1.The New People Celebrates Life

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We are again with you to present you various reflections, which will be collected under this title. As we have told you previously, we are continuing to live in silence because this is the best way to live in the presence of God, to understand His will and put it into practice.

Nevertheless, the Lord continues to send us to you who are walking on the path indicated to you along these years. He will send us when He considers it necessary, since He knows the difficulties of His children on Earth.

We will try not to go back to issues that you have already heard. Instead, we want to give you a deeper insight into them in order to accompany you and explain to you the steps to take during this year, which will be very dynamic and insidious. During this year, all of you will be asked to make your choices so that you do not further delay your participation to the work of Christ in the whole universe.


1. Primarily, we would like to outline the identity of our being and acting. For many years, we have been involved in the work of recapitulation of the universe in Christ according to God’s will, and not because of particular personal merits. We have not simply received messages or had visions: all our life and our whole existence have been involved in the work of the Holy Trinity along with some sublime instruments, like Holy Mary and St. Joseph, and the extraordinary instruments of this time: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God. God’s action in us is transforming us more and more so that one day we can be new human creatures along with all the children of God in the universe.


Our spirituality consists in living the Holy Gospel in our Lord Jesus Christ with the simplicity of the Holy Family of Nazareth on the model of St. Francis and St. Claire of Assisi. Our life is not based on a static rule but on a dynamic one: we are continuously involved in the wonderful newness of the Holy Spirit that leads us to a of peaceful and joyful hope, which goes beyond all human hope. This newness touches our deepest self and opens us for the universal community so that we reach the fullness of life in God in communion with the angels, the saints, the righteous men who populate the universe and our Earth, and with the brothers and sister in purgatory. This involvement presses us to elevate ourselves more and more so that we are subject to the pure laws of the spirit, which come from the Holy Trinity. For this reason we offer our life to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Heart of St. Joseph, the righteous par excellence, in communion with the Mystical Body of Christ to become living Eucharist. This is the only way to reach the resurrection and to become new human creatures.

2. Our work consists in communicating you God’s life, which flows in the universe; a dynamic life. In the following message of Jesus, this becomes clear. Jesus says, The year that lies ahead of you will be beautiful for some reasons and very difficult for some other reasons … it will be a difficult year for the humanity of the lower universe, especially for the Earth …”. He also says that, “the Catholic Church and the other Churches will be profoundly purified …”, and that, “a deeply purifying action will take place on Earth, which will also bring a lot of pain”.


We will help you with our offering and our prayers. We will show you the inner passages to fulfil; we will warn you of dangers and inform you about changes to make in your life. For those who want to be transformed it is normal to be ready to change their life, their behaviour, their way of praying and participating to the sacraments; they naturally wish to act responsibly before God in the situations they will find themselves in this year.

We are asked to lift our head, to celebrate life and manifest the great hope that our Saviour communicates us.

“… since you have taken off your old self

with its practices and have put on the new self,

which is being renewed in knowledge in the

image of its Creator”. (Col 3, 9-10)[1]


As we will leave you to the words of Jesus we bless you and accompany you with great love.

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Message of Jesus of January 1, 2014 – A Beautiful and Difficult Year


“My children,

I want to give you a powerful blessing on this first day of the year. I encourage you to continue on your path by taking on an even greater responsibility towards the events that await you.


The year that lies ahead of you will be beautiful for some reasons and very difficult for some other reasons. It will be beautiful for those who have chosen Me: those who have chosen My life will receive my graces more and more abundantly.  In fact, I will give all the graces that have been rejected by many people to those who respond sincerely. It will be a difficult year for the humanity of the lower universe especially for the Earth: everything that has not been accomplished by the Christians in these years and along the millennia is weighing heavily on the whole mankind of your planet. Therefore, I must begin to purify profoundly my people on Earth; I must purify the Church.

In this year, you will see the beginning of the purification of the Catholic Church and the other Christian Churches because my name can no longer be used for purposes other than to give glory to my Father. My name was often offended on Earth, usurped, used for purposes other than those of God. By sending Me to you, the Father willed to give you His life, His power, “… he gave the right to become children of God.” (Jn 1, 12). Unfortunately, many Christians have not used this power to give testimony that they were children of God, but to succeed in the world so that they became children of this world.


In this year I will carry out a profound purification of the Earth which will cause you also a lot of pain. The pain will not be caused by Me, but by your non-choices, your non-responses, all the Yeses that are actually Noes. However, you do not need to be afraid of anything as long as you stay firm in Me, and if you remain united with Me through the Hearts of Mary and Joseph. They were united with Me so strongly that staying in their Hearts means staying in My Heart. Therefore, from now on I entrust you to them; call upon them, pray to them. Stay united with the extraordinary instruments of this time: the angels, the Central Nucleus, the faithful brothers to God, the saints and the righteous.

I do not tell you these things to frighten you. Those who follow Me do not have to fear anything because they walk in My light (Jn 8, 12). I call on you to leave aside all hypocrisy and slyness; because if you do not fully give up your selfishness, you will suffer. I know that you have chosen the life, but I know you and I also know how fragile you are. There is a kind of fragility that does not come from sin: it is the fragility of the human creature as such: I bend over that fragility.

However, there is another kind of fragility, which comes from sin, pride and selfishness; not only will it make you weak, it also destroys you (Jn 1, 5-16). Thus, there is a fragility that does not destroy the human creature, but there is another one that destroys it. Inside yourself, you can discern if you feel fragile because you have committed a sin, or if you feel fragile simply because you are human creatures.


Therefore, I repeat to you what I said to My apostles and disciples: consider carefully how you listen (Lk 8, 18). Be careful to listen in the right way to every word that you hear from the Gospel, from the messages, from everything that has been bestowed upon you: that is, allow My word to change your life, otherwise the same word will make you suffer and will condemn you. I do not want this to happen; on the contrary, I want you to be free, serene, happy children of God in the house of their Father. So, take heart!


During this year, I expect you to evangelize the Earth; however, the point of departure should be My grace, a simple life united to Me. I do not ask you to do great things; I ask you to remain thoroughly consistent with what you have heard in these years. If you do this, My grace will raise you up on eagle’s wings (Ex 19, 4).

I bless you, children, and I entrust you to My Mother and St. Joseph. I ask you to pray very much for the humanity of this Earth, who is so far from My Heart. Do all this, be heralds of My life, and I promise you that no evil will touch you.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit“.

[1] The Bible passages are quoted from the New International Version (NIV)

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