I will be the voice of the poor of God

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima – 13 May 2017

I will be the voice of the poor of God

Message of Our Lady

“Dearest Children,

Today you have given Me a lot of joy with your great desire to honour Me.  Today many children on the Earth are giving Me praise and glory, and I give all of it to God for you. [1]

In all My apparitions I have made use of simple, little, humble instruments. They were My voice before humanity. In the same way I have been their voice before God. I am the voice of all My children before God, first of all of the least, the poorest and the humblest children of Mine, those who do not ask for anything else than to love Me.

Children, the world is dominated by the arrogant; it is in the hands of the violent, and you can see how things are going. I tell you that the Lord holds the fate of men firmly in His hands, and He will not let His little children be crushed. No child of God will be crushed and I will be the voice of these little ones before God and before humanity. I will also be their voice before the part of the Church who speaks a lot about the poor, and yet does not protect them. She does a lot of charity work in favour of the poor, but she does not love the true poor who are the poor of God. If she really loved them, she would have revealed what I have said at Fatima, because there I spoke out of My love for the little ones.

Children of Mine, the world will not be saved without the true God and without the communion of the children of God. I refer to all children of God present in many parts of the universe who are called by God to come together. God seeks His children; He wants to save them and make use of them as instruments of salvation for all humanity. You too can be instruments of salvation if you want. I would like to make use of you to bring to Earth the great announcement that I wanted to give at Fatima and that has been hidden by the intrigues of men.

This is the announcement I want to give to the Earth for the last time:

  • Humanity exists in the entire universe;
  • All humanity will have to choose between Jesus Christ and Lucifer. Only through Jesus Christ humanity will reach the true God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • The humanity that will have welcomed Jesus Christ will be gathered from every planet to build a single people that will be united with My Son, the High Priest. It will be a humble but strong people in God, who will know no more distances or barriers.

Children, I ask you to decide completely for Jesus and to help Me with the work that God has entrusted to Me. I want nothing, no glory for Myself. You are My glory. You are the stars of My crown. I am the voice of My children before God and I will be their voice also before the arrogant powerful. For the sake of My little ones I will not remain silent. I will speak again and I will say all that I should have said a long time ago.

I am a living person, not a nice statue to carry in processions. My children have the right to listen to the voice of their Mother who loves them, calls them and teaches them. Until now I have been very patient and discreet; I have pardoned many things. Now, though, it is time to awaken My children who are suffering under the oppression of the deceiving enemy which seems unbeatable, yet can do nothing against God and against Me. Therefore, I will say all that the Lord allows Me to say. I am His servant and I will do what He asks Me to do.


I am your Mother, but I am also the Queen of the universe. This is not a simple title with which you honour Me, but it is My mission. I am Mother and Queen of the universe. Perhaps you have missed this aspect; therefore, I remind you that as Queen I have received from God the grace and the power to act in the whole universe in favour of My children. I have received the power to crush the head of the serpent and I will do it. I will speak to you and I will teach you all you need to know in this time to defeat the evil that has settled everywhere, even within the Church. I have the right and the duty, before God and humanity, to speak to My children when I want, as much as I want and the way I want without asking permission to anyone. God has asked Me to fully use My power as Mother and Queen of the universe; I will do it for you to help and protect you because the times are serious.

I ask you, children, to help Me save many brothers and sisters by drawing them to God. Be the voice of the last.

Children of Mine, do not trust the powerful of this world! Trust only God and also Me. I only want the good for you, and I entrust you to God because this is the true good for you. You have to do the same: entrust yourselves to God and give yourselves completely over to Him. Give Him everything and it will return to you a hundredfold.

I promise you for the love you have for Me that I will always be with you. Wherever you are, I will be with you. I will be beside you in all trials, in joyful times and in difficult times. I will be your voice before God; you shall be My voice before men. God, who is your Father, loves you and wants you to be happy and saved. He wants to take you to a new creation, so beautiful and pure that you cannot imagine, prepared for you at the end of times.

Have faith, children! I will be waiting for you in the new creation, but I am already with you now, and I walk with you on the ways of the world, on the ways of each man towards the new creation.

I bless you with all My Love in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] This is the day of the first centenary of the apparitions of Mary Most Holy at Fatima, Portugal, which began on 13 May 1917.