I will send you the Advocate, the Spirit of truth

Dear Readers,

‪We are reaching the end of the year 2011 and approaching the year 2012. With this message, ‪Jesus concludes a cycle and starts a new one.

‪Which cycle is He concluding? ‪So far He guided us, taking us by the hand and showing us how to walk after him. ‪On his part, the time of preparation is about to come to an end. ‪For the umpteenth time, He invites us to offer him our lives through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and He invites us to do so soon, in fact, immediately, to avoid being separated from him and left alone, unable to cope with the events that we expect in the coming year.

‪Which scenario is Jesus opening for the year 2012? ‪He reveals that the Father has decided to begin his intervention for the benefit of the entire universe, so that everything might become a new creature. ‪He who will be open to him, will be transformed, he who rejects him will be put aside. ‪Lucifer, who is the source of corruption, and those who have chosen him, are destined to be separated from the children of God.

“The Father will intervene through me, because the Father always acts through the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit,” Jesus is saying in the message. Why through the Son and not through others? ‪Because “all things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being.” (Jn 1,3). ‪Whoever believes in him and welcomes him, receives the grace to become children of God. In the Son, mystically united to him, we are becoming children (Jn 1,12), and definitely enter into the fullness of God’s life.

‪Next year, as we will read in this message, there will be a “tough battle between Lucifer and me,” Jesus affirms. Together with Jesus there will be the people of the Earth and all those in the universe who will be united to God. From the Earth a spark should start able to ignite the whole universe. “In the year that awaits you, I will act deeply and silently in the spirit of every person of good will, and I will attract him to me; in this way I will form a Church finally upright and strong, that will not know compromises with evil,” Jesus says.

‪Just as the Holy Spirit was sent upon the apostles and the Blessed Virgin at the beginning of the Church, in this time He will be donated to those who will adhere to the work of Christ. ‪There will be a powerful action of the Holy Spirit within men and among men, to completely purify everything, separating good from evil and removing forever the latter from the children of God.

‪He who will adhere to Christ, will be guided, protected and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Only in the Holy Spirit, Who searches the depths of man and of every living being, ‪we can adhere to Christ in order to enter into the life of God. ‪Man will have the possibility to discern good and evil, to choose the good and reject evil. ‪In the essence of his being and acting, he will live according to the laws of the pure Spirit, without carrying within himself even a shadow of falsehood.

‪Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will speak to us and guide us in a particular way, even through this site. ‪I therefore ask you to pray for me, that I may be a docile instrument, ready to transmit faithfully to you what I will receive.

I wish that you will be able to choose Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, and I am accompanying you with my offer, and with the one of all those who offer themselves to God in this time.

I bless you in Christ.

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The future of my people

Dear Readers,

Jesus presents to us a new step, and it is up to us to carry it out in the best possible way. I will try to help you with a few words.

The first step is made by the single person if she freely, responsibly, and unconditionally chooses Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the Heart of Mary is found the immaculate life, gift of God to us if we want to live face to face with Him, sincere, transparent, and with integrity. We are not required to be perfect, better than others, but rather to humbly immerse our sins, our limitations, and our needs into the love of God, in order to live as new creatures according to his desires. As we gradually keep growing, we shall find our true identity and the fullness of our life in God.

As we are walking along, we will need to communicate with others. Life is born and develops in communion. Nobody is sufficient to himself and no one lives for himself: our life grows by communicating with others.

Jesus shows us our growth and the renewal of his Church, beginning with small groups of persons. Why? It is normal to begin a life of communion with small cells where the people live this project under the guidance of the Holy Spirit: couples, families, friends, etc. In the nucleus the life of God is lived, members dialogue with each other, experiences are shared, one prays. It is a small Church inserted in the universal Church, where people are more open and responsible, become easily freer from fears and interior blocks. This helps everyone‘s growth.

The nuclei of which Jesus is talking are not left to themselves. The persons belonging to them, in fact, by choosing Jesus in an unconditional way, become immediately united with those who are in Christ; they are supported and protected by the particular instruments designated by God for this time; they will always make themselves present and will be increasingly more recognizable.[1] The Holy Spirit induces communion in the people of God, to move it along, bringing it to become the Mystical Body of Christ.

As you will read in the message, the nucleus does not withdraw into itself, but it reaches out toward universal communion. Thus, on Earth as well, spiritually and physically, the nuclei live in brotherly love expressing their proper originality. They are characterized by the fact that its members offer their life to God for each other, even to go as far as offering to Jesus Christ the entire humanity and the whole creation. There will be, then, a single people of God in the whole universe, it will be the new creation.

These are the laws of the Spirit which govern all those who wish to live in God. On our part, we will pray and offer ourselves to God, so that the Holy Spirit may let us understand the best way to meet and help you along the pathway undertaken. Courage and don’t lose heart!

I greet you and bless you in Christ.

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