“I am about to return to the world” – Easter Sunday

16 April 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest brothers and sisters, I wish you all Happy Easter. This is an intensive day. You will meet your friends and family, but I would like you to concentrate on what happens within you: it is God who has come to us in His omnipotence. The Triune God has come to us in Jesus Christ. He has defeated evil and death, but He has come to us.

He sent us the righteous along the history; he sent the prophets and the angels who preceded Him. After His resurrection he sent the angels: one angel overturned the tombstone, sat on it and gave the first announcement. Then, according to Matthew[1], Jesus encountered the women and then the apostles. It was not just an exterior encounter, but the resurrected Jesus entered inside them, cleaned all up, pardoned, liberated the disciples from their fears and then remained with them for forty days to help them internalise all that He had revealed. And, as we know, in the end, when they saw him ascend to heaven, they almost wanted to go with Him, and, through the angels, he told them to gather and receive the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit has filled our spirit; it filled the spirit of the apostles who were united with Mary[2], He filled the whole being of the apostles. This internalisation enables us to see with faith, hope and charity. To internalise means to start our life again from the roots.

This is what these days are for, but I would like to ask you: will you have time to stay with Jesus? Will you be aware of His visit deep within you? Will you be ready to let Him go to Heaven and to be immersed in thought to find Him alive inside you, the Risen Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit? Will you have time to contemplate the action of the Holy Spirit within you so that your life may start from the beginning, is resurrected and led back to its origin? This is, in fact, the path we want to go in this time if you have attention and love for the Resurrected Jesus Christ.

The time we are living in is marked by action in the whole universe. The Risen Christ, as we have explained to you, visits the faithful brothers and sisters in the high and the low universe and is getting closer to us too. In the end His manifestation will take place; but His manifestation will occur when the entire universe will have welcomed the announcement of His victory. Therefore, you will understand that it has to be announced to the whole universe; we have to know about the existence of men in the whole universe, because the recapitulation of all things in Christ will not be accomplished, and we will not enter the new creation, if the whole universe, all children of God, are not reunited and taken to the Father.

When Jesus resurrected and went towards the apostles and they internalised all, they were set in motion beginning from the women who ran off to bring the announcement to each other, to the apostles and the disciples; after Pentecost an explosion took place of faith, hope and love; this is what Jesus Christ expects from us here on Earth.

We are in the time of globalization where it is said that we all have to be nice to each other. Let us watch out not to make a great confusion and loose our identity. It is our obligation, for ourselves and the others, to live for Jesus Christ, to announce Jesus Christ, to announce His action in the whole universe: all will have to be revealed and we are the bringers of this announcement. The more this announcement spreads on Earth, the more the Earth will be freed from despair, tensions and wars. This is our task; but this will be also our joy, when we allow that the Risen Jesus awakens, with the power of the Holy Spirit, our life as it is in God; when this life of God becomes our joy, then no-one can make us sad or depressed. All those who are of good will will be grateful for hearing the announcement and the testimony of the Risen Christ.

Happy Easter! I will let you listen to the words of Jesus that He has given through Stefania to every one of you.

Stefania Caterina: The message was given to us last night, Easter Vigil; Jesus said:

“Dearest Children,

I want to be with you in this moment to bless and to thank you who are waiting for My Light to come once more to this world. Children, I will come soon and I want you to be ready.

The world thinks that I am a sepulchre, but this sepulchre will open up, and this time it will be forever. No-one can hold My people as prisoners in the many sepulchres built on this Earth and in the low universe.

Great days and also difficult ones are awaiting you, but you must not be scared: time is coming to an end. I do not say that this will occur tomorrow, but time is getting short, for I am about to return to the world in favour of the whole universe, as I have done already once, but this time it will be to gather My people and to take it with Me to My Kingdom without end; to the Kingdom where the light will be eternal and no more darkness will be, where life will shine in men and in the creatures.

You are the firstlings of humanity and I have chosen you in this world and entrusted to you a great task, that is to keep the memory of My return alive. In the same way as the people of Israel had to keep the memory alive of My first coming, you have to keep alive the memory of My return, for I have promised to return and I will return. The world and also a large part of the Church have forgotten this truth, but I will come back, and I call you to be the people who have their lights lit, who are dressed, their staff in their hand, ready to go and announce My life that comes forth, grows and never dies.

I bless you; tonight I lay My Hands on each one of you and on all that you carry within you. Leave behind all that is old; leave everything behind and leap into the newness of My Life, once and for all, as it is said: walk in newness of life. I am always by your side; I am always within you; I am above you to lead you forward. Each one of you has his own place within My people; each one of you has his own service; each one of you has the fullness, for I have called you to this. Make My gifts shine in you, and I will be happy when you are happy. My Heart rejoices when My creatures live the fullness.

I bless you together with the whole Mystical Body, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Cfr. Mt 28:1-10

[2] Cfr. Acts 1-2