The future of my people

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Dear Readers,

Jesus presents to us a new step, and it is up to us to carry it out in the best possible way. I will try to help you with a few words.

The first step is made by the single person if she freely, responsibly, and unconditionally chooses Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the Heart of Mary is found the immaculate life, gift of God to us if we want to live face to face with Him, sincere, transparent, and with integrity. We are not required to be perfect, better than others, but rather to humbly immerse our sins, our limitations, and our needs into the love of God, in order to live as new creatures according to his desires. As we gradually keep growing, we shall find our true identity and the fullness of our life in God.

As we are walking along, we will need to communicate with others. Life is born and develops in communion. Nobody is sufficient to himself and no one lives for himself: our life grows by communicating with others.

Jesus shows us our growth and the renewal of his Church, beginning with small groups of persons. Why? It is normal to begin a life of communion with small cells where the people live this project under the guidance of the Holy Spirit: couples, families, friends, etc. In the nucleus the life of God is lived, members dialogue with each other, experiences are shared, one prays. It is a small Church inserted in the universal Church, where people are more open and responsible, become easily freer from fears and interior blocks. This helps everyone‘s growth.

The nuclei of which Jesus is talking are not left to themselves. The persons belonging to them, in fact, by choosing Jesus in an unconditional way, become immediately united with those who are in Christ; they are supported and protected by the particular instruments designated by God for this time; they will always make themselves present and will be increasingly more recognizable.[1] The Holy Spirit induces communion in the people of God, to move it along, bringing it to become the Mystical Body of Christ.

As you will read in the message, the nucleus does not withdraw into itself, but it reaches out toward universal communion. Thus, on Earth as well, spiritually and physically, the nuclei live in brotherly love expressing their proper originality. They are characterized by the fact that its members offer their life to God for each other, even to go as far as offering to Jesus Christ the entire humanity and the whole creation. There will be, then, a single people of God in the whole universe, it will be the new creation.

These are the laws of the Spirit which govern all those who wish to live in God. On our part, we will pray and offer ourselves to God, so that the Holy Spirit may let us understand the best way to meet and help you along the pathway undertaken. Courage and don’t lose heart!

I greet you and bless you in Christ.

Jesus’ message of September 8th 2011

“My dear children, let us continue the talk about the times in which you are living, and about the events awaiting you. After having spoken of my action and of the instruments I am making use of in this time,[2] today I wish to face the argument of the future of my people. I would like to clarify, right away, that it is not a matter of a new and unknown prophecy or of something that has not been announced. In fact, when you pray the Creed, you state to look “for the life of the world to come”, and from the beginning on the Church professes believing in my return, in the resurrection of the dead, in the Kingdom of God which I will establish at the end of time and I will deliver to my Father and your Father. What I want to indicate to you today is a pathway of preparation, which will help you to be aware of what will happen, so that you will be ready to respond to and participate in God’s action, with your life.

As I have told you before my people is an irreplaceable and powerful instrument of my action; for this reason I founded my Church. I founded her upon the Earth where I became incarnate, died, and resurrected. My people is the Church, who I redeemed at the price of my blood, by means of which my word becomes incarnated and my Sacrifice renewed. It is exactly through the Church that the power of my death and resurrection is made present until the end of times, and its benefits are extended to the living and the dead of all times.

I did not come on Earth to establish a new religion, but to call again all humanity to have faith, to believe in the living God, IN THE ONE WHO IS. Not a god who is the fruit of human speculations, born out of the mind of some philosopher, but the true God, who became Man through me. By showing myself to you, I showed you the Father, because the Father and I are one single thing. I am in the Father and the Father is in me.[3]

I became flesh to sanctify each one of you and to sanctify all those believing in God. After my death and resurrection, you are not just men, made of flesh and blood, but children of God, awakened in the spirit, and made worthy to see the Living God, face to face.

The Church is not a human institution, but a divine one. Yet she has been consigned to the people of the Earth, even though there are other people in the universe, even better than you. My Father wanted me to visit Earth and to found the Church here. Why? Because he saw the great misery of your humanity, and the oppression of the forces of evil upon you, that has no equal in the universe, since your progenitors sinned very much, they sinned more than others, stipulating a tremendous alliance with Lucifer. The Father came to help you and gave you a great opportunity to redeem you.

The Church is not born of man but of God. She was born to keep, manifest, and promote the life of the Most Holy Trinity, that life that is unceasingly communicated by the action of the Holy Spirit, “the Lord, the giver of life who proceeds from the Father and the Son”. The Church, my holy people, cannot contain within herself other than divine life, and cannot do other than transmitting this life to man and to creation. All that in the Church is opposed to the life of God corrupts the Church by making her impure.

I am asking you, then: is my Church pure? Is my people a precious vase that contains the life of God, or is it something else? Answer with sincerity, because the Church has been given to each one of you, and not only to those who govern her. All of you who are called Christians have been called to be my witnesses. I am addressing myself to you, Catholics, Orthodox, Protestant, Anglicans, and so on…who are you? What are you? My witnesses or witnesses of yourselves, of your ideas, your theologies, your human interests? Are you representing churches born out of your divisions and dirtily mixed with human precepts, or are you representing the Church born out of my open side, pierced on the cross? I let you answer according to your conscience.

I want to tell you what I desire from my people and what I will realize with my power. The Church still needs for me to visit her with my power that comes from above and not from your codes. I will fill in all that is lacking in my people, I will realize that which has not been possible to realize because of the weaknesses and sins of your humanity. Through a new people, I will realize my promises of the Kingdom of God.

  • My people will be immaculate, as Immaculate is my Mother and yours, and the Mother of the Church. The state of being immaculate is not perfection; I don’t expect you to be perfect, because only God is perfect. Neither is it simple sexual purity. The true state of being immaculate is stripping yourselves of your personal interests and ambitions; it is total sincerity in front of me and your neighbor. It is the ability to humbly recognize your limits, asking God and your brother’s help, without hiding behind useless and dangerous justifications, but placing yourselves in front of your Master. The state of being immaculate is synonymous to integrity.

I assure you that you will not be able to be integral without my Mother’s help, the pure and holy Virgin I donated to you as a Mother. From the height of the cross I entrusted her to John and he accepted her in the name of all of you. I did not entrust to John a poor, suffering woman, but a powerful Mother, the Woman who received from the Father the task of crushing the head of the serpent. She did so by generating me, the Son of God, and by generating the children of God as a true Mother does. The battle against the forces of evil will become increasingly stronger. The day will come when the Heart of My Mother will be for you the only secure shelter, because her being immaculate will protect you from the insidious snares of the devil.

Many times I sent you my Mother, so that her love would bring you back to me and her closeness would help you to overcome the difficulties of earthly existence. My Mother appeared countless times on Earth. She did not come to you to give start to discussions and to round-table conferences about supernatural phenomena, neither to generate fanaticism or sentimentalism, but to call you back to true faith. Our Lady appeared at the most delicate moments of the life of the Church and of the Earth to help you overcome every difficulty; she always threw a bridge in front of you leading to God, covering many of your sins with her mercy. Do not forget this, and repent for all the times you did not welcome her, on the contrary, you have mocked her and rejected her. I am also speaking to you, pastors: repent! You know well the reason why.

The future of my people will not be able to do without Mary. My Church will be Marian or it will not be my Church. The Son of man has been generated through her; through her will be generated a new people that will have the power and the splendor of the Mother of God.

Mary will gather under her mantle the peoples of every planet of the universe, and she will offer them to me, like a real Mother. Mary is the Queen of the universe, like I am the King of it, and as such she will be welcomed and venerated by all her children, wherever they might be. She will be Mother of the entire humanity. When a person refuses his or her own mother, he or she refuses life. This is why, he who will reject Mary, shall not be part of my life.

  • My people shall be free and autonomous.

Free because made of people free in the inside; autonomous because they will not be slaves of the tyranny of the systems and of the structures. They will be able to have a face to face relationship with God, and they will not need any more to ask others to know who God is. They will be able to discern what is good and what is evil, and will not have any other teachers nor intermediaries besides me. They will not be dominated by any hierarchy; no one will be able to call himself bigger or smaller.

The Holy Spirit will act freely among my people and will teach them. God shall be all in everyone.

It is impossible to reach real freedom without being immaculate; real autonomy does not exist outside of my Spirit. Your humanity has always been subject to laws and human authorities, who often came out to be unjust and cruel, but you have not been able to do without them. Why? Because you have a hard heart, and most of you are far from God. You are rebellious by nature and must be tamed like wild horses. You are not interiorly free and you don’t have integrity. Besides, you have rejected God thinking you would be freer, but you have become slaves of your fears. Thus, paradoxically, you fear freedom more than slavery, because you do not want to assume responsibility to live with integrity in front of God. You prefer to be obedient to corrupt systems, rather than living free and responsible according to the desires of God.

This situation cannot last forever on Earth, because you will be put in front of a very specific choice: free people in God, or slaves of Satan. Nothing will be left in the middle. The sequence of events will force you to choose, and you will not be able to escape. The distractions you are looking for will be of no use, your festivities and rackets with which you are searching to fill your interior emptiness. No human authority, nor any system will be able to free you from the necessity of making a decision. You will have to choose, in one way or another.

I am asking you then: what kind of men and women do you want to be? What kind of future do you want for you and your children? Do you want to be slaves of those who think about their own interests, those who dominate you and take advantage of you, filling you with empty and false words? Instead, wouldn’t you like to be free, able to discern for yourselves which is the better road for you, and walking on it, under my guidance? Don’t you still understand that God loves you and wants you real happiness? The Creator wants peace for His children, true justice, and liberty. He can give you all this only if you sincerely accept to live according to the laws of his Spirit which are infallible, incorrupt, and only bring what is good. This is how the humanities faithful to God are living on some planets of the universe: they allow God to guide them interiorly, by recognizing his omnipotent wisdom, by respecting his laws and by submitting to them, with love. For this reason they do not know evil, because only desires of good are within them.

The entire humanity of the universe is called to this, on Earth as on many other planets where corruption and slavery reigns. For this reason I died and resurrected, to eradicate from creation the evil seed scattered by the enemy. Lucifer is your enemy, do not forget that.

  • My people shall be priestly, prophetic, and royal.[4] They will make a pure offering arise to the throne of God: each shall offer himself and will intercede for all of creation. My people will live close to me, and will be priest of the universe. They will announce the works of God and speak in his name, and they will instruct one another in the matters of God.

Priesthood, prophecy, and royalty are inviolable prerogatives of my people, because they express the dignity of the children of God. God gave you his Spirit and he has imprinted on you his image and likeness. He called you to serve him and to lovingly serve all creation in his name. He didn’t call you to dominate but to serve. The priest is the one who serves, the minister.

Every faithful is called to this, thus each one of you is priest. As of today this has not been given value in my Church, because the faithful place the figure of the priest at the center that they habitually see: the pastor, the bishop, etc., those who perform a particular service for the benefit of the people and guide them spiritually. In reality every faithful is a priest who offers himself/herself to God, by uniting themselves to my offer. By doing so, the faithful recapitulates in me all what he lives and everything that is around; he is the one who recapitulates the entire universe. My people will be a priestly people, because each member will have to live his priesthood to the depth of his being. He will live it in a new way, open to the Spirit, as up to now it has not been seen, because I shall make everything new.

Also prophecy will be fully expressed and in the correct way. All of you will be prophets, real prophets speaking in the name of God, and as such you will accept one another. No one will persecute the prophets anymore, nor will they be treated like charlatans or day-dreamers, because each member of my people will live the prophetic dimension and will mutually respect it.

Everyone will be king, because fully cloaked with the dignity of a child of God, of he who alone is King of the universe. There will not be tyrants anymore among my people, but true kings. They will serve the people and will not suppress them, they will not impose their knowledge, nor their doctrine nor philosophy, but they will be able to express the power of the Holy Spirit, because it is only this that makes you king.

  • My people shall live in communion with the angels and will cooperate with them. The priesthood of each of you will be particularly united to the priesthood of the seven great Archangels, and together with them you will participate in the Celestial Liturgy, which will remain the only and real Liturgy of the universe.
  • It shall be a people of fathers and mothers. Each man and woman of my people will exercise his spiritual paternity and maternity for the benefit of everyone and each creature. They will be father and mother to each other. Through them God’s life will run through the universe and will be communicated to the entire creation.
  • It shall be a people made of small autonomous nuclei, but band together by true communion, united with one another by the bond of love. They will be small families of God, and they will constitute the fabric of all humanity. Each nucleus will live intensely the life of the Spirit and will express it. It shall live the priestly, prophetic, and royal dimension. It shall only be governed by the laws of God. The masses of people that are crowding your squares and your celebrations, and then disappear into the gray dullness of daily routine, will not be seen anymore. On the contrary, the nuclei of which I am speaking will be living cells, pulsating and dynamic that will give new life to my Mystical Body.

These nuclei are already starting to be formed everywhere in the universe. Many persons of good will are getting together in order to live their faith more intensely; they do not live necessarily under the same roof, but they are deeply united in my Spirit.

They live with simplicity, without making noise, and without waving flags; they live as true Christians. You can do so also, if you feel ready. The Holy Spirit will guide you.

At the end of time, when I will hand over the Kingdom to the Father, every nucleus will disappear to give life, finally, to a single people, immense, which will be one heart and one soul. It will be the new creation.

  • My people shall live the universal communion. There will not be divisions of peoples, races, or planets. The humanity of the whole universe will form a single family: the family of God. My people will live a deep and alive relationship with God, with Mary Most Holy and with the pure spirits that populate the higher dimensions. Every nucleus on Earth will live an intense communion with all the nuclei, even on other planets, because my Spirit will unite them, over and above any distance.
  • At the end, my people will be offered to me. Each one will offer himself to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and will form my Body, my Church. Then, a pure sacrifice will be lifted up to the Father, through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. It will be the sacrifice of all my people, living and dead, in union with mine. It will be constantly presented before the throne of God by the archangels. The pure spirits of all the angels and the saints will be united to this sacrifice. It will be the strongest force of the universe, after that of God, and it will counter the forces of hell.

I am inviting you to reflect on these points, to understand how you wish to live, if you want or not be part of the new people. Remember that this new people will prepare the road to my glorious coming. I will come and I will gather all my children; I will introduce them into the new creation, where eternally they will live in a spiritual and definite dimension. There shall not be any more distinctions of races and peoples. Only one God will exist and one single people.[5]

When will all this happen? A lot depends on the choices of humanity, because your decisions can slow down the plans of God or accelerate them, since He respects your freedom. Anyhow, God is at work already to open the road for you. It will be a gradual process, but the Father will not wait forever for humanity to decide. On the contrary, I am telling you that time is tight; it is necessary that you make a decision very soon to live your faith with seriousness, putting God in first place, and rejecting every form of selfishness.

The entire humanity of the universe is about to enter a decisive phase of its history, in which my power, united to the faith of my people, will place the foundations of the world that will come, of the new creation. Let yourselves be found ready so that I might make use of you and attract you to me. Offer me your life and allow my Spirit to transform you into new creatures. Only the new creature will enter into the new creation.

God is ready. Also the instruments he has chosen to help you are ready[6]; now it is up to each one of you. Pray and keep vigil!

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Jesus’ message of September 5th, 2011 published on this website.

[2] See messages of Jesus, August 29th, 2011 and September 5th, 2011, published on this website.

[3] Cfr. Jn 14, 8-11

[4] Jesus spoke in depth about his people in the Christmas message 2010, published on this website.

[5] Cfr. Rev 21

[6] See Jesus’ message of September 5th, 2011 published on this website.

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