You Are the Apostles of Your Time

27 January 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest brothers and sisters, in this day of the Baptism of Our Lord, 8 January, Our Lord has spoken to us and said “Be the apostles of your time”. His words are addressing all of you who are following these programmes and want to be recapitulated in Christ and who also want to contribute to the recapitulation of all things in Jesus Christ.

Before we listen to the message of Jesus it is important to remember that this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, that Lucifer has already elected the Antichrist, that the Antichrist is in action and that he will act increasingly against the children of God. Remember that the evangelisation of the universe is continuing and that in this time it has been sped up with the specific purpose to announce Jesus Christ to all planets of the low universe through the faithful brothers and sisters. This will have a strong impact on the spiritual dynamic of the Earth in a good or in a bad way depending on our choices.

This is what the new people of the entire universe is part of with a little rest on Earth which is inserted in the cosmic Pentecost; I call on everyone to live these programmes – as we will explain to you – so that you too may participate in the cosmic Pentecost according to your response and the mission God wants to entrust you with. Let us listen to the message.

“My dear children,

It is right that I bless you today because you want to renew the promises of your baptism. Every time you do this your mission starts again from the beginning. Renewing the promises of baptism means to renew your whole spiritual life; your life in God is renewed and the strength of your mission is renewed; your Yes to God is renewed.

Children, your yes must be continuously renewed because the world and the spirit of the world want to suffocate it. The Holy Spirit intercedes for you, though. He is the Defender who defends you from evil and always enables you to renew your yes. Hence, on this day I bless you, and I bless your mission so that it is renewed in spirit and force.

In the past year we have walked together intensively. I had to prepare you for this time, and today I send you out, on the day you celebrate My Baptism because with My Baptism My public mission began. The Spirit descended on Me and everyone could hear the voice of the Father.[1] Today I renew all the gifts I have given you from the moment of your baptism up to now.

From today’s first reading you have understood the mission of the prophet Isaiah.[2] It is also the mission of each one of you: you are all prophets, apostles and ministers of My Salvation. I have anointed you so that you bring My Life to the world. When I say world, I mean the entire universe but, first of all, the Earth because it is here I called you to live. I love this Earth and this humanity even though this humanity does not love Me. I came down to the Earth to love you and to teach you to love. Many have refused Me and continue to refuse Me; however, I will continue to love My children of the Earth through you. You will be My Love. Your hands will be My hands and you will lay them on the pains of this humanity. You will be My eyes to see and discern the light from the darkness and to show the path of the light to many. You will be My heart to love, and you will also be My wounded heart, pierced for this humanity and for all rebellious children of the universe.

Go with all My strength and I will always accompany you. I say to you what I said to the apostles: “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.“[3] The Father loves you because you love Me. The Holy Spirit loves you because you love Me. I love you because you are My children, My People, and because I have redeemed you.

You are the apostles of your time, profoundly united to the Central Nucleus and the Apostolic College of this time. You are all apostles, but, first of all, you are My disciples. A disciple is someone who learns from his Master; hence, I tell you: “Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.“[4] Now more than ever I repeat what I said to the apostles and disciples: “I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.”[5] Yet, I will not send you alone, and the wolf will not be able to do anything to you; the thief of souls will not steal you; no one will snatch you from My hands.

Go, My children, in My Name. You shall speak about Me to all those who await Me. I will be with you until the end of the days. I love you, I bless you and I protect you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Father Tomislav: Let us look closer at certain words that are very highlighted in this message: to renew the baptismal promises does not mean to recite something by heart but to renew our decision, not like a dry repetition but like a people walking on its path towards the promises God has given to the whole universe which are written in the gospels.

When we renew our baptismal promises within us and participate in the sacraments as we are walking ahead on our path, all graces are renewed in us and even new ones are added; the Holy Spirit confirms our decisions so that we can put them into practice while He is paving the way for the new steps.

Stefania Caterina: Jesus tells us, “In the past year we have walked together intensively,” and this is true. Our path has culminated in the cosmic Pentecost. What happened in that event? Special graces were given to us for our mission, and we have definitely been introduced in the people of the universe, that is, in the Church of the universe. We can say that from Pentecost on a new phase of our path, of our mission, has begun, somehow as it happened to the apostles at the first Pentecost who, after having been prepared by Jesus, began spreading and preaching all over the world after Pentecost.

This year on the day of Jesus’ Baptism our mission has really reached its fullness and Our Lord sends us out; He tells us that from this year on we are sent out as apostles; He sends us to bear witness to Him.

Father Tomislav: The first Pentecost: let us not consider the first Pentecost only as the expression of extraordinary phenomena and charismas; in the first Pentecost the life of the Most Holy Trinity manifested itself. Through His death Jesus has opened the path within us; He has given us the Holy Spirit who passes on to us the life of the Son and through the Son the life of the Father opening up for us the path to an immediate understanding of the Most Holy Trinity, the deepest of all mysteries. Hence the apostles are sent on a mission; however, a mission is not something static but a sign of the presence of the Most Holy Trinity within us so that we manifest and announce the Most Holy Trinity, the only true living God; that we announce the only Saviour of the universe, Jesus Christ, and Mary, the Mother and Queen of the universe unique in the whole universe.

The Holy Spirit that descended on Mary and the apostles has opened up our soul and our identity and our mission has emerged in the way we are in God; when our life opens up, the power of the Most Holy Trinity illuminates others and we are called to transmit the light we have absorbed which reflects on others through us.

Stefania Caterina: “You will be My Love,” Jesus says, and this is no romantic phrase but reality, that is, the reality of the incarnation of the Love of Christ in us. We are called to incarnate His Love, to make it visible, and this is the fruit, a great fruit of the cosmic Pentecost; on the other hand, it is also the continuous, dynamic action of the Holy Spirit that does obviously not exhaust itself with the coming down of the Pentecost, but is continually working, renewed, and realized in the mission of the people, for we all realise the mission of the Holy Spirit in the midst of us and through us.

Christ’s Love, incarnated and lived, becomes also a service, a great service; Jesus reminds us that we will be able to recognize the spirits; we will be able to see, discern and be close to the suffering of the people of God, the children of God; to participate in Christ’s pain, the pain of His pierced Heart. Even today it is pierced by the many sins of humanity here on Earth and in the low universe. Thus, in all this the priestly action of the people of God takes place; the people elevate everything to Christ; they elevate all things to the Father for Christ, with Christ and in Christ in the unity of the Holy Spirit, as we say in the Liturgy, and this is truly what the priestly people do.

Father Tomislav: Jesus said, “Go with all My Strength,” what kind of strength is this? Where does it come from? How can we get it? We have to let in the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Jesus underlines this. By the love of the One and Triune God we are generated, saved and sanctified. We are called to open up and welcome this love. When this love reaches the deepest place of our heart and our whole being, no fear will remain. “There is no fear in love,“[6] says St. John the apostle; confusion and weakness disappear, for in the Love of God the Life of God manifests itself in us. When we welcome the Love of God within us, our being reflects this love, it manifests this love. Then we are led to the dimension of the universal communion, and there another element is added: all the children of God in the entire universe love us, pray for us, offer themselves for us; they are united in the same Liturgy connected to the seven great Archangels who offer all things to the Most Holy Trinity along with the Central Nucleus.

Thus, those who want to find concrete things must get to an inner understanding and let themselves be loved because only through pure, eternal love we can live eternally.

Stefania Caterina:  There is an important point in the message where Jesus states, You are the apostles of your time, profoundly united to the Central Nucleus and the Apostolic College of this time.” This is a strong statement and for some it may be outrageous; but we have to start from this point which is that God has arranged the extraordinary instruments for this very particular time, and the Central Nucleus is one of them. We have already spoken about this in many ways.

Why does Jesus call it the Apostolic College of this time, and what used the Apostolic College to be? It certainly was not a hierarchical structure but yeast, new yeast for a new people, for the newly born Church. It was composed of testimonies of Christ, the apostles, who went out and, as we have seen, incarnated Jesus’ Love and continued His work, opened a new path for humanity; the path was indeed the same as the one we are doing now towards the recapitulation of the entire universe in Christ. And you understand that this is what today the Central Nucleus, composed of witnesses of Christ, is doing. In the same way as the apostles had been chosen and prepared by Jesus, Jesus has chosen and prepared this instrument made of testimonies that bear witness to the life of Christ and are perfectly inserted in the path the apostles have traced. In a certain way they complete their work because the apostles were not capable of travelling the universe physically, which is something the members of the Central Nucleus, some members of course, can do. We can thus say that the Central Nucleus is the College of Apostles of this time which fulfils what the apostles fulfilled making it relevant for this moment of time.

Father Tomislav: This is God’s grace, the necessary grace to unlock so many of our limits. Even the Church of the Earth, despite all testimonies along history, is very attached to the Earth, focused on the Earth. Nowadays humanity is focused on earthly matters; it mainly thinks about survival. Spiritual life seems to be an accessory to obtain something necessary on Earth. This dimension will be challenged; but what will God do? Our Lord will manifest life to His children: the life of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; He will manifest and revive all that Jesus Christ brought into the first Pentecost at the beginning to fulfil the promise to recapitulate all things in Christ and submit everyone and everything to the laws of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ.

Thus, in this lies the action of the extraordinary instruments and the whole people of the whole universe who are living continually the cosmic Pentecost, which is not something static or a memory of the past but a path leading to the culmination, to the glorious manifestation of Our Lord Jesus when He submits Himself and His people to the Father, and that will be the new creation.

In the cosmic Pentecost the One and Triune God manifests Himself more and more leading the people of the whole universe to the immediate recognition of the life of God. What is our testimony in this time? To announce Jesus Christ, the only Saviour; through Him in the Holy Spirit for us the path is open towards the Father; to bear witness to the Mother and Queen of the universe. We manifest to the humanity of this time all the life the Most Holy Trinity transmits to us. Today’s mankind is closed in focusing on the world; through hardships and trials it will become even more blocked and confused.

It is urgent that we announce the One and Triune God and the only Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ. When Jesus came to Earth, He did not enter a Pantheon with lots of gods. It seems nowadays that there are many gods in interreligious dialogues, in political dialogues – all is evened out. There is only one Saviour of the universe, Jesus Christ, who paves the way towards God the Father in the Holy Spirit. We have received the Holy Immaculate Mother to adhere more fully to the life of Jesus Christ.

This announcement is urgent and cannot be taken for granted. Watch carefully the difference between practicing Christians and non-believers; what do you notice? Are the Christians able to reveal the living Jesus Christ, or not? In this time we will not be saved by political combinations or the great of the world: God will save us; He will change the hearts of the men; obviously the hearts of the men who want to live for God and with God for all eternity.

I would like us all together to thank God by saying the prayer you all know:

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,

As it was in the beginning, and now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,

As it was in the beginning, and now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,

As it was in the beginning, and now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


The Love of God, God Son and the Holy Spirit be transmitted to you in this day like a vital seal; may it make you resurrect internally, push away doubts, worries, fears; may it push away the influence of evil; may you be filled with the Trinitarian power so that you are be able to flourish and manifest the beautiful life God gives you and push away all forces opposing Jesus Christ and His children with the power of the Holy Spirit. I bless you so that you are protected by the power of the Most Holy Trinity and nothing may harm you; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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