The power of the Cross

Dear Readers,

In the message I am presenting to you, the Blessed Mother is speaking of the power of the Cross. She also addresses important issues concerning the times that lie ahead, and calls us to a serious decision for God. Her words are strong, such as those of a Mother who wants the good for her children and who knows the dangers they are facing. I believe these words should make us reflect on how we live and on how we bear witness to Christ in these difficult but also great times in which the Lord is working to snatch away His children from the corruption of the world.

I greet you and I bless you in Christ. God may give you peace.

Our Lady’s message of September 14, 2012 – Exaltation of the Holy Cross

“Dear children, I bless you on this important day in which you venerate the cross of my Son. Today you do not only celebrate the memory of His torture but the memorial of the power that emanates from the Cross. Often you forget the power of the Cross, which is great, very great.

On the Cross, Jesus entrusted me to John and He has given John to me. At that moment, my motherhood exploded in all its power. Motherhood was a gift placed within me from the moment of my conception, but the Cross, Death, and Resurrection of My Son made it fully effective. The same happened in John and many others over the centuries. All the graces that God gave you, at the moment of your conception and at your baptism, would never become active within you without the strength that comes from the Cross of Jesus. The Cross is much more than a symbol that recalls the sacrifice of my Son: the power of God emanates from It, made effective by the sacrifice of Jesus. This is why the Cross is placed on the altar: It testifies to the power operating in the sacrament in virtue of the sacrifice of my Son. For Christians, the Cross is not a symbol of death, because It acts in view of the resurrection.

Today I call you to renew your allegiance to my Son who works in you through the power of the Cross. Each one of you is called to bear his own cross but not in order to be oppressed by the Cross, but to be filled with the power that emanates from It and that takes you directly to the resurrection, as long as you bear the cross with love for my Son.

Offer on the altar all the gifts you have received from God, so that the power of the Cross might renew them and strengthen them in view of the particular times that lie ahead; times rich with graces but also of battles and heavy loads through which you must pass in order to win. In saying this, I do not mean to scare you; you have nothing to fear because God will always give you the strength to do what is asked of you.

As a true Mother I like to warn you that difficult times are ahead of you; a mother never hides danger from her children, even if this could upset them. Make sure that the power of the Cross always accompanies you; stay united to the Cross of Jesus, because without It, your gifts will not be able to operate and flourish in the situations awaiting you. Without the power of the Cross the power of the Resurrection cannot be unleashed.

In the times to come, the confrontation with the spirit of the world is inevitable; sooner or later, this will happen.If this were not to happen you would not be a clear sign of contradiction; remember that you are a sign of contradiction to the world, as Jesus was,[1] this is why the world will consider you very inconvenient. You will be an ever more evident and bigger sign of contradiction. In fact, God is acting in the hearts of men of good will in order to form a new people for Himself, faithful to Him to the end. This people will be a great sign of contradiction. The clash between the new people, renewed by the Holy Spirit, and the old one, clinging to its own interests, will be inevitable.

Even in the Church there will be a sharp contrast between those who are open to the newness of the times and those who will not.It is right for this to happen, because it is the only way God will be able to renew His Church. The Church cannot be an association of people joined together for religious purposes, unchanging over the centuries. The Church is a living people that the Holy Spirit guides and incessantly forms, in which the persons are united together by the love of Christ, to testify to the world that same love, for the glory of the Father.

A new era for humanity is being prepared and new roads are being made for the people of God. The novelty of God is never a violent revolution: it is a process of renewal and of transformation that comes from the heart of every man of good will and is transmitted to other men, up to the renewal of the multitude. It is yeast that leavens the dough, as Jesus explained to you. The same happened at the coming of Jesus: a few men, inflamed by divine love, witnessed His teaching and many have believed. God transforms without destroying, because He wants to recover all the good that is in each one of you. Even in the Church there is a lot of good that will not get lost. At any rate, my Son wants His Church to manifest the life of the Trinity in Its fullness, the only life that can save you. Therefore, His hand will pass through the Church and will restore all that is diverted, He will straighten the crooked paths, He will manifest Himself to His people as the only Lord.

Many times my Lord has sent me to you to help you understand His will, to console you in your journey on Earth, a thorny path that I know well. I did appear in many places on Earth and I called you incessantly to goodness, to live a life with God, to repentance. I often healed you from your illnesses.Like a true Mother I bent over you, but I did not just come to console you: I came to instruct you in the things of God, to show you a road, but only a few of you have understood this. Often, you just went as far as asking me a favor, without accepting what I was trying to say. Like stubborn children, you kept going along your usual path, without changing yourselves, satisfied with a caress of mine but without ever throwing yourselves into my arms. You have crowded my sanctuaries, those that you yourselves built to bring to me your sorrows, without ever accepting what I really wanted to give you: the Life of God that I carried in my womb and that I carry in my heart: Jesus.

Children, I do not want to scold you, but I want to help you understand.Once again I invite you to offer your life to my Son through my Motherly Heart. Put yourselves and everything you have in the hands of God, allow yourselves to be transformed by Him. Renew your thoughts, your prayers, and your aspirations. Rise up to God and leave aside the things of the Earth. Even if you possess lots of things, only one is that counts: the love of God. You will find It when you find Jesus in your heart.

Try to grow as human beings as well as believers.Have a quality relationship with God: it is no longer enough to recite a prayer hastily, or carelessly participate in some ritual. If you want to be part of the new creation you will have to allow the Holy Spirit to renew you completely, and be aware of your commitment as Christians. How can you do this? By seriously putting yourselves on a path following the footsteps of Jesus. So many times and in different places over the centuries, I repeated to you the invitation to follow my Son and to live according to His teachings. I showed you how to do it by using the same words, so that they would be carved into your souls. They are the same words I am repeating now: the offering of yourselves to God, the abandonment to His will, prayer, penance, renouncement to personal selfishness, conversion; above all, to love God above everything and everyone.These are important words that God has sent me to tell you; but they remain empty if you do not decide to die to yourselves in order to rise again as new creatures.

I am calling you once again to decide for God. My children, you do not have a lot of time anymore to do it because God is restricting the timetables, and if you remain passive now, later on you will find yourselves in great difficulties, because the hand of my Son will move quickly and many things will change. Therefore, hurry up to seek the Lord; this is a moment of special graces for those who want to seek God!

My beloved children, I will always be with you and pray for you. However, I am telling you that the time of my apparitions on Earth is about to end.In the times to come, you will be able to feel my presence in spirit at your side only if you will be united to God. My apparitions have been an extraordinary grace, given freely to all mankind so that it would convert: but this did not happen. The majority of humanity did not believe in my apparitions; it mocked and opposed those who believed. The Church herself used them as the subject for endless and pointless discussions and disagreements.My presence among you became a sign of contradiction as well, even in the Church.

Now the time for graces freely given is coming to an end and God is sending me to tell this to you. The Lord, God of the universe, will no longer allow those who do not believe to revile His children, to prevent them on the path towards Him. All of you are called to a final choice: with God or against God; nothing will remain in the middle.

For those who believe and walk faithfully before God new dimensions will open instead. The graces rejected by the world and also, unfortunately, by many Christians, will be given to the true children of God, those in whom there is no guile. The time of hypocrisy is finished; the time of compromising with the truth is no longer. Those who are sincere will receive from God the strength and the intelligence to understand in their spirit the signs of the times so as to cooperate with the extraordinary instruments of God, who are all in action at this time.

All those who in recent years have consecrated themselves to my Heart with love and sincerity, who walked with me, who suffered and prayed, they will feel me very close, because I will be beside them. My presence will be perceived by good and simple souls with the same intensity with which they now perceive it in my sanctuaries.

As I said, my apparitions on Earth will cease; however, the Lord, in His great Mercy, granted me what I asked of Him: that in my sanctuaries special graces will continue to be effective. I asked this grace for you, in order not to leave you without help, especially for those among you who have just decided for God and are not yet able to feel my presence in their spirit. If they will be sincere and faithful, they will receive strength and support in my sanctuaries. But know, however, that graces will no longer be granted to those who visit my sanctuaries without faith, out of curiosity, as tourists, or to obtain something and then forget the graces received. Also know that my sanctuaries will no longer be “religious markets”: they will have to be places of grace and silence, where the people will make memory of my coming among you, and will honor me as Mother and Queen. The time for human cunning and broken promises is over. One cannot mess around with the Lord anymore. He who promises to follow Him and be faithful to Him, must do so in earnestness; this applies to everyone, from the biggest to the smallest among the people of God.

Dear children, do not think that my way of speaking to you is hard. If I talk to you in such a manner it is because I love you immensely and I wish for you, one day, to enter the new creation. I called you to the seriousness of these times, but I do not want you to be upset. Everything is in the hands of God and those who rely on Him will never have anything to fear. Be ready, however, to be signs of contradiction before the world because this will give you the opportunity to be true witnesses of Christ.

What I said to you will happen in the times and in the manner intended by God and that only He knows; much will depend on the decision of men, by what will happen within their souls. For this reason, I am inviting you to say YES to God, putting aside worries and fears. Have faith and God will fulfill in you and through you and in the whole universe what He has intended for the benefit of His children. Those who will reject God will not be able to take part in His life; I am telling you this with sorrows, but this is the time when God is examining humanity. After so much Mercy on God’s part, now the time of His Justice begins; Justice is necessary as much as Mercy in order to save mankind from the corruption of Lucifer. However do not worry because the Justice of God always goes hand in hand with His Mercy; if it were not so, who among you would be able to stand before the face of God?

I began this talk by telling you about the power of the Cross. Now more than ever, this power will be living and working among the people of God and will keep the enemy at a distance. I am telling you as your Mother: have faith and love God, the rest leave it up to Him and He will accomplish His work perfectly. It is not the time now to be concerned about passing things, now is the time to become committed to the kingdom of God with great responsibility. I am near you and I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Cf Lk 2, 33-34