“Do not be afraid, little flock …” (Lk 12:32)

Dear Readers,


I present you the message of St Michael the Archangel who sets out the path toward the events that lie ahead of us. St Michael says that this is the last message to the humanity of the Earth, but that no one of those who sincerely wish to take part in God’s plan to recapitulate all things in Christ will lack anything. Therefore, let us serve God with full confidence reminding one another of our “responsibility as human beings and believers” as St Michael said.

I greet you and always remember you in my prayers. The Lord may give you peace.

Stefania Caterina


Message of St Michael the Archangel of November 19, 2013

“I greet you brothers and sisters of the Earth! God has sent me to you one more time. However, this is not like any other message you have received so far: my words today close a cycle of your history and start a new one. Today I turn to the humanity of the Earth for the last time. Many things have already been explained to you; therefore, I will not repeat what you already know. I will just highlight some points to remind you once again of your responsibility as human beings and believers. Here are the points I invite you to think about.

  1. Everything you have been told in recent years will be accomplished on Earth. The plan to unite all things in Christ will be realized. The enemies of God and his people should not delude themselves! God has the power to bring to completion what he has planned. If it seems that it is not so, it is just because God is patient with the men of the Earth and gives everyone time to understand if they wish to understand. God’s promises always come true for those who love Him and seek Him sincerely; they will come true even for the enemies of God who, willingly or unwillingly, must bend to the will of the Holy Trinity. In fact, men, angels, demons and all creatures are subject to the power of God and nothing escapes his eyes. Sooner or later, everything will have to be fulfilled. Be sure of this.
  2. The plan to recapitulate all things in Christ is already in action in the universe. The nuclei, the new priesthood, the mystical union with Christ and other aspects, about which much has been said, are already operating in a large part of the universe, especially among the humanities faithful to God who live in the high universe; they are also operating among most of the humanities of the middle universe. There, in fact, a deep and widespread work of evangelisation has been carried out by the brothers and sisters faithful to God and has given good fruit. Whole planets of the middle universe were converted to God and, together with the faithful humanity, form a great and mighty people.

I tell you these things to prevent you from thinking that what has been announced in recent years is a beautiful utopia. God does not sell smoke like many of your political and religious leaders do; He does not deceive anyone and certainly not those who love Him. Therefore, what is already happening in other parts of the universe will have to take place on Earth and in the low universe where the Earth is.

The Earth is very much behind due to its distance from God, its arrogance and unfaithfulness. Your planet was supposed to be the centre of the spread of the message of Salvation throughout the universe because of the fact that Jesus incarnated on Earth. Instead, you can see for yourself that the Earth has become a centre of the spread of sin and corruption. Most of your humanity lives outside the laws of God: in fact, it follows the law of selfishness, sin and death.

  1. In every age God has formed His little rest on Earth, a humble people who remained faithful to His law of love and life: the small flock of which Jesus speaks (Lk 12, 32), for whose sake God has forgiven many sins of this humanity, and for whose sake He will carry out His projects also on Earth. The saints, the prophets and the righteous who have lived on your planet along history paved the way for the realization of God’s plans on Earth. Usually insulted and persecuted, they have offered their lives and their suffering for all of you, removing the punishments that your humanity would have justly deserved. As it is written: “… God has tested them, like gold in a furnace, and found them worthy to be with him. He has accepted them, just as he accepts the sacrifices which his worshipers burn on the altar” (Wis 3:5-6). Their sacrifice, permitted by God, was not in vain and this will become clear at the end of times.

Even today this little flock is present on Earth; it is united to God and to his instruments and works in silence in the midst of the difficulties of a pagan world without faith and law. It is like a sprout but it is destined to grow. From this sprout God will bring forth a new people that will carry out His plans. You are all called to be part of this people because God does not favour anybody. To be part of it, however, enthusiasm is not enough: you must let go of all selfishness, compromises and ambitions and decide to seriously change your life, to live according to the laws of God that God has made ​​known through Jesus Christ.

Lucifer and his followers are numerous and powerful on Earth as you may well see. They hate the little flock of God, they want to disperse and exterminate it, but God watches over whom belongs to Him. The enemies of God and Jesus Christ shall be well aware of it!

  1. The humanity of the Earth handed itself over to Lucifer in the moment it committed original sin. There he placed his throne; he too formed a people on Earth, and from there he intended to expand His kingdom throughout the low universe. The situation on your planet is serious, but the majority of the people are completely unaware of the risk it is running as they are so caught up in the struggle to survive. If Lucifer cannot realise his plans, he will destroy you. That is what he always does: he destroys what he cannot achieve. A hierarchy that serves Lucifer holds the power on Earth solidly in its hands; you can see where it is leading you: the Earth is a place of despair, known in the entire universe as “the planet of death”, dangerous and hostile.
  2. The humanity of the Earth will not manage to get out of the tunnel in which it slipped all by itself. Therefore, you will need the help of the brothers and sisters faithful to God. God has always wished to send you help through your brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to Him, against whom Lucifer cannot do anything; yet, God has always respected your freedom. Many of you do not accept the idea that other human beings exist in the universe; this has delayed God’s plans. What is more, your rulers and religious leaders, who are strongly afraid of an intervention by the faithful brothers and sisters, have hidden from the people the reality of the universe; this has made things even more complicated. Nevertheless, God has determined to send you help from the universe, and He will do so by putting a limit to the slyness and arrogance of the men of Earth who refuse to accept the reality as it is in God and to bend to His will.

To this day, the faithful brothers and sisters to God have travelled the middle universe announcing all the peoples the redemption carried out by Jesus Christ and baptizing in His name entire humanities. They are waiting for God’s command to enter the low universe in order to accomplish the same work of evangelisation. In this universe where you also are, the situation is delicate: here Lucifer holds great power over the various humanities because they are rebellious to God. They will not easily accept the coming of the faithful brothers and sisters; on the contrary, they will react with violence. When the faithful brothers and sisters enter the low universe with all their power and begin their evangelisation; it will also have a strong impact on the Earth, because Lucifer and his followers will constantly be in a state of alarm; they will multiply their endeavours to push away the faithful brothers and sisters.

The Earth will be the last planet of the low universe to be visited by the faithful brothers and sisters. Yet, they will be in communion with the little flock of the Earth, which has accepted their existence a long time ago and is expecting their appearance with love. God will send the faithful brothers and sisters to Earth to visit well prepared single individuals and nuclei in order to teach and protect the children of God. When the time comes, God will order them to manifest themselves openly to the whole humanity on Earth. At that point, the lies of your rulers, your arms and even your missile defence shields will avail you nothing. Then you will see signs in the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars (Lk 21, 25); everyone will understand the reality as it is, but for many it will be too late. Now is the time for all of you, from the biggest to the smallest, to make your choice: either with God or with Lucifer. Do not waste time because there is not much time left.

  1. Before all this happens, the true children of God, those who wish to be reunited to Christ to become new human creatures, will not lack anything. They will be informed about everything that awaits them: the Holy Spirit will guide them internally to the truth, and they will receive increasingly stronger confirmations in due time. God will protect His little flock despite the battle that awaits it: this little rest will collide frontally with the forces of evil and the Earth will be the scene of the largest battle of spirits of all times: the Spirit of God present in His children and the spirit of this world present in the children of darkness.
  2. To be capable of facing such a battle, God has placed the three major instruments of this time at the side of His people: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the brothers and sisters faithful to God. Those who welcome them and enter into communion with them will be strongly protected. God’s instruments are in full action in the universe and are facing difficult situations: they must prepare in spirit the entry of the faithful brothers and sisters in the low universe and protect the fragile among God’s people. God has called them to a silent and powerful action.
  3. God is slowly drawing His ordinary and extraordinary instruments into silence to make them focus their work where it is really needed. The great prophetic voices of this time will slowly decrease until they remain silent altogether. That is the great silence of God that comes before the big events that are awaiting you. The confused voices of the false prophets will continue crying on the squares. Only those who stand firmly in God will be able to discern the voices in the big disorder that is awaiting you: political, social, religious unrest; even the nature that you have devastated beyond all limits will be in disorder. “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events …”(Lk 21, 10). God will no longer speak to the deaf who do not want to hear, nor will He manifest His actions to the blind who do not want to see: God’s work will be understood solely by those who are united to Him. God will withdraw the graces given to those who misuse His kindness without converting and will give them to those who walk in the will of God. Your humanity will be tried severely, not because God wants to punish you, but because he wants to purify and save you: your stubbornness is such that you do not leave God any other option than that of trial; only in this way you bend to what is good while you are actually always ready to choose evil.
  4. The plan of God to save His children is unfolding in all its power in the entire universe. It will not stop until the kingdom of Lucifer is destroyed. All creation will be affected by the Trinitarian action that will spread everywhere like a huge wave. Decide now which side you want to take; tomorrow may be too late.
  5. The Church of the Earth will also be severely tried in order to be purified from the many sins with which she has defiled herself. God loves His Church and wants to save her; however, this will not be possible without a true atonement of her sins.

For this reason, once again, I invite the Pope and the hierarchies of all Christian churches to recognize and proclaim the existence of life in the universe, especially the existence of the faithful brothers and sisters to God. I also invite them to recognize the existence of the three extraordinary instruments of this time, and to enter into communion with them in order to receive help and protection. Finally, I invite them to recognize my authority as the Precursor of the glorious coming of Christ and as the guide of the people of God in these last times. I do not ask this for myself but for God’s plans and according to His will. I do not ask you to erect expensive statues for me, but to obey my orders that are orders of God for the good of His people. If this is done, the suffering of the humanity on Earth will be shortened and you will receive all necessary help from me and all the instruments that I am leading. This is the last call that I send you after which it will be God’s turn to speak, and He will do what He intends to do. Reflect and pray to respond in the right way.

I call on all of the priests and Christians, from the least to the most important, to analyse their own behaviour and to offer themselves unconditionally to God. Lift your eyes as they are too focused on earthly matters; you are so absorbed by the worries of this world that the seed of God does not grow within you as it should (Mt 13, 22). It is right that you do your pastoral, social, family duties, however, they are not the highest in the list of God’s values: remember that first you have to seek God and His kingdom and that all the rest will be given to you as well (Mt 6:33). You are rushing from morning to evening worrying about mostly unnecessary things: rarely do you choose what is better, as Jesus said (Lk 10:38-42).

It is time that the Christians become brave and real witnesses of the gospel through a righteous life in God and in true fraternal communion: “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot” (Mt 5:13).Too many Christians have become insipid, and this is one reason why there are so many troubles on Earth. Repent!

I turn to every man who says he does not believe in God but is of good will: it is not too late to discover God. It is a time of great graces for those who wish to change their life for the better. Seek Jesus Christ and He will manifest His life. You will be new people, and you will contribute to build a new future for the humanity of the entire universe. God needs every one of you and has created you for His glory. Think about it.

I turn to those who have decided to adore and serve Lucifer: your time is almost up. You will not be able to stop God’s work nor to suffocate His people whose number is growing increasingly in the whole universe. You are still in time to convert and to atone for your sins if you want. You can still escape the slavery of Lucifer; be careful though, as there is little time left. If you do not convert, you will have the same fate as your master.

My speech ends here. I have told you everything God has ordered me to say; I will continue to pray for you. I bless all those who will read these words; I bless particularly those who welcome these words and put them into practice. My little flock, I tell you not to be afraid because God will always be by your side. Remain in peace and allow your faith, hope and love to grow. Be a sign of God’s presence in the midst of the people of the Earth who will be more and more lost and confused. This is what God expects from you. It falls to God to accomplish the great things; it is up to you instead to be small and simple like the children who lovingly rely on the Father’s hands. Pray intensively and beg God for mercy upon the humanity of the Earth.

I bless you and I bless the entire humanity of the Earth, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.