Choosing Jesus Christ or Lucifer

15 March 2016

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; in our last meetings we have spoken about Christ and the Antichrist. Today’s reflection will be about the issue of “Choosing Jesus Christ or Lucifer”. Why is there a contrast between Jesus Christ and Lucifer? Why is the Antichrist someone sent by Lucifer. Lucifer is a creature and by giving power to the Antichrist he will lose power; consequently also the Antichrist will lose power, and this is the beginning of their end, the beginning of Lucifer’s defeat and of the dark forces. The Son of God incarnated and took on our nature; He took the weight of the sins of humanity upon Himself; He atoned for our sins; He paved the way for each one of us to be introduced in the life of God through Him, in the life without end; the full, perfect life, which will come true in His second glorious coming.

We will start from here to ask a question: why should we choose between Jesus Christ and Lucifer? This choice is not optional, it is obligatory. However, it will only be asked at the end of times, which is too late for certain persons but also for certain forms of life which will end up in ruin, that is, those who follow Lucifer. This is the choice: those who choose Jesus choose the source of life, and their life will progress, be transformed and move towards the fullness which prevents them from corruption if, in their choice, they are truly open for Christ. Those who choose the Antichrist, and consequently Lucifer, decide for the way of corruption because Lucifer is evil, the source of evil, and all forms of evil and corruption come from him and, consequently, through the Antichrist.

This choice appears necessary in this time. The history of mankind has advanced and, unfortunately, evil too has advanced; it is not difficult to notice it. There are many signs showing that people have to make a choice. Our announcement is that these times lead to the final choice because these times prepare the glorious coming of Jesus Christ. The evangelization is going ahead in the entire universe; unfortunately, Lucifer too is advancing with his collaborators and allies. In this time the choice must be a free, conscious and personal choice. It is not the decision to belong to the masses, society, a religion or a group; the righteous, correct person must emerge from it;  we have often said that correctness before God is immaculateness; the ability to communicate with the whole universe must emerge in each believer in Christ, beginning from those who are close to us.

Deciding for Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, who rose and ascended to heaven, is the way for each one of us towards the new creation. Recapitulated in Christ, mystically united to Him, we will pass as children of God into the new creation. We have spoken about this; it is the Christian vocation that must be revived in this time.

The path is open because Jesus Christ has taken away sin and the consequences of sin for humanity, but each one of us must walk the path and realize it within himself. Jesus Christ is heading towards the fulfilment; we have been told, and we have written that God will not wait any longer, even for the official response of the Church on certain issues that concern the faithful brothers and sisters in the universe; she has not informed humanity. Jesus Christ will go ahead with those who join Him, want to grow and reach the fulfilment.

We who believe cannot remain inactive in our faith. The true believer is the one who participates in the action of Christ and, consequently, in the grace of this time, which is the action of the Most Holy Trinity in favour of the entire humanity in this time. Thus, the choice must be to join the grace and the instruments that are given in this time; we have said that Lucifer will choose his instruments, that is, the Antichrist, and that God has His own instruments. Here lies the personal responsibility of each one of us, that is, to make our choice.

Stafania Caterina: Dearest Listeners; I welcome you and I will connect to the words of Father Tomislav by sharing with you my experience in regard to the choice between Jesus and Lucifer. Father Tomislav said that it is not optional for anyone, not even for someone like me who has received particular gifts; by grace I have been involved in this great plan of the recapitulation in Christ, and along the years I have been shown many images about the destiny of humanity and the events that await us.

Through all my experiences I have understood that the obligatory passage always goes through Jesus Christ in the way He manifested Himself on Earth, died and resurrected, and it is also the only passage for the entire universe because the humanity of the entire universe will have to pass through the death and resurrection of Christ and be regenerated through this sacrifice.

During the last years I have also seen how powerful the grace of God is in action in the universe. Therefore, I too, like you all, am called to choose, to grow and to respond. I can tell you that in my personal experience to choose means to offer oneself to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary; we can say that choosing means offering oneself and offering oneself means to be ready to be changed within, to be transformed by Jesus according to the plan of the Father for each one of us.

I have to choose Jesus Christ every day in order to progress, to respond and to be ready for the grace given to me which gets stronger the more the action of God intensifies. This applies to me and to all of you. The more the new people advance and progress, the more grace becomes stronger; the stronger the grace the greater the response must be. Great grace requires a great response.

It is important to me to tell you that thanks to this choice and my offering to God I could overcome obstacles, difficulties, opposition, criticism and much suffering that I experienced along these years for bringing this programme. I could defeat them only by renewing my decision every moment by saying newly “Yes” to my Lord; offering myself completely I said to God: “I don’t want to refuse you anything.” And this helped me carry on through the trials. I also want to tell you that having these extraordinary gifts does not make me an extraordinary person, on the contrary, I personally believe that God chooses the little ones, those who are apparently less suitable according to His free choice. Therefore, my person had to, and still has to grow, purify and liberate itself from egoism to reach human and spiritual maturity, a Christian maturity according to the measure of Christ. This happens and can happen only through this renewed choice every day, a choice to offer myself to God for everything He wants.

The Lord has always asked me to choose first of all to live and understand the things that are revealed to me. God never wanted me to be a blind, deaf instrument; He wanted me to understand everything in order to give testimony and live it. What is revealed to me requires first of all my own commitment, for I have to be blameless in order to transmit fully what has been given to me. In the beginning of my path, when the Lord had just begun to reveal me all these things, we were in 1984, Jesus asked me specifically who I wanted to serve and who I wanted to follow. The question was: “Do you want to accept this or not; or do you want to live for yourself; do you want a more comfortable life? “If you accept it, you will be given some trials and sufferings, but I will give you the life and the ability to be above the forces of evil. If you choose yourself and your convenience, though, you will hear Me no more, I will not disturb you again.” At the beginning of my path this choice was like a milestone, the stone on which the Lord began to build, for I remember very well words of the apostle coming to my mind: “Where shall I go? Only you can give me life. Of course I choose You.”[1]

Thus, having to choose every moment through this personal, deep choice leads us, has led me, and I think that it leads all of us to trust completely in the divine Providence. Choosing Jesus means to trust in Him and in all He does in our life. We often think of the Providence as material help – I have seen this too in my life – but Providence is mainly something spiritual, that is, the care for your spiritual life, the nourishment, the strength, the life that supports you and gives you also the possibility to communicate that life. This Providence makes us incorrupt; His Providence acts in us and makes us incorrupt creatures. But, in my existence I have also seen that choosing Jesus Christ means to live freely, in the freedom of the children of God. There is no freedom without truth, and for us Christ is truth; it is not a concept but a person. And Jesus says in His Gospel in chapter 8 of St. John: “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” No one else can set us free. Choosing Jesus in every moment, in every situation, in all circumstances, good or bad, in life or death, leads us to this freedom. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” says Jesus again in chapter 8 of John.

This is what I want to communicate to you: do not be afraid of choosing Jesus Christ. Choosing Jesus Christ and offering oneself to Him does not mean to have to suffer; it means to live and to live as free, real persons, who are able to discern and orientate in life, capable of leaving a sign behind them. In the book of Isaiah it is said that many people live like big ships which leave behind a great trail of foam and waves, but after a short time that trail disappears and leaves nothing behind even if they were great ships.[2] We are not like that. If we live in Christ, we leave something behind, something that helps others to live and to start again, to continue the path there where we have left it. This is what our fathers did who generated us in faith, and so do we, and so must the people do for the people who come after us.

Father Tomislav: In this reflection we want to focus particularly on the personal choice. No one can replace us: no priest, no brother, no bishop or pope; each one has to make his own choice. Without decision there will be no help because God does not force anyone. Now we are very exposed; the spirit of evil draws everything and everyone, it is visible everywhere: in business, fashion, behaviour, custom: bad things and good things impose themselves and the individuals are drawn in. Before Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope, he once gave a comment about the number ‘666’. He said that the man of today was a walking number.[3] Thus our choice must be to break this closed circle. You can see a lot of desperate, angry people; they express all the negativity and hopelessness they have inside; they are full of criticism. Our choice is the one of true hope which changes men already here; when men become incorrupt everything changes. When man is corrupt, when the people are corrupt, all the laws work less because corruption penetrates all levels like yeast.

Thus, what is the important thing? To choose, wake up personally, get up and stand upright like the prophets did when God called them. It means to be ready to be signs of contradiction, even in a family or among friends, ready to be challenged, attacked, slandered; ready to choose in order to break the chain of seduction. Our response promotes a quality leap of humanity, that is, the part of humanity that wants to follow Jesus Christ, in order to heal what has been corrupted by seduction because of the weakness of man, no matter whether inside a religion or outside. Even within a religion there are corrupt men.

Our choice is to lift Christianity out of a static situation. All is regulated, written in books, explained, preached; yet, all this is useless if we are not united with the source of life through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ. This is what our talks aim at: discovering the True and Living God, there is no other way; awakening the Christians and get them out of their geocentrism. They are attached to the Earth, material things, survival. You may see how the churchgoers are fearful, worrying, bitter or simply: corrupt. However, those who are united with Christ, who defeats death, challenges Lucifer and defeats him, will win like the apostles.

In these days we are meant to reflect on the Jesus’ words that we will hear – at least those who participate in the Liturgy: ‘He called the crowd with his disciples, and said to them, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it.”‘[4] This is the participation in the path following Jesus who leads us to the incorrupt, risen inner life, here on Earth, and prepares the entrance to the new creation. This leads us to salvation and true fullness. Thus, this is the time to give our response with the love of Christ, not only for ourselves but also for all men of good will of any religion and of any nation.

I bless you; may the power of the Holy Spirit act in you and may the Holy Spirit send you towards Jesus Christ, explain Him to your heart, awaken in you the desire to belong to the living Christ so that you too are alive and Christ may work in you and through you, as He did through the apostles, to defeat the prince of this world. May He make you happy in the risen life; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Cfr. John 6:68 paraphrased: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

[2] Cfr. Wisdom 5:9-10

[3] Cfr. J. Ratzinger, “The God of Jesus Christ”

[4] Cfr. Mark 8:34-35