Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

The manoeuvres of Lucifer and the Illuminati –The year 1966

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We want to continue with our reflections. As an introduction to the passage we are going to hear, I would like to highlight one law that applies to the whole universe: the law of the Holy Spirit. When an individual, a group, a community or a people refuse a grace given by God, it will leave a void, an empty space, in which Satan will enter and act. This occurs because of God’s justice of and His respect for freedom. It is very important to understand these two aspects: the divine justice respects our choices. We will understand through the reading and the following reflection what we have to do.

The passage is on page 281.

The manoeuvres of Lucifer and the Illuminati –The year 1966

While the Church was going through the difficulties that would lead her to the Council, Lucifer and his faithful Illuminati were thinking of how to speed up the consolidation of the alliance with the rebellious planets of the low universe. They knew that the faithful brothers had had not let themselves be deceived and had turned to the Pope after visiting Eisenhower, the president of the United States, according God’s wish. In fact, during that encounter the faithful brothers had understood the real intentions of the present and their wish to exploit them. Lucifer and his friends knew that the Church had not welcomed their help and rejoiced. Nevertheless, they feared that the faithful humanities could turn up again and attract the humanity of the Earth to God.

The Illuminati thought to present the reality of the universe in their own way through false images and fragmented and distorted information in order to create confusion. This would have induced most of the population of the Earth to refuse that reality, to ridicule it and to be terrified by it. In this manner they would have achieved two goals:

1) To hide the reality in order to weave their plots in secrecy keeping the contacts with the rebellious planets without the knowledge of mankind.

2) To put the blame on the faithful humanities in case someone proved the existence of other humanities and their evil actions. They asked the allies of other planets of the low universe for help and began with their actions of distortion and misdirection that lasts to this day.

In this way it happened that in the skies of many nations, mainly the United States, the sightings of strange objects, the well-known UFOs, increased. The number of sightings grew steadily and they were accompanied by abductions of persons by the Greys; many people began to testify that they had been abducted by these beings and subjected to experiments. These persons were, and still are, portrayed as liars, mentally unstable, overexcited, etc., both by the authorities and by most of the people.

The sightings of objects were considered fantasies, individual and collective suggestions, and so forth, by the authorities. The inhabitants of several countries began to be fearful, but at the same time they received no clear information from their governors; on the contrary, the justifications they delivered seemed stories for children. Along the years testimonies of different individuals emerged, some were in good faith, some not: soldiers, former employees at this or that office, some government ministers, etc. No piece of news has ever been clearly confirmed or denied by the authorities. The plan of the Illuminati seemed to work: confusion, misinformation, fear, misdirection reigned in the field of knowledge about life in the universe. Those who tried to speak about sightings were threatened in various ways or approached by mysterious individuals, the famous men in black, who intimidated the witnesses. Of course, those threatened could never prove the threats they had suffered, which led to rising confusion and fear.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and the Illuminti along with the allies of the other planets could carry on undisturbed with their plans until the fateful year, 1966, which was regarded as highly symbolic by them because it contained two of the digits of the number 666, the number of the beast mentioned in the Revelation (Rev 13:18). In that year the Confederation of the Light, which we have spoken about before, was officially established. In the same year Lucifer ordered the newly formed Confederation to start its offensive in the low universe starting from the Earth. On this planet it was first and foremost necessary to knock down the Church and the Christians so that Jesus Christ was no longer mentioned; next, to reduce the population so that only those who were ready to adore Lucifer remained alive.

The Illuminati of the Earth received more medianic powers from Lucifer and the demons, in addition to power and richness; if their action was insufficient, the allies from space would have intervened in different ways. Finally, in case these interventions did not achieve Lucifer’s goals, the Earth would have been invaded by the forces of the Confederation: a real alien invasion that would have silenced all opponents of Lucifer. From Earth the offensive would have been extended to the low universe and then to the remaining two universes.

From 1966 the Christian faith and values in general witnessed a progressive weakening. Fashions and ways of life unknown until then began to spread as well as drugs and satanic music. Countless satanic sects arose, some of which operated in daylight. Lucifer attacked the humanity of the Earth in its heart, targeting especially the families and the young.

The destructive work of the demons and the Illuminati had begun, which aimed at removing God and His laws from the people’s hearts; their action did not meet many obstacles. The Catholic Church had not taken the incredible opportunity given by the third secret of Fatima and the visit of the faithful brothers and sisters to two Popes; now she had to counter the enemy’s offensive with blunt weapons. God allowed all this for justice so that the humans could learn what it meant to live far from the laws of God.

During the following years the humanity of the Earth distanced itself more and more from God and His laws, so much that corruption, immorality and perversion of all kinds increasingly spread among men. In the meantime, the Church made little steps towards the renewal brought forth by the Council, amongst many conflicts, which Lucifer skilfully took advantage of to introduce into the Church, in the name of change and openness to the times, men and ideas inspired by him. Satanic infiltrations increased both within the Catholic Church and other Christian confessions. On the other hand, in those years also important ecclesial movements emerged inside the Church which brought new ferment; however, that was not enough to counter the action of evil.

The cold war continued and the increasingly more divided humanity was enveloped in a spiral of darkness and violence. Towards the end of the seventies the Earth seemed a battle field with dead and injured. The ideals of the previous generations seemed crushed; a new generation, confused and careerist, appeared on the stage of history. Lucifer and his friends claimed victory already anticipating the advent of their kingdom.

However, God, who watches over His children no matter how stubborn and ungrateful, had other plans and launched a new project.

God is constantly at work for the good of man. He cares for the fate of every man and the whole humanity. No one, no matter how wicked, is forgotten by God. Do you really think that God would combat the Illuminati or those who commit evil with rigour? No, in fact, it is them who fight against God. Jesus shed His blood even for these rebellious children and continues to immolate Himself for everyone in the sacrifice of the altar. In every Holy Mass celebrated on Earth Jesus continues to die and rise for all His children in the whole universe because God is the absolute Love. As the Father He has to limit the work of the wicked, and you would be in great troubles if He did not do so. However, even when He counters evil, God always respects your freedom, and His justice is full of mercy. Were it not so, you would be living under the dictatorship of a merciless God, which is not the case.

God always gives every man another chance, no matter how wicked. None of you would be what he is if God had not always given you another chance. Thus, there is hope even for the Illuminati; there is always hope for a change for every man and woman, if they so wish.

God enlightens every one; His grace blows like a breeze beside every one and brings him the voice of God; His light illuminates every one. If someone said that God does not exist or that He does not make Himself felt, he would lie. The Holy Spirit always makes Himself felt in you if you have a little bit of good will. His work is to remind you that you are children of God and to guide you to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, you are not always willing to accept the Holy Spirit and to listen to Him. Nevertheless, if you want to catch the beam of light that caresses you continually, the process of transformation of your entire being will begin, on the condition that you are sincere and firmly committed to change.

If so, you need to take another fundamental step: to offer yourselves to God and allow Him to act in you. If you offer your life to God and want to conform to His laws, Jesus Christ will begin His work of Redemption in you: first of all, He will purify you from evil and forgive you; then He will entrust you to His Mother, Mary Most Holy.

The entrustment to Mary is of vital importance: since every man is born from a mother in the flesh according to the order of nature, so every man’s spiritual rebirth occurs through a Mother according to the order of the Divine Grace. Understand this well: if you are not reborn in the womb of the One who brought forth the God-Man, you will not reach fullness; you will be weak in your path. If Jesus does not entrust you to the Virgin Mary, you may not reach the goal. However, your personal entrustment to Mary is also necessary: you have to do your part by leaving your life trustingly in Her hands. Your Holy Mother knows what you need; Her heart beats in harmony with that of Her Son, Jesus. Your Holy Mother is all pure and shows you the way to achieve purity; She is powerful and defends you from evil; and since She is a Mother, She embraces you when you suffer and understands you; She gently calls you back when you do wrong without ever hurting you because She is the most tender of all mothers.

When she stood beneath the Cross, Mary Most Holy, the masterpiece of God, was given to you by Jesus as your Mother, so that She may accompany you on the path of holiness and return to God; She will not leave you until She has brought you to the safety of the arms of God. Do not leave Her either if you want your sanctification to be easier and faster.

The action of Jesus takes you to the Father. What does that mean? It means that Jesus makes you know the Father; He teaches you to love Him; He reveals you the Father’s love for you. When you understand and feel intensely the Father’s love in you, you are new creatures and nothing will be able to harm you anymore, not even death. In fact, You will be in the hands of the Father, and no one will ever be able to snatch you out of them, as Jesus Himself said (Jn 10:29).

Therefore, you understand that God does not prevent anyone from approaching the good; on the contrary, He seeks to draw everyone toward Himself. You have to act likewise if you are children of God: do not judge, do not condemn, pray for everyone even for the evil and for those who seem to be such. Pray for all those who oppose you and embitter your life, you will not regret it (Mt 5:43-48). God will send abundant blessings upon you so that you will thank Him for all eternity. The world begins to change in the moment when a man changes and begins to behave like a child of God. Do not forget that!

I also say to you who have committed evil, who cannot forgive yourselves or have not been forgiven by others: draw closer to God who loves you and always forgives you. Begin to live for Him and He will be at your side; He will make new human creatures out of you; He will make you His collaborators.

Finally, I will tell you, the Illuminati and those who are slaves of Lucifer: even for you there is a way out, but you have to commit seriously to transform your thinking and your life radically and repair the harm done. God will help you, but He cannot take your place; therefore, decide for God and the way will open up for you too.”

This long text is a continuous piece and we could not split it. Allow me to highlight a few points. This comment of the Trinitarian Spirit is a light for the whole universe; it is a light for every one of us. So, we did not have any information about God’s action and the Church should have announced it to the people of God and the whole humanity. How much smoke, how much confusion and falseness was introduced into the Church and how many consequences that had – you can see it yourselves. Some people say that we are living in the time of preparation of the Antichrist. If we believe that we are going towards the recapitulation of the universe in Christ, then we have to accept that too. By saying this, I do not intend to scare you, but to make you see the reality and to highlight another point: the point is that God is at work; He is at work in the hearts of the people of good will. What should have been announced loudly, will reach every man of good will, and through the response of the people of good will, a new people will come forth. Perhaps, if we received all information from outside of us, it would bring no change within us. God has hidden some information; He has permitted it for justice, because man had so decided; God respects the freedom of man, and He has allowed the smoke to build up. However, those who choose God are in the light and they find all the right information in their heart. So, I think it is very important to explain the law that is in force in the universe and in every individual and the inner passages. I believe that you all listen to yourselves; I only want to highlight certain points.

The main point is: God loves everyone. He loves you to the limit. When man refuses God, the judgement takes place. In this context you may understand the division of the humanity through the message of the Archangel St. Michael that you find at the end of this book; it is from 2010[1]. God always remains love. We have heard the words of the Trinitarian Spirit: He who says that God does not exist is a liar. Every man of good will is able to sense God because the Holy Spirit reminds him incessantly of God and the Saviour. If we are open, He will teach us in our heart in the name of God and take us to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Yet, good will is not enough, and in this lies the quantum leap of the Christians: we have to offer our life to God and wish to observe the laws of the life of God in order to become similar to God. So, if we are of good will and offer our life, the Holy Spirit leads us to the Son because He is sent by the Father. The Son forgives and heals us and hands us over to the Mother, He entrusts us to Her. I call on all those who have not understood yet who Mary Most Holy is, the Mother of God, to think about this. God could not have chosen a better channel to reach our heart than a Mother who is tightly bound to every child.

The passage takes place when Jesus entrusts us to the Mother; yet, that is not enough:  we have to hand ourselves over to the Mother; this double entrustment is extremely important. Jesus does not entrust us to the Mother if we do not wish to become similar to God. If we draw closer to the Mother with our selfishness and the wishes for our survival, we cannot perform a quantum leap. We have to permit the Spirit of God to awaken the desire within us to be children of God; when we sincerely desire it and offer ourselves to God so that He may transform us, then He entrusts us to Mary Most Holy and will not leave us alone for a single moment remaining beside us up to the mystical union with Christ. After that, Christ will introduce us to the Father and teach us to love the Father and make us feel that we are loved. Then, no one can pull us away from the arms of the Father; no negative force can destroy us because we will be protected. In the end, the final passage will be to live as children of God in the way Jesus has taught us in the Gospel.

Consequently, this is a complete programme, a pathway, for the new people and the instruments that God has foreseen together with Mary Most Holy, as we will see it further on in the book; however, the pathway indicated here is obligatory for the whole universe. It is meant for each individual. No interpretation of the universe, of the mystery of God, can be made according to your ideas and personal wishes; it has to be according to God’s plans and laws of the universe. So, have the courage to be the new people; the new people may appear as generous children who learn to love God and are transformed and live similarly to God; then the Church, Christ’s bride, will shine all beautiful.

I wish you happy New Year. We will continue in the new year. I bless you; may peace be with you and the light and the ability to welcome the information that the Holy Spirit passes on to you; may you be capable of allowing the Father to love you until you love yourselves, and you love your neighbour as yourself. I bless you so that on 1st January, the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, all the people of God may consecrate themselves to Her for the year ahead of us, so that we can go through and deal with all the events of the year being in Her Heart; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Cfr. Message of Archangel St. Michael  of 10 September, 2010, entitled, “The Central Nucleus”, published on the website www.towardsthenewcreation under the category Nucleus on 8 January, 2012,  and in the book “2012-La scelta decisiva dell’umanità, Publisher Luci dell’Esodo.