Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The primary energy


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


We will read a passage from the book “The universe and its inhabitants” on page 30:

The entire universe in all its dimensions is pervaded by a type of energy from which the life of all creatures draws strength and continuity. It is the primary or fundamental energy which springs from the Trinitarian vortex; it is physical and spiritual at the same time, and it is the result of the three laws of light, sound and heat.


Primary energy descends from the creative, redeeming and sanctifying power of the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. It is impressed by the Holy Spirit into the vital centre of every being. The vital centre in humans is the spirit; in the other creatures it is a physical point in which the breath of life is concentrated. For example, the centre of a galaxy is its vital centre; there the Holy Spirit impresses/imprints/infuses the breath of life that carries within it primary energy. From the centre of the galaxy the energy radiates out to all stars and planets that are part of it and which, in turn, receive it in their vital centre and redistribute it like a waterfall.


Let us take another example, that of the Earth: it receives the primary energy from the sun, which in turn receives it from the centre of your galaxy. The Earth receives and transmits that energy to the animals and plants which incorporate it in their vital centre; it continuously feeds the breath of life and governs the biological processes of all creatures.


Man perceives primary energy through his spirit who communicates it to the soul and the soul to the body; it activates all vital functions of the individual ensuring its life and health. The whole process of transmission, reception and radiation of primary energy between God and the creatures is governed by the Holy Spirit who gives this process divine harmony and perfection. If the Holy Spirit ceased to act, the whole universe would fall into total chaos, and life would become extinct.


When you are united to God because you love Him e want to live in harmony with His laws, the primary energy reaches your spirit and flows in a harmonious way; that ensures you physical and spiritual health so that you become beautiful and balanced persons. On the contrary, if you disconnect/detach yourself from God, the primary energy flows with difficulty often giving rise to disease. Every disease, not only physical but also mental, is due to a blockage in the circulation of primary energy. Any imbalance in the human being is due to this. The same happens even in animals, plants and all other creatures, but this is caused by man who does not live according to the laws of God generating negativity that affects creation. Thus, a humanity who is hostile to God and His laws produces a blockage in the circulation of primary energy over the entire planet, to the detriment of all the creatures that inhabit it, as unfortunately happens on Earth. You can easily understand to what level of danger life on your planet is exposed through your coldness and rebellion toward God. Therefore, repent and retrace your steps, before it’s too late!


When we read the pages of the book “The Universe and it Inhabitants” we look at the words of the Lord and the words of the apostles from a different angle as you have noticed in this lecture about the primary energy. The angle is the centre of the universe, the Trinitarian life. From that centre the primary energy pours out. Our life poured out from that centre and the sense of our life is to freely return to that centre. Here on Earth our goal Most Blessed Trinity is to be faithful to that harmony and help others to be faithful to that harmony.

In today’s readings it is discussed if it is better to marry or not to marry, of course for the kingdom of God. St. Paul does not take any side but gives practical advice. That is what all of us can do: look at the situation, think about how we can best promote harmony with God in ourselves, help others and help the Kingdom of God to develop. Today the Gospel of Luke talks about the beatitudes. Who should choose the beatitudes in the Church? All Christians should, but why? Because they chose Jesus Christ at the moment of baptism, and through Jesus Christ they chose to return in harmony with the source of life. Theology, liturgy, often emphasizes the source of life. In this context we can speak of primary energy. So, we are all called to the beatitude that will be beyond the Great Barrier. But we are also called to be blessed here on Earth, yet, who will be? Those generous people will who put Jesus Christ and his faithfulness to the Father in the Holy Spirit in the centre of their life. So, those will be blessed who without any doubts choose to serve this energy within themselves for the sake of themselves, for the sake of others, for the sake of creation. Choosing to love is a decision for the Kingdom of God, for the life to come.

This text asks us to reflect on the choice we have made individually and as part of this people who have decided to offer their life to Jesus through the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. One aspect is that it is up to each of us to experience this harmony; the other aspect is that it is for this people to live in harmony with each other and in harmony with the universal Church. You can see that this is the principal of Pentecost, the principle of the cosmic Pentecost. It is a great responsibility to live life in harmony with the Most Blessed Trinity, and the Church says that it identifies itself with the expression of the Trinitarian life. Here are the practical things to do on an individual level: start to be disciplined so that the Lord can fill you with this energy. If you continue reading, you will find another comment of the Trinitarian Spirit who explains that God cannot give this energy to this humanity because it would destroy everything. We will also reflect, perhaps tomorrow, on the disintegrating, destroying energy. Today we are called to be builders of the Kingdom of God, able to catch that energy that will bless us already here on Earth; the fullness will be Beyond the Great Barrier. We have to reflect on that as we are a people, a small remainder, who wants to respond to the invitation of the Triune God in this time in order to catch that power that the Most Blessed Trinity wants to impress on this time. The Blessed Trinity cannot impress it on a single individual in the same way as on a nucleus or a people. Thus, it is an invitation for each nucleus, for the people altogether, to truly consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, and to consecrate and offer themselves to God in order to receive and handle this energy.

When I preached, it happened many times that priests, people and religious persons said, “But that’s utopian”. I tell you it is not utopian. A utopia is a fantasy; a dream of a romantic life which will always lead to disappointment. In a utopia one does not cry and laugh at the same time. A utopia closes your eyes; it is unreal. The beatitudes pass through tears, suffering, persecution, incomprehension, hatred; they pass through the reality of this Earth. The greatest power we can get is to be faithful in the persecutions. However, the inner choice means to be faithful when we are poor, hungry and thirsty; not only hungry for bread but also thirsty for justice, thirsty for the Kingdom of God; desiring life in God more than anything else. On this Earth, where corruption is raging, we are called to be channels, that is, conveyors of this energy.


When God called this Church, he called us too to respond. In 2012 we thought there would be a great mass of people, but now we are glad we are only few; not because we despise others, but because we see that we need to go deeper and into the truth;  we have to make the choice and not wait for the others to do these steps; we have to decide to take these steps and reveal this vital power to others.

The verse of the Gospel calls us to rejoice, “Rejoice”; rejoice in persecution. This is the strength. One thing is certain, everyone on Earth suffers and will suffer, even those who allow themselves vices; they suffer more and will suffer more, but we may be blessed in all of this. So, if we live and know this, we want to be disciplined in the small and large trials and avoid spreading the poison we have within ourselves on others. How much positive energy will be emanated to others, and we will progress individually: the small remainder of people will progress. Then our testimony will be strong with the strength of God, not with our strength.

I bless you so that the words that the Trinitarian Spirit has recorded on the pages of the book may be engraved in you with the fire of the Spirit; that they may become the law of the pure Spirit and govern your being, your spirit, your soul, your body and your relationships with others. I bless you so that you may be faithful to these laws and to God the Father just as Jesus Christ is, who offers Himself every day on so many altars and within many righteous people in order to save everyone. The Trinitarian Spirit may let us participate in this faithfulness and be true priests of the Most High God, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.