounds. From all altars of the Earth a worthy sacrifice will be elevated and God will accept it together with the Sacrifice of Christ.

This is a very important step, which will produce a great wave of graces, and a great force will rise from every altar. It will be the force of God and His people. Not only will you who are present and those who belong to the Foundation offer yourselves, but also the whole Church of the Universe will offer herself along with Me on every altar. There will be no more altars where My Son offers Himself alone, but His people will always be with Him. A river of grace will pour over the Earth. Continue reading

Consecration to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit,

descend on us.

Enlighten our spirit,

fill our souls,

strengthen our bodies.

Guide us on our path,

awaken divine wishes in us,

communicate to us Christ’s thoughts

and transform us into new creatures.

Only in You

do we know and love Jesus Christ.

Through Him and with You

we discover our identity and mission

and elevate ourselves to the Father.

You remind us of Jesus’ teachings

and you help us to live them fully.

You fill us with your seven gifts

and make us witnesses of life in Christ.

Continue reading

Mary, Queen of the Universe

25 November 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sister; we have received Jesus’ message about His Kingship and His intentions regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe.[1] Today we have received the message of Our Lady who also speaks of His Kingship, emphasizing that the Kingdom of God must be within and among us so that the Lord may come to reign and expand His Kingdom.[2]

In this reflection I would like to analyse the messages of Jesus and Holy Mary. What is the foundation of the Kingdom of God which we have decided to realise according to Jesus’ teachings? The foundation is that He gave His live for us at the moment of our conception when we said “yes” to Him. Then the power of His blood, the sign of His Kingship, immediately began to work. His blood liberates us from sin and is the sign that makes us inviolable for Satan, if our response has been “yes”, or, if we want to respond now with our “yes”; then the powerful action of His Kingship and His blood begins, making all our fears disappear.

The other aspect is the Queenship of the Holy Mother. As we know, at the moment of conception God the Father entrusted each one of us, who said “yes” to the Son, and the Son entrusted us to the Immaculate Mother. He explained to us that we are incardinated in the Immaculateness of Mary. So, if today we renew our total “yes”, independently from our “yes” at the moment of conception, we experience the same relationship with Mary as Elisabeth: out spirit begins to vibrate, it awaken and rises. We, too, are liberated through Mary, because in Mary the Saviour presented Himself to the world. Continue reading