The evangelisation of the low universe

5 January 2016

Dearest Readers,

We would like to share with you the message we have received from St. Michael Archangel. We think that there is no need for comments. We will leave it to your conscience to judge and choose if and how to participate in it in the total freedom of the children of God.

We bless you, and we accompany you with our prayer.

 Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 5 January, 2016, Epiphany Eve


The evangelisation of the low universe


 “Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Earth who have decided to belong to a new people, I announce you with joy that the evangelisation of the low universe will begin tomorrow[1], the day when the Earth remembers the great manifestation of the Lord.

God the Father fulfils His promise to send His Son Jesus Christ, the Saviour, to all the peoples spread in the universe. He will make the work of redemption known also in the low universe which has no knowledge about it yet. Jesus will fulfil this great work in the power of the Holy Spirit; He will make use of the extraordinary instruments and of His people who will increase more and more.

Jesus has therefore given me the order to begin with the evangelization with no more hesitations and delays. All is ready. The angelic hosts are ready as well as the Central Nucleus. Ready are also the faithful brothers and sisters who enter the low universe tomorrow in the name of the One and Triune God.

You too are ready; the Lord has put you to the test in these years; He has seen your path and has deemed you as faithful; thus, you will participate in the evangelisation of the low universe through the offering of your life to God, through the immaculateness and the universal communion. Your prayer will help and protect the faithful brothers and sisters and those who will approach faith, not only in the low universe but also on Earth. This action of yours will be, at the same time, your evangelisation of the Earth while waiting for everything to be fulfilled. I call on you to be committed to your mission which is precious and indispensable. Do not forget that the Earth will be the scene of the last battle between Jesus Christ and Lucifer at the time of the glorious return of Christ.

With the beginning of the evangelisation of the low universe the time before the glorious return of Christ is shortened but also the time before the coming of the Antichrist and his False Prophet. Lucifer too, in fact, will be forced to intensify his work as he can sense the approaching danger. As the faithful brothers gradually advance in the low universe, Lucifer will be forced to retreat until only the Earth will be left where the last clash will take place. Therefore, he will play all his cards and the violence on Earth will increase as well as the seduction and subjugation of many through the work of the antichrist and the false prophet.

For this too you are called to pray and offer your life to God. Your task is very important. In fact, the Antichrist and the False Prophet will manifest themselves on Earth but their action will be turned towards the whole low universe where Lucifer has many followers. The latter, together with the Satanists of the Earth, will see in the antichrist the precursor of the coming of Lucifer. The children of the darkness believe, indeed, that Lucifer will manifest himself at the end of times on Earth to finally defeat Jesus Christ, destroy the Christian people and establish his kingdom of darkness in the whole universe. Your prayer, your action and your testimony will therefore be a bulwark against the action of evil on Earth.

The False Prophet will indoctrinate the peoples to direct them towards the Antichrist to whom everyone will have to submit. In the plan of Lucifer there will be only one world government headed by the Antichrist and only one religion headed by the False Prophet. All the others will only have to carry out orders. Those who have offered their life to Lucifer will receive power and richness; all others will be just slaves. You may easily recognise that this diabolic plan is already in action on Earth, yet, it will be more and more revealed.

However, God will not stand by and watch, and His action will be far stronger than that of Lucifer. With the evangelisation of the low universe the Lord’s prediction of what will have to happen immediately before His return will be fulfilled: “And the gospel must first be preached to all nations” (Mk 13:10). When this will have occurred, the redemption will be fully operating in all the children of God and Jesus will come to reap the fruits of his vineyard.

God has decided that the evangelisation of the low universe must begin because He has seen the seriousness of the situation and the suffering His children find themselves in, not only in the low universe but also on Earth. During the last year He observed particularly the behaviour of the Christians on the Earth. He evaluated especially the behaviour of the catholic hierarchy and of the Pope who are called to lead the major part of the Christianity of the Earth. He found that they were not at the height of His expectations and decided to proceed without hesitating before it was too late and the Earth would fall into chaos.

The catholic, orthodox, protestant hierarchies and all the other ones that are at the head of the many, too many Christian Confessions will be put with their back to the wall: they will have to choose between Jesus Christ and their ambitions, between the Almighty and the powerful. If they refuse to do it, or if they take wrong decisions, the catholic Church will split and the other confessions will fall into total mess. On the contrary, the Christians who love and serve faithfully Jesus Christ, whatever confession they belong to, will be drawn towards the new people that is forming in the whole universe; that will be God’s Church, one in the whole universe  without any divisions and falseness. The others will follow the path they will have chosen, but I tell you that they will be easy prey for the Antichrist and for His false prophet.

This is God’s mercy that saves His children from evil. It is gratuitous but not inexpensive. God’s mercy presupposes conversion and readiness to let oneself be transformed by God. The Christians shall not delude themselves thinking that they can live as t is convenient to them because God is merciful, in the end. God’s mercy is never detached from His justice because otherwise is would be unjust mercy. That means that your behaviour will certainly be judged by God with a merciful judgement; nevertheless, it will be just. Now more than ever I invite you to conversion and prayer.

I tell you who have joined these programmes to remain united to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the burning Heart of St. Joseph.

Remain united among yourselves and to the extraordinary instruments. Your main testimony be to be a true people; a humble people who loves God and lives according to His laws without ambiguity and ambition.

Do not argue with anyone and do not try to convince who does not want to change his life. You would lose strength and precious time, and there is no more time to convince. Entrust to God those who oppose you, He will deal with them; it is no more your task but that of God.

You will receive all indications you need in this time. God will not let you alone and give you always the light to understand the events and to participate in His work, and He will protect you from evil. In return He asks for your faithfulness, the sincere faith in Him and the total abandonment to His will.

I will be with you in every trial along with all the extraordinary instruments. I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] 6 January 2016, Epiphany.