“The time of the Antichrist –The time of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”

20 september 2016

By Stefania Caterina and TomislavVlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest brothers and sisters, we have been separated from each other and our individual path, or that of the groups, since the beginning of summer and we will now continue our path together. Despite the physical distance I believe that we have walked in the same Spirit and that we have made progress and understood the essence of these times. As you know with the start of the new school year and the liturgical year a new cycle begins and this is also true for our path. However, I would like to look back and listen to what the Lord said to us and what has occurred in these times on the good and on the evil side. We want to have a look at the growingly serious events of this year together with you. We would like to share with you all that the Lord has accomplished within the new people and give all of you the opportunity to join the new people, at least in spirit, to participate and move towards the One and Triune God.

Let us go back two years; what did Jesus say two years ago? It was not possible for us to share all the messages with you; some messages are given to those who are very closely bound to us, to members of the Foundation, to certain nuclei (groups) who have done a serious path and in whom the Lord could work more intensively; not to favour them but to prepare this people for a service that will be for you all. So, let us listen to this message.

The message of Jesus of 22 November, 2014, on the eve of Christ the King:

“I want to bless you, my children, and thank you for the whole spiritual path you have walked during this year, for your responses, for all that you have wanted to do for Me; I thank you, I forgive you all your sins, all your limits; I take them on my cross. I want you to be confident and firm in your faith, hope and love because only this will enable you to give testimony of all that you will have to give testimony of.

What I would like to tell you tonight is that with this Solemnity the time of the Antichrist begins. Thus, we have reached this time. This does not mean that he arrives tomorrow but that we are in the time of preparation for his coming, for his apparition on this Earth. The Antichrist will appear on Earth but his figure will be visible in the low universe, in the whole universe, because the children of Lucifer will refer to him from the all over the low universe; in fact, the coming of the Antichrist on Earth will be the signal for the low universe that the cosmic battle must begin. On the other hand, the coming of the Antichrist puts the divine plan of salvation even more in action. If he does not come, the iniquity on Earth and in the low universe cannot emerge in its full extent. The Antichrist is the man of iniquity, sent to consume the iniquity of the universe; he will attract it all to himself and I will face him exactly in the way I will face Lucifer.

You do not have to be scared; you simply have to be ready to see many things change because many things will change on Earth and in the universe. The way people perceive things will change, and falsehood will be so present in the heart of man that it will be taken for truth. Falsehood and lies will be brought on the altars as truth; falsehood will really be brought on the altars: many priests who belong to Lucifer and who have remained hidden in this time will come out more and more. Many sacrileges will be committed on Earth and all this will affect the universe. You will see how division will increase among men as well as the confusion in the hearts, the wars, the battles; even nature will become increasingly restless because it will absorb cursing and wickedness. What will happen on Earth will be very serious; it will be serious also in the Church and will lead to serious consequences also in the low universe because evil on Earth will be amplified; the Earth will be like a great sounding board for the whole universe.

This is the time of God’s justice. Up to now God’s mercy has worked, but it is time now that justice too works alongside mercy because otherwise things cannot be put right according to the laws of God. God does not seek revenge; He does not punish. God simply gives, for justice, every one what he has chosen. This is the time in which harvest begins. Therefore, in this time I ask you to stay particularly united to Me through the Heart of Mary; to stay united to St. Michael, the Archangels, St. Joseph and all the saints. Get much more close to the extraordinary instruments who will be increasingly active in this time and will have to counter specifically the action of Lucifer and his followers who are preparing the Antichrist.

I will tell you one more thing: especially on Earth you will see a great battle between many prophets; each one of them hopes to be chosen as the Antichrist. Thus, you will see many false prophets fighting each other even among the religions; many men who will want to draw Lucifer’s attention to deceive the people, to deceive humanity. Watch out because the Antichrist will not appear as an evil or violent person – no. He will be very persuasive, very intelligent and as subtle as a serpent creeping in. For this he will attract many in his trap because many men will consider him a saviour. Therefore, if you are not united to Me, the Holy Spirit cannot act fully in you, and without the help of the light of the Holy Spirit it will be difficult to recognise him. No-one can prevent the pain awaiting humanity in the low universe; no-one can stop God’s justice, but by offering yourselves and praying the time of suffering can be shortened. For many persons it is already too late for an authentic conversion, but there are many other people who are waiting to be awakened. They are all those persons who have said yes at the moment of conception, but then the experience of life, external or internal obstacles have put them on the wrong way, but they can be recuperated. These are the ones your testimony has to reach besides the people who have made their decision and need to be strengthened.

Things will be told you and they will be explained to you; you will receive everything you need to face this time, but now a very serious, a very hard time begins. I ask you to leave yourselves behind, all your human idealisations of what may or may not happen. Live every day united with Me through the Heart of Mary. For the children of God the time of the Antichrist will be the time of the triumph of the Heart of Mary. Therefore, if one part of humanity lives in the darkness, another part of humanity will live in the light, in the light of Mary who is My light, the light of Christ. Therefore, be united with Mary now more than ever. It must be clearly visible on your faces that you belong to God and Mary. You will be strengthened; you will be guided; you will be protected more and more by the angels, by the extraordinary instruments, but I ask you: leave yourselves behind, leave all your ideas behind; let yourselves be guided like children so that I may make use of you in the way I want, not in the way you want. I bless you; I protect you, and together with you I bless the whole of this people in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

After the year 2012, the decisive year for humanity, and after 2013 and the evangelisation of the middle universe, it seemed that time had stood still, but it is not so. God has begun with the preparation of the evangelisation of the low universe waiting for a moment that we could call “the fullness of time”, “the maturity of time”. At the same time he has prepared the rest on Earth to be ready for the great events, and in the beginning of this year the evangelisation of the low universe has begun. You understand that He has triggered a dynamic, that in the whole universe the battle among the spirits has begun, which is a cosmic battle. As Jesus said, on the one hand, these are the times of the Antichrist, but they are also the times of God, of Jesus Christ; the times of the new people that have to manifest themselves.

Stefania Caterina: In His message Jesus speaks openly about the confusion that will be, and I think that today we can say that these words have come true and that will actually happen even more. We can all see how the world is covered with confusion, wars, battles and terror which seem never ending; and this is exactly the infernal spirit which knows no harmony and brings disorder and division. In the way the Spirit of God brings the fruit of communion, harmony and love among the people, the infernal spirit produces disorder, confusion and division. Lucifer is therefore puffing up people, his people, those who work for him, but he is also throwing into confusion and disorientation many weak persons. Consequently, the spirit of the world, who is the whole of the human spirits together, who are living on Earth, brings even more confusion.

On the other hand there is another problem that affects the Earth: it is the lack of a real announcement of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of humanity. You may see that in the name of dialogue, in order not to offend this or that one, no-one speaks about Jesus Christ the Saviour anymore; on the contrary, Jesus Christ is almost put on the level of any founder of a religion, and this only increases the confusion because an important point of reference went lost which used to be present in the past when people knew that Jesus Christ saves and continues to save us. So, these two components, the confusion created by Satan and the weakness of the Christians, let us say it clearly, of all Christians, determine a situation of such imbalance that man is really no more able to discern between truth and falsehood.

Father Tomislav: It has been said that the time of God’s justice has begun. God’s justice cannot be compared with human justice which is often dirty, corrupt, an excuse. God’s justice makes life perfect for us. Living according God’s justice means to live blamelessly. God’s justice will have to manifest itself otherwise good and evil cannot be separated and His people cannot be guided towards the new creation because this is the moment in which the whole people of the universe is moving towards the glorious manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is, towards the new creation.

It has been said that the hard times cannot be avoided or eliminated. Humanity will have to go through these hard times, but thanks to the intervention of those who are faithful to Christ, thanks to those who offer their life through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the intervention of the extraordinary instruments and the prayers of the people the times can be abbreviated. Why can these times not be removed? Because we are living in spiritual confusion. In His goodness God goes down to the bottom to give even the weakest the chance to choose goodness; patiently He also makes use of trials to make man repent. Here the people are called to give a clear response: to work together with Jesus Christ and His Mother as a new people to be a signal and a point of reference in this confusion that will increase even more. There will be suffering. What kind of suffering? The pain will mainly be in the spirit, in the souls. In this way, suicides and wars without end can be understood as well as the inability of man to reconcile, to accomplish anything positive against the evident evil. This will increase even more and touch both the just and the unjust. The righteous will shine despite all their suffering. A component of God’s justice is our responsible participation in the work of God even though we are a drop in the ocean. Through our responsible response we are elevated and through us the little, the weak, the lost ones are elevated; this is the time to become aware of this fact.

Stefania Caterina: Jesus says openly that for the children of God the time of the Antichrist will be the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Yet, we will speak about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart on another occasion. However, now it is important to understand that to choose the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for us means to choose Her, to have a living relationship with Her and with Jesus. We should not see Mary and Jesus as abstract entities; they are not two statues but two living persons with whom we can enter into a living relationship and let them live within us. So, when they live within us, they can triumph because their life and their work triumph in us and make us go through all the events, even the suffering of this time. Here we have to understand that our ideas will not save us; the announcements of the great men of the Earth will not save us, neither the structures nor the repeatedly mentioned dialogue; only our living relationship with God will save us, and a living relationship with God cannot be without a living relationship with Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, the Only Mediator between God, the people and Mary through whom the Son of God came to us and through whom new children of God will be generated.

Father Tomislav: We feel to be one with you, and we feel that you are one with us. Our task is to reveal to you the work of God, to prepare you for the events, but, first and foremost, to help you to go through the events together with us holding your head high and with the face of Christ and Mary on our face. Let us begin this path together. We will be with you through our prayers, through the offering of ourselves and through our explanations.

We may sometimes appear less intensively with our preaching because we will dedicate ourselves more to prayer, but at the same time this will give you time to deepen the issues and understand them not only with your brain but with your heart. You must understand and get to the place where you stand face to face with God because this is the path the people of God must go. Ideas will not save us; cultures will not save us; the life based on faith, hope and love, the love for God and the love of God, will save us.

I bless you; may faith, hope and love be abundant in you, and may you be strengthened every day more in your heart by the Spirit of God the Father, God the Son, the Spirit of God, so that the Most Holy Trinity, the Triune God, may shine in His glory through each one of you, the nuclei, the groups of prayer and all those who want to follow this road towards the new creation, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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