The Universal Mission has begun

It is truly so my dearest readers: the universal mission took off with the whole power of God; it will not stop and it will not turn back. Before getting started with this reflection, we are reviewing here below, the most important points of the last messages revealed through Stefania Caterina, which prepared us to this great moment.

In addition to the extraordinary instruments, foreseen for this time, God is engaging the entire Mystical Body of Christ in this action, composed by believers in Christ, living and dead, of the all universe.  “Starting with next year, (2013) the entire Mystical Body will be progressively involved in the powerful action of God, in order to recapitulate in Christ the whole of creation” says Saint Michael the Archangel in the message of November 20th 2012.[1] In the same message he announces the birth of a new people:  “Starting this 2013, all those who, in recent years, fully accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior, and have decided to serve God faithfully, offering Him their life through Mary, will be called to take part of the new people. They will be sent in mission in the entire universe to proclaim Jesus Christ”. Saint Michael continues by saying: “All that the Son of God proclaimed and predicted must be fulfilled in His holy people. He is the Alpha and the Omega: whatever started in Him, in Him it will be fulfilled”.

It is foreseen, for these times, that the Trinitarian Power, the Omnipotence of God brings to completion the project of God. The Holy Spirit, confirms to this regard in the message of December 12, 2012: “The day will come when the work of God will manifest Itself in all Its power. No one will be able to turn a blind eye and look the other way, because there will be no means to escape. Others from all over the universe will be united to this initial people, and one flock will be formed, gathered round the one Shepherd, Jesus Christ. God will use this people to implement His plans of life and to defeat the kingdom of Lucifer, the kingdom of death.”

In the message of January 6, 2013 Saint Michael tells us about the beginning of the universal mission. The mission has been entrusted to us who belong to Christ. In charge of this mission of the people of God has been placed the Alpha Centauri humanity faithful to God, instead of the humanity of the Earth, as originally was planned in the plans of God. Our humanity, unfortunately, did not respond in an adequate manner. Saint Michael explains: “God’s decision with respect to the Earth is to be seen in a perspective of justice but also of goodness and mercy. God could have not allowed a frail humanity and unprepared like yours, to carry the burden of such a big responsibility.

It was necessary to make this brief summary of the last messages in order to put before your eyes the thread of the content of the messages themselves, lest you get lost in the details and human interpretations. We wish now to add some points, as our witnessing, to encourage you.

1. God is perfectly just, of divine perfection. His justice is goodness and mercy at the same time. It is perfect truth in which our life and all of reality are reflected. We are called to humbly accept it and worship it.

God rejects no one, not even the humanity of the Earth, despite its infidelity. We people of the Earth ought to be witnesses of this, since we ourselves have known Jesus Christ in solidarity with us in all things except sin.[2] This testimony of ours, overcomes evil through Christ and gives a great contribution to the salvation of the whole universe. No one can dispense us from this witnessing, nor replace us. On the contrary, we are called to overcome evil on Earth, together with the entire Mystical Body of Christ.

2. God, in his infinite goodness and intelligence, knows how to proceed and makes the instruments and the modalities suitable, in order to bring the whole universe into the new creation. His action is for the benefit of all, including us of the Earth. We know that, before Him, the last can be the first and the first the last.[3] However, everyone is called to be in fullness. Everything that God realizes in the universe flows on Earth as well, and vice versa.

3. God’s action unfolds in all its power and we can witness that to you. If you welcome this action in the depths of your spirit, you will experience it more and more every day and you will reflect it on others. Therefore, be faithful to God in all that you have been taught.

4. The participation of the people of God of the Earth to the mission of the universe has not come to an end nor has it decreased. In fact, the main action of God through His instruments is an action in spirit that always flows throughout the universe. One day its fruits will be manifested, just before our eyes: the new creation. Take courage then!

5. God’s action starts mainly from within us in order to transform itself in an outer expression. This has been the experience of the first Pentecost,[4] the experience of all the saints. God acts to reach man, to transform him, to bring him to the perfect state of his being, so that he can rule the universe together with his Creator. Let yourselves get involved in the powerful action of God that puts you on the path of the new creation. The recapitulation of the universe in Christ will not happen in a magical way, by “touristic strolls” on spacecrafts, or by means of people who are not willing to be transformed by God. Do not let yourselves be fooled by the enemy through fantasies or human interpretations!

6. The brothers of the universe faithful to God are working with us. Their action as well is primarily in spirit: they are united together in the Holy Spirit. They told us: “Our most powerful weapon is the communion in the Holy Spirit; it is more powerful than our science and our technology.”

Did you understand then: gradually, we are entering more and more into the cosmic Pentecost[5], in which every child of God is introduced, mystically united to Christ, as well as each nucleus and all the nuclei of the universe. A new people is being created who progresses toward the new creation, that lives and is one heart and one soul[6] in the Holy Spirit.

Pray, contemplate, offer yourselves to God, bear witness to Jesus Christ and you will be able to touch with your own souls the powerful action of God. United to Christ, you will be able to perceive the action of God that passes through His special instruments: angels, Central Nucleus, brothers faithful to God. The brothers faithful to God will allow you to feel their presence and when God will permit it, they will introduce themselves to the souls who are open and to the nuclei who are living the cosmic Pentecost.

We will offer ourselves to God and will pray for all of you in order to remain united to you. Our communion with you will be active: we will always tell you and explain to you what you will need for your journey toward the realization of God’s plan.

Remember that our communion in the Holy Spirit is the power that makes the forces of evil, tremble.

With a fraternal embrace and with the blessing of the One and Triune God,

Tomislav Vlašić

[1] All messages cited are published on this site

[2] Cf Heb 4: 15

[3] See Mt 20: 16

[4] See Acts 2

[5] Cosmic Pentecost is extensively dealt with in the book of Stefania Caterina “Rewriting History – Vol I In the mind of God,” chap.6

[6] See Acts 4: 32

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