4. The New People Celebrate Life

 Encountering God in Jesus Christ


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I will begin this reflection with the words of St. Michael the Archangel taken from his message of March 17, 2013. His words will open the way to anyone who is searching God and help the Christians, who begin the preparation for Easter to deepen their knowledge of God:

“In this time, all those, who desire the good and seek the truth, are called to follow a path of profound spiritual renewal. It will necessarily lead to the recapitulation in Christ; this means that everyone will have to accept, get to know and love Jesus and become part of his holy people. The recapitulation in Christ concerns the entire creation; it is a single pathway for all humans of the universe. …When everything is recapitulated in Christ, the Father will create new heavens and a new earth, and will give them to His children; it will be the new creation. No impurity will ever enter it. …This is the marvellous plan of the Holy Trinity for every one of you and for the entire humanity. It is already fully unfolding”. [1]


1. Let us contemplate Jesus in the episode of His preparation for public life as it is presented to us by the evangelist Matthew (4, 1:11). Jesus withdraws to the desert to stay in silence; He pulls back from all contacts with people and from all activity. He clears His mind from all thoughts to immerse himself in the depths of His nature and His spirit. A real fast! Hence, with inner freedom He contemplates God, who introduces Him into the laws of the pure spirit. And He recognizes himself as HE WHO IS. He will manifest His identity to the people and confirm it in the trials by overcoming evil and death and by rising again. In this state He is tempted by Satan. Satan wants to distract Him, pull Him away from God and make Him lose his identity. He uses his astuteness by quoting the Bible in order to push Him to live and act outside of God, however, Jesus remains firm in God the Father and in the Holy Spirit: His being and acting are in accordance with the will of God. In this manner all His public life will unfold until His victory over evil and death through His resurrection from the dead.

Let’s focus on the three trials of Jesus, reported in the cited passage of the Gospel because they tell us many things. We too are called, in the spirit of Christ, to let go of human superstructures and to immerse ourselves in the pure spirit in order to enter in relationship with God; so we will find our true identity and become new human creatures.
After forty days of fasting, Jesus is hungry. Satan proposes Him to use his extraordinary power to turn stones into bread and hence prove His divinity. However, one cannot prove to belong to God by breaking the laws of the Spirit of God. Moreover, by living in the divine order man lives in harmony with God and does not lack any nourishment. This is the meaning of Jesus’ statement:

“Not by bread alone does man live,
but by every word that comes from God.”


Satan wants Jesus to use the fact that He is the Son of God to do something spectacular: he carries Jesus to the highest point of the temple and asks him to throw himself down and show how the angels would come to save him. That is how Satan thinks; he always tries to destroy and disrupt everything. However, Jesus, who remains subject to the laws of the pure spirit, lives in harmony with God and does not upset any law. When doing extraordinary things, He goes beyond our dimension but does not upset or harm anything. Therefore, He replies:

“Do not put the Lord your God to the test.”

Satan insists. He shows Jesus all the glory of the kingdoms of the world and says, “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” However, by contemplating God Jesus sees the whole of reality as it is; He sees the failure of Satan and all he has to offer and replies:

“Away from me, Satan! For it is written:

‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”


At these words Satan disappears.

2. Do not distance yourself from the order of God and the laws of the pure spirit! If you have moved away, return into communion with God and share your life with Him.
Humanity has broken and upset many laws of God. God is insulted and despised; His gifts are exploited. For this reason, people are suffering: diseases and death are the fruits of their conduct and also their destiny. Humanity and creation moan. How can we get out of this condition? Two solutions appear.

a) Satan puffs up, lies, disrupts and destroys. Military power is not a solution but a terrible threat of destruction. The trading and financial system does not give us hope either: they raise expectations related to consumerism and hence will increase the hungry in the world. Entertainment, shows and a dissolute life style make people hollow. Scientific progress is promising but too often in corrupt hands; death puts an end to all success. In conclusion, the corrupt spirit of humanity cannot be cured and corrected only by the law and by the human authority.
Even the believer is tested by Satan, as was Jesus. The spirit of evil never leaves him; it tempts both the individuals and the community; it slips into the most intimate places of the soul because he is a spirit and goes beyond human mental barriers. Therefore, we must draw our attention to some important points.

The believer must stop turning in on himself because that leads him to a fight for survival; he acts alone and in his own way; he exhausts himself through mental work without realizing that God wants to help him, guide him, show him new means and new horizons. As a result, the believer does not see, perceive and receive the hand of God. That may easily lead to a parallel religious life, which is contrary to that of God. He rejects the impulses of the Spirit leading him to transformation, or, he projects himself into extraordinary experiences while remaining self-centred and selfish. Unfortunately, by performing distorted religious activism people do not correct their faults and become easy prey for Satan.

We are on the eve of the powerful action of God in the low universe. This action will also strongly reflect on Earth: it helps those who want to participate in it but weakens those who reject it.
Satan opposes God’s plan to unite the entire universe in Christ. He knows that he cannot prevent it, however, he counteracts it by hurling against the people: he lies, confuses, delays the plan of God, causes harm and destruction and makes all creation suffer. He has at his disposal the people’s rebellion as well as the powerful esoteric and pagan cult of the low universe. The esoteric action present in the low universe is united with that of the traitors of Christ on Earth, the Satanists and the mediums, who constitute an interplanetary power.


This evil action will be felt more and more by those, who are against Christ and those who want to remain undecided and superficial in their faith. This will bring humanity to the extreme choice: with Christ or with Lucifer.

Pay attention to one particular strategy of Lucifer in this time. He falsifies and deceives: he presents the humans of the planets faithful to God in a bad light: the mediums and the pagan priests of the rebel planets present themselves as faithful brothers in God of the high universe. They act on the believers’ minds through telepathy: they present themselves as sensitive people, who believe in Jesus and know God; they awake certain powers in self-centred and selfish people, who are greedy of extraordinary things. What a great danger for all those who put themselves in the centre of their spiritual life projecting themselves into extraordinary events!

Even unknowingly they become instruments of mediums. Furthermore, Satan is trying to convey in our midst humans of rebel planets, who are his allies; he wants to present them as the saviours of humanity and as the only human beings in the universe apart from mankind on Earth. In this manner, he is trying to subdue the entire humanity on Earth. Satan thinks that in this way he can stop God’s plans, keep the faithful brothers away and confuse the people of the Earth. It seems that all propaganda and false information about extraterrestrial life, carried out by our mass media, leads in this direction.
Yet, Satan deceives himself!


b) Jesus shows and opens the way to God the Father and He will manifest Him to you in the Holy Spirit: He demands that each individual comes out of himself to meet God. This is the work of God: getting closer to the humanity of the entire universe in Jesus Christ in order to give it His Holy Spirit so that it is transformed, risen again and then may become, along with the entire creation, the new creation. God expects from each of you a response to His grace in Jesus Christ.
Christian brothers and sisters, listen and observe the readings of the beginning of Lent. There you will find what true fasting, true prayer, true charity and true participation in the Christian mysteries is. Live accordingly  and you will be guided by the Holy Spirit, who will protect you from satanic interference. Your spirit will be renewed, and you will be the repairers of the ruins and gaps. Have a good preparation for Easter!
Even to you, brothers and sisters, who do not believe in Christ, I wish a good preparation for Easter, for the passage towards God, who is the source of all good. You can do it only in Christ: he will appear in all its glory in spite of all opposition.


“Look, he is coming with the clouds,”
and “every eye will see him,
even those who pierced him”;
and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.”
So shall it be! Amen.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God,

“who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

(Rev 1, 7-8)


We accompany you with our prayer and blessings wishing you to encounter God.


Tomislav Vlašić




[1] Message of St. Michael the Archangel of March 17, 2013: I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Mt 5, 17) to be published on this website