Accept the Cross of My Son with Love

Message of Our Lady

8 December 2016

“My dear Children,

My Heart is filled with joy seeing that you have gathered in the name of My Son to celebrate the gift of My immaculateness. My immaculateness is not a privilege I keep to myself, but a gift of God that I offer for you and share with you. I want to be immaculate in an immaculate people that welcomes Me as the Immaculate Mother.

Dear children, we have walked together along this year that is about to end. We will soon enter 2017 which is the centenary of My apparitions at Fatima; a hundred years of long and painful history for the people of God on Earth and in the low universe. Now, though, the Almighty Lord wants to bring to fulfilment what He promised at Fatima: the triumph of My Heart must take place in My children, in the people and in the entire humanity. You are the yeast that must make the whole people of God grow on Earth and in the universe. You are part of this great people that is present in the universe.

Therefore, my children, a year of journey together is awaiting us to prepare for all that the Lord has planned. The Lord has planned only the good for His children. He wants the good and the fullness for the whole of humanity. My and your Lord does not look at the differences between peoples, languages and planets because He created all of you with immense love; with this immense love He wants to reunite you all in His Heart through My Motherly Heart.

Children, the time has come for this people to welcome and carry the Cross of My Son with love and maturity. I want to help you see the difference between the trials and the cross. All of you go through trials because life is difficult on this planet because humanity is distant from God; that is why you have hardships, as My Son has told you. They are the trials of your life through which God makes you grow. No child learns to walk without falling and getting up again; this also occurs in the life of the spirit. The tribulations of your life are the trials God gives you to see if you are faithful to Him, and in this faithfulness, day by day, He realises His promises in you. Nevertheless, He also chooses your souls to entrust you with His Cross; a cross that is not related to your tribulations, your trials, what you are going through or your sins. It is a cross that redeems humanity. If you welcome it, you participate fully in the work of redemption.

If you carefully observe what happens in your life and in the life of your families or your peoples, you will notice that there are sufferings that continually repeat themselves and you do not know why. You don’t understand where they come from or where they take you because they surpass your possibilities. There is no reason for them in your existence but in your belonging to God. In fact, if you belong to Christ you carry His Cross, not any cross but the Cross of My Son, the Cross that has saved you.

Jesus now lives in glory; death does not touch Him anymore; the Cross does not touch Him anymore but the Passion of My Son is continuously renewed in His people until the end of times as long as there is a man who needs to be saved. In the people of God, in each one of you and in all, the incarnation, the Passion, the death and resurrection of My Son is revived. Now God wants to entrust each one of you and this entire people with a part of His Cross. He does not entrust you with the whole of His Cross because you would die, but a part of it, a piece of His Cross, and you have to  accept it with love.

You cannot welcome My Son if you do not want His Cross. Many Christians would like to have Jesus but not His Cross. They bear the trials complaining; they are not able to offer the trials, and all this creates bitterness, disappointment and passiveness in the people of God: thus, God cannot entrust His Cross to someone who cannot even bear a small trial.

In the past years you have gone through many trials but now you have to take on the Cross, the one with a capital C. If you do not do this, you cannot experience the triumph of My Heart. My Heart has triumphed at the foot of the Cross; it continues to triumph at the foot of the cross of each man and of the people of God until it definitively triumphs in the new creation. We have to get there, children, we have not arrived yet.

I am among you; I am with you in your trials, and I will be even closer to you when you carry the cross God will entrust to you. Do not fear, you will not receive more than you can carry. All will be proportionate to the structure of your soul, to your capacity and your originality. Nothing will surpass your strength and you will not lack anything. You, however, have to be faithful to the promises you have made. When you took the sign[1] that you wear on your chest in Medjugorje, you have taken a cross, do not forget that. The cross is the sign of salvation, not of tribulation; the cross is the sign of victory, not of defeat.

Each cross entrusted to you by God is in favour of the whole of humanity and of those who do not know how or are unable to carry it because they have not received the graces you have received. Each cross that is carried with love opens the doors towards the new creation for you and the whole people of God.

My children, I beg you, I supplicate you: accept the Cross of My Son, otherwise I will not be able to help you! Do not shut yourselves up in your trials, your hardships, the daily events. If you take on My Son’s Cross, you will overcome all your trials, tribulations, doubts and fears. The Cross of Christ annihilates the enemy and is a sign of salvation that is recognised in the whole universe.

I am with you as I was with My Son when He was carrying His Cross. On the Way of the Cross, you remember the moment when I encountered Jesus on the way to Calvary, and this is right. In fact, I did not only encounter Jesus at the foot of the Cross but I also accompanied Him towards the Cross. Along the painful walk, our eyes crossed in the salvific suffering that united us. At all times and all places, the suffering of My Son and Mine united together accompany every man who goes up to his Calvary, carrying Christ’s Cross.

My children, I promise you that if you are ready to carry the cross My Son will entrust to you, it will turn into sweetness, strength and joy. God never asks His children for anything that is not for their joy and their good. Take this step with Me. Stop being satisfied with measuring yourselves only with the little difficulties of each day, with your personal problems, depressions, fears and conflicts. Embrace generously My Son’s Cross and in it you will find salvation for yourselves, for your families, for the whole of humanity.

Today I place into your hearts My wish that this may be a people of co-redeemers who generously help My Son carry His Cross; not like the Cyrenian, who murmured and cursed, but like beloved children who love and bear with love all that the Lord has entrusted to them.

I bless you, dear children, and I am with you. I thank you for every little sacrifice you have made in your life out of love for My Son and Me. None of them will be lost as My Motherly Heart does not forget anything except sin. I forget your sins because My love surpasses everything, even your sins. And from now on, My children, when you go through hardship in your life – and I know what life is like on Earth – give Me your sorrows, put them into My Heart, entrust them to My hands. I will take them to God and you will be free to serve the Lord in fullness, carrying His redeeming cross.

I bless you with immense love; I protect and accompany you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] For more information about the sign look at the section “THE SIGN IS A CROSS …” on our website,