Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – Lucifer’s response

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

In this episode we will do a step ahead. I want you to keep in mind the actual scenario of the Earth. There are different interpretations and analysis of this time: clash of civilizations, clash of religions, clash of cultures; however, these are the events but what causes them to happen? The cause is the clash of two spirits. The last time we announced that with the beginning of the year 2000 and the entrance into the third millennium God decided to bring about a turn for humanity, a definite change; He thought that the time was ripe and that humanity needed a turning point. It was announced the last time that with the year 2000 the last stage of the preparation for the glorious coming of Christ had begun, that God had accelerated the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ and that He would grant graces and provide the instruments to carry out the graces as we will see further on. 

At the same time Satan decided to conquer the universe in order to recapitulate everything in him; we will speak about this issue today and the next time. It is the clash of two spirits: the Spirit of God who is the source of life for the whole universe; the source of love, harmony and peace because God is perfect; out of His perfection He gives the abundance of life to the universe. Satan, on the contrary, is an egoist; Lucifer cannot bear God as he wants to be greater than Him; therefore, he clashes with Him who governs the universe. He is egoistical; he has no love for life; he destroys it and he causes death and disease. These two forces clash.  Lucifer too has his instruments and he gives certain powers to his followers. While listening to the pages that we are going to read, let us face responsibly on which side we stand, to which spirit we belong and to what extent we belong to that spirit; we have already announced that we have entered the new times in which the division of the spirits will be sharp since God leads humanity to the recapitulation in Christ in the Spirit that unites the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Let us listen.

Lucifer’s response (page 310)

The order God had given through St. Michael shook Hell. Lucifer understood that the plan of God was now unstoppable. He understood that he too had to proceed to the final stage of his plan if he wanted to conquer the universe. He decided to intensify the action of the Confederation of the Light and counteract as much as possible the action of God in the whole universe. Lucifer intended to consolidate his power especially on Earth harming as much as possible the Church from inside and from outside enslaving humanity ever more. Despite God’s prohibition to harm the chosen souls, Lucifer, rebellious as usual, gave his mediums and the followers of sects the order to begin with actions of cursing and spelling towards individuals, communities and peoples who wished to offer themselves to God.

Moreover, Lucifer had not at all abandoned the idea of a third world war on Earth. He had not managed yet to provoke it despite the cold war, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the numerous fuses he had spread here and there on Earth. All his plans had regularly vanished just a moment before their fulfilment. Lucifer needed a devastating war on Earth to bend the resistance of the peoples, to induce them to hold God responsible for it and hate Him, and to destroy everything that could not be bent.

Notice the obstinacy of evil: in front of the obvious superiority of God and in front of the prohibition to act against the chosen people, Lucifer responded with rebellion and undertook with even greater violence the way of corruption. Now just as then, he pursues the idea of a third world war. He is ready to destroy the Earth completely rather than loose control over it, knowing that it will serve no purpose.

All the rebels who refuse to accept God act like that: when they find themselves in front of the wall that God builds to protect His children, they try to knock down the door, knowing that they will not manage to do so and careless of the consequences. Their egoism prevails over the common sense and even reason itself. Many people on Earth live like that, challenging God and their fate, walking on dangerous roads without ever lifting their head. Do not act like that, too; allow God to guide you. Allow God to open your tomb and bring you back to life. There is only one life that is worth living: the life of God. You will get it abundantly if you love Him who is the source: God One and Triune.

Lucifer hates God, however, he tries to imitate him; since he believes to be like God he feels compelled to do what God does, yet, he does it for opposite purposes: while God acts for the good of humanity and creation, Lucifer acts for the destruction of everything and everyone with total disregard for what God has created. Precisely to imitate God Lucifer appears in different ways to his followers especially to the most faithful to him. He tries to imitate what St. Michael does when he announces him the plans of God. Lucifer manifests himself, for example, during satanic rituals or spiritualist séances when he speaks through the mediums. Sometimes he appears in the form of a human or an animal, etc. In this manner he manifests his will or helps his followers by suggesting what they have to do. He either manifests himself directly or through his instruments: the demons and the spirits of the damned. This occurs regularly on Earth which is a den of serpents where many consecrate themselves to Lucifer.

Lucifer has his consecrated who offer him their life as the faithful do, or should do, with God. Among the consecrated to the devil there are the Illuminati and the members of the Confederation of the Light who are the “special units” of his armies and who are at the top of the satanic pyramid of power. Furthermore, there are other consecrated ones who do not hold such high positions but are equally insidious and powerful.

Where do the consecrated to Lucifer get their power from? From the gifts Lucifer grants them. Remember that Lucifer used to be a very powerful angel, created by God for the good. In the moment when he betrayed God, he was very strong and he kept that strength because God left it to him. In fact, God never destroys anything of what he created; if the creature is wicked God limits it so that it cannot do further evil. So, Lucifer kept many prerogatives that made him a strong rival right from the beginning; those who have experienced his action know it very well. Lucifer jealously guards his powers with which he rules over the rebellious men and torments the children of God.

To attract men to himself Lucifer always uses his powers and promises them to the men: he promises to make them as strong as him and stronger than all others. Actually, Lucifer has never renounced any of his powers to pass them on to men whom he hates anyway: he merely gives them a few crumbs. From his past as angel of light he keeps the knowledge of many spiritual and physical laws which simply allow him to awaken certain dormant faculties in the humans such as, for example, telepathy. He awakens them for his own ends, not out of love, because he needs men to realize his plans. On the contrary, God offers His gifts generously; He does not just allow a few crumbs. He does not awaken the faculties of the soul when He recognizes that they could be harmful for the person. God gives out of love, to give man the possibility to lift himself up and understand that he is a child of God.

The selfish and superficial men who have no love for God run after Lucifer and are ready to sell themselves to him just to receive some gifts. On Earth this happens far more often than you think; therefore, your humanity is unable to get out of the blind alley of corruption. Lucifer’s gifts are more appreciated than God’s gifts since they grant immediate material wellbeing which is what humans want most. Yet, the spirit will not grow through these gifts, on the contrary, they press it down to the ground more and more while God’s gifts elevate and sanctify the spirit of man. As the major part of your humanity has no desire for the gifts that elevate the spirit but for the ones that grant material wellbeing, the result is what you can see yourselves: humanity is overwhelmed by its needs and its insatiable desires. The more it is crushed, the more it draws near to Lucifer who will tie it up ever more to himself.

How can we get out of all this? By trusting in Providence and searching for the nobler goods, those useful to man according to the word of Jesus:So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well“ (Mt 6:31-33). Unfortunately your humanity seeks mainly food and dress but also pleasure, convenience, the irrepressable desire to rule the world; in this manner it looses sight of the essential good: a simple and happy life in harmony with the neighbours and creation, living under the loving gaze of God. You need nothing else to be happy! The rest is garbage[1].

In this reflection I do not want us to focus on what Satan wants to accomplish; let us focus on ourselves and what we choose. In view of the new creation and the glorious coming of Christ; in view of the transformation of humanity, man is called to transform himself. The transformation can occur only if we open up to the Spirit of God. The Christians knwo very well that the Church rose at Pentecost; the Spirit is present but without the participation of the Christians in the life of the Spirit they have no strength, no light. As we have already explained before, humanity is destined to arrive at the cosmic Pentecost when all things will be drawn by God under the laws of the pure Spirit. This is the Father’s will, however, God can do nothing without our participation.

In our choice and our determination we must be aware of certain laws that govern the spiritual life. We have already told you that when a person or an institution, a group or a community refuses a grace given by God, God will withdraw that grace for justice so that man may experience the bitterness of the consequences and may convert; Lucifer will take over and try to tempt him, and if man carries on refusing the graces, he will loose them. We have told you that the last century was full of graces given to the people of God and also to the individuals; we must think about whether they have been accepted or not. What kind of consequences have we had from not taking seriously the presence of Our Lady and the graces Jesus has given through St. Faustina? Who are we Christians, who is the Church, who are the people of God? The people of God should be the community of the children of God. Who are the children of God? If we see a child and we know the parents, we will say that the child is the son of this or that person because of the resemblance. We are created in the image and likeness of God. Our task in this time is to choose to manifest the face of God, the face of Christ and to act in the same way as Christ. If we are not ready for this, we do not have the Spirit of Christ. St. Paul says: “And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ“ (Rom 8:9)[2]. So, what is the use of belonging formally to the Church? What is the use of being among the twelve apostles and to be Judas? Given that we are living in the time in which Jesus said about St. Michael that he will make no reductions for anyone because all things will be directed towards the communion in the Spirit of Christ and then submitted to the will of the Father through Him.

In God all the laws of the Spirit are perfect. We must reach the point where we ask ourselves how we can solve the crisis on Earth. The only way is to be united in the Spirit of Christ; the Christians have to become one with the Spirit of Christ. We cannot expect any help from belonging formally to a structure. We may speak about the clash of cultures, religions, etc. You know that in this time ideas slip in like snakes and contaminate; we and them have the same God, and we kill each other – what? The same God?  In that case, neither the one nor the other know the true God. God does not kill nor destroy! It is said that in future there will be peaceful religious coexistence as all will be the same – nice culture! We will devour each other if we belong to different spirits. It is impossible to live in a marriage where there are two different spirits, or in a community where there are opposite spirits. These unrests that we are experiencing on Earth are caused by the clash of the spirits. Thus, the time has come in which we have to choose to belong to Jesus Christ in spirit. If we do not have the face of Christ on our face and the face of Mary; if we do not act similarly to Christ, the Holy Spirit will not pass through us; it will find no space in us as God never forces anybody; He asks for our participation.

Tonight I would like to ask you, who are listening, to reflect and decide. The battle cannot be won with weapons or the most modern arms. The destruction of humanity is the same no matter whether it is caused by terrorists or others. We are called to manifest God who renews, transforms and renders man righteous. Let us be careful with the gifts of Satan. It is not only about the gifts given to those who openly profess to belong to him, but all the egoists are endangered; even the egoists of the spiritual goods are endangered as well as those who run after charismas and sublime knowledge, those who want to hold the power to rule in their hands. As we have heard God advises us to be in communion with Him. Providence is the law of the universe; when God is in communion with us and we are in communion with God, we will see God’s hand at work in what we manage to accomplish but also beyond what we are able to do or solve since God governs the universe. We call Jesus the King of the universe, many invoke Him as the King; however, we must allow Him to govern us and through us. The selfish man runs after the impulses that tickle his selfishness; even unknowingly it ends badly. The only way we have is to offer our life to God so that God may transform it and make it perfect, uncorrupted; then we reach the immaculate, uncorrupted, undefiled life and defeat corruption. When we are in God in such a way, the communion among us flows as God is harmony; there will be no wars between religions, cultures, characters as everything will be in harmony. So, Christianity is called upon to leave formalisms in this time and become newly available to Christ, ready to collaborate with the graces and the power of the Holy Spirit, in the same way as the apostles and the disciples had been prepared to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. God wishes to give the Holy Spirit to the whole Church, the whole people of God, all those who want to live with God. It is a vital choice. Think about it! We will pray for you.

I bless you all; may the Holy Spirit give you the grace to understand the times we are in and to understand what you have to do; may He give you the strength to decide to join the life of Christ in the Holy Spirit as this is the task of every Christian, every child of God; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Phil 3:8

[2] Rom 8:9