Be a merciful and righteous people

27 April 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest brothers and sisters, we wish a good continuation on your path with the Risen Christ.

We have told you that the Risen Christ visits the planets of the high universe. Why does He visit them? Because they have remained faithful to God and His Christ from the beginning. All has been created through Jesus Christ and they have kept their faithfulness; they carry a part of the consequences of original sin; nevertheless, with vibrant faith they waited for the incarnation of Jesus Christ and the redemption that would have come through Him. They welcomed Him when He was born; they followed Him in spirit along His journey on Earth; they have remained with Him in His Passion and in the resurrection and now they enjoy the visit of the glorious Lord.

The population of the middle universe has converted and now receives the visit of the glorious Christ because it has turned away from their indifference and indecision, from being neither for Christ nor for Lucifer. Now, they are evangelising the low universe along with the brothers and sisters of the high universe.

There is a question: why are we of the Earth, who are in the place where Jesus Christ lived, died and resurrected, not visited by Him? There is a simple answer to this question: because we have distanced ourselves from Him and His glorious resurrection and ascension to Heaven. Who lives truly the resurrection of the Lord every Sunday? How many Christians encounter the Risen Christ every Sunday? How many do experience Him in every Mass? The answer is up to each one of us.

As we know, after resurrecting form the dead Jesus appeared to the women and the apostles. In the Mass last week we heard parts of the Gospel that testimony that the Risen Christ visited the apostles and the disciples.[1] And what happened at that time and during the fifty days until Pentecost? For forty days the Risen Jesus Christ stayed with the apostles and the disciples. He healed them from their doubts, fears and confusion and took away their sins. Which sins? The denial of Jesus by the apostles might appear normal to us, but it was a serious sin. Jesus Christ reawakened the apostles and when they were freed from within, they joined Him, the Risen Christ. Thus, the Holy Spirit descended on them so that they would live in the Holy Spirit, the living presence of the Risen Christ in faith.

Jesus wanted to proceed with the first Christian community and, as we see in the Acts of the Apostles, the living presence of the Holy Spirit was felt in the Christian communities. But, little by little Satan crept into the communities through those who joined superficially and because of their ambitions. As St. John said, many antichrists entered.[2] Thus, one wonders, even in theology, why were the apostles expecting the glorious coming of the Lord so soon? Because they wanted it very much. And truly Jesus Christ would have come in His glory if the Christian communities had welcomed the programme to join the faithful brothers to evangelise the universe, as St. Paul continuously urged, in the same way the brothers and sisters of the middle universe were united and thus received the glorious Lord by accepting the plan of the recapitulation in Christ. We have opened an abyss between us and the Risen Jesus Christ. Yet, the new people are called to live with the Risen Lord first of all in faith and to resurrect from within in His presence and in faith.

In the day of Divine Mercy we have experienced the living presence of Jesus Christ in the midst of us and we will share with you His word. But Jesus Christ does not want to give you only His word but to be with you; He wants to begin a journey with you; He wants the new people of the Earth in the low universe that is united with the whole universe and all brothers and sisters to get ready to welcome the glorious Christ.

Stefania Caterina: The message of Jesus is of 23 April, 2017, the Sunday of Divine Mercy.[3]


“Dearest Children, My People, peace to you!

I bring you the joy of the resurrection as I brought it to the apostles. It is the same joy today as then. It is the joy that will last until the end of times and beyond times, for in the new creation you will experience the joy of the full resurrection.

Today you remember the Divine Mercy. I am the Mercy of the Father that became flesh and came down on Earth.

Children, I want each one of you and the whole people to be a merciful people, a source of mercy for the entire humanity. Mercy arises from justice. Which justice do I mean? Not the justice understood by man which is often revenge, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; this is not divine mercy. In the mind of God justice means to live as righteous people, that is, according to the laws of God and in the truth. I am the Truth. If you remain united with Me, you live in the justice of the Truth; in this justice you become able to be merciful.

If a man does not live a righteous life, he cannot give mercy nor can he receive it, for his heart is closed. I have taught you to forgive. Forgiveness is a great part of mercy, but mercy also means to bend over the suffering: the righteous and merciful man does not justify sin but bends over the sinner, lends him a hand as I so often do with you. I ask you to be righteous people who live according to justice and walk in the truth, who bend over the suffering and the sinners, who bring My Word and are profoundly united with Me. In this way you will become a merciful people.

Many speak about mercy, but often it is a kind of mercy that is detached from justice and far away from truth. That is not mercy; it is a kind of human pardon; a patch to put here and there. No, I repeat that this is not mercy. Only the righteous man who lives in the truth generates mercy around him. In his mercy he generates again justice and truth which in turn generate mercy, and so on. Thus, justice and mercy are united with each other and support each other. Together they form that splendid mosaic that is the life of God that pardons offences without offending anyone.

Children, the Earth needs mercy; also the Christians and the priests need it! The Earth has an extreme need for mercy, but a just kind of mercy, which does not wipe away iniquities but is a real resurrection in justice. I do not love your sin, but I love you. For the love I have for you I forgive you. You have to do the same: you must love God and your brothers and sisters to become a righteous people. If you have this love in you, you will be a source of mercy. Pardon the offences, forget the wrongs; do not justify evil but calm down discord; do not contend and do not fight; leave it to God to settle your controversies. Give up your own justice and enter into the true justice that is truth, which is to live according to what I have taught you.

In this justice you will receive mercy and give mercy. In this way also your problems and your illnesses will diminish. Many of your illnesses come from the lack of justice and mercy in you. You become ill when you do not accept the truth and do not see yourselves as you really are; when you neither love nor forgive; when you put off your decision to live according to the laws of God.

Thus, My people, I ask you to do a great step: I ask you to live. Live all that I have taught you; put it in practice and become righteous men and women, a righteous people. Be a source of just mercy and of merciful justice. Then I will be able to send you like lambs among the wolves. Know though, children, that the lamb is never weak. The lamb is stronger than the wolf; it is always stronger, even if it dies, for the lamb holds within the justice and mercy of God which make it stronger than the enemy, than any enemy.

I call you to this, and I bless you. I want you to remain in silence for a moment, and I will pass among you and lay My Hand on each one of you. Give Me all your illnesses, your weaknesses, your pain and your sins. Let me envelop you with My Mercy; let yourselves be renewed and choose to be new men and women.

I bless you and I protect you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Father Tomislav: And I also bless you; may the message and the words we have said not only be taken as rational information. Jesus Christ wants to stay with each one of you, touch your deepest place and heal the roots of your malaise, disbelief or detachment from Him which cause fear and inability to put His word into practice. I bless you so that you may silence in you all that disturbs the perception of the Risen Christ. I bless you so that the power of the Risen Christ present in the brothers and sisters of the high universe, the middle universe and the saints envelop you and awaken in you the desire of a continuous contact with the Risen Jesus Christ who is Lord and King of the universe; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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[2] Cfr. 1 Jn 2:18-19

[3] The title of the message is “Be a merciful and righteous people”