The law of the Lord is perfect (Ps 19, 8)

Dearest Readers,

The message of this month brings us to a better understanding of the importance of the laws of the Spirit in our lives. ‪These laws emerge from the love, intelligence, and power of God, as explained by the Holy Spirit.

‪I hope you will allow, ever more, these sublime laws to guide you in order to be ready one day, to enter the new creation.

‪I remain united with you in love and prayer and I bless you. ‪May the Lord give you peace.

Message of the Holy Spirit of September 12, 2012

“I greet you, my dearest children! ‪Today I wish to address a very important topic for your spiritual life: the law of God and the place it occupies in your life.

What law? ‪Many of you surely will think about the Ten Commandments that God gave to His people by the hand of Moses, as you know from the Old Testament. ‪They are the law of God for this earth; but God gave His law also the humanities in the universe faithful to Him, in the manner and form best suited to the originality of those people. ‪It was necessary for men to have a codified summary in front of their eyes, of what God asks and desires from each individual and from all of humanity.

The Ten Commandments were given to you to help you discern between good and evil; they tell you what is good for you and they ensure you a life of dignity as children of God. Therefore, it is a very good thing for you to respect them because, in doing so, you will choose the best for your life; the best that God, your Creator, Who loves you and knows you, is indicating for you.

However, when I speak of God’s law, I do not refer only to the Ten Commandments as to a set of laws that operate mainly in the dimension of pure spirit, but also to laws that display their effects in the material world as well and in the life of every creature in the whole universe. ‪I would like to help you understand, referring Myself specifically to the Earth.

First of all, you should know that natural and physical laws, as you know them, are subordinated to the laws of the spirit: what happens in the field of matter is only the effect, because the cause lies in the spirit. ‪In other words, certain events would not occur in the material reality if they had not been prepared in the spiritual reality beforehand. ‪Let me give you a simple example: no man would be conceived in his mother’s womb if life had not been created by God Who is pure spirit. ‪Life is born first and foremost in the mind of God, in the most pure dimension of His Spirit. As God thinks He creates. ‪Starting from this divine impulse the natural laws that lead to the formation of a human being begin to operate; the same goes for every other living being created by God, it applies to the whole creation. ‪If the impulse does not start from God, no law can take action.

Man is under the illusion of being able to create life outside the laws of the Spirit by manipulating nature and bending it to his purposes. ‪Well, I tell you that no embryo “produced” in your laboratories would have life in itself, if God were not to give His vital impulse to that creature. ‪Life is a work of the Holy Trinity, not of man. It is born in the dimension of the spirit and returns to the spiritual dimension, once the material and earthly phase is exhausted. ‪God will not permit  man to play with life forever. Even while respecting your freedom, He will not allow the manipulation of the laws of life to go beyond a certain limit.

Let us return to the laws of the Spirit. ‪They are universal because they apply to each dimension of which creation is made up and to every creature that moves in the universe.  Natural laws, however, are not the same everywhere because they adapt to the different realities that make up the universe.

By means of spiritual laws, God governs all creation: angels, humans, animals, plants, etc. ‪What does it mean that God governs creation? ‪It means that the Holy Trinity creates and sustains life continuously in every creature and in the entire universe through His LOVE, His INTELLIGENCE, and His FORCE. These three prerogatives of God manifest His creative, redemptive, and sanctifying power and express themselves in the spiritual laws. ‪In other words, these laws contain within themselves the power that comes from love, from the intelligence and from the power of God; this power is essential to ensure that the vital processes of all living things are carried out correctly, both spiritually and physically.

Spiritual laws emanate from the Triune and Only God, but it is I, the Holy Spirit, Who ensures the operation of spiritual laws, so that they keep themselves in perfect harmony with the Trinitarian thought. ‪In this way the laws of God reach their twofold purpose: to nourish the breath of life and put into action the physical laws that govern the vital processes of all living beings.

Let us return to the example of human life, of your life: you are born not when a woman brings you into the world, but when God creates you.Creation is a free and sublime act of God in which He expresses all His immense power. ‪By means of His thought and His will, God establishes to create you in His image and likeness; He would not be obliged to do so but He considers you precious and therefore He creates you. ‪God is not a solitary being who rules a vast empty space: He wanted His creatures to fill the universe in order to fill it up with His life.Countless forms of life inhabit the cosmos, each of which bears within itself the imprint of the immense Creator, of His goodness, of His love. ‪God loves in a sublime way the angels, who are pure spirits, and men who are endowed with spirit, which makes them more like Him. ‪However, God loves every creature even if less perfect than angels and men. ‪Remember this well when you get close to an animal, a flower, or any other creature; let it never happen that you despise what God has created!

God thinks about you and, at the moment He thinks about you He creates you.From that moment on, I start working in you, so that the spiritual laws may operate correctly: they activate your spirit and make it fully capable of acting. The spirit puts into action the soul and the soul, the body. ‪At this point also natural laws come into play; they must govern all biological processes needed to form a person. From your conception until death spiritual laws will always be above natural laws in order to keep them on the right track in such a way that your body might function according to the thought of God. Thus the laws of the Spirit preserve the life of your being: spirit, soul, and body.‪All this, however, is not yet sufficient. ‪In fact, when you come into the world, you happen to be living in a given environment and you have to properly insert yourselves in that environment. ‪Spiritual laws continue to operate and, this time, they bring into action the natural laws that act in your body and in the nature that will welcome you: thus, your body will adapt to a certain climate, food, and so on. ‪The same applies to all other forms of life other than human life: everything has to be regulated according to the divine thought. ‪None of this would be possible if the spiritual laws did not address the specific action of the natural ones.

The laws of the Spirit are the frame inside which all the physical laws that govern matter move. ‪Spiritual laws are harmonious because they come from the Creator in Whom no disharmony exists. They act to bring all created things toward well being and wholeness. ‪Therefore they are above the physical laws that govern matter, which alone would not be enough to uphold the universe.

Spiritual laws are many and descend from the three prerogatives of God of which we spoke. ‪They act directly in the pure spirits, in the spirit of man and indirectly over all creation, through the natural laws to which they are subject. ‪Some spiritual laws derive from the LOVE of God: they serve to fill with divine love the pure spirits and the spirit of men;  they make them capable of loving God and their neighbor and to be loved; they protect life in all creatures, they ensure peace. Other laws derive from the INTELLIGENCE of God: they make the spirits able to know God and the reality as it is in God, always opening new horizons to knowledge. Others, finally,  derive from the POWER of God: they are meant to strengthen in spirits the will to do good, giving them the readiness to accept and love Divine Will, to overcome trials, to persevere in faith, and so on.

‪Natural laws govern the processes of life at every stage of its development, the human cognitive processes, the rhythms of creation so that everything is in harmony with the divine thought. Every living being is wrapped up by the power of spiritual laws and by the action of the natural ones; if it were not so there would be no life in the universe. ‪This makes you understand that the whole creation is under the watchful eye of God Who guides all things to the good. ‪Think about this when you look at the majesty of the night sky, when you contemplate the beauty of a child, the perfection of an animal, of a plant that blooms, etc. ‪Know that everything is in God’s hands and that I always act to make sure that anything that is created does not move away from Divine laws.

The scientists on Earth limit themselves to studying the laws of nature and to observe their effects. ‪They study and experiment for years and years but do not apply the same commitment to know the laws of the spirit; for many of your scientists the spirit does not even exist. ‪By doing so they never get to really know what happens in the physical world, because they do not have any frame of reference, which is essential to understand what happens in nature. Only the observation of the phenomena remains. ‪If your scientists were closer to God they would discover much easier things that now seem to them indecipherable.

If God governs all things why does evil touch man?Why is nature often hostile and causes catastrophes? ‪The answer lies in the existence of Lucifer and in the choices of man with respect to good and evil. ‪Let us see what happens on your planet. ‪Original sin, committed by your ancestors, has opened the way to the action of evil. ‪Lucifer exists and operates on Earth. He is not an imaginary figure or a silly superstition, but a harsh reality. From the beginning ‪He always is opposed to God and to God’s children, hoping, one day, to be worshiped as the only Lord and to be master of creation. ‪Unfortunately, a large part of your humanity gives credence to the lure of the devil, and believes to be able to gain power and privileges by allying with him. Despite the coming of Jesus Christ and His work of redemption, the majority of mankind of the Earth continues to reject the Father, to deny the Son, and to ignore the Holy Spirit.

Lucifer cannot interfere in any way in the operation of the laws of the Spirit because God does not allow it.From the beginning, though, he has been trying to disturb the action of natural laws; God makes it possible for justice’s sake: if the majority of people are not opposed to evil by decidedly choosing God, then it is just that men bear the consequences of their choices. ‪On Earth many natural laws are manipulated, abused, distorted to the point of causing major damage to the planet. ‪Lucifer is a pure spirit, intelligent, and retains knowledge he possessed as an angel of light, before rebelling against God. He knows how to act on the natural laws to force them; he suggests to his followers what to do in order to bend nature to their selfish purposes. ‪You can see this on Earth: most of the natural disasters are caused by the wicked choices of many persons allied with Lucifer.God is not the cause of the disasters of the Earth, on the contrary, God has arranged all things for the good of His children. ‪Evil does not come from God, because God is the HIGHEST GOOD, and He would never cause evil to His children. ‪The choices of evil men, the corruption of their spirit leads them to seek him who is the principle of evil, and from which all the evils of the universe flow: Lucifer. ‪Evil is caused by evil; the sooner you understand this the better it is for you. ‪Instead of cursing God, it would be better for man of Earth to look at himself and repent as soon as possible.

Man is called to choose unconditionally to love and serve God. This means that the true believer must offer himself to God in order to become a child of God. He who says he loves God and behaves selfishly is not sincere. ‪Those who love God put themselves at His disposal, renouncing their own selfishness. Only then he will be in the condition to be guided by God toward the good. If man freely chooses to belong to God, I can act in his spirit; then, the spiritual laws operate fully and even the natural ones unfold their effects without interference from evil.Thus, man elevates himself in spirit and even his body improves. ‪On the contrary, the man who abandons himself to evil can only regress on all levels; spiritual laws will not be able to act freely, with serious consequences for the spirit, the soul, and the body, hence the diseases and infirmities.

Why, then, have the saints, although having chosen God, suffered in spirit and body?Because they agreed to follow their Lord all the way, Who has taken upon Himself all the corruption of man to definitively conquer it by His death and resurrection. ‪All of you are called to follow the Son of God in His passage from death to life, and all of you are inevitably exposed to the action of evil that is well present upon the Earth. ‪For this reason you can never be entirely free from suffering; it is part of the earthly experience, sad legacy of your rebellion against God.

God does not want the suffering of His children; exceptionally He allows it, when it can serve His plan of salvation as it happened for the saints. ‪These have accepted suffering as a participation in the sufferings of Christ and as a contribution to the salvation of the brothers. ‪You can do it too, because you are all called to holiness; then you will be able to experience that the suffering offered to God loses that bitterness that so many of you are experiencing.Other times God allows suffering to strengthen you in faith, to lead you to make the right choice: God closes all the pleasant roads and leaves open only the narrow gate; this makes you suffer. ‪If, however, you accept the narrow passage, your faith grows and so does your spirit, and difficult situations are solved. ‪So the Lord transforms into good what may appear to you as something evil. Many times ‪God saves you from grave dangers through suffering because you, in your stubbornness, would always choose what is most convenient to you, although more damaging to you.

Can you triumph over evil?Yes, you can. God allows for you to confront evil in order to conquer it and never to be overwhelmed by it.When you surrender yourselves completely to God and offer yourselves totally to Him, you are being taught by Him in the depth of your spirit, and you have been risen to a different dimension, different from that in which a good part of this humanity happens to be. You are in the dimension of the spirit, where spiritual laws are at work, the perfect laws of God. Then, you begin to see reality in a different way and you also face painful situations of life in a different way. The laws of the spirit prevail over the natural ones, and you are no longer under the dominion of matter but of the spirit. ‪Here healings and miracles take place, because the spirit is above matter.

The dimension of the spirit can be reached by faith and not by religiosity. ‪You have to trust in God and allow Him to take care of you. ‪You do not have to become passive, on the contrary, you have to be vigilant in order to accompany My action, but you should also be aware that every solution comes from God and not from your human capabilities. ‪The latter are useful if subjected to God, but can be dangerous if you are conceited and selfish. ‪For this reason true prayer is necessary; many of you pray without ever entering into the elevate dimension of the spirit; their prayer is the result of habit or a duty to perform, it comes from religiosity. ‪Faith, however, leads to deep prayer, where your spirit meets God in a pure exchange of love, from which comes all knowledge.

The dimension of the spirit can be reached by an inner discipline; I am not speaking about strict penances or exaggerated sacrifices, I am talking about inner wisdom that makes you choose what is useful to your spiritual growth, and makes you discard what is useless, which is not of any help to you. ‪Your spirit and your soul, like the body, have to be educated to choose the right nourishment. Today this is true more than ever, because Lucifer has many resources available that capture your time and your attention taking you away from the things of God. Take for yourselves a few moments of silence in the noise of your day and elevate your thoughts to God! ‪It takes very little to reestablish a vital contact with the source of all good. ‪You need peace, otherwise you suffer, and you find peace in God and not in the world that has no peace.

God wants to introduce you to the dimension of the spirit.On the contrary, Lucifer tries to imprison you in the sphere of selfish pleasures, in the material dimension, made up of interests and goods tied to the world and to the things of the world. ‪In this field he moves with ease, being able to interfere with the laws that govern the material sphere. ‪The material world is his kingdom, populated by selfish people, indifferent to the love of God. Do not let yourselves be locked up in this prison! ‪Seek God so that He will attract you to Himself, in the highest dimension where His perfect law can make you really happy.

At this point, I would like to ask you a few questions. I am inviting you to reflect and answer truthfully: what kind of happiness are you seeking? ‪That which comes from God or the one the world offers? ‪What is the highest good for you and where does it come from: from God, from yourselves or from others? ‪Are you free or do you depend on someone or something in order to be happy?

Look at yourselves in front of God, before you answer. ‪Try to understand if your search for goodness and happiness are born from the fullness that you are feeling within you because you belong to God, or from a vacuum that you do not know how to fill. ‪There exists the love of God that fills and human love that empties, because it wants to possess and nothing else.Decide what kind of love you want. ‪If you choose the love of God, you must agree to live according to His laws, which are pure as He is pure. If you are united to Him, He will make you understand all of His laws which are perfect and that will make you perfect in God. If you choose the love of the world, you will be under the dominion of matter, with all its consequences.

You are free to choose which laws you want to respect: the law of God or that of the world, the spirit or the flesh.Be aware, however, that God will not permit forever that Lucifer creeps into creation to bring it away from the Creator. ‪God is Lord of the universe and He will bring back to Himself the entire universe. ‪So, do not be afraid, you who love God!Your sufferings are an offering pleasing to God, through which many brothers obtain mercy, but you will not suffer forever.God will intervene to save His faithful and deliver them from evil.

Creation will be completely new, and it will be donated to the children of God. It will be ruled forever by the most sublime spiritual laws, the perfect laws of the Spirit, Who is life. ‪Be aware of the fact that you can shorten the time of God’s intervention with love, with the offering of yourself, and with prayer.

‪I am with you, I am in you, and I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.