All is accomplished (John 19,30)

Dear Readers,

At the end of this year 2012, of which we have spoken to you a lot and testified, comes this message of the Holy Spirit which concludes His communicating with us. We must treasure it in order to absorb its content and understand what is ahead of us. All messages of this year will be, as usual, gathered in a book soon to be published. In the meantime, we recommend reading the new book “2012 The decisive choice of mankind” that will provide you a framework and guidelines for the journey into the future.

We will continue to pray and offer our lives for you and to give you the messages that will be transmitted to us. So far many nuclei have been formed and others will follow. It is the new people of God that is growing and accompanies you with prayer, the same of which the Holy Spirit is talking about.

We take this opportunity to wish you a Holy Christmas and a New Year in which you too can start walking toward the new creation, in the light of God, in His presence and under the guidance of the Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

Message of the Holy Spirit of December 12, 2012

“Dearest children, the year 2012 is about to end and also our long conversation is about to end. During this year I have spoken to you in order to prepare you for the plans God has for this time. I have not spoken only through messages; as a matter of fact, My action took place especially in your spirit, where My impulses have molded and instructed you. Beyond what you have been able to rationally understand, I worked in you as well as in all men of good will. My action has been silent and powerful; those who have been open to God and willing to be instructed were able to receive It.

At the end of 2012 I would like to say once again that I love you and I consider you precious. All of you are important in God’s plan, regardless of what you think of yourselves or what others think of you. Your life has value in itself and is valuable because it carries the indelible imprint of the Creator. I’m glad for the steps you have taken this year. To those who feel tired and think they have done nothing good, I say not to be discouraged, but to put aside any sense of guilt, every frustration and dive into the goodness of God who is always ready to give you back confidence and new energy.

I would like to present to you a picture of the current situation which the humanity of the Earth is facing and, together with you, to throw a glance on what is awaiting you. These are general guidelines because you would not be able to understand in detail everything that is happening and that will happen, due to the great complexity of the mosaic that God is composing to save humanity. Save it from what? Mainly from itself, because mankind on Earth, as a whole, is blind and stubborn; it is unaware of its fate and permits to be led around by the deceitful voice of many false prophets and false saviors.

In order to understand my words, I remind you, first of all, that the humanity of Earth is not alone in the universe. This is a firm point of which you should never lose sight, and of which we have already spoken. It is fundamental for you to understand that you are inserted in a scenario far more extensive than the one you see and that is shown to you; and since you are not alone in the universe, you also must understand that you will not be saved by yourselves and that you need the help of other brothers in the universe, faithful to God. With them you will have to cooperate in order to help other brothers of the universe that are awaiting the announcement of salvation.

The humanity of the Earth does not know this reality if not by hearsay, because of misinformation on the part of your leaders. For this reason God gradually will begin to show signs of visible and unequivocal presence of other humanities in the universe; not just those loyal to Him, but also of other humanities that are allied with Lucifer and who hope to get from him great power in the universe. You need not fear for it: nothing bad will happen to the true children of God; however most part of humanity will enter into confusion and fear of dramatic events. False prophets and charlatans will multiply and men distant from God will turn to them for reassurance. The powerful of the Earth will be confused and will not be able to hide this fact, anymore, as they have done so far.

Only those who will be rooted in God and united to Jesus Christ the Savior will have the light to understand these events and to help others understand. It will be of no use to carry important roles in politics or religion, nor to have studied theology or be great scientists to understand the signs of the times that await you. Only the humble will understand, those whom the world rejects but who have a genuine faith in the One and Triune God. Those believed even when persecuted and mocked; they have been and they are united to Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These children will be given to understand everything and will experience the true communion with the brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God, from whom they will receive strong support in everything.

Good and evil will emerge more and more on the Earth and the actions of men will show their real face. At last the thoughts of the heart will be revealed.[1] This will happen because God will manifest Himself, more and more, in the midst of His people. It will be a new people, able to witness the life of God. All this will cause the children of darkness to come out who will try in every way to counteract the action of true Christians, but they will not succeed. The division among the children of God and the children of darkness will become increasingly neater, wall against wall. In the middle of these two blocks will remain those who have not made any choice in life, who have lived superficially according to the patterns of the world. They will be scared and uncertain about what to do. Among those there are men who behave in such manner out of ignorance, not out of malice: no one has ever talked to them about God in the correct way. If they wish and if they prove the willingness to change their life, they will be recovered and united with the people of God.

The people of God will be increasingly stronger and more united to the extraordinary instruments of this time, that is: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the brothers of the universe faithful to God. This communion will be an insurmountable obstacle for Lucifer and his followers. God will reveal little by little the existence and the action of the powerful instruments that will be increasingly more active and powerful.

Everyone will be asked for a strong decision: Jesus Christ will have to be at the center of the life of every Christian, and everyone will be expected to grow more and more in faith, hope and love. Nobody will be able to proclaim himself a Christian in words only, because the faith of each one will be tested to the point of becoming pure as gold refined in fire. To the purity of faith the purity of life will have to correspond: people will have to be immaculate and ready for their Lord. Only in this manner will the people be recapitulated in Christ and thus enter the new creation.

The things I am telling you are not vague promises that will take place in an uncertain future. As a matter of fact, the action of God will be faster than what you think. Do not be fooled by what appears in front of your eyes: Lucifer seems to dominate the Earth, and the life of most of humanity is flowing in total indifference to God. Despite the many calls of God throughout history, especially through the great Marian apparitions, the Earth pretends not to hear; Christians themselves prove to be cold and disinterested about life of the spirit. Yet God is at work in the depths of the spirit and in the entire creation.

The day will come when the work of God will manifest Itself in all Its power. No one will be able to turn a blind eye and look the other way, because there will be no means to escape. Do not think that this is a threatening talk; on the contrary, you have nothing to fear. As a matter of fact the work of God is His love that heals and redeems but that also requires the transformation of life, the letting go of all selfishness. Before the love of God, hell trembles and all those tremble who do not want to accept this love. For those, however, who desire to be loved and to be transformed by God, a fruit of peace and justice is prepared.

Therefore, I appeal to you once again to offer yourselves to God. Only in this way will He be able to transform your life and elevate your thoughts, enabling you to keep up with the times. Matter will no longer dominate the Earth or the universe, but will be subject to the laws of the spirit. The new man, destined for the new creation, will be a spiritual man, not material as he is now on Earth. This transformation process is already into action but will undergo a strong acceleration in this time.

In the times that lie ahead, the work of God will be revealed in its fullness because the action of God is a Trinitarian action. What does this mean? In order to answer you, I have to take a step back and return to the moment of creation.

The Father created all things, and from His bosom life flowed out. He wanted to create the universe and all form of life that is in it. By a free and sublime act the Father willed to call into existence all that is. In doing so He impressed His life into creation and in each and every creature according to its originality.

The Father created through the Son, whose word awakens life and sustains it. The Son puts into action all that the Father thinks and wants, because the Father and the Son are One. The Son is the Word of God and His Word acts in the power of the Holy Spirit.

As the Son enacts the desires of the Father, so I, the Holy Spirit, put into action what the Son wishes according to the thinking of the Father. I am descending from the Father and the Son, and incessantly I return to them, only to come back down again to bring life to every creature, in the ceaseless vortex of the Holy Trinity.[2]

From the bosom of the Father life came to be; it came out perfect and spotless from His hands. The Father perfectly accomplished His work of creation. Angels and men, the most sublime creatures, they all should have lived according to Divine laws, obedient to their creator. A creature, however, rebelled against the order established by God, in the mad belief of being greater than God: Lucifer, the rebellious angel, became corrupted and corrupted many angels and many people. They freely chose to oppose themselves to the plans of God and to live a life different from that intended by God. A different thought and a different life infiltrated themselves like parasites in the perfection of creation. All this is what you call original sin. God permitted it because He had created you free. He wanted you as children, not as slaves. Not all the angels and not all men had sinned; many of them remained faithful to God from the beginning, and they are still faithful, as you have been told many times. After the original sin, God could have punished and even destroyed the rebels and freed creation from their presence. Who could have stopped Him? It has not been so because God is love. Love never destroys, love helps and corrects those who did wrong. The Father wanted to save what He had created, even if rebel. Once again, the desire of the Father was implemented by the Son: He came to Earth, died and rose again to save all the rebellious humanity. The Son perfectly completed His work of redemption. The Son has redeemed humanity from the slavery of sin. Through His sacrifice, He purchased Himself a people that He called to be holy and to witness salvation to all men.

My work of sanctification of the people of God began with Pentecost, according to the wishes of the Father and the Son that are also My very own desires. My work has continued unceasingly until today, in order to lead the people of God into choosing unconditionally Jesus Christ, and in Jesus Christ, the Father. At the end of this year, those who have chosen to offer themselves to God and participate in His work of recapitulation of all things in Christ, will be ready to leave for their mission and will form a truly holy people. This people will include the children of God of all the universe united together in the one spirit. Others from all over the universe will be united to this initial people, and one flock will be formed, gathered round the one Shepherd, Jesus Christ. God will use this people to implement His plans of life and to defeat the kingdom of Lucifer, the kingdom of death.

At the end of this decisive year for humanity, I will have accomplished My work of sanctification, the same as the Father completed the work of creation and the Son that of redemption. A new work of God will begin: the work of the Holy Trinity, the work of the new creation. Through this work, God will bring creation to its true dimension, where spirit and matter will be in harmony with each other, and where every person will know God perfectly and will realize the desires of God. Angels and men faithful to God will again be in communion with each other, as it should have been from the beginning, and will join God in His work on behalf of the entire creation.

It will be a gradual process and very challenging for the people of God. Many events will be taking place and great signs will be given to humanity. The clash between the people of God and the people of darkness will always be more evident, up to the manifestation of the Antichrist that will mark the final stage of the journey toward the new creation. To all those who will wish to be part of God’s people not out of interest but for the love of God, will be given all the graces necessary to make the right steps. The powerful instruments of God and all His people will be available to those who wish to be recapitulated in Christ, to help every person of good will.

Beloved children, rejoice in the Lord! He will realize His promises in you, with you, and through you. Yes, everything is about to happen because everything has been accomplished. Love, prayers, tears, suffering and martyrdom of so many children of God, on Earth and in many parts of the universe, have formed a great treasure in heaven. From this treasure, in union with the love and the omnipotence of the One and Triune God, all of you will draw strength and love, light and wisdom to be the protagonists of the wonderful and terrible times that await humanity; wonderful for those who love God, tremendous for those who reject Him.

All is accomplished! From next year a new page is opening up in your history, the history of the entire universe. It will be a page written by the finger of God and by the love of His creatures: angels and men, young and old, living and dead. All will be called to build the Kingdom of God, that knows no end and which is prepared from all eternity for those who will have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb.[3]

This concludes My dialogue with you which lasted the whole year. Treasure the things that have been said to you; meditate them and put them into practice and do not worry: you will not be left alone, you will be guided in everything. Many instruments of God will be talking to you next year: angels, saints, brethren of the universe faithful to God. This will help you to enter more and more into communion with the Mystical Body of Christ and will strengthen you. You will be protected in a special way by the Blessed Virgin Mary and by St. Joseph to whom I am entrusting you from this very moment.

Receive my powerful blessing together with all the love of the Most Holy Trinity, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. “

[1] cf. Lk 2, 35

[2] I talked at length about the Trinitarian vortex in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier” ed. Luci dell’Esodo 2008, Chapters 1 and 12.

[3] See Rev 7