I will send you the Advocate, the Spirit of truth

Dear Readers,

‪We are reaching the end of the year 2011 and approaching the year 2012. With this message, ‪Jesus concludes a cycle and starts a new one.

‪Which cycle is He concluding? ‪So far He guided us, taking us by the hand and showing us how to walk after him. ‪On his part, the time of preparation is about to come to an end. ‪For the umpteenth time, He invites us to offer him our lives through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and He invites us to do so soon, in fact, immediately, to avoid being separated from him and left alone, unable to cope with the events that we expect in the coming year.

‪Which scenario is Jesus opening for the year 2012? ‪He reveals that the Father has decided to begin his intervention for the benefit of the entire universe, so that everything might become a new creature. ‪He who will be open to him, will be transformed, he who rejects him will be put aside. ‪Lucifer, who is the source of corruption, and those who have chosen him, are destined to be separated from the children of God.

“The Father will intervene through me, because the Father always acts through the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit,” Jesus is saying in the message. Why through the Son and not through others? ‪Because “all things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being.” (Jn 1,3). ‪Whoever believes in him and welcomes him, receives the grace to become children of God. In the Son, mystically united to him, we are becoming children (Jn 1,12), and definitely enter into the fullness of God’s life.

‪Next year, as we will read in this message, there will be a “tough battle between Lucifer and me,” Jesus affirms. Together with Jesus there will be the people of the Earth and all those in the universe who will be united to God. From the Earth a spark should start able to ignite the whole universe. “In the year that awaits you, I will act deeply and silently in the spirit of every person of good will, and I will attract him to me; in this way I will form a Church finally upright and strong, that will not know compromises with evil,” Jesus says.

‪Just as the Holy Spirit was sent upon the apostles and the Blessed Virgin at the beginning of the Church, in this time He will be donated to those who will adhere to the work of Christ. ‪There will be a powerful action of the Holy Spirit within men and among men, to completely purify everything, separating good from evil and removing forever the latter from the children of God.

‪He who will adhere to Christ, will be guided, protected and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Only in the Holy Spirit, Who searches the depths of man and of every living being, ‪we can adhere to Christ in order to enter into the life of God. ‪Man will have the possibility to discern good and evil, to choose the good and reject evil. ‪In the essence of his being and acting, he will live according to the laws of the pure Spirit, without carrying within himself even a shadow of falsehood.

‪Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will speak to us and guide us in a particular way, even through this site. ‪I therefore ask you to pray for me, that I may be a docile instrument, ready to transmit faithfully to you what I will receive.

I wish that you will be able to choose Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, and I am accompanying you with my offer, and with the one of all those who offer themselves to God in this time.

I bless you in Christ.

Jesus’ message of September 23, 2011

‪”Dearest children, we are reaching the end of a year we have run through together. In this year, ‪I took you by the hand like children to teach you that God is love and truth and cares for each of you. ‪I asked you so many times to give me your life through the Immaculate Heart of my Mother, so that I might transform you into new creatures, and thus introduce you into the kingdom of God, the new creation that awaits you. ‪I explained to you that it is better to live under the laws of God, which are the fruit of his love, rather than following your selfishness. ‪I explained to you many things and I invite you to reflect on them; and still much more will be told you.

The coming year will be full of important events for your humanity and for the entire universe. It will be the year of decision for each and everyone. ‪The Father is waiting for his children to make a profound change; He is expecting seriousness and maturity in all who believe in Him and accept me as God’s Son and Saviour. ‪The things I said to you about the future of my people,[1] will begin to be realized in the spirit of those who are ready to leave what is old, and be clothed with the newness of God.

My action will be intensified at all levels and will touch the entire universe. Nothing will be able to remain indifferent before me. Men and the whole of creation will have to recognize and welcome me as the Son of God, the only one through whom it is possible to be saved. ‪To be saved from whom and from what? ‪From Lucifer, who is the true antagonist of Good, the one who opposes God with his whole being.

Even Lucifer will be forced to reveal himself before the children of God, because until now he disguised and infiltrated himself everywhere, even in my Church, showing himself in the most varied guises. In this way he caught ambitious men of little faith in his net; he has sown discouragement and disappointment among the good, in those who strive to live honestly and according to the laws of God. Particularly on Earth, Lucifer has reigned undisturbed in many hearts and has crushed your humanity. ‪He has seduced you to such a degree, that many of you do not know anymore to distinguish good from evil, and exchange the truth for lie and lie for the truth. ‪He has fed you with lies and fear, which are the unmistakable signs of his presence and of his work.

Lucifer has kept you in his hand through his perverse worshipers, who are at the top of the power on Earth; those people are true children of darkness, bloodthirsty and deceptive. They offered their lives to Lucifer, signing a blood pact with him, and have sought to establish on Earth the kingdom of darkness, which is opposed to the kingdom of God, and which they call the new world order. As on Earth my Church was born, first cell of the kingdom of God, on Earth as well the Church of Lucifer was born, the black church, his people of darkness, which is the first cell of his kingdom. Since the beginning of your history Lucifer has chosen a small number of people who consecrated themselves to him in order to rule the Earth. The same happens ‪today because the consecration to Lucifer is very present in your humanity as it has always been. ‪At all times, a handful of men enslaved your humanity, beyond what you could see and understand. ‪Your political, economic, social systems, etc. revolve around a few people who use it to their liking.

Therefore, while you think you are living in free and democratic countries, in reality you are living in a sort of invisible cage: on Earth, no power can overtop that of the caste which belongs to Lucifer. Far above those who govern you and who you see are others who you do not see, and who weave their dark plots. ‪They have themselves called illuminati, because they consider themselves full of light, since they are worshipers of Lucifer, who was the angel of light before miserably betraying God. You are ruled by these personages, who live and act in the shadows, disguised as their father, like snakes ready to bite anyone who approaches them and tries to put his hand in their holes.

These people are also at the top of the church of Lucifer, who is his people. In addition to the illuminati, all those who willingly and in full awareness reject the One and Triune God and blaspheme his name, recognizing Lucifer as the only god, belong to the church of Lucifer. ‪In return they receive favours and privileges, and are placed at the head of people and goods. ‪This is how Lucifer works: he promises all the kingdoms of the world, as he had promised them to me,[2] taking advantage of the ambitions and the greed of those who consecrate themselves to him. Money, sex, wealth and power are in his hands and he gives them to whom he wants.

‪God never promises you all this, because the kingdom of God is not made of earthly things, of money, food or pleasures, but of the riches of the Spirit. ‪God does not promise material goods but the Real Good which is his life and which contains everything you need to live more than with dignity.

He who stays in my Spirit desires the riches of the Spirit. He who is on Lucifer’s side, desires the kingdoms of the world and, in order to obtain them, does not hesitate to sell himself and annihilate all that hinders his plans. Those who act in such a way, rise high; the more corrupt they are, the more they are acclaimed by the masses. ‪The more wealth they have, the more they are considered worthy and capable, because what is important to your eyes is what you have, not who you are. The little ones, the poor, the honest, the weak are considered a nothing, obstacles to be removed. ‪The men of the Earth, for the most part deaf to the voice of God, let themselves quickly charmed by the deceitful voices of dark sirens, behind which Lucifer stays who laughs at your ingenuousness.

Until now, my Father has tolerated the situation of your humanity. ‪The sacrifices of so many little ones, defenceless and oppressed by evil, have deviated his anger from the Earth. ‪God has never wanted these sacrifices, opposite to what fools think! ‪He tolerated them, in respect of your freedom, but turned them into an offering of salvation. ‪The fact that Earth still exists, you owe it to these innocent victims, whom you call the last ones but whom the Father has accepted as true martyrs!

In order to help you, the Father sent me on Earth, and I came to destroy the kingdom of Lucifer and to introduce you in a new kingdom, the kingdom of God. For this reason I founded the Church, to put this humanity off from evil, showing to it the way back to God. You know well how I was welcomed on Earth: they crucified me, thinking that by doing so, they were offering worship to God. I sent my apostles, my saints, my prophets: they did with them whatever they wanted; many times they did it in my name. I sent my Mother; a few have welcomed her, many blasphemed her holy name and are still blaspheming it. ‪Lucifer continues to hover over your humanity; you are impregnated with his breath of death. You are living in degradation and corruption, the level of your civilization is the lowest of the universe. ‪You owe this to the children of Lucifer, who govern you and pollute your conscience in an atmosphere of general indifference. ‪They are able to do this because you are far from God and no one can defend you; because also Christians are weak, more busy in the matters of the world than in the things of God. My Church, despite the holiness of many faithful, is weak in faith and interiorly polluted with many impurities; besides, many Christians do not believe in the existence of the devil. Therefore my Church is unable to adequately oppose the Church of Lucifer. Indeed, the perverse systems that oppress you can only be defeated by having faith in me. ‪Only my Name can save you, because Lucifer can do nothing against me.

What is happening on Earth? Men do not think about God, but about themselves; they are busying themselves to survive more than to live. They think they know everything, but they are kept in the dark about everything; spiritually and materially impoverished, hungry or too satiated, divided by lacerating wars, even among religions. They follow ephemeral idols and harmful lifestyles. ‪They damage the planet, exploiting the greed of gain. ‪They are terrified by dangers and threats of any kind, real or alleged, that the illuminati are able to spread, in order to force the masses to behave as they want. This is the current situation faced by your humanity, but you are not aware of it. ‪You are not able to, because you are lacking the knowledge of God, from which derives all true knowledge and which reveals the secrets of darkness.

Now I am asking you: is it possible for God, who is Father, to still permit all this to happen, while his children groan and invoke his help? He certainly cannot. The situation is so serious now that a direct divine intervention is needed to imprint upon your history a definite twist. ‪This is true for the entire universe: God must reign as the only Lord, while Lucifer must go and occupy the place he deserves. The Father will intervene through me, because the Father always acts through the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, I am telling you that the next year will be witness of a tough battle between Lucifer and me. In fact, if it is true that Lucifer hates God, it is also true that this hatred manifests itself at the utmost towards me. ‪This is because, as the Son of God, I came on Earth to destroy his kingdom and to establish the kingdom of God. The cosmic battle between good and evil reaches its peak in the direct clash between Lucifer and me. Lucifer thought to have beaten me when he saw me on the cross, but his satisfaction turned into total failure in the light of my resurrection. ‪The blood that I shed and that inebriated him has become his obsession; for this reason he is looking for the blood of his victims: to take revenge on me. ‪He haunts the children of God as he did with the Son of God, but in his blindness, he does not understand that those who offer themselves to me, are united to my sacrifice; their physical and spiritual sufferings, immersed in my chalice, destroy his power. ‪Lucifer hates me and he hates all those who belong to me, but this will not go on forever.

In the year to come, I will give power to those who love me and belong to me in order to confront evil and to overcome it; I will grant many graces to my people. If you are ready to welcome them and to be united to me, a great people will be formed who will be opposed to the children of Lucifer. ‪Then, a spark will start from the Earth that will ignite the whole universe, because my people will bear witness, such as it was supposed to be from the beginning and did not occur. ‪Every person in the universe will know what the Father has done through me, he will recognize the greatness and the love of his Creator. And when the annunciation of salvation will have reached all peoples of the universe, I will come back and I will offer to my Father the humanity redeemed by my blood. Lucifer and his followers will be forever separated from the children God.

How will this happen and when? It will be a gradual but not a slow process, on the contrary, it will be fast. Do not think, however, you will witness striking phenomena, and do not expect Star Wars. In the year that awaits you, I will act deeply and silently in the spirit of every person of good will, and I will attract him to me; in this way, I will form a Church finally upright and strong, that will not know compromises with evil. The extraordinary signs will come afterwards to confirm what I will have done. ‪It depends on you to shorten the time, by responding with promptness. ‪I expect this readiness from each of you! ‪Everyone is important in this plan in order to recapitulate in me all creation.

Try to understand well the crucial importance of Earth in these times. In fact, it is only here that I died and rose up; your humanity witnessed what I said and did, and the apostles received the mandate to baptize all nations in my name. ‪Therefore, the humanity of Earth is at the forefront in bringing the message of salvation to those who, in the universe, still do not know me. The humanities faithful to God are ready to help you to collaborate in this work, putting their skills at your service. But you must decide to offer me your life, and make yourselves available to me with honesty and integrity. ‪This is all I am asking of you; the rest will be done my power.

If a great number of you will respond to my invitation, next year many nuclei will be formed.[3] They will be taught by the Holy Spirit in a direct manner. ‪They will become the yeast that will ferment the whole of humanity. ‪If few of you will respond than my Father will have to act in a different way, because he cannot wait forever for your decisions. As I said to you there are other humanities in the universe, faithful to God and ready to serve Him. ‪I invite you, therefore, to make yourselves available to God’s plans as soon as possible, taking advantage of the graces that my Father will give you in the coming year.

Dearest children, with this message, I conclude for now my long conversation with you. It is time for the Father to send the Holy Spirit in my name. What I said to the apostles, I say to all of you now: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Spirit of truth will not come to you.[4] He will explain you everything that my Heart desires, He will defend you from evil, from the seduction of the enemy and from every lie, because He is the Defender. ‪He will always be with you and He will talk to you to instruct you and to guide you, so that you might be prepared to live under the laws of God and carry out your mission. You will learn to know and to love him; ‪He is almost  unknown to my people, although He is the omnipotent and infallible guide of every soul and of the Church.

I invite you once again to have faith in me and to give me your life through the Immaculate Heart of my Mother. You will not be able to understand the events of these times nor to participate in my work without the sincere donation of yourselves to me. For this reason stand firm in faith, hope, and love. ‪Be strong, mature, clear, and honest before God. Let go of all selfishness, ambition, claims. ‪Above all, put aside your astuteness, because it will be of no use. ‪Live with simplicity and love your relationship with the One and Triune God, and decide with humility to be his faithful children. ‪Do not try to do everything by yourselves, because times are hard and dangerous for he who is not in God. Now more than ever I tell you that whoever wants to save his life will lose it.[5] I promise you that you will not lack anything and that I will always be with you, if you want to walk at my side. ‪If you come to me, you will be satiated by my love.

‪In greeting you, I bless each of you, your families, everything which is part of your life; I bless all Christians of the Earth, every person of good will, all of humanity and every creature of your planet, that is dear to me despite its infidelities.

‪I bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”.

[1] See Jesus‘ message „The future of my people“ published on this site in October 2011

[2] Cfr. Mt 4,1-11

[3] Jesus talked about the nuclei in the message entitled: „The future of my people“, published on this site.

[4] Cfr. Jn 16,7

[5] Cfr. Mt 16,25