Shine like stars of Christ

11 January 2017


Message of St. Michael the Archangel – Eve of the Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord

Shine like stars of Christ


“Dearest Brothers and Sisters, people of the universe,

I announce you the great manifestation of the people of God to the whole universe. With today’s solemnity the time of the great manifestation of the children of God and of the children of Satan begins. The whole history of mankind has come down to this. This is the time in which all that is written will be fulfilled; what is written in the mind of God, in your hearts and in the hearts of all generations before you.

The manifestation of the children of God is first of all the manifestation of their Creator. He has created you for His glory, and this glory must manifest itself. The light God has placed in you must light up and drive darkness away. This year God will proceed in such a way that His people will become more and more visible. The evangelisation of the low universe will proceed and God will strongly accelerate it so that the announcement of salvation will reach all planets as soon as possible.

On Earth the manifestation of the people of God will trigger the action of the Antichrist. He is already in the world; he has already been chosen by Lucifer, and his action will begin. God will decide if and how to reveal his identity but, no matter if he appears openly or not, the Antichrist will be at work. God wants to protect His people and He will everything to prevent them from being harmed by the Antichrist; nevertheless, it is inevitable that he acts. Without the action of the Antichrist God’s plans cannot be fulfilled, for the Antichrist will provoke all negative powers which will be forced to reveal themselves. This will take place in the whole universe but especially on Earth where the spirits inhabiting it are many and very diverse; therefore, the Earth will be the theatre of great battles between the children of God and the children of Satan. This must not scare you. God will make you take the right steps at the right time and will always protect you.

I invite you again to a strong testimony and to assume great responsibility for this program. All of you are called to announce that Christ will come back to save His people and put an end to human history so that the real history may begin, the one that should have been from the very beginning.

I will not indicate a time by which all this will take place because God never gives time limits. He proceeds according to your response and to what is more useful to His people; He adjusts His pace to your pace. God never takes steps that are bigger than you can take. However, you must not remain passive. God asks you only to believe in Him, to believe in Jesus Christ and to announce His salvation. The ones who are ready will follow you; leave to God the ones who are not ready. In these challenging times the fate of each man and the entire humanity is determined.

I invite you to keep your houses functioning. They have to be an oasis of peace and love for all the children of God who seek life and who will be frightened and confused. Your houses will have to shine like a light leading the people towards Jesus Christ. Each one of you will have to shine like a star of Christ directing the path of many souls. This will first happen in your spirit and then in your deeds. Therefore, be shining lights of faith, hope and love, and God will direct His children towards you.

You will see a lot of confusion on Earth; people who no longer see the light because of the darkness advancing on Earth will increasingly be terrified. But you must not be afraid! This has to take place according to God’s justice and wisdom, but nothing will be able to harm you. All the rest will be given to you step by step.

From this moment I take command of this people with even greater determination; I will guide it towards Jesus Christ with a firm hand. Remain at my side because we need each other; among us no-one is bigger or smaller as we are all instruments of God. We must be united and support each other with our love, our offering and our prayer. All the rest will be accomplished by God, and we will participate joyfully in His work.

I am with you and I accompany you. I pave the way in front of you and I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. “