Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – Jesus is Born on Earth – A New Alliance

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

From the book: Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, page 179:

Dear listeners, before we begin with the reading foreseen for today, I would like to make an introduction because it is very important to have an overview of the book. Now we cannot skip over the pages; we have to proceed step by step as from now on every page deals with our daily life and with the reality we are living in this time. I would like to set up this reflection like a dialogue because I want to speak to all men of good will with a dialogue that is also our testimony: we will speak about Jesus Christ.

Thus I turn to all those who belong to different religions: you are waiting for salvation. Salvation comes through the Saviour. I invite you to seek the Saviour and to seek salvation. Let go of the religiosity that has become the centre of your attention. The living God should be the centre of your attention.

I turn to the non-believers: believe, too. Every man has his idols, yet, idols are masks that cover up man’s inner emptiness and compensate it. I invite you to be honest before the mystery, that is, to have the honesty of real people of good to wait and seek.

I speak to you intellectuals and scientists: you act in intellectual honesty to get to the root of all mysteries: to God.

I appeal to you Christians: I tell you that it is not enough to belong to a religion that is called Christian. Jesus has come to Earth to reveal the face of God and you are called to keep revealing God’s true face to all others, otherwise you are a hindrance for those who have the good will to seek God.

I would like to add another element now at the beginning: do not look at Jesus within the frame of religiosity: our testimony is the following: in view of the coming of Jesus Christ the Earth progressed, it progressed more than the other planets of the low universe. After Jesus Christ, the Earth continued to progress even more, and we are entering the time when everything has to be recapitulated in Christ. Thus the figure of Christ is not a figure of religiosity: He is the future of humanity, the future of each creature that will be led back to the original project of God. Let us listen.

Jesus Christ is Born on Earth                                                                                                                            

Countless books have been written about the coming of Jesus Christ, and rivers of words have been spent in sermons. Therefore, I do not intend to speak about the coming of Jesus; I would rather help you understand the importance of this event in the history of the universe determining an epochal turning point beginning from the Earth.

A New Alliance

The journey of the chosen people approached a turning point; along the history it had repeatedly offended God. Nevertheless, God neither stopped to love His people nor did He alter his predilection for Israel. In His eternal faithfulness He fulfilled the promise made to the progenitors immediately after original sin: He sent the Saviour, His Only-begotten Son and second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

Jesus Christ, the promised Saviour to humanity, entered into history and revealed Himself openly on Earth. The Gospel tells the extraordinary events that accompanied the birth of Jesus[1]. He was born from a young woman called Mary who lived in a village situated in a remote corner of the Roman Empire. She was a virgin and espoused to a man called Joseph. The Archangel Gabriel appeared to her to announce her that she would conceive a child still remaining virgin. The Spirit of God would have accomplished this: “And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High …  The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God.“ (Lk 1:31-36)

Mary was not an ordinary woman; how could she have been? In Mary the miracle of the Incarnation of the Son of God occurred. Therefore, Mary had to be absolutely pure. Mary is not only the Virgin par excellence, She is also the Immaculate, the one who did not commit the guilt of the progenitors nor was She touched by sin. Mary is the uncorrupted human creature, the purest after God. She is daughter, mother and spouse of God; She is your Mother because so wished God; She is also your Queen as She shares the royal glory of Her Son. She is Mother and Queen of the entire humanity in the universe. No other words are necessary to describe the One who is the joy of God and of those who have believed and hoped in Her along the centuries without ever being disappointed. Mary is an immense gift of God; such a gift can be understood only by those who belong to God.

Why did the Saviour have to become man ad be born exactly on Earth? Could God not have saved humanity in another way? Yes, of course he could. He could have, for example, manifested Himself in the power of His divinity through an extraordinary intervention from above. In doing so, however, man would have assisted passively without participating in the work of redemption. Jesus offered Himself to God both as God and as Man to repair with His sacrifice the guilt of your progenitors. He took upon Himself the sin and the weakness of humanity in order to redeem you and lift you to God. Jesus is the Son of God obedient to the Father until death. Yet, He is also your brother, the Son of Man. He accomplished what no other man could have accomplished: He restored the true relationship between God and man, which had been ruined by original sin, giving you back the dignity of children of God.

Jesus had to be born on Earth because the humanity of your planet had rebelled against God, but that is not all: your progenitors went as far as making an alliance with Lucifer through a blood pact. What does that mean? It means that after original sin your progenitors swore obedience to Lucifer; they concluded an alliance with him sealed by the blood of their firstborn who were offered to the demons in exchange for help and power. Your forefathers offended God terribly: they laid their life and that of their children at the feet of the one who is the source of evil. In this manner they desecrated life, which is the greatest gift of God, by not putting it to the service of the Creator but of the enemy of God: the usurper and traitor Lucifer. No other humanity went so far. Even though other humanities rebelled against God at the moment of creation and live in the low universe which is hostile to the Creator, they still did not want to offer their children to Lucifer. They did conclude alliances with Lucifer yet superficial ones aiming at receiving some mutual favours; nothing in comparison to what happened and still happens on Earth where many people adore Lucifer like a god and serve him. They are waiting for him to take possession of the entire creation hoping to receive an adequate reward and collaborating actively in his plans. What a shame for the entire universe!

Therefore Jesus chose to incarnate on Earth, the most hostile planet in the universe, the furthest from God and closest to Lucifer. As your progenitors signed an alliance with the devil through the blood of their children, so God signed a new alliance with mankind through the blood of His Son Jesus Christ.

Through Jesus Christ a new alliance was sanctioned between God and mankind not only of the one of Earth but of the whole universe. Jesus Christ, Son of God and your brother, incarnated once and for all on Earth to transform the whole universe beginning from the Earth itself.

The new alliance replaced in fact the one God had made with Israel through Moses when he received the Law and swore to observe it. Jesus did not abolish the Law of Moses but brought it to completion fulfilling it through His death and resurrection. For this reason the new alliance will never end because Christ’s blood has inestimable value before God. In addition, Jesus is God which means that it was not a man, whatever heroic, to sign a new alliance with the Creator but God Himself in the second Person of the Trinity: God became Man; and God remains faithful forever.

The Law given through Moses reached full completion in Christ who has the power to lead to perfection those who love Him. With Jesus Christ truth was no more an abstract concept for men or a philosophical speculation but a Person. In Him the path towards God became concrete and visible and the divine life was revealed in its fullness since Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Every man can thus know the truth as Jesus becomes present before every man of good will. He who finds Jesus finds the Truth and is freed from the slavery of evil according to His words: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free … So if the Son will make you free you will be free indeed.” (John 8:32-36).

You have noticed that the most frequent word in this passage is Jesus. This word, that is, this person of Jesus Christ is the reading key that we have in this book and that we want to explain; He is the key to understanding all the events the universe awaits. Without Him we cannot understand cosmic evil, disintegration, disintegrating energy, corruption, Satanism on Earth, intergalactic Satanism, of which we will speak later. We come across this evil and we have to defeat it here on Earth together with all the instruments of God, otherwise Earth will not get out of the crises, but on the contrary, it will collapse.

Jesus is the key to understanding everything that exists in the universe. We have shown you three universes: the high universe where men and women have remained faithful to God from the beginning of creation. We will speak about them in all clearness as well as about their service in favour of the entire universe. Then, there are the men of the medium universe who have been evangelized recently; they have welcomed Jesus Christ and along with the faithful brothers and sisters they form a power of the Holy Spirit who will be at the service of the low universe and the Earth. All that happens on Earth, all the phenomenon you might observe, the medianic signs, the flying saucers and the individual experiences told by people can only increase the confusion because an overall picture of the situation is missing – Jesus Christ gives an overall picture. He is the perfect image of the invisible God, and He will imprint that image on the whole universe. He conveys the Holy Spirit to those who welcome Him as Son of God, and the Holy Spirit awakens in those children the memory from the beginning of their creation onwards. It is the memory we have to clean up inside us, i.e. the memory of what we will be. Through Jesus Christ we also have a perfect human creature: Mary Most Holy. It is not an invention but historical truth that She was lifted to Heaven in body and soul: that is a sign for us. That is why Christians call Her Door of Heaven, Morning Star and other similar invocations.

It is important for every one of us to welcome and know Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ you will understand all the movements in the universe because in Him are deposited all the laws of the Holy Spirit, the pure Spirit; He has taken on human nature and took it to the Father; He intercedes for us continuously as the only High Priest; He opens the seals we have within us because we have no remembrance as we are hit by inner tragedies that reflect also on the outside.

Jesus Christ is therefore extremely important as a dynamic figure within us; He is the acting priest within us; He communicates the events to man in the Holy Spirit and clarifies them. We would not understand this time without the figure of Jesus Christ.

We will speak about God’s beloved Church. In the book the Trinitarian Spirit addresses the Church and its representatives may times. There is no intention to punish or to criticize but to seriously remind them of the duty they have to fulfil. The Church should give the light that emanates from the face of Christ, and every one of us Christians should reveal the face of Christ and the face of the true God. Otherwise we too will end up in a situation as confused as that of the Earth today where the identity and image of God are trampled in the individuals, and where there are good forms of dialogue and human respect whereas at the same time God is not respected, no dialogue with God is introduced and no dialogue takes place between people before the shining face of God who shows us the truth.

So, I invite all of you who are of good will, especially you Christians, not to wait: this is the time to know Jesus Christ, to know Him within you in His power, to know the gifts He has given to you and that He wishes to give more and more because He wants to express Himself on the face of every Christian. I ask all of you to start to pray sincerely, to pray to God. At the beginning of this reflection I asked you to be honest and to be correct. Think about it! Is it easy to be correct? It is easier to make compromises. Is it easy nowadays to say the truth with love? Perhaps we are at the point where we understand that if, as faithful witnesses, we are not ready to offer our life to bring light into the darkness, as the first Christians did, we are no witnesses in this time. The problem is not that we cannot know the mystery of the universe and of God; the mystery of God is the light and the problem is that when people want to enter into the light and live according to it, they crash against the action of the evil one who leads them into the darkness.

I bless you in a special way today that you may have the courage to listen and meditate, to go along this pathway in these months and be transformed into a new people who belong completely to Jesus through Mary in order to reveal the face of God. I bless you with the power of the Holy Spirit that He may act within all of you, believers and non-believers, all men and women of good will in the whole universe; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1]  See Lk 1; 2